Lonely Miracle
By Nikki Elpert

Bulma awoke at two in the morning. No matter how hard she tried, she found it impossible to sleep without him there next to her. Vegeta had been gone since yesterday, the verbal sparring had gone too far again. Bulma became teary eyed at the thought of what she had said to him; "Vegeta, please I'm not asking much. I just want to spend some time alone with you.You're always training, or off fighting some alien! Please Vegeta, just once can't we just go out or do something together? Something besides sex?" she asked taking his hand in hers. He looked at her with a cold blank stare, "I was there when you had the brats, I am with you in the night. We're always together! I barely get any time alone. It's either you or the kids wining about something." he said angrily. Bulma had become upset, during the day nobody was home anymore. Bra was at school and Trunks was working. Vegeta was training or eating everything in sight. She tried not to cry, "Is that all you feel this family does to you? We torment you? Vegeta, do you have any CLUE what you do to me every single day?!" she ranted, her voice was now rising. Vegeta said nothing, he just crossed his arms and stared coldly at her. "You're tearing me apart Vegeta, do you see that? It kills me that the only time you love to spend with me is in the sack, with my legs spread! And you can't even father your own god damn kids fo god's sake!"  Bulma was by this time screaming, crying and gasping at the same time. "I guess I know how highly you think of me as a man and a father. Perhaps I was right, this family that I have created has become my only weakness. Maybe I should leave, it seems best for you and me." he answered flatly. Bulma couldn't believe what she heard him say, "So you want t-to leave me? Is that what you're saying?" she stuttered. She felt her knees feel as if they were about to give out, "Yes I'm leaving." was all he said, then he turned and flew out the door. Bulma gave a great sigh and collapsed in the kitchen. Trunks found her when he came home, she hadn't moved and she didn't wake up "Mom!! Can you hear me?" he screamed. When she finally opened her eyes she whispered, "Is he home yet?" Trunks looked at his mother confused, "Is who home? You mean dad? No I haven't seen him since I came home." Bulma smiles weakly. "Oh..." was all she said before she lost consciousness again.
It's taken much too long to get it right
Would it be so wrong
To maybe find someone?
A miracle...
Bulma was now back to the present. God, she felt so old, it was as if she had aged forty years in two weeks. The night was warm, and the curtains danced as the stars moved, while the world rotated. Bra and Trunks had become worried about their mother, and the whereabouts of their Saiy-jiin father. Both hated to admit it, but they missed his daily quarrels with them. That hole Bulma had felt before Vegeta, had come around again. Accept it was bigger and it hurt more, "Please Vegeta come back home." she whispered to herself.
And all you really need
Is everything you could never be
And so you'd give it all                                                 
For a miracle..
She walked back to the bed, wondering why she was going there anyway. There was no use sleeping, even though her body screamed for rest. Day after day the past week, she was either curled up in a ball somewhere private or spaced out recalling the words, the harsh words that came from Vegeta's mouth. Then she recalled all the times she had with him in the night, when
he embraced her as his 'mate'. Bulma almost chuckled at the thought of those days, they felt as if those memories had been buried for centuries.
Is there a trace
Inside her face
Of a lonely miracle
And so you wait
And lie awake
For a lonely miracle
Bulma turned around, and saw Bra peeking a look at her. She smiled her best, "What do you need sweetheart?" she asked sweetly, Bra stood for a minute and then answered "I'm going to bed and wanted to say good night. And that Trunks said that he had to work late, but he'll be home later tonight." Bulma thanked her and said good night. After she heard the door close, she
started to weep silently. Curling up in a tight ball, she was left alone watching the window, praying to Kami that Vegeta was alright


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