Love is Blind: Part 1

Goten, Bra, Marron, Trunks, Pan, and Ubuu were at the beach having fun, enjoying themselves with no parents there.  "I got it!!!"  Bra shouted
hitting the volleyball.  The ball went high, very high, and was called an out.

"An Out???!!!"  Goten groaned.

"An out!!!!  Yay!!!!  We won!!!!  Me and Trunks won!!!!!"  Marron cheered.

"Hah!  If I just didn't get an out we would've won anyway!"

"Calm down Bra it was just a game."  Trunks said.

"Yeah, I know we could've won."  Goten said.  "It's okay Bra, you were great anyway."

"Thanks Goten, where's Pan and Ubuu?"  Bra asked looking around.

"They're eating over there."  Marron said pointing to them sitting on a balnket eating.

"I'm getting hungry, I think I'll join them."  Bra said.

"Hey Bra, when you go there can you call Ubuu for me?"  Trunks asked.

"I'll call him for you Trunks."  Marron said.  "I'm getting a little hungry too."  Marron said.  Her and Bra walked to Pan and Ubuu, who were
enjoying there little conversation.  "Hey Ubuu, Trunks is calling you." Bra said.

"Oh he is?"  Ubuu said.  "Talk to ya later Pan."  Ubuu stood up and walked to Goten and Trunks.  Pan was just staring at him till he got to Trunks and Goten.  When she faced Marron and Bra, they were staring at her weirdly.  "What?"

Marron and Bra sat down.  "What do you mean "what?", huh?"  Bra asked suspiciously.

"What?!"  Pan said not liking any of this.

"You like Ubuu don't you?"  Marron asked with a mischevious smile.

Pan started blushing crimson red.  "No!!  For the last time guys were just really close friends that's all."

"Yeah right."  Marron said.  "Oh yeah it's almost your prom night, so who you going with?"

"Yeah that has to be an exciting night."  Bra said.  "Tell us who your going with?"

Pan stared at the sand.  "I don't know if I should go or not."

Marron and Bra stared at her eye widened, and shocked.  Ofcourse they knew Pan hated guys and all, but miss one of the most special nights of her life??  No way!  "Your serious?"  Bra asked.

"Yeah, why won't you go?  No one to go with?"  Marron asked.

"'s not that, a lot of guys asked me already, but the one I wanna go with hasn't asked me out yet."  Pan said sadly.  "I don't even know if he will."

"Who is it?"  Bra asked.

"Ubuu?" Marron said.

"No!!  Not Ubuu!  It's this guy in school that I like."  Pan said. Marron and Bra looked at her astonished.  Pan the Pan that they knew ever since has a big crush on a guy in school??  She always beat up guys, in her school.

"Why do you say he won't ask you out?"  Marron said.  "He's scared of you?"  Marron said teasingly.

Pan gave her a shove on the arm.  " I hate you!"

"Hey, that's the only reason I can think of!!"  Marron said.

"Does he like you?"  Bra asked.

"They say he does."  Pan said.

"Then what's the matter, if they say he does, then he will!"  Bra said. Marron nodded in agreement.

"How do you guys know?"

"Trust us we've been through that stuff."  Marron said.

^^^^^^^*In Pan's school*

Pan was putting some stuff in her locker that she didn't need to take home.  She was still thinking about what Marron and Bra told her.  Was
he really gonna ask her out?  When Pan closed her locker she jumped in surprised.  "Gary!  Gosh you startled me!"

"Sorry bout that Pan." Gary told her.  "I just wanted to ask you a question, just don't beat me up after I ask you, kay?"

Pan blushed a bit.  "Ofcourse you can ask me a question, I won't beat you up."

"Well..." Gary kinda paused he was also kinda blushing.  "Would you like to go to the prom with me?"

Pan was shocked after she heard that question, she was blushing deep red.  "Um...well I was just asking you to ask me, of course I'd go with

"You would?!  Oh great!  I'll pick ou up at 8:00 in 4 days, kay?"  Gary asked.

"Yeah sure."  Pan said. " I gotta go though bye."  Pan walked away. When she got to the parking lot, she out her books in her car and zoomed
off to Bra's house.  When she got there she immediately justmped off and knocked at the door.  When the door opened, she saw Trunks.  "Pan? Finding Ubuu Right?  He's here."  Trunks said teasingly.

Pan blushed again." No I'm finding Bra."

"Bra and Marron are upstairs in her room."

"Thanks."  She zoomed off upstairs.  And when she got to Bra's door she just bursted it open.  Marron and Bra were looking at her weirdly.
"Gary asked me out to the prom."

"He did?!  Oh gosh that's great Pan!"  Bra said.

"Yeah it is Pan!"

"Thanks guys, but can you do me a favor?"

"Yeah what?"  Marron and Bra asked.

"Can you guys go with me to that mall to pick out a dress?  I'm not really good at that."

"Sure!  Lets go!"  Bra said.  They all went to the mall to pick out a dress for Pan.  Bra ofcourse was picking out all these different
dresses that wasn't really Pan's type, and Marron was going along with Bra. "How bout this one Pan?"

"No...I don't really like it."

"Pan we've been here forever."

Pan didn't answer her eyes were caught on a dress.  "Bingo.  Guys over here."  Pan lead them to the dress.  "Wow Pan this one is perfect for you." Bra said.

"This is the one I want."  Pan said.

"Then this you'll get."  Marron said.  Pan, Bra, and Marron bought the dress and they all went home.  Pan was so excited.  She never was
really involved into any boys before, except for this one.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*2 days before prom night*

Pan was walking in the park.  Something she barely does.  She just wanted some time alone, by herself to think.  She really was excited
about this whole prom thing, to excited.  But it felt like there was something missing.  Why?  She thought it was perfect now.  She wasn't
looking where she was going, when she bumped into someone that felt like 2 people.  When she looked up, she suddenly wish she hadn't.

"Gary?  Miaka?"

The two people looked down.  "Pan?!"  Gary said shocked.  He just let go of a Miaka when he saw Pan while he was kissing Miaka.

"I can't beleive you!"  Pan said.

"Look I can explain..."

Pan was backing away from the scene.  "Pan wait!"

She just flew off crying, now who was gonna go to the Prom with her now?

To be continued. ...


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