By Gabriela Acevedo
Bulma was in the hospital (not sick). Today she was going give birth to her second child.
Vegita was really worried he wasn't there to se Trunks but this time he wouldn't miss it.

 When the baby was finally born vegita was the first to see it. Vegita also southed: A girl?!
  Great the Prince of all Saiyan has a girl, this is ridiculous.
Bulma: She's your daughter plEASE accept her the way she is,
V: Ok, I will but only for you. Besides she looks kind of cute. So, what's her name?
B: I don't know. you choose
V: Ok. Bra is her name.
B: Bra???
V: Yeah Got A problem!?
B: No not really


Bulma: Vegita put Bra to sleep, Please
Vegita: Why?
Bulma: I say so, That's why
Veggie: Fine.

Veggie puts Bra on her bed and she starts crying.
Veggie: Shut up baby!!
bra: cries even harder
V: Okay.
Veggie picks her up and sings her a lullaby. Finally she falls asleep. He softly puts on her
bed.  For a moment he looks at her like she was the only thing in the world. like she was a
little princess. and indeed she was, she was his little princess. The he starts to leave the
room. When he has almost reached his room she starts crying again.
V: Damn you baby!!
He enters the room again and Bra...
Bra: starts singing dada dada dada da daddy veggie dada Vegita.
V:Bulma come here!
Bulma: what ?
V: the baby called me daddy she talked to me.
Bulma: yeah right...
Bra: dada Vigida mama Buma.
Bulma: she did talk this is so cool.
Veggie: told you so
Bulma Oh Shut Up!!!


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