Final Flashlight
by Queen Bulma

It was a sunny summer afternoon, Master Rouchi, Krillin, Yamcha, Ten Shin Han, Chauzu and Piccolo are visiting planet Namec and in Capsule corp Vegeta and Goku were sparring but the sudently stoped...

Vegeta: "Did you sense that"

Goku: "Hai something evil is coming"

Meanwhile in space...

Draken: "I thogth that story about the dragon balls was a lie so I didn't bother to stay in this planet for long but now I know it's true"

Draken landed in a forest and checked his scounter.

Draken: "Nani? They're so strong... I can't defeat them whitout the dragon balls but they have them... I better go back to space"

Draken got in his space ship and whent to space but he stayed close to Earth's atmosfire thinking of how to get the dragon balls.

Draken: *If I could get rid of them whitout figthing...*

On Earth Goku and Vegeta whent to the forest where Draken had landed.

Goku: "I'm sure I sensed it here"

Vegeta: "There's nothig here Kakarotto"

Goku: "He couldn't dissapear... could he?"

Vegeta: "Look"

Goku: "It looks like somebody landed there but there's nothing there now"

Vegeta: "He must have gone back into space"

Goku: "You think so?"

Vegeta: "Use your senses"

Goku: "How come I didn't think of that?"

Vegeta: "Cause you don't have a brain"

Goku: "Sure I do"

Vegeta: "You're rigth you do have a brain"

Goku: "Relly?"

Vegeta: "Hai but it doesn't work"

Goku: "Does too"

Vegeta: "Maybe it does but you just don't use it"

Goku: "Does that mean mine is newer than yours?"

Vegeta: "No I was wrong your head relly is empty... but that's not the point"

Goku: "Then what is?"

Vegeta: "We didn't come here to talk we came to find the enemy"

Goku: "And since he's gone let's go back to Capsule corp and have a snack"

Vegeta: "_______..."

In space...

Draken: "That's it the Earth needs the sun and so do the humans so if I block the sun ligth... yeah that's it I'll make a force field around the Earth and leave it in the dark"

Draken started to power up... meanwhile on Earth.

Goku: "Why Vegeta why?"

Vegeta: "Because I say so"

Goku: "But Bulma said I was allways welcome"

Vegeta: "You're allways welcome to figth not to eat go to your house"

Goku: "I can't Chichi kick me out"

Vegeta: "And you didn't do anything about it?"

Goku: "What could I do?"

Vegeta: "You... did you sense that?"

Goku: "Hai but it's far... like in space"

Sudently everything was dark...

Goku: "Everything is dark help Chichi!"

Vegeta: "Let go of me Kakarotto"

Goku: "What's going on?"

Vegeta: "I don't know but I'll find out"

Goku: "Wait how will we know where we're going"

Vegeta: "I don't know were you're going but I'll sense Trunk's ki and go back to Capsule corp"

Goku: "Ok let's go"

Vegeta: "No you stay"

Goku: "But I don't want to stay alone in the dark"

Vegeta: *Crybaby...*

In space...

Draken: Now that my force fiend is done it's only a matter of time and... wait what if the use the dragon balls to get rid of the force field I didn't think of that...

Meanwhile in Capsule corp...

Bulma: "Finally I found my flashligth"

Trunks: "Okasan?"

Bulma: "Over here"

Trunks saw the ligth and whent to Bulma.

Bulma: "Here take this"

Bulma gave Trunks a flashligth.

Vegeta: "Bulma, Trunks?"

Trunks: "Otousan, Goku"

Bulma: "Vageta, what's going on?"

Trunks: "A while ago it was a sunny afternoon and now it's so dark"

Vegeta: "I sense some evil force did this and the energy is all over Earth"

Bulma: "I scaned the Earth whit my computer and it looks like something is making all the electric plants and generators blow up so there's no electricity anywhere, do you think it's that energy you sensed?"

Vegeta: "It must be"

Goku: "I'm still hungry"

Bulma: "Nani?"

Goku: "Chichi kick me out so she woun't cook for me but maybe you can give me some food"

Bulma: "I can't cook whitout electricity and besides there are more important things to worry about"

In space...

Draken: "I know I'll just steal the dragon balls now while they're busy lost in the dark"

Draken landed on Earth and used his scounter.

Draken: "So that's were they are but there's a strong force there... but I think I can make it"

Draken flew to the Son house. (Draken is an alien so he can see in the dark)

Vegeta: "I'm going to figth"

Bulma: "Nani?"

Trunks: "But how will you find whoever is behind this?"

Vegeta: "The same way I found you, I followed your ki"

Goku: "But the enemy is in space remember"

Vegeta: "Not anymore"

Trunks: "Hai, it's that way let's go figth"

Bulma: "Trunks"

Trunks: "Don't worry Okasan he's not very strong it'll be easy"

Goku: "In what direction you said he was?"

Trunks: "That way"

Goku: "I sense Gohan's and Goten's ki that way"

Vegeta: "Ofcorse you do that's were your house is"

Goku: "Relly? everything looks so diferent in the dark"

Vegeta: "Let's stop waisting time and let's go figth"

Trunks: "Hai"

Goku: "Wait what if he destroys the flashligths and we stay in the dark?"

Vegeta: "Then I'll just sense him"

Trunks: "Hai and he's not very strong so it woun't take too long to defeat him"

Goku: "But..."

Vegeta: "But what?"

Goku: "The dark is scarry"

Bulma: "Here take this capsule it has 100 flashligths"

Goku: "Are you sure that's going to be enogth?"

Vegeta: *Coward...*

Trunks: "By the time he finishes blasting 10 of your flashligths otousan and I will allredy taken care of him"

Vegeta: "Let's just go"

Trunks: "Hai"

Goku: "Ok"

Bulma: "Be carefull"

Vegeta, Trunks and Goku flew to the son house. Meanwhile in the son house.

Gohan: "But I have to help"

Chichi: "No"

Goten: "Okasan"

Draken got to the son house and since Gohan, Gotan and Chichi where so busy argueing they didn't knowdest.

Draken: "There they are now to make my wish"

Draken took the dragon balls outside meanwhile insidethe house...

Gohan: "But they need my help"

Chichi: "No"

Goten: "Gohan"


Draken: "What I'm I suposed to do to make my wish? Never mind I'll just wish... I wish I had eternal life... nothing... dragon my wish is eternal life... "_____" apear dragon and grant my wish before I... hey it's working"

Dragon: "You have 3 wishes"

Draken: "I wish for eternal life"


Gohan: "But he's not that strong"

Chichi: "Then they don't need your help"

Goten: "Okasan, Gohan"


Dragon: "Your wish has been granted you have 2 wishes"

Draken: "Forget it this is all I need to conquer the univers"

The dragon disapear. Inside...

Goten: "Listen to me!"

Chichi: "Nani?"

Gohan: "I sense something"

Goten: "I know I've trying to tell you"

Vegeta, Trunks and Goku got to the son house.

Goku: "Chichi"

Chichi: "Goku I was so worried it's so dark out there are you ok?"

Goku: "Hai, Bulma gave me 100 flashligths"

Gohan: "Otousan"

Goten: "Listen!"

Gohan: "Nani?"

Goten: "I sensed something and I tryed to tell you that he was coming but nobody listened"

Gohan: "You're rigth"

Goku: "Where are Vegeta and Trunks?"

Gohan: "Up"

Goku: "Nani?"

Gohan: "I sense they are above the house but very high"

Goten: "No fair Trunks didn't wait for me"

Chichi: "No you 3 are staying here"

Gohan: "I think they need help"

Chichi: "No"

Goku: "He's not very strong but he doesn't take any damage"

Goten: "Do you think..."

Gohan: "No it couldn't be..."

Goku: "What couldn't be?"

Gohan: "The dragon balls are gone"

Goku: "Nani?"

Goten: "He's eternal!"

Gohan: "Let's use the dragon balls to wish him mortal"

Gohan whent outside.

Chichi: "Gohan come back"

Goten: "Bye okasan"

Chichi: "No not you too"

Goku: "Oh no"

Chichi: "Nani?"

Goku: "The capsule whit the 100 flashligths I can't find it"


Gohan: "Eternal dragon apear now"

The dragon apear.

Dragon: "You have 2 wishes"

Gohan: "I wish you made... the guy that just wished for eternal life... make him mortal"

Dragon: "Your wish has been granted"


Goku: "Chichi I'm afraid of the dark"

In the figth agaist Draken...

Trunks: "Look otousan I think that last blast hurt him"

Vegeta: "Hai, atack"

Vegeta and Trunks defeated Draken. In the son house...

Goku: "I think they won"

Chichi: "Then why is it still dark?"

Back in the figth Gohan and Goten got there...

Goten: "Trunks you didn't wait for me"

Trunks: "I didn't have to"

Gohan: "Why is it dark if he's the one responsable for it?"

Vegeta: "He's defeted not dead but I'll take care of that"

(They were figthing in the air so When Vegeta and Trunks defeted Draken he fell to the ground)

Gohan: "So were is he?"

Vegeta: "Down"

Gohan: "I know that but how will we find him if his to weak to be sensed?"

Vegeta: *Gohan was suposed to be smart not like Kakarotto* "Looking"

Gohan: "?"

Trunks: "Fusion!"

Goten: "Fusion!"

Vegeta: "Why did you do that the battle is over?"

Gotenks: "But the battle isn't over till the enemy is dead"

Vegeta: *Where did I hear that before?*

Gotenks: "Besides it's fun"

Vegeta Gotenks and Gohan whent to find Draken... in the son house...

Goku: "I found it"

Goku pushes the botton on the capsul and 100 flashligth apear.

Goku: "Help me turn then on Chichi"

Chichi and Goku turn on all the flashligths.

Goku: "Take 10 flashligths and protect yourself I need the other 80 to protect myself outside where it's relly dark"

Chichi: "And the other 10?"

Goku: "What other 10 you have more?"

Chichi: "No but if you have 80 and I have 10..."

Goku: "It's 100"

Chichi: "No"

Goku: "110?"

Chichi: "Naver mind"

Goku: "Ok then I'm going to save Gohan and Goten from the dark! you stay here and use the flashligths to protect yourself from the dark"

Chichi: "What kind of protection is a flashligth?*

Goku whent out of the son house carrying 80 flashligths all them on.

Gotenks: "Look there's a ligth caming"

Vegeta: "Kakarotto?"

Gohan: "Otousan"

(Doring the figth they all had flashligths and they still have them)

Goku: "Could somebody help me carry my flashligths?"

Gohan: "...sure..."

Gotenks: "There he is"

Gotenks found Draken and but the fusion ended.

Goten: "Nani?"

Trunks: "So soon.."

Goten: "How long have we been looking for him in the anyway?"

Goku: "Nevermind just blast him to the next dimencion"

Goten: "Nani?"

Gohan: "But otousan you never ask enybody to blast somebody else"

Goku: "I'd do it my self but I have my hands full whit the flashligths"

Goten: "Why did you bring so many?"

Goku: "For protection"

Gohan: "Protection from what?"

Goku: "The dark it's scarry"

Vegeta shot a ki blast to the air.

Goku: "What was that?"

Vegeta: "I just blasted him to the next dimencion but nothing happened I guess it's permanen..."

Goku: "No!"

Gohan: "The enemy is rigth there"

Goku: "Oh no he's still inmortal"

Vegeta: "Hai I'm sure I hit him... look like we're stuck in the dark..."

Goku: "No!"

The batteries of the flashligths started tu run out.

Goku: "Help me Chichi I'm scared!"

Vegeta: "Let go Kakarotto"

Goku: "But I'm scared"

Vegeta: "Let go"

Vegeta tryed to make Goku let go he even tryed to blast him off but it din't work.

Vegeta: "Somebody blast him to the nex dimencion so the ligth comes back and he lets go"

Gohan: "I'll do it"

Goten: "No I'll do it"

Trunks: "Too late... Final..."

Vegeta: *Nani?!*

Goten: "?!?!"

Gohan: "?!?!"

Trunks: "Flash!"

Trunks blasted Draken to the other dimencion and the force field disapeared.

Goku: "The ligth is back!"

Vegeta: *When did he lear my tecnic?* "Trunks..."

Trunks: "Hai"

Vegeta: "The final flash..."

Trunks: "I learn it a long time ago..."

Vegeta: "How?"

Trunks: "You do it all the time..."

Goku: "Good think you blasted him whit the final flash because the final flashligth just run out of batteries"

Gohan: "Now that the force field is gone they can fix the electric generators and well have electricity again"

Goten: "Hai and Okasan can cook"

Goku: "Finally Food!"


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