Don't Turn Towards Me
By: T-chan

        Bra walked to the edge of the river and looked into the water.  She sighed when she thought about it.  It.  That funny feeling, it.  That thing everyone calls 'love,'. . . it!  She couldn't believe she was feeling it so young, so young.  She couldn't believe it.  And above all to whom she felt 'love' to.  Who?  Nobody . . . but her brother's best friend. . . a guy she has known forever, forever.  Goten, that name brought chills down her back . . . Goten.
        Bra brushed her hand on her cheek and whispered,
"Goten . . ."
She spun around and saw a young dark haired man, him, Goten, standing infront of her.  She felt like there should be rose pedals circling them and that he would end up holding her and kissing her, but no. . . no, it wasn't gonna happen.
"B-chan, Earth to Bra!"
"Huh, oh Goten, Ya?"
"You were in 'la-la' land for a second there."
"Yeah . . . what were you going to tell me?"
"Uh . . . Weren't you suppose to tell me something," Goten asked.
"Oh ya . . ya."  Bra said nervous.
"Sooo . . . " Goten said.
"Um, well, Goten.  Ya, Goten? Um," Bra studdered on her words.
"Whats wrong?"  Goten asked.
"Well, I umm, sorta . . . you see.  I sorta like, well um you . . .ya you."
She stumbled those words.
"Huh, can you try that in English?"  Goten asked.
"You didn't hear, I said I . . like . . you."  Bra said much quicker.
"Oh . . . uh?"  Goten said.
"I wonna know if you like me?"  Bra asked.
"Well, of course, I like you."  Goten said quickly.
" . . . I see a but coming?"  Bra asked.
"But? . . . Well, Ya there is a but. Your my best friends little sister. I've known you forever.  I know you're a grown women, well 16, but you know how I am with girls.  There's better guys out there than me.  Think about how upset your father and brother would be if they found out you were hugging and touching me.  I don't wonna see you with a bad guy and you shouldn't be with me," Bra let Goten go on, "I'd really want you to be my wife but for real I'd be like a different girl evey night, and I don't wonna hurt you.  I'm just not ready." he finished.
"Goten?" Bra asked looking at him.
Goten was looking at the ground when he whispered, "I just don't wonna see you hurt," he looked up at her, "There's guys out there so much better than me, Bra, and they want you, your so pretty.  Please Don't turn towards me."
Goten flew into the air and was out of sight.
"Goten," Bra whispered, "Goten."
A tear rolled down her left cheek and then one rolled down her right. She began crying trying to hold them back but they overflowed her eyes. She walked to her car and got in.  She turned it on and began to drive off.
'Goten's right.  We can't be together.  We have to stay friends.  It hurts me to say, think, that but its true.'  Bra thought before she wiped her tears still crying.

~*~ "Let him hold you,
Let him touch you,
Soon you'll understand.

Let him hold you,
Let him touch you,
Soon you'll understand." ~*~

A/n: I know they don't get together.  The end is from a song,  I have it on Napster, just the title "Soon you'll understand."  I don't know who its by but when I first heard it, it made me think of Goten and Bra.  The lecture Goten gave Bra was part of the song, too. ^_^ Hope I didn't make anyone sad, or mad.
HaRUko^: You didn't make anyone mad or sad...wait, you made ME sad!! Waahh!! ((~_~))

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