A Tale Of Romance
by Brad
Chapter One
"Vegeta,HELP!!"screamed Bulma as a guy killed her.
"Bulma!NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"screamed Vegeta as he watched his wife die.He was helpless to save her.

"AAAHHHH!"screamed Vegeta as he woke up in a cold sweat.
"What,why are you making all the noise,"scorned Bulma.
Ah,it was just a dream,Vegeta thought thankfully."Ahh,nothing.I'm going to train in the gravity room,"Vegeta said.
"Fine but why did you have to wake ME up?!!!"scorned Bulma again.
(She's obviusly NOT a morning person!)
Vegeta walked down the halls.
"It was just a dream,it didn't mean anything,"said Vegeta reassuring himself that that could never happen. He went into the gravity room. He stepped in just as something ran out and turned the gravity to1 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"AHHHHHH!!!BULMA,TRUNKS,BRA,WAKE UUUUUUPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"screamed
Vegeta as the guy brought them all in front of Vegeta and killed them one by one.
"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Vegeta as he woke up again!
"WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING??!!!"scolded Bulma on more time.
"No reason,let's get back to sleep,"Vegeta said as Bulma went to sleep and Vegeta protended to sleep.But he kept one eye open all night.

Chapter Two: The Question
Now it was morning time.Everyone was awake.Vegeta hurried to eat his breakfest,and then went sparring with Goku.He lost ,again,but didn't care,like he had something else on his mind.Finally,Goku asked,"Is something wrong Vegeta?"
"Huh,what's it to you?!"Vegeta asked.
"Well,you seemed occupied,"replied Goku.
"Nevermind,hey,who's that going into my house?"questioned Vegeta as he flew off to his house.
"Wait,Vegeta that's just"but he was to late. Vegeta crept into the house.He saw the shadowed figure and...WHAM!!He punched him on the head.
"What are you doing!That's just Uulong"said Bulma.
"Huh!"vegeta questioned.
Uulong was knocked out on the floor. Vegeta flew off,not that he was afraid of anything,but he didn't want to be scoled by his wife at the moment.There he sat on a cliff.
"What is happening to me?Ever since that dream,I've been,well,afraid of anything comeing near the house.It was just a dream,let it go.Okey,I  think I'm all right.Yeah"said Vegeta.He was cured,or was he??????

Chapter Three: The Romance Begins

Vegeta came home for dinner and got a lecture from Bulma,that went like this...
"Why did you hit Uulong?I mean,I don't like him,but he didn't deserve that.Well yet,"scorned Bulma as she put down his plate of food.
"Look,I was just trying to protect my family,gomen,"Vegeta said as he stood up,grabbed Bulma,dipped her,(like in dancing)and kissed her for about a minute until Vegeta said,"gomen Bulma,"and started eating his food  with manners,like Bulma alway's wanted him to. The next morning,Vegeta was in a foul mood,but he didn't show it for once.It was one of those day's where they'd be saying romantic things,getting all mushy,and being completly gross,well,that's what Trunks
and Bra thought any way.Inside Vegeta wanted to destroy everything in sight.He didn't show it though.

*********************On thetelephone**********************************
BULMA:It was amasing Chi Chi.
CHI CHI:Really,he just kissed you like that?!
BULMA:Yeah!And we haven't argued since yesterday before he kissed me!
CHI CHI:Goku dosen't kiss me like THAT anymore.
BULMA:Well I gotta go,Bye.
Bulma and Chi Chi hung up thier phones.

*****************The next day*****************************************
RING,RING.The phone rang.Vegeta picked it up.
"Hello?"said Vegeta.
"Vegeta?It's Krillin,What's the big idea!?"asked Krillin enraged.
KRILLIN:Because of YOU being so romantic,me and 18 had a fight.
VEGETA:Who told her?
VEGETA:Then Bulma must a'told her
VEGETA:Well then it's not my fault!You should try to be more romantic once and a while.Or be mad at Chi Chi,SHE told her.
KRILLIN:Yah,I guess you're right!Bye!
Vegeta and Krillin hang up the phone.
RING,RING.Once again.
"Hello?"Vegeta asked.
"Vegeta?It' Goku,"said Goku bitterly.
GOKU:You had to go and be romantic,DIDN'T YOU?!Chi Chi's mad at me NOW!!
The fact that Vegeta got Kackarott in trouble with Chi Chi put a grin on the saiyans face.
Then Vegeta hang up the phone.
RING,RING.Vegeta picked it up again.
"GOHAN RIGHT?BE MORE ROMANTIC AND THAT'S THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"scorned Vegeta as he hung up the phone very,VERY,VERY!!hard. "GEEZ,THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT ME,"Vegeta bitterly said.

Chapter Four: The Holiday

Goku,and Krillin are talking with Vegeta.
"More romantic?!"says Krillin.
"Oh please,like I would say that,Bulma was right in the next room,she could hear me!"says Vegeta back.
The next day...

RING,RING,the phone rang.
"Hello?"Bulma asked.
"Hi"said Chi Chi.
(This conversation went on for about 3 hour's,so you'll find out what they  were talking about soon enough HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAcough cough cough,oh sorry!)
"Family meeting,you to Vegeta,"said Bulma over the house's intercom. "Chi Chi just told me that we are all going to Edmonton on the 25!" Bulma says cheerfully.
"Where's Edmonton??"Vegeta questioned.
"In Canada!"Bulma replies.
After 4 hour's of convincing,Vegeta agrees and they go to the air port.
"Okey,Trunks,you're sitting with Goten."Bulma say's.
"All right!"Trunk's say's cheerfully
"Bra,You're sitting with Marron!"Bulma say's again.
"I'm sitting with Chi Chi,and Vegeta,you're sitting with Goku,"Bulma say's.
"WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!"Vegeta yells.
"Planes taking off,going to my seat!"Bulma say's running to her seat.Vegeta sit's on the window seat.
A women with a salad cart comes by.
"I'll take some off that,and that ,and that,"Goku say's grabbing food.
"Hey Vegeta,look at me!!"Goku say's cheerfully as he look's at Vegeta.
"You IDIOT!!!"scolds Vegeta as he see's Goku with food in his ear,up his nose,and in his teeth.
Vegeta wacks him on the head as all of the food flies off of Goku's face.
Then,the little kid behind him started kicking his chair.And I think we all  know how annoying THAT can be.
"Stop that NOW!"commanded Vegeta.
Then the kid kicked his chair as hard as he could.
"YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!!!IF YOU DON'T STOP THAT RIGHT NOW YOU'LL BE RIDING IN THE PROPELLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO STOP IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"screamed Vegeta as the kid ran to another seat. Vegeta looked out of the window as the stuardus walked by and said..
"There's someTHING on the wing of the plane!"
"Hahaha,VERRRRRYYY funny,"the stuardus said sarcasticly as she walked  away.Then Vegeta used an attack and the creatue flew off of the plane. Finally the dinner car came around and the sayans ate like pig's.(as usual.)

Stay tune for the next saga.....^_^
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