“Welcome one and all!” an announcer, says over a large speaker. Thousands of people surround a large area of land and cheer loudly. “This football game is a charity fund raiser to help the Cherry Hill Orphanage. It will be played by our celebrity teams who have been kind enough to volunteer to play,” The announcer says over the mike. Bulma, Videl, and Chichi find their seats on the long row of bleachers with some popcorn and soda in their hands. “This is going to be fun!” Bulma says eating some popcorn. “I never understood football. A bunch of big sweaty guys wrestling around on the ground for a piece of pig’s flesh,” Chichi says. “Well we have to be here for this,” Videl says. “Where are the girls?” Bulma says looking around. “Here we are!” Bra says sitting next to them with Marron and Pan right behind her. “The snack line was way long!” Bra says. “What are you talking about? We got our snacks quickly,” Bulma says. “Okay, okay there was a way cute guy at the cash register, so we decided to…chat,” Marron admits. “Where are your parents Marron?” Chichi asks. “They should be here soon…there they are!” Marron says as Krillin and 18 sit next to them. “All right this is going to be great!” Krillin says taking a hulking bite out of his hotdog.

 “And now we will introduce our two celebrity teams to the field!” The announcer says. “On the Blue team! First is the amazin’ Sayajin Trunks Briefs!” The announcer says and Trunks’ suddenly appears onto the field in a blue football uniform ready to play. The entire crowd erupts in applause as Trunks waves. Marron applause’s the loudest of all and everyone looks at her weirdly. Marron looks around her and blushes tremendously and sits down embarrassed. “Second on the Blue team is the chocolate warrior himself! Ubuu!” Ubuu appears next to Trunks and waves also. The crowd applause’s again.  “Next on the Blue team is the touchdown king, Son Gohan! Gohan appears and smiles to the crowd. “Yay Gohan!” Videl yells. “Go daddy!” Pan also cheers. “And finally the captain of the Blue team! The most powerful man on Earth! Son Gokou!” The announcer yells loudly and Gokou appears in front of his team. “Yeah! Gokou!” Chichi yells.

 “And now!” The announcer says as loud rock music plays. “The first player for the Red team is the ladies’ man! Son Goten!” the announcer yells as Goten appears standing across from the Blue team. “Go baby go!” Bra yells from the bleachers. “The second player on the Red team is the one named wonder, Overkill!” Overkill appears next to Goten and both wave to the crowd. “Go Overkill!” Krillin says sitting in the bleachers. “The third player on the Red team is not a person to cross, the amazing Piccolo!” Piccolo appears next to Overkill and poses for the crowd. “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” Piccolo says under his breath. “It’s for a good cause, just go with it and have some fun!” Overkill says. “And now the Captain of the Red team. And one of Earth’s most powerful fighters! The master of disaster! Vegeta!” Vegeta appears in front of his team and smiles wickedly at Gokou. “Let the best team win!” Gokou says. “Don’t worry Kakarrot we will!” Vegeta says, Overkill, Goten, and Piccolo hoot and holler in agreement. “I don’t think so Vegeta,” Gokou says smiling.

 “ Because of our celebrities extra physical abilities the football field is two miles long and half a mile wide,” The announcer says. Vegeta and Gokou stare straight into each other’s eyes and smile wickedly at each other. Neither twitch nor blink. A referee comes in between them and separates them. “Sense everyone can’t keep up with our teams our extra large monitors will be keeping up with the play by plays!” The announcer says as a large monitor held up by a blimp is seen above the field. “Call it in the air,” The referee says to Gokou and Vegeta as he throws a quarter into the air. “Heads!” Gokou says as the quarter falls through the air. The quarter hits the ground and all three look down to see what came up. “Its Tails, Vegeta you choose kick or receive,” The ref says. “We receive,” Vegeta says.

 The teams gather at their respective sides as the football is set up at the Blue team’s end. Trunks’ looks at the football which is held up by Gokou’s finger. Trunks’ takes a few steps then kicks the football high into the air. Goten looks up at the football and holds out his arms and catches the ball. Goten starts to run for the other field as Overkill, Vegeta and Piccolo run right by him. Gokou, Trunks’, Ubuu, and Gohan run at the Red team full force. Goten runs along the side of the field as The others block. Gokou rams full force with Vegeta as Ubuu is held back by Overkill. Piccolo tries to block two guys, Gohan and Trunks, but Gohan ducks down and takes Piccolo’s legs out from under him. Piccolo trips and flips into the air and slams hard into the ground. Trunks’ smiles as he comes up on Goten. Trunks’ leaps at him but Goten moves quickly and jumps over Trunks. Goten smiles but that goes away as he sees Gohan flying at him. Gohan spearheads Goten and they both hit the ground hard. Gohan gets up and jumps up and down happily. “Alright baby! Yeah!” Videl yells. “Yeah daddy!” Pan says. “Should the boys really be playing so rough?” Chichi says worrying.

 A line up is made as the two teams wait for the snap to be made. Vegeta is the quarterback and he bends down behind Goten. “Hut one!” Vegeta yells. Everyone else tenses up. “Hut two!” Vegeta says again. “Shotgun!” Vegeta yells. Everyone gets ready. “Hike!” Vegeta yells and the skirmish starts. Overkill locks up with Ubuu; Goten locks up with Trunks’ and Piccolo blocks both Gokou and Gohan. Overkill seizes an opportunity and slides to the side letting Ubuu fall to the ground. Overkill takes off like a gunshot and heads for the endzone. Vegeta sees this and pulls his hand back with the football in his hands. Overkill spins around and runs backwards. Vegeta brings down his hand and launches the football into the air. Overkill leaps high into the sky and grabs onto the football. Overkill lands and runs as fast as he can across the field. He looks to his side and sees Gokou running behind and catching up quickly. Overkill then looks to his other side and sees Ubuu coming up fast. Overkill decides to try to dodge them but before he even knows it Ubuu tackles him by wrapping his arms around Overkill’s legs. Overkill starts to fall then he sees Gokou out the side of his eyes. Gokou slams into Overkill from the side. The referee blows the whistle and the play is over. Gokou and Ubuu get off of Overkill then walk to the rest of their team. Goten, Piccolo, and Vegeta walks up to Overkill, as he lays motionless on the ground. “Overkill! Overkill! How many fingers am I holding up?” Goten says holding up three fingers. “Overkill studies the fingers for a few seconds. “I’ll tell you as soon as the flying pink elephants stop laughing at me,” Overkill says then starts to swat at the air. “Wow Gokou hit him hard!” Piccolo says. “He’ll be fine, now lets play!” Vegeta says.

 The teams line up again and face each other. Overkill still has a headache but he continues to play. “Hike!” Vegeta yells as he backs away from the group as they lock up. Piccolo spins around and slides past Gohan. Gohan runs after Piccolo as he heads for the endzone. Piccolo pumps his legs hard and his feet tear away at the grass field. Gohan runs faster as he comes closer and closer to Piccolo’s white cape that he wears over his football uniform. Gohan smiles as he finally grabs hold of Piccolo’s long cape. Gohan pulls back hard and brings Piccolo crashing to the ground. Gohan smiles largely in Piccolo’s face then notices Piccolo is also smiling. “What are you smiling about?” Gohan asks puzzled. Piccolo says nothing just points up farther down the field. Two more Piccolos stand smiling and one of them has the football in his hands. “You sneaky, green dog! You did a split form on me!” Gohan says surprised. The other Two piccolos run to the endzone and run into it. The piccolo with the ball spikes it down hard and jumps up and down with the other one. “Go Piccolo!” Goten yells happily. The third Piccolo joins them and gives out high fives to each other, then splash together to one Piccolo. Gohan sits on the ground looking down at the grass, still stunned at how Piccolo played him.

 The ball is set up on the red side of the field. Goten keeps up the ball with his finger as Vegeta steps back and brings his foot back. Vegeta takes a few steps towards the football and launches it into the air. Trunks’ runs quickly towards the red field and catches the ball in his hands. Gokou, Ubuu, and Gohan get in front of him and all eight men collide in the middle of the field. The ref blows his whistle and the first play ends. “Hike!” Gokou yells and the ball is snapped to him. Ubuu and Trunks go out for the throw. Overkill runs right behind Ubuu and Goten covers Trunks. Gohan runs back and forth covering Gokou as he looks for one of his teammates to get open for the pass. Gokou sees his opening as Trunks’ spins around and causes Goten to slip and fall. Gokou smiles and lets the ball fly through the air. Trunks’ lets his legs fly and he blazes down the field. Overkill and Goten quickly catch up and slowly make the gap between them and Trunks smaller. Ubuu flashes by and tackles both Overkill and Goten to the ground. Trunks’ goes on and runs into the endzone. Trunks’ drops the ball in the endzone and does a quick dance. “WHOOHOO!” Marron yells from the stands. Bulma sighs loudly as she sees Trunks’ dancing, “My son, not the best dancer in the world.” Bra hides her head under her jacket, “ Look at him, he looks like a retarded chicken!”

 Vegeta catches the football that has been kicked over to his side. Before he knew it he is pinned to the ground by Trunks. The two teams line up and get ready for the snap. “Hike!” Vegeta says he throws the ball and Overkill catches it again. He breaks out to the endzone and then sees Ubuu and Gokou out of the corner of his eyes. “Not again, you don’t get me twice with the same trick!” Overkill says. Ubuu leaps at Overkill’s legs again but finds nothing as Overkill leaps over his hands. Gokou rockets at Overkill also. Overkill ducks under Gokou and keeps running. Overkill runs into the endzone and spikes the ball hard and a large hole is left behind. Overkill turns around and feels the pressure as Goten jumps on him. Overkill holds him up around in his arms and they jump around with Goten’s arms waving wildly in the air. “Yeah!” Bra yells.

 The two teams line up and the ball is snapped to Gokou. Gokou looks for an opening and finds it. Gokou throws the ball and Gohan catches it. Gohan runs as fast as possible to the endzone. Gohan sees no one near him and smiles as the endzone is right in front of him. He sees nothing but feels the force as he is hit hard from both sides. Gohan hits the ground and dizzily looks up. Overkill and Goten look down at him smiling. “You got knocked the @$!% out!” Overkill yells laughing. “Just call us the Bash Brothers!” Goten says laughing also. “And a grueling hit is delivered to Gohan as the amazing team of Overkill and Goten attack from both sides and take Gohan to the ground!” The announcer yells. The teams line up again and once again the ball is snapped. Gokou throws the ball and Ubuu catches it. Ubuu runs again and goes for the endzone. Both Trunks and Gohan follow close behind to provide blocking for Ubuu. Vegeta Runs up quickly and heads for Trunks. Before Vegeta can reach Trunks’ he is knocked to the ground as Gokou tackles him. Gohan and Trunks run backwards as both Overkill and Goten start to rush the threesome. Trunks’ and Gohan stop and run straight for Overkill and Goten. Overkill and Goten weave in and out of each other as they get closer. Trunks’ leaps at Goten and Gohan leaps at Overkill. Goten smiles then does a baseball slide through Trunks’ legs and then quickly gets to his feet and goes after Ubuu. Overkill looks over to Goten then back to Gohan as Gohan heads right for him. Gohan aims low thinking Overkill will do the same as Goten. Overkill smiles and then puts his hands on Gohan’s back and flips over him. Ubuu looks back then sees Overkill and Goten for a brief moment before he is plastered to the ground. Ubuu looks up and both Goten and Overkill bend over him and smile at him. “Another unsuspecting victim of the Bash Brothers!” the announcer yells excitedly.

 “Hike!” Gokou yells again then falls back and away from the group. Trunks, Ubuu, and Gohan run out far as Overkill, Piccolo, and Goten run behind covering them. Gokou releases the ball and it flies into the arms of Trunks. Trunks’ looks down at the ball then looks up as Goten suddenly appears in front of him. Goten rams into Trunks’ chest and Trunks’ flies backwards. Overkill appears and rams into Trunks’ back and sends Trunks’ flying into the air. Goten appears again above Trunks and rams into Trunks’ back and crashes him into the ground. The smoke clears and Trunks’ is in a small ditch. Overkill and Goten suddenly appear next to the ditch smiling. “And Trunks’ is the next victim of the Bash Brothers!” The announcer says. “Wow Goten and Overkill are really vicious when they play football,” Bra says.

 Trunks’ snaps the ball to Gokou and Gokou backs away from the group. Gokou sees nothing but senses a glint of power moving at an amazing speed. Gokou looks to his right a fraction too late as Goten tackles Gokou as he slams into Gokou’s chest. Even with the force of the blow Gokou refuses to budge. Overkill quickly flies in low and slams his body into Gokou’s legs and takes them out from under him. Gokou looses his balance and hits the ground hard. Overkill and Goten stand up and give each other a high five. “And with the Quarterback sack the ball is turned over to the Red team!” The announcer says.

 “Goten and Overkill are unstoppable!” Krillin says drinking his soda. “Hike!” and the ball is snapped back to Vegeta. Vegeta backs away from the group and lets the ball fly through the air. Goten leaps high into the air and clutches onto the ball. Goten lands onto the ground and runs as fast as he can into towards the endzone. Trunks’ tackles Goten and the ball flies out of Goten’s hands. “And the ball is fumbled!” The announcer yells. Overkill swoops by and scoops up the ball and continues to run it down the field. “And Overkill recovers the ball with the entire Blue team right behind him!” The announcer yells. “Overkill tucks the ball into his coat and does a series of front flips. The Blue team tries to catch him but just can’t seem to get a hold of him. Gokou then appears right in front of the endzone and tackles Overkill. The ball once flies out of Overkill’s hands and is instantly caught by Vegeta. Vegeta runs into the endzone and dances around happily. “Wow! I’ve never seen Vegeta do that before!” Chichi says. “I’m not sure if I’ve ever really seen Vegeta this happy,” 18 says surprised. “I have,” Bulma says smiling slyly and winking to 18 and Chichi. “Ew! Gross mom!” Bra says catching onto what Bulma was implying.

 The Blue team huddles up and whispers their plans as they try to gain more points. “Ok we’re back on the offensive. Our number one priority is to stop the Bash Brothers!” Gokou says. “Yeah Goten and Overkill are stomping us into the ground!” Ubuu says. “Well I have a plan on how to score,” Gohan says. The rest look at him as he smiles slyly. “Hike!” and the ball is snapped back to Gokou. Gokou brings back his arm to throw the ball but then brings it back down and tucks the ball into his stomach. Gokou starts to run and goes past the group. Gokou sticks to the outside of the field and lets loose as he tears the field up with his legs. Gokou looks to his side then sees what he has been waiting for. Overkill and Goten run on the other side of the field and then instantly turn sharp to the left and head straight for Gokou. Gokou closes his eyes and takes the hit full force. He is sent to the ground and Overkill and Goten hang over him laughing. Gokou gets up and smiles slyly and then Goten and Overkill notice that Gokou doesn’t have the ball! Goten and Overkill hear a loud roar from the crowd as Gohan burns out on the other side of the field and makes a touch down. “No way!” Goten yells. “Those sneaky…” Overkill yells. “They played us!” Goten says shocked. The Blue team continues to pull more and more tricks on Overkill and Goten and keep them from dominating defensively. Touch down after touch down and both Goten and Overkill start to become frustrated at their inability to stop the Blue team.

 The ball is kicked and heads right for Vegeta. He catches it and runs towards the other endzone with Overkill, Goten, and Piccolo blocking. The two teams collide viciously and Vegeta downs the ball. The Read team huddles and prepares for a play. “They are getting sneaky, Overkill and I can’t double team them on the defensive anymore!” Goten says. “Yeah they’ve found out how to keep you two in check,” Piccolo says. “Well then lets switch up on them and put you two on the offensive!” Vegeta says. The others smile and agree.

 The Red team lines up with the Blue team and the ball is snapped to Vegeta. Overkill and Goten take off like a blur with Overkill running up the right side of the field and Goten running up the left side of the field. Gohan runs after Goten and Gokou runs after Overkill. Goten looks over to Overkill on the opposite side and signals to him with a wink. Overkill nods and smiles. Overkill switches directions and runs across the middle of the field. Goten does the same and turns to the right and runs across the field. Gokou and Gohan follow their prey and head after them as they turn. Goten and Overkill run at full speed and head right for each other! Goten then falls to his back and does a baseball slide and Overkill flips high into the air. Gohan and Gokou don’t realize how close they were to Overkill and Goten and collide into each other as Goten and Overkill go past them. Vegeta sees both of his guys open and launches the ball into the air. Goten catches it and both him and Overkill run into the endzone and make a touch down. Vegeta jumps up and down seeing his plan work and Overkill and Goten dance around in the endzone.

 Half time comes and the two teams get a rest for a while then return to the field. “Now that the second half has come the celebrity guests are asked to use their maximum capabilities in the game!” The announcer says. “Now it’s going to get interesting!” Krillin says. “Alright!” Overkill says as he goes into his Super Sayajin 3 form. Goten smiles wickedly then goes to his second Super Sayajin form. Gokou and Vegeta become 4th level Super Sayajins. Trunks’ also goes into his Super Sayajin level two. Gohan becomes a Super Sayajin to his highest level also. Both Ubuu and Piccolo power up as much as they possibly can.

 The ball is snapped and Vegeta gets it, instead of passing it he bolts down the field. Gokou runs right after him at an amazing speed. Overkill appears out of nowhere and leaps at Gokou but Gokou jumps up and pushes Overkill out of the way. When Gokou lands he grabs onto Vegeta’s leg and brings him down. “Hike!” Vegeta yells again and the ball is snapped to him. All three Red team members race to the other end of the field. Vegeta grips the ball hard and rockets it towards his guys. The ball flies through the air so fast that the ground under it tears up as the ball flies by. Piccolo turns around a split second before the ball reaches him. The ball rips right through him and goes out of the field. “Incomplete pass!” The referee says. Piccolo stands and looks down at the hole in his chest. A medical team runs out to the field and looks at him. “No need I’m ok,” Piccolo says as he concentrates and the hole covers up.

 Vegeta gets the ball again and falls back and lets it fly. Overkill catches it right before it hits the ground. Overkill doesn’t even get a chance to take a step as Gokou plows into him at full force. Overkill lies on the grass for a little while and then finally gets up. The game goes on for another hour and a half. “And now we are near the end of the game with the Blue team in the lead, 178 to 173!” The announcer says. The Red team has ten seconds to get a touch down and the ball is in the Blue team’s possession! And the Blue team has three more downs, if they can hold onto the ball for ten more seconds they will win the game!” The announcer says. The Red teams huddles and look at each other nervously. “We need to get that ball! Anyway we can!” Piccolo says. “Any sudden death genius plans Vegeta?” Goten says. “No,” Vegeta says with a large sweat drop on his forehead. Overkill, Piccolo, and Goten hang their heads. “We just play,” Goten says. They break from the huddle and line up in front of the Blue team. The ball is snapped and Gokou backs away. Trunks, Ubuu, and Gohan run out far into the endzone. “I got an idea,” Overkill says. Vegeta, Piccolo, and Goten cover the three Red team members as Overkill covers Gokou. Gokou brings his arm back and gets ready to throw it. He looks down and sees Overkill just staying in one spot hunched down. Overkill does a massive powerup and a large crater is made around him as the ground breaks away. Gokou, seeing that he wasn’t going to get any interference from Overkill, grips the ball and starts to bring his arm downward. The ball leaves Gokou’s hand and flies down the field and rips up the ground as it goes by. Trunks’ sees the ball and leaps high into the air ready to catch the ball. Overkill opens his closed eyes and looks over to the ball and then turns towards it, his energy aura surrounding him. Overkill lifts up his leg and slams it down into the ground and launches himself towards the endzone. Trunks’ starts to close his arms around the ball then Overkill suddenly appears between him and the ball. Overkill catches the ball and lands on the ground. Trunks’ lands behind him and Overkill looks back at him and sticks his tongue out then runs away towards the other endzone with everyone running right behind him. “Eight seconds! Seven! Six!” The announcer yells. Overkill sees Gokou standing in front of him waiting. Gokou leaps at Overkill but Overkill spins and passes Gokou up and leaves Gokou eating dirt. Overkill pumps his legs as fast as he can and passes the fifty-yard line. “Five, Four!” The announcer continues. Ubuu comes up fast and leaps, grabbing onto Overkill’s legs. Overkill feels himself falling and throws the ball to the side. Goten comes up and catches the ball and continues to run it down the field. Trunks’ tackles him and Goten throws it to the side to Piccolo. Piccolo gets a few steps in then is ground by Gohan, but not before doing a backward lateral to Vegeta. Vegeta runs it and passes the ten-yard line. He feels the force as Gokou slams into his back and they both go flying through the air. Vegeta just holds onto the ball like a vice and then collides with the ground. A large smoke cloud surrounds the endzone and the referee blows the whistle signaling the end of the game. As soon as the smoke clears the entire crowd cheers loudly. Vegeta opens his eyes and sees that he had landed in the endzone with the football! “Touchdown!” The announcer yells. The entire crowd jumps up and yells loudly. “And the Red team steals victory from the Blue team in a last minute interception by Overkill!” The announcer yells. The Red team celebrates loudly and jumps on each other. “Go baby!” Bulma yells from the stands. Vegeta suddenly appears in front of her and gets a long wet kiss. Goten does the same with Bra. They soon stop as Vegeta gives then a cold evil snarl.  Everyone goes home after the two teams shake hands.

 Thanksgiving: “They are really into football aren’t they?” one person says.  “I don’t really see why,” another person says. Overkill, Goten, Vegeta, Ubuu, Gokou and the rest of the dragonball men say to each other. “You idiot that was a penalty!” Bulma yells jumping up and down on the couch. “Open your eyes ref!” Chichi yells throwing cheese puffs at the TV. “That quarterback is cute!” Marron says. The dragonball men watch the women from the kitchen doorway. “Watching football will never be the same,” Gokou says sighing as Chichi, Bulma, Bra, Marron, and 18 yell at the television.

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