by  NateDawg


        "Damn alarm clock," Bra says as she sits up in her bed.  "I wonder why I set it this early."
        "Oh, ya, now I remember why," she says to herself as she gets up and goes to take a shower.
        After she gets out of the shower she throws on some jean shorts and a tank top.
         "Now I wonder where mom put that dragon radar?"  she thinks to herself.  "There it is!"  she says as
she takes it out of the bottom dresser drawer.
        Bulma, Trunks, and Vetgeta went on a vacation. So, Bra was the only one home.  Then Bra left Capsule Corp. and went looking for the Dragon Balls.  Before she knew it she had all of them.
        "Arise Dragon!"  Bra yells.
        The sky grows dark and thunder sounds and lightning appear brightly in the sky.  Then a gigantic dragon stands before Bra.
        "I will grant you one wish," states the Dragon.
        "I want to be twenty-eight years old!" Bra cries to the Dragon.
        "Your wish is my command," answers the Dragon.
        Then, Bra all the sudden gets taller and her breasts get a little bit bigger.  Bra's wish has been granted by the Dragon.  Then the dragon balls speared out.
        "Now Goten I can tell you how much I love you since I'm now your age," Bra says to herself.

        Bra punches in Goten's phone number on her cell phone.

        "Hi, Goten."
        "Hi, Bra."
        "I was wondering if you could meet me at the park."
        "Sure!  When should I meet you there?"
        "How about now?"
        "Ok, I'll be there."

        "So, Bra you look much taller and bigger," says Goten as he checks out Bra.
        "Ya, because I'm 28!" Bra says excitedly.
        "What!?!  How are you 28?" Goten asks curiously.
        "I'm 28 because I wished to be 28 with the dragonballs," Bra answers.
        "Why?"  Goten ask with his head tilted.
        "Because.. because... I love you Goten!"  Bra spits out.
        "But you're younger than me Bra."
        "That's why I wished to be 28 so I can be with you!"  Bra yells and starts to cry.
        "Bra," Goten says as he walks up to her.  Then he holds her against his warm, muscular body.  "Bra you should know age doesn't matter.  I will love you no matter what."
        "Re-Really," Bra says looking up into Goten's brown eyes.
        "Yes, I'd love to be your boyfriend," Goten replies.
        They both begin to walk off, holding hands.  But, then they ran into Paris.
        "Move bitch," Bra commands, pushing Paris out of the way.
        "Look who's talking, slut!" Paris yells.
        "What did you say?"
        "You heard me!"
        "Glad my dad taught me this," Bra says, then she cuped her hands and charges up.
        "What did your dad teach you, slut?"  Paris cries to Bra.
        "This!  GALICK GUN FIRE!!!"  She yells as a brilliant beam of color shoots at Paris.
        "AAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" screams Paris.  Finally she was gone.
        "I never really liked her," Goten said.
        "Me neither," Bra says to her new boyfriend.
        Then they kiss.

                                THE END
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