Marron's Worst Nightmare
by Marron

She sat in her bed unable to sleep, looking at Trunks. He looked so peaceful and this was the only time she knew
he couldn't be planning anything to scare her in any way. He slept to hard to dream anything so she knew he
couldn't even be planing anything at all. She sat back and started to read over a presentation he was
supposed to present the next day. She found it quite interesting and he loved it when she would go over his stuff.
She knew just how to add that extra touch to it. She just never wanted him to be awake when she did it. He would
always try to explain it to her and then get mad if she had a different way of explaining it that was easier then his.
She easily fixed it and sat it down on the table then curled up in bed with her husband and fell asleep.

When she woke up, Trunks was gone. He had gone to work so she got up and walked to the kitchen. She opened
the kitchen and nothing was there.

"Figures. He must have had breakfast before he left." Marron picked up the phone and dialed her best friends


"Goten. Good Morning.  Where is your wife?"

"Hi Marron. She is in the shower. Can I help you?"

"I was wanting to know if she and you would like to go with me shopping today."

"Where's Trunks? He'd love to go with you and we'll go also."

"He has a huge project today. An all day meeting. The only time I might here from him is at lunch. But I can expect
you 2, right?"

"Yeah. We'll be right over when she gets out. It'll be about 30 minutes."

"I'll be waiting for you. We'll have to stop off for breakfast. Trunks ate everything and we don't
have any capsules left."

"Sure. I understand and I know that Bra does." he chuckled. "Well, I'll talk to ya later. Bye."

"Bye." She hung up and went to go get dressed. She thought that she heard someone in the house so she got up
and went to the living room. She heard a loud 'THUD'. There was defiantly someone in her house that wasn't supposed to be there. She grabbed one of the chrome clocks out of her room and walked toward the noise. The person was bent over looking at something so she threw it at the things head. It stood up and screamed in pain.

"Uncle Juunana!! I am so sorry. I didn't know it was you."

"You invited me over, don't you remember. WOW!! You're huge. You look just like your mom before she're pregnant."

She blushed. "I am due any day now."

"Why isn't Trunks here with you then?"

"He had a huge meeting today that has been planned for more than a year. He tried to cancel it but he was told if he
did then he would lose the deal. It's alright though, he is here with me when ever he gets the chance to and I have a whole hospital waiting for me."

"I guess it doesn't get any better than that, huh?"

"I guess. Can you excuse me for a moment, I need to finish changing. I think the one thing we have left is ice so if
you feel you need any the bags are in the drawer next to the fridge."

When she came back out Goten and Bra were sitting on the couch talking to her uncle.

"Boy, you've gotten bigger since I last saw you." Bra told her.

"Well, you haven't seen me for a month. Anyway, can we go. I am starving." They got in Bra's car and they left for a restaurant. After registering a large bill, they left for the mall. Once there, Marron and Bra went to the baby store to look for toys and Goten and Juunana went to the hardware store. Marron's cell phone went off.

She turned it on.


"ARE YOU IN THE HOSPITAL???" Trunks' voice asked worried but full of anticipation that he was now a father.

"No. I am shopping with your sister, Goten, and my uncle. Bra and I are at Baby World. We are picking out some
simple toys. Don't worry, we won't make any major decisions without you."

"Ok. Well than, I have to get back to the meeting."

"You aren't on your lunch break?"

"No. Mom just called and said that you weren't at home. She was coming to bring you lunch."

"Well we'll be home in about half an hour. I'll call her up and tell her that. I love you and wish you luck on finishing the presentation and getting the deal."

"I love you too and thank you." He hung up.

Marron and Bra found a few small toys and books and went to check out. Goten and Juunana were waiting for them.
The girls grabbed the bags and headed out to the Bra's car. They headed home when Marron screamed. All anyone else heard was shrieking tires, horns blowing, and the sound of shattering glass and crunching metal.

Marron woke up in excruciating pain. She was sitting in a hospital bed with her husband, her parents, her uncle,
Goten, and Vegeta. They all looked worried and they were all watching her. She tried to move but it hurt to much.

"Trunks...what happened?" she nearly whispered, afraid of the answer she might get for an answer.

Everyone stayed where they were. She looked to her side and saw Bra. She was smiling at her.

Bra doesn't look hurt. Marron told herself.

"You just got out of the ER. Well, some idiot was speeding through the parking lot and crashed into the left side of
the car. It is completely gone and the guy is in jail. Can you believe they had let him out 10 times already!!" Bra

"What about our baby?" Marron asked, gripping Trunks' hand.

Bulma walked in her eyes red. "I just got news about it. They removed it to check it for any injuries."

"And....." Trunks asked.

"Well....." Bulma said with a tear rolling down her cheek, "Honey....your baby is not 1 but 2. You had twins! They say
that they are both going to be fine. They said that you were lucky you were so far along in the pregnancy. You have
both a daughter and a son"

Trunks hugged his wife, crying. "What do you want to name them?"

"Emily Nicole and Jordan Vegeta." she said.

Vegeta was actually smiling at her and he looked like he meant it.

It was another week before Marron was released from the hospital. Emily and Jordan were already at home with
Trunks and with Bulma's help they were still alive. Krillin picked her up and drove her home.

"The house looks so different." she said to her dad.

"It's just because you haven't been home for a while." he reassured her.

She walked inside and saw she was really in her house. They had dinner then everyone left so they could be alone.
Marron wanted to look at her sleeping babies. She walked to their crib and looked in. They were both blue and not
breathing. She screamed. Trunks ran in.

"What's wrong?" he looked at his kids and checked them for a pulse. "Go call 911. But I doubt they can do

Marron ran and dialed the number. Shortly there was an ambulance outside and then it left. The 2 were left there to
mourn over the loss of their children. Neither of them left the house for a week. When they finally got out, they were
coming home from a restaurant when it happened. They were walking across the street to get to their car when a
truck came speeding toward them. Trunks had pushed her out of the way and was hit dead on. Marron ran out,
afraid of what might be waiting. She got down near his limp body, blood was everywhere. Before she could do
anything, a blinding white light came speeding in her direction. She knew she couldn't get out of the way so
she leaned down and gave Trunks one last kiss.

She woke up covered in sweat and screaming. Trunks jumped up beside her and held her in his arms.

"What's wrong honey?"

Just his voice comforted her.

"Had a horrible dream. I mean it started out okay, all except for the car accident. We had 2 beautiful babies, but then
it went horrible when they died and then you and finally me."

"Oh baby. It's alright. Nothing is ever going to happen. I'll never let anything like that happen to us."

He held her tighter and kissed her. That completely reassured her and she fell asleep in his arms. When she woke
up the next morning it was 9 and Trunks still had his arms around her.

"Trunks... Trunks."she said shaking him.

He looked at her. "Yeah?"

"Your late for your meeting."

"Forget it. I'd much rather spend my time with you. They want to argue with me than they can, but they will regret it." he said, wrapping his arms around her and they fell back asleep and let the entire world pass them by.


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