Vegeta VS Barney
by Meagan
It was a normal day in the life of a saiya-jin. Destroy a few landmarks, get into a few battles, and get home before your wife yells at you.

   Well, today wasn't the average for Vegeta. Nothing seemed to be going his way. He could barely destroy a condemned building that was falling apart. He then battled Goku. Goku gave him a black eye.

   Vegeta was miserable and knew that Bulma would give him a headache when he got home. He also knew that Trunks would want to spar while Bra would want money to go shopping, so he just floated around for a while.

   Suddenly he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked down to notice a big, ugly, purple dinasaur. Vegeta was out in the middle of nowhere and here was a guy in a dinasaur costume.

   Vegeta calmly and rationally decended to the ground.

   " What the ---- are you doing here other than disturbing my thoughts?", Vegeta asked angerly.

   "The ratings are going down on the hit TV show 'Barney' so the sponsors  wanted us to spice it up a little. I figured a little violence might help. Kids would love to see their favorite dinasaur beat the ---- out of somebody so I figured, why not the strongest person on the planet.", replied the dinasaur.

   Well, Vegeta ended up beating the ---- out of the stupid dinasaur, the ratings on the TV show did go up, people actually watched it, and Vegeta went home.

   On the other hand when he got home, Bra bugged him until he gave her some money, Trunks was mad 'cause Vegeta wouldn't spar and knocked down a tree, and Bulma kicked Vegeta out of bed that night.

   Although Vegeta had a bad day and had to kick Trunks out of his bed, he recieved letters from thankful parents for months. Most of these letters were later burned.

   The end 
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