Drinking Game

"Will you stop arguing with me Trunks?!" Marron shouted.  "Were already here!!  Stop arguing!!" 

"But I have work!!  I can't believe you forced me to come here, I have something to do in the office!!"Trunks argued.

Before Marron could say anything else, Bra opened the door.  "Hi guys!!  Come on in!!  We were just waitin for you guys!!!" Bra said.

"Sorry were late, Bra." Marron said.  "It was kind of hard to get Trunks to come here, and he also took so long to fix his hair!" She screeched.

Bra giggled.  Trunks, Marron, and Bra, went to the living room.  In the living room, there was Goten, Pan, and Ubu.

"Hi guys!!  What took you so long?!" Goten asked.

"Trunks was to busy worrying about his hair!" Marron screamed, while sitting down on a chair beside Pan.  Pan and Ubu were playing Pokemon Yellow.

"Give me Pikachu!!  PIKA!!  PIKA!!" Pan said.

"Why'd you call us here, Bra?" Trunks said.  "I have a meeting at 9:00 tonight!" 

"Bulbasar!!!" Ubu yelled.

"Oh Ni-chan!!  All you care about are meetings!" Bra said.  "Besides!!  It's only 4:30!!"

"Bra, I forgot to tell you; Me and Ubu have to go to dinner with my mom and my dad at 5:00!!"

"Oh man!!  I can't stay!!  Can't we just stay here, Pan????  I don't want-"

"UBU!!!  YOU PROMISED ME!!!!!!" Pan screeched. "Pika!!"

"When do you guys have to leave?" Marron asked.

"Maybe 15 minutes from now." Pan said.  "We could stay for the snacks, but not anything else you guys are going to do."

"Darn!" Goten, Trunks, and Ubu said.

"What do ya mean, 'Anything else'?" Marron asked.  "I thought it was just dinner, and stuff."

The guys went pale.  "That's what I thought, Marron."Bra said.

The girls all looked at the guys. 

"Well!!!!  Umm.....ahh" Ubu started off.  "Um ask Trunks!!!!  Besides I'm busy!!" He said, as he pointed to Trunks.  He still played with Pan.

"ME?!?!" Trunks screeched.  "Goten suggested it!!!" He said, as he pointed to Goten.

"Oh fine!" He said.  "Trunks, Ubu,, and me bought LOTS of wine!!  We thought we'd have a drinking game!  For fun ya know!"

Marron, Pan, and Bra, went blank.  "Drinking game???" Marron questioned.  "I'm not that good of a drinker!" 

"Damn!!  I can't stay!!" Pan said.  "Let me call my mom and my dad!" Pan said.  "Pause the game Ubu!!"

Pan called Gohan and Videl.  "YAY!!  They said we could stay!!  They'll just move it to tomorrow!!" 

"Come on Ubu!!  Back to the game!!" She yelled.

Goten took the controls.  "That's enough!!  It's game time!!"

"Okay! Well, now's the drinking game suppose totok mean, what are the rules?"

"Hold up!!" The guys said.  They all went to the closet and took out 3 boxes.  Goten took out one tall bottle of wine.  "Here's the rules, you say something you never did, then, whoever did the thing you did, they have to drink or sip wine from their glass."

"Yeah, that's the rule." Trunks said.

Bra raised an eyebrow.  "For example?"

"For example  say, "I'm not a loser"!" He said.  "Then Trunks picks up the glass, cause he's a loser!"

Trunks turned red.  "That's a nice example Ubuguwhoreid"

Goten laughed.  "Let's start!" He said.  He poured wine into 6 glasses.  "Okay!!  Um, my mom has never caught me making out with my pillow!" He shouted.

Pan, Marron, and Trunks reached for a glass.  "I hate you Goten!!!!!!!" Trunks screamed.  "Back stabber!! I'll get you!!" Trunks said, before drinking a glass. 

Trunks looked at Marron, then he started cracking up. "My god!!  Little Miss innocent!!  Making out with her pillow!!!!!" He laughed.

"Will you shut up?!" Marron screeched.

"WHAT?!?!  PAN?!  YOU MADE OUT WITH YOUR PILLOW?!" Ubu shrieked. 

"Oh shut up."

Bra giggled.  "Yeah, Ubu, it was before your first date with her!"

"No wonder she was such a good kisser!" Ubu laughed.

Pan turned tomato red and hit Ubu on the back.

"MY TURN!!!!" Trunks yelled.  He looked at Goten.  "I've never practiced giving blow jobs on vegetables."

Goten turned bright red, so did Marron.  Everyone else was laughing.

"So,whoever gave blow jobs to vegetables please stand up!" Ubu yelled.

Marron and Goten sighed, and they looked at Trunks with anger.  They picked up the glasses.

"I'll get you Trunks!!" Marron hissed.

"MY TURN!!" Ubu yelled.  "Um...lets see" Now I've never had sex in twenty times gravity." 

Goten and Bra blushed and picked the glasses up. 

"Grr!!" Goten and Bra said.

"My turn!  Little kids don't seduce me!!!!!" Bra yelled.

Everyone started laughing.

"Bra!!  I don't think anyone here gets seduced by little kids!" Pan yelled.

"That's not what I heard right Trunks?"

"Oh shut up" He said.  He picked up the glass and took a sip.

"MY TURN!!!" Pan yelled.  She looked at Ubu.  "The people that I went out with has never kicked me out of their houses naked."

Ubu's eyes narrowed. He picked up his glass, and took a sip.  He was blood red.

Marron was the one laughing the hardest.

"Marron shut up, it's not THAT funny!" Ubu yelled.

"Yes it is!" Marron yelled.  "My turn!"

"I've never ran around the city naked, and got caught by my dad!"

Goten and Trunks turned tomato red.  "MARRON!!  I THOUGHT YOU COULD KEEP A SECRET!!!" Goten yelled.

"We'll never tell you anything again!" Trunks yelled.

"Baka, it's a payback for the last time!"

Goten and Trunks picked their glasses up and took a sip.

"My turn again!!!" Goten yelled.  "I don't flirt with school janitors, and have crushes on them!" 

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Trunks laughed.  "We all know who that is!"

Marron sighed. 

"MARRON!?!!?" Bra yelled.

"Gosh Marron, even though you're a low life brat, I didn't think you'd have a crush on a janitor!" Pan said laughing with Ubu.

"Oh shut up!" She picked up her glass and took a drink.

"I was just joking!!"


The game went on and on and on and on. 

"I've never *hiccup* had sex in my mom's lab!"  Bra yelled.

Trunks and Marron hiccuped, and drank their glasses.

"Gosh woman, aren't you drunk yet?" Trunks asked.

"Oh shut up Trunks!  I might be a girl but I'm a strong drinker to ya know!"

Everyone was trying to think of something.  They weren't going in turns anymore, it was just whoever could think of something, and they would go.

"I've never seen my dad and my friend's dad in thongs!" Pan said.

Goten, Trunks, and Ubu's eyes widened.  "WHAT?!?!?!"

Marron and Bra turned red.  "I hate you Pan, I'm not gonna tell you anymore secrets." Marron said.

"You're telling me." Bra said.

They picked up their glasses and drank.


"I've never french kissed a person of the same sex!" Ubu yelled.

"You haven't?!?!" Marron asked.  "I thought you kissed Goten?"



"Woah!!  I'm just asking!!" Marron said.

Everyone but Ubu picked up his or her glasses.


"Damn Woman!!  Aren't you drunk yet?!?!" Trunks asked Marron.

"Will you stop calling me that?!?!?!" Marron asked. 

"I know!  *hiccup* I've never went skinny dipping and got my clothes fished out by a fisher and went home naked!" Goten yelled.

Bra and Pan were sleeping in the corner with Ubu.  Pan and Ubu were whispering "Pika" while sleeping.

Marron picked up her glass.

"WHAT?!?!  WOMAN!!  What made you think to skinny dip!?!?" Trunks yelled.

"Oh shut up Vegeta Jr.!  You're not my husband!!  Ya follow?!" Marron yelled.


"We have 5 more bottles of wine to go!  We already finished 55!" Goten yelled.

Trunks, Marron, and Goten were the only ones awake.  They were all hiccuping.

"I know!  I've never french kissed a cross dresser that I mistaken for someone of the other sex!" Marron yelled.

"I hate you Marron." Goten said.  He picked up his glass and drank.

"I know one to!" Goten yelled. "I've never gotten dared to flash my butt in the street and got caught by my dad and my friends dad!"

"I hate you too" Marron said.  She hiccuped and picked the glass up and drank it down straight.

"WHAT?!?!  GOD WOMAN!!" Trunks yelled.

"Be quiet Vegeta Jr.!!  You're not my husband!  You don't control my life!"

"I'm still your B/F!!"

"SO!?!?  You're not my husband!!!"

"Fine then!!  Woman, will you marry me or not?!" Trunks asked.

Marron gasped.  "Wow!" She said, before she fainted.

Goten started laughing.

"Is that a no?" Trunks asked.

~*The End*~

Author's Note: Wells!!  That wuz it!!  Me and my sister wrote it!!  Hugz to Leah(my sister!)!!  Hope you like it!!  It might be a little(REALLY) pervertive, but my sister said she liked it!!  Whadda you thinks??!?!?
Haruko: Daisuki-da yo! Totemo omoishiroi-katta! ((^o^))
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