"Help!!!" Trunks screams as he's about to fall with all the boxes he's carrying.
"Don't be a wimp, Trunks!" Bra says to her brother.  "Hey! Look Marron a 75% off sale!!" she screams to Marron.
"Let's go!" Marron screams back.    Then they both ran to the store.
Trunks was holding all the boxes, and Goten was holding all the sacks.
"How did we get dragged into this?"Goten asks Trunks.  "I don't know!" Trunks replies.
"How many stores have we been to??" Trunks asks.

"I  think, like 25?"Goten says.

"Probably more,?"Trunks says.  Then the girls came out with 30 sacks and 30 boxes.  They then piled them on the boys.  "I'm gonna fall!?" Trunks yells then falls on the ground.
"Get up!" Bra says to her brother.  While Trunks was getting up he saw from corner of his eye the food court. Then, Trunks sprinted towards it.  Goten follows.  There are 10 places to go eat.  Theyordered everything on each store's menu.  "Wait!!" both Marron and Bra yell at the same
time.  They ran to the table where Trunks and Goten sat.  There was an enormous stack of food on the table. "How are you guys gonna eat that much?" Marron asked.

"Like this." Trunk says.  Within 5 minutes all the food was gone.
"Now let's go shopping for shoes?"Bra says.  Then they ran off.  Both of the boys followed them.
"Trunks, I have a plan to get ouf of here!!"Goten whispers.
"OK, what is it??"Trunks whispers back.
"Ok, we lower down ki level so the girls can't sense us,.."Goten whispers even lower.
"Yea, go on,?Trunks whispers lower, too.
"Then when they go into a shop we sneak off and leave the boxes and sacks here,"Goten now says louder.
"OK, let's go,?"Trunks says.  Then, they both lower their ki.  Then they started to walk off.

"Isn't that him?"
"Yes!  It's Trunks Briefs!!!!" a girl screams.  Then a whole swarm of girls runs up to Trunks.

"HELLPP!!!"Trunks yells.

"Hey, why are there all those people over there?" Marron asks Bra as they walk out of the store.  Then, they make their way through the crowd to Trunks and Groten.

"They don't have our stuff!?" Bra screams.  Knowing she spent thoursands on all the clothes. "Everybody leave!  This is not Trunks Briefs! He just looks like him!!!"Bra screams and then everyone leaves.  "What were you doing, trying to escape?" Bra yells.

"Well.....yea?"Goten manages to get out.
"How dare you!  Now march back there to get our stuff!" Bra screams in frustration.
"Yes, Ma'am!" both Trunks and Goten say.

"Now we have more 2 shops to go to go!" Marron says.
"Thank God!" Trunks says.

Next, they went to a CD store.  This time the guys went in.  Trunks and Goten went to listen to CDs, and the girls went shopping for CDs.  Goten put on the earphones.  The CD was Kid Rock.  But Goten did not notice the volume button was stuck on max. He turned it on.  Immediately, Goten took off the earphones.  The music was so loud the whole store was shaking.

"Ooops!" Goten says.  "You bakas! Trunks yells at Goten.  Then some Italian guy was screaming at them in Italian.  "What the hell are you
saying?" Goten asks. Then they figured out he was the store manager.  Then he chased them out with a broom.

"You bakas! Now we can't ever go to that store again!" Bra yells at Goten.
"I didn't mean to!"Goten says.
"Let's just forget it..." Marron says. "Let's go to another store." Marron finished.
"This time a clothes store!!!" Bra yells.
"No!!! Goten screams.
"Be quiet, you're the one that got us kicked out!" Bra yells at Goten.
"OK! OK! Just don't buy much because you're bought enough already!" Trunks moans.
"OK!  See ya!" Bra yells and runs off with Marron to another store.  Thirty minutes later, 5 or 6 people came out of the store with tons of sacks and boxes.  "Here you go." says one of the men.  Then all the men give Trunks and Goten all the stuff.
"Finally, we can leave!!Trunks says in relief.
"It's only 1:00 pm.  We're only been to one of the five malls in Saton City."Bra says.
"This is going to be a long day!" Goten and Trunks say at the same time.


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