Zutto Futari de....(Forever Together...)
By Sierra Rudy

I sat by the door, waiting for him to proceed. It wasn't a normal life, as you will see. My name is Sierra, I am 14 years old, and I am a saiyan-jin. My mother had been brought to Earth and she had me. She died when I was 3, so I've been alone ever since then. The people who are watching me have a son that's one year younger than my daughter and I that’s at least 3 years younger.
Vegeta, the dad, and Bulma, the mom, were the people who were watching me. These two for 9 years have watched me now. Their son, Trunks, and their daughter, Bra, were my friends. But I also had a few more friends. Vegeta has a rival. His name is Goku, or as Vegeta calls him, Kakarott. He has a wife and two sons. His wife's name is Chi Chi, and his sons are Gohan, who is 5 years older than I, and his other son, Goten, is two years younger than I.I always thought Goten was kind of stupid. He really never took notice of some things. Gohan was smart; he was REALLY smart. He already has a girlfriend, the daughter of Satan, the so-called best fighter in the world. Her name is Videl. She's a very nice girl, but quite short for her age. She is a little shorter than me! And I'm not that tall for my age.
Finally, Trunks came out of the bathroom.
"Think you took long enough, kid?" I asked roughing up his hair.
"Hey! I just combed that! Now I have to do it again!" He yelled about to walk back into the bathroom.
"I don't think so, Tree. I'm next and you'll have to deal with that. You go after your dad."
"But Sierra, he takes a lot longer than even I do!" Trunks fought. Even for being a year younger than I, I love making it seem like I'm at least as old as Gohan, who even picks on me. But I always had fun with them all. "I know. Come on Tree. I'll do your hair for you."
"My name is Trunks, not Tree. And thank you."
I walked in and took the brush off of the counter. Trunks sat on a stool, and I brushed his hair. We talked a little while I brushed.
"What do you thinks gonna happen, Sierra?"
"I dunno. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Videl and I have been training harder than usual. I mean, look at me! I'm only a year older than you are, and I have to be the one to battle. Why can't you and Goten help too?!" I showed him my hand from what happened earlier yesterday. I had a huge scab from where Vegeta had got me with his Galllica Gun.
I had slung back with my Sakayua. But my hand has this scar now.
"I don't know. Dad and Goku say you’re stronger than us..."
"But they don't get it Trunks! Just because I'm older than the two of you, doesn't mean I'm stronger than the two of you!"
"You may be a year older than I, Sierra, and you may think that they only think your stronger because your older, but that's not right," he said taking my hand. "You are stronger than us. Don't ever say that you aren't. Yes, Goten and I think it's unfair that we don't get to fight, but we aren't as strong as all of you. I remember how Gohan told me that they had thought that Cell was going to be their strongest enemy, and it turns out we have more and more enemies to worry about. If Goku dies again, our lives as we know them could very well be kissed goodbye right now! You are the one here that has the most brains, and who can tell more or less all of the moves our enemy will bring. Your the only one who can look into the future! I mean, the older me -I mean future me- didn't have these enemies, Sierra. Your the only one who can tell...."
I took my hand away and brushed his hair again. "But, Trunks, that means I have an advantage over everything, and that means our enemies will never have a chance to live, and it would be an unfair battle, and...We would never get any stronger than we are right this minute! I make all of our fights unfair," I sighed. "You all need to realize that. You really aren't paying attention to that."
Trunks sighed. "Thank you for brushing my hair, Sierra."
He ran out of the bathroom, and I felt his spirits drop. I knew they all needed me, but it wasn't right. I was quite more stronger than even Gohan was at my age, but even being as strong as I was, I had more brains than anyone around here.
"Poor kid,"I mumbled.I brushed my teeth, and my hair.I thought about what I had said to Trunks, and I acctually felt a little bad at what I had told him.
Back when Trunks was born, when I was a year old, I had always thought to myself that I would be left out of everything.But it was the other way around now, and I had started feeling bad for Trunks.Lately, I had been hanging around with Trunks, and we had grown pretty close to each other.Just a few days ago, I had saved Trunks from a 'monster' that was attacking.I wasn't sure what it was, but I looked into the future to see what moves it had, and I attacked it with Sakayua like, 50 times before I had defeated it.And now Trunks was looking up to me for a lot of stuff.
I had amost always felt bad for the kid, but right this second I realized I really like him a lot.The poor kid had a father that didn't even care about him, I had found out when I was two years old, when the Andriods were attacking.His only friends were Goten, Gohan, and I.I was the only girl he looked up to.Bra wasn't even born. There was one thing I had always wondered.Why they had taken me in.The first time they had met me, I was five and fighting in the Boudaki Tournament.I mean, the Jr's one.It was mean, I had thought at the beginning.Because I was strong enough to fight in the normal one.But they had it because I was too young.I was the strongest that year, and the next and the next.Then, I was fighting with Trunks and Goten, in the older Boudaki.I had finally made it to the adults version, and if it hadn't have been for those two, I would have won the adults.But they beat me, and I became a loser for the first time in my life.Since then, I have only won it once.I've beat the Andriod 18, I've beat Krillin, I've beat even Goku that one year.But then I kept loosing my guard in battles because I would have visions.I still do; they're all about my mother.And my father, who was also full saiyan-jin, but stayed on the planet Vegeta before it blew up because of Frieza.
Now I would dream of how my mother looked, because I was still young when she died, but I still remembered her. "Sierra!Are you gonna take forever in there?!"Bra yelled through the door.
"No, Bra.I'll hurry up."
I finished everything I needed to, and walked out.

"You think your that strong?"Vegeta asked Trunks with a slight doubt to his voice.
"Yes, dad.I want to fight."
"Come on, Vegetable.Can't you let the kids fight too?Goku?"
"I don't want Goten getting hurt..."
"Dammit Goku.I'll be training these two!Come on Vegetable!I really want them to help!"
Goten jumped back at the way I had spoken to his father and Vegeta.I always yelled at them, but never like this.Trunks sighed.
"It's no use Sierra.Let's just forget..."
"Forget about it?!I don't think so!I'm not going to battle if you don't let me train these two,"I stated."I don't care if it means Goku could die again.I couldn't care less if Vegetable dies!But dammit, let me train the kids!"I yelled.Trunks and Goten stared at me with shock.
Vegeta was about to hurt me, I could tell.But Goku stopped him in his tracks."Let her train them.We need her to fight.So just let her train them."
Vegeta grew angrier, but walked off to calm down.I gave Trunks a high five, and Goten a pat on the head.I gave Goku a thank you look, and took Goten and Trunks outside to where Gohan was with Videl, training.
"So, Sierra,"Gohan said during a break."You finally got dad and Vegeta to let you train them two?"
"You better bet she did!"Goten said jumping.I let a smile fall onto my face.Trunks took my hand again, like earlier, and squeezed it.
"So, what do we do first?"Trunks asked with a huge grin on his face.
"First you both learn the basics.Get in a stance position."
Goten did his fighting stance, as well as Trunks.
"Good.Now power up."
We all powered up, and I smiled.I was gonna get Gohan to do this.
"Oh man.Hey Gohan?"
Gohan looked over at me."Yeah?"
"I have to go to the bathroom and get something to eat.Can you take over for me?I shouldn't be that long." "Alright Sierra.But you better not be.I don't have all day."
I ran into the house and fell onto the couch.I had known it was going to happen.I slight brightness of everything meant it was going to happen.I was the only one who knew though.I never told anyone else.
The vision started clear, then became a little cloudy."Mommy!"my little voice called.I ran into my mother's arms and she hugged me.
"My little Sierra.We must go find your father..."
It broke.The vision broke right there because I felt a smaller hand than mine on my back.I jumped a little, and turned around.Trunks was right there, with his hands on the back of the couch.
"Sierra?Are you ok?You ran in here and I saw you fall onto the couch.Are you ok?"
I sighed.Trunks was asking me if I was ok."I'm fine, kid.Perfectly fine."
Trunks groaned."No you're not.You're speaking with a wavering voice, and you don't look good. You're pale Sierra, and I've never seen you look like this."
He sat down next to me, and put his arms around me."Hehe, you know what Sierra?"
I looked over at him."What?"
"We collected all the Dragon Balls, and we are going to wish for something.I know what I want.Do you?"
I thought for a minute.Yeah,I thought.I wish you like me as much as I like you, Trunks.Whoa, where'd that though come from?"
No, why?"
"Because.I know what I'm going to wish for.But we only get one wish, and they were leaving it up to me this time.But you'll never believe what I'm wishing for."
I groaned.Trunks always did this to me.He was always a funny, kind, but very cute kid."What Trunks?"
The kid laughed."Well, what I want to wish for is to be as old as you...So I can go out with you.But I don't know whether that would be for the..."
"Well then I guess I know what I'd wish for."
Trunks put his head to the side."What?!"
"For Goten to be your age right now so he would be..."
"I got it!"
I looked at Trunks as he jumped up."We'll wish you are my age so we don't have to wait a year for Goten!"
Shocked, I think is what you would call what I was.But I...I want to...I.. "I don't know what to...to say.."
"You don't have to say anything!Come on!We're going to wish you're as old as me!"
"But I'm only a year older than you kid!"
"That's just it!Even though you're a year older, you still treat me as if you're as old as Gohan!I want that to change so now we'll be the same age!"
Now I was really...mixed?I think that was what to call that.I would so miss calling Trunks 'kid', and Goten freak...wait..I could still call him freak..hehehe...I would miss brushing Trunks hair, and picking on him, and...."Trunks, I don't think I can do this...I mean, I would miss doing all..everything that I do to you.Big time!I love calling you kid and brushing your hair and picking on you!"
Trunks nodded."I know.That's for sure.I know that you'll miss doing all that stuff.I'll miss it too."He took my hand and held it."But I want to be as old as you so we can get together...I mean, I know it sounds weird, but I want to be with you...I mean.."
I cut him off finishing his sentence for him."You want to be with me because you love me."
"Yeah, that's it."
I stepped up to him.He threw his arms around me as if he was a little lost kid.But I knew Trunks wasn't lost.Wow, he really likes me doesn't he?This is amazing!Wait...but...what about me?Have I really liked Trunks like this?....Inside, I was mixed.I truly didn't know what to say.I felt oddly.But I did want him to like me...But I also wanted to like him...What was I going to do?!"Trunks...Um..Are you sure you want to do this?I mean, aren't we quite young?"
He nodded."But I want to be the same age as you so when we both get to be old enough, we CAN be together.Please?"
I was...still mixed.But I knew I truly couldn't resist.I did love Trunks...But really kind of like a brother...but...I did like him as a boyfriend type, sort of.But I..really couldn't resist.I could still brush his hair, and call him shrimp and well, everything else I did to him.
I smiled sweetly and hugged him."Yes Trunks.We shall make it so I am your age.But, this doesn't mean that I won't stop calling you names and brushing your hair, kid."
He laughed.He let me go, and took me outside."Wait..You never told me why you just, ran inside and never told me what happened."
I shook my head."I really can't tell you, Trunks.You wouldn't understand."
His eyes begged me.As well as himself."Please?"
"Fine.I get visions, Trunks."
"Of my mother.What she looked like and she always says that we have to find my dad...But I don't know who my dad is.I never make it that far.I really hate it..."I explained.
He shook his head."You told me..."
"Come on kid, we don't have all day."I walked him to where the Dragon Balls were.We summoned the Dragon and slowly waited for it to protreed.
"You have awakened the eternal Dragon...What is your wish?"it bellowed.
Trunks quivered a bit, but answered happily."I wish that Sierra was my age -13!"
A silver light encircled me, and I felt younger than I had before.
"Your wish has been granted..."The Dragon Balls took off into the sky and disapeared.I looked at Trunks and realized that I was now as tall as he was.
"Trunks?"My voice seemed a little sqeakier than it had before."I think it worked..."
Trunks ran over to me and hugged me."Sierra!"
"Jees kid!You don't have to suffocate me!"I smiled.His eyes found mine and he smiled too.
"Silly.You don't have to call me kid anymore.We are the same age and we are the same hight, you know."
I laughed and brushed my hand through his hair."Like I said, I'm still going to brush your hair.I don't care HOW old you are.Or how tall you are...."
"So,"Goten's voice sneaked up from behind."Are you two a pair yet?"
I turned and looked at him.Trunks smiled from over my shoulder.I stuck my tongue out."So maybe we are...But I can still call you kid.You're only a year younger than I am."
Trunks laughed."Kid, leave us alone.Go play with your little friend...."
"Oh yeah, and I can still call you freak, Goten.Now go run along, freak.We would like to be alone.Go hang out with Mione.You know she likes you, right?"I asked smiling.
Goten blushed."What should I teach her today?That I'm a saiyan-jin or that I have a tail sometimes, or that I can fly...."
"NONE OF THAT!"Trunks yelled."Goten you can't tell ANYONE what or WHO we are.You know that!Everyone would be afraid..."
"Of us all.Not just you, Trunks too.They only know that I'm a friend of Trunks' family.They wouldn't be afraid of me, but when they see that I hang out with you two, they would be.But I love Trunks so I want to hang out with him.And Goten, you're a really good friend.You two are the only ones I can hang out with anyway.I hate all of the girls in our school so hmph."
Trunks and Goten laughed.Trunks looked at me."And Bra's too young,"he finished.
I nodded as Goten walked off."Thanks for finishing it.At least you're right."
"I knew I was.Sometimes I wish I could kiss you, you know,"he chuckled.
I blushed."Me too.Umm...now what am I going to do about school?"
"I don't know...That's a good question."
I looked around.Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye.I gasped.
"Sierra?"Trunks looked at me.
I pointed towards our old swingset.Trunks saw it and let go of me.
"Go inside Sierra, get inside!Get everyone so they can help..."
The vision came again.... My mother and I were walking along the side of the road, when a truck came and ran into her.
"Mommy!!"I yelled.Then someone slapped me on the back of the head, and I fell unconcious.
In the vision, I had to have waken up ten minutes later.I was still on the sidewalk but there were people walking EVERYWHERE.Then I saw Trunks and realized that in the vision, I had grown up.To be the age I was in my real life."Trunks!"
He looked down at me on the sidewalk."Do I...know you?"
I felt my spirits drop....

"Sierra!WAKE UP!"Goten's voice yelled.My eyes opened slowly, and I saw Trunks' body on the ground.He was bleeding severly, and he couldn't move...or else...was he dead?
"Trunks!"I cried.
Bra looked up at Goten.Goten had brought out a chair, and I was sitting in it.Bra looked sad."Is he alive?"
I felt a lump in my throat, and felt like I was about to cry.I knew what the answer was before Goten even said it."He's dead....Isn't he?"
Goten nodded slowly, and the tears rolled down my cheeks.I curled up into a ball and Goten put a blanket around me.Bra put a chair next to mine, and sat on it."Sierra...What are we going to do Goten?"
All a sudden, I wondered where Vegeta and Bulma were."Where's Vegeta and Bulma?"
Goten shrugged, and Bra pointed to the driveway.The car wasn't there."Remember Sierra?They said they were going shopping right before you went to train.Then Goku and Gohan left.They left right before the monster got Trunks.They were too far away to attack, and Goten wasn't too good yet..And none the less, I knew I couldn't do anything..."
I shivered."But I..I could've saved him...I had the damn vision right before I was going to run and get you guys...It was all my fault!"
"No it wasn't Sierra.Trunks should have let you fight;he knew you were stronger than he was..." Goten explained. "Stop saying WAS!"I yelled."I think there might be something I can do...There's one power you people don't know about...."
I got off of the chair and stood near Trunks' body.I put my hand on his shoulder, and let my energy flow.The white string flew from my hand, to his shoulder and into his body.Slowly, I could feel my energy draining, but his was growing.I let the half of my energy drain into him, and then saved the rest for myself.His eyes slowly opened...And I colapsed.

I opened my eyes and noticed I was in my bedroom.I was alone, and someone had put some cookies and some soda near my bed on my dresser.I sat up and reached for them.Taking the soda, I slowly gulped it down.I ate some of the cookies, and got out of bed.Then I realized that it was late at night.I looked at my dresser and saw an American CD on it.Then I remembered where I had first landed with my mother, as a baby.America!I come from America!And then we moved here...And then mom died...But how did this CD show up here?Who brang it?! Knock, knock, knock..."Sierra, are you awake yet?"I heard Bra's voice call through the door.
"Yes...But how did this CD get here?"
"CD?What CD?"
"Never mind.How's Trunks doing?"I asked eagerly.
"He's great!That's why I came, he wants to see you...hehehe..I think that means that he wants to see you very much,"Bra giggled.I smiled and put a robe on over my shirt.(I had taken the rest of my clothes -besides my underwear- off.)I walked out of my bedroom and talked to Bra the whole way there.
"You know where my mother and I landed when I was born?"I asked smiling.
Bra shook her head."No, I don't know."
"We landed on Earth when I was a born..."
"Well no duh or else you wouldn't be here!"Bra laughed.
"But there's more to it than that.When I was two and my mother 28, we moved from America to here.Then a year later, she died of a heart attack.But when we had landed here on Earth, we landed in America.Like I said, we moved here and she died a year later.That was when I started living alone and I found out about my powers.Of course, at that time I was stronger than a horse, none the less could I lift stuff like, steamboats, cars, navy boats...etc." "Wow,"Bra said, amazed."You were stronger than even I am at my age..."
"Hehehe, Bra.I was a lot stronger than you are now.But I'm sure you would be able to learn your powers...If you are willing to."
She nodded.
"Ok, we start in two weeks.After I'm done training my two.Of course...ah never mind.You aren't at Trunks and Goten's levels yet, so I'll train you seprately.I don't want you to get hurt by them two.Is that ok?"I asked happily.
"Yay!"she shouted.We stopped at Trunks' bedroom door."He...well...he's still trying to gain some energy, but he said, 'As soon as Sierra wakes up, I better see her.'...He sounded weird when he said it too."
"Well, here goes nothing..."
Bra took off to her room, and I knocked on Trunks' door.
"Trunks, it's me..Sierra,"I gulped.
"C...Come in...Sierra,"he stuttered.I pushed the door open and ran to his bed.I had forgot to close the door, so I went back and closed it.Then I ran back to his bed.
"Trunks..I meant to get back to the house...I really did!"I cried."But I had the...the vision...and...my mom had gotten run over by a...a truck..."
"Shh..."he hushed."Don...Don't worry...Sierra...I'm just getting...my energy back..."
"But it was all my fault Trunks!"
He put his arms around me slowly and hushed me."It's ok...Sierra...I think my energy...is coming back faster than...than I thought it would.Thank...Thank you for giving...giving me most of your...energy.But...But what no one understands...is why you colapsed...?"
I shrugged."I don't know..."
"What did you say?"he asked me with a confused look on his face.
"You said something...But in...in some other...launguage...."
"I did?"
"Yeah.But why...did you colapse?"
"Like I said...I don't know..."
He sat up, holding onto me for some support."I think you keep saying something in...in English...?"
"English...Trunks, I..when my mother and I landed on Earth, we landed in America.Two years later, we moved here, and a year later, my mom died.So I originally should be in America...I guess..."
"America?!"This time he jumped out of his bed."Sierra we need you here!"
I frowned and felt my eyes stinging."But Trunks...I...I..."
"Sierra please...please stay?"he asked.
"NO!"I yelled.I ran out of the room and into mine.I slammed my door, and locked it.I fell to the ground in shock.I had no clue why I had yelled NO, and then ran out.What?I asked myself. “Is America in some kind of danger?And why did Trunks say I was speaking in English?!I don't even remember any of it!I was two years old when we came here!How could I remember any of the English language?!
I stood up and jumped into my bed, pulling the covers over myself and falling asleep like that.I slept a dreamless sleep.

"How was dinner?" Sammy Colodua asked my neighbor.I could hear them through the fence, but never joined the conversation.I was swinging on my swing that I had just put up last week.Bra was playing with her toy dolls, and Trunks was busy with carving something.
"God, Trevor Callway is amazing!"Maria Jensy, our neighbor, replied back.
"Really?I heard he had taken his last girlfriend to a waterpark in America!"
This was all old news to me.I had heard it from some girls in the bathroom 2 weeks ago when we had school.Trunks looked at me as I swung high enough to see over the fence.The girls were pineing over some lame photos of a movie star, and I fakely barfed.I stopped the swing at the bottom, and ran over to a puddle.I stuck my hand in the water and walked over to Bra.Trunks chuckled from his spot.
"Hi Bra.What's up?"
"Nothing..I'm bored..."
I shook my hand at her and she screamed as the water got her in the face.Trunks and I laughed as Bra ran to the puddle.
"Meanie!I'll get you for that!"she yelled.
"Bra, calm down.I'm only trying to have some fun..."
She shook her hand at me and water got all over me.
"Ack,"Trunks jumped up.The alien that had tried to kill him the other day was standing near my swing."Get inside Bra.You too Sierra...NOW!"
Bra was about to take off, but thought better.She stood by my side as everything got brighter then normal."NO!"
The alien flew at Trunks and I looked to see it's moves.I shot a Sakayua 4 times and it was about to die, when something flew and hit Trunks on the head.Something flew at Bra and hit her on the arm.
"OOOWWW!!!"she screamed.I ran over to her and looked around.The alien was smirking and it shot a yellow ki beam at me.out of nowhere, I raised my arm and collected energy, creating a forcefield around Bra and I.Then I remembered Trunks was outside of the forcefield, and pushed it around Bra only.That kept it put as I reached for Trunks.The alien was about to grab him as well, but my hand reached his first.I pulled his unconcious body towrds me, and inside the forcefield.I collected some grass and pulled some power out of me.When the grass was glowing enough, I made Bra eat some of it.Then I put some near Trunks' mouth, and he ate some too.Soon enough, Trunks and Bra were perfect again.
"Trunks!"I screamed.I shot a fire beam at the alien, and killed it.Letting go of the forcefield, I fell to the ground from exhaustion.But I wasn't knocked out, and I was still concious.Bra ran over to me to make sure I was fine. "Is Trunks ok?..."I asked.
"I'm right here Sierra.And yes, I'm fine."
A song came to my head that I had never heard before.And it went just as fast as it came.
"What's the matter Sierra?"Bra asked."You look like you've just seen a ghost or something..."
"Maybe she has Bra...Maybe it's a ghost that eats little girls...specially one's named Bra...And it's coming to get YOU!" Trunks joked.Bra screamed fakely, but ran off none the less."Sierra, last night...Why did you say no?"
"I don't know,"I said shaking my head."I think it has something to do with America.Like, maybe something big is about to happen wherever my mom and I had landed, and my will is telling me to get my butt back over there to save everything and everyone that might live there.Do you understand what I mean Trunks?"
He nodded.I sat up and sighed.Trunks looked at the ground."Do you think maybe you have like, a split personality or something?"
"Something I used to joke about?Doubt it.I don't know.But I'm not going back to the USA unless my life depends on it."
Trunks laughed."Come on, let's go get something to eat."

"So, what next?"Bra asked.I shook my head.
"I have no clue.Ask Trunks."
"Trunks?What's next?"
Trunks yawned."Let's just go to sleep, Bra.It's like, 10:00 and we should all be asleep by now."
"But Trunks!"I complained."I usualy never go to sleep until 12:00 anyways!"
"Oh come on, Sierra.Get over it!"Trunks groaned.
"Hmph,"I replied looking around."Now that he says it, it is kind of dark out here.."
"Yeah, my point, as you would say.Come on."
"Fine.Come along Bra.Your brother's going to be rude and mean."
"So now I'm rude and mean?"
I stared at Trunks and stuck out my tongue."Meanie,"I replied.Trunks took my hand and we walked inside.Bulma watched Trunks and I suspiciously.
"Are you two up to something?"she asked.
Trunks blushed.Bra giggled and I smiled."You mean to tell me Bulma, that you haven't heard the news yet? Trunks and I are girlfriend/boyfriend now."
I saw Vegeta look out at us."You two going out?!What kind of a wussie are you Trunks?"he yelled.
"He's not a wussie, Vegeta.If you think it's bad for Trunks, look at where Bulma and you got,"I pointed out.Vegeta turned around sulkily.Bra laughed.Trunks squeezed my hand."Well, night Bulma."
"Night kids,"Bulma replied looking back at her cream soup.Vegeta and her would eat it later like they always did.
Trunks and I walked to his room.Bra did little skips along beside us as we held hands.
"Thanks Sierra,"Trunks smiled.
"It was nothing...."
"Gosh,"Bra chuckled."If dad had called me a wussie because I had a boyfriend, I'd hope that my boyfriend would stick up for me as you just did for Trunks."
I blushed."It really wasn't anything...Seriously nothing.Well Trunks, see ya tomorrow morning.Ok?"
"Yeah,"he replied.He kissed me on the cheek and walked in, closing the door behind himself.Bra sighed.
"Nothing Sierra,"she answered.She looked up with a smile on her face, and I walked her to her room.
"Are you sure?You seem upset about something...."
"I...Er- I wish I had a boyfriend...That's all.You know,"Bra said looking down at the ground. "Someone to tell me they love me and hug me and stuff like that.But a boy...Not only from you.And Trunks?He only calls me names and everything..."
"You know what Bra?"
"Know what Sierra?"
"I feel like Trunks and you and I have grown a whole lot closer since the alien and that. You know what I mean?"
Bra nodded and smile again."So, can we get me a boyfriend?"
"Well...You're 10 right now...Maybe next year?But..Now that I think of it, Marron's been going after boys since she was 7...Umm..And now she's had like a million boyfriends and she never stays with any of them..But I did see Goten and her peeking at each other...Hehehe,"I giggled.
"Darn.I wanted Goten,"Bra sighed.We both chuckled and then broke into laughter.
"Goten and you might have been a good couple, I agree.It's to bad you're two years younger than he is,"I pointed out.
"Yeah.Marron's only a year younger.Do you think I'll ever get a boyfriend?"
"Oh Bra, don't worry.You'll get a boyfriend.Believe me."

Trunks sits down on the rock.With the wind blowing like this, I almost imagine Trunks as a god.He's so cute.
"Yeah?" "C..I mean..What about those powers of yours?And why did you come back home?"
"There's nothing with the powers.They must be what a full female saiyan-jin accomplishes when she's born."
"Oh.But why did you come back?"
"I came back for this..." I looked Trunks in the eyes and my lips touched his.We kissed for ten seconds.
"That's what you came back for?"
"I love you, Trunks.And I'll risk my life forever just to save you."

Trunks smiles."Really?"
Marron and Bra laugh.Goten snickers.
Looking down at the ground, blushing, I nod."Yes."
Everyone, besides Trunks and I, break into laughter.I am still blushing.
It has been eight years since the aliens had attacked and everything else had happened.Bra has a boyfriend now.His name is Ashitomo Kareni.Marron has the right guy finally.His name is Gared Tesdeski.He's kind of cute too.:)
Trunks has become the president of Capsule Corp like predicted, and I've become a nobody..NOT!I'm singing in a band.Trunks was going to ask me to marry him the day he had become president, but now we're not sure.I hope he asks me soon.
I found out from dreams that yes, my mother and I had landed in America at Kingston Point, but I was only having the problems with the American stuff and my English because it was all a rememberance.Nothing else.America hadn't been in danger or anything.
So now all of us friends (including Gohan's daughter Pan, whom I haven't mentioned), are eating at the resturant down the street.It is a delicious place;the food is great.We are all joking and having fun.
"So then, the bartender walks into the bar.The alien jumps out and says, 'I want some Alcihol!'"Bra giggles. We all laugh.
Then all of their parents walk in.As if rehearsed.
And Trunks stands up, and takes my hand.
I knew this was coming!I think.
"Will you marry me?"
A wide smile looms on my face.I try to answer, but I'm so happy that I'm not sure exactly what the word is for Yes.:s "Y...Y...Yes.."I manage to stammer.
Everyone in the whole resturant cheers for us.But I think that Bra was the happiest out of us all.Since all of that had happened, we were really great friends.We still are!
No, maybe Trunks is the happiest of us all.He's luckier than I am.I could get married to anyone I want to!I'm completely famous!But to get married to Trunks is the best thing.I love Trunks, and I do want to be with him forever.No one can take the shrimp's place.;)