Bra walks through her school hallway as she makes her way through the waves and waves of high school students all on their own voyages. She frowns as she struggles to make her way through the halls. The hundreds and hundreds of students in the hall are like stampeding cattle. Bra finally makes it to her locker and fiddles with the lock and opens it. She slides her large backpack into the locker and opens it up. She takes out her calculus book and some pencils and paper for her next class. She sticks her hand in her locker again but quickly jerks it out as her locker slams shut. Bra looks up and frowns as she sees Jeremy Stints, a large junior that believes he is god’s gift to women because of him being the captain of the Varsity football team, standing next to her locker. “Hi Jeremy,” Bra gives him a fake smile hoping he will go away. “Hey baby, Jeremy flashes a large pearly white smile and Bra can swear she hears a small DING as he smiles, “ You have a date to the Spring Fling dance yet?”

“As a matter of fact I do, my boy friend Goten is taking me,” Bra says standing up and holding her books in her arms. “Well you now will have the pleasure of going in style with me baby,” Jeremy says putting his hand on Bra’s arm. Bra cocks an eyebrow at Jeremy and wipes his hand off her arm. “As much as I’d like to I’ve made plans with my boyfriend. Looks like some other lucky lady will have to enjoy your company,” Bra says as she starts to walk away. Jeremy grabs hold of her arm and smiles. “I don’t think you heard me, dump the chump and take a champ!” Jeremy says. “For the last time I said no,” Bra says starting to become annoyed. Jeremy turns her around and presses her against her locker. “Do you know how many girls would love to have me take them to the dance?” Jeremy says sliding his hand up and down Bra’s side. “I have to get to class now so please get lost,” Bra says scowling at Jeremy. Bra tries to leave again but is pushed back into the lockers. “Listen I know you want to get with me baby I seen you lookin at me before while I be walking through the halls,” Jeremy says grabbing onto Bra’s rear end. “You jerk if you ever touch me like that again I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Jeremy says pinning Bra back into the lockers. Suddenly Jeremy is pinned to the wall and he chokes as a fist clinches around his shirt collar. “If you ever touch Bra like that again I will be the one plastering your face to the walls!” Overkill says growling loudly and holding Jeremy up even higher. “Man your crazy! Put me down!” Jeremy cries as Overkill’s grip tightens. “Put him down Overkill, he’s had enough,” Bra says seeing that a crowd has gathered around them. Overkill looks to Bra then back to Jeremy and throws him down to the ground. “Come on Vertell I have to get to class,” Bra says as she pulls Overkill away from Jeremy who is now quivering on the ground.

 “What are you doing here?” Bra says as her and Overkill walk together in the hall. “I’m going here now, Bulma got me enrolled in your school and I took a test to see how smart I am and apparently I’m above normal for my age,” Overkill says. “What are you a sophomore?” Bra says. “Junior,” Overkill replies. “Your first year of school and your in a higher grade then I am! That’s not fair!” Bra says. “Well and now I have to find my classes and this campus I freakin huge!” Overkill says pulling out his class schedule. Bra snatches it away from him and looks at it. “Hey we have the same English class!” Bra says. The bell rings loudly and all of a sudden all of the students in the hall disappear to class. “Gotta go Vertell see ya later!” Bra says running down the hall to her class. Overkill stands in the hallway alone and walks slowly through the hall looking for his class.

 Out in deep space a ship flies through the frozen void. “How much longer till we reach planet Veta?” A large man sitting in a throne says to his crew. “We should already be able to see the planet as we speak sire, but I see no traces of it,” the man’s first mate says. “Put it up on screen,” The leader says and a large screen pulls down in front of him. The screen shows empty space and nothing but it. Then a large chunk of land floats by the screen. Many more chunks float by the screen as a sickening realization comes to the first mate. “Um sir the space debris, I think that is what’s left of your planet,” the first mate says nervously. “Planet Veta destroyed?” The large man says to himself. “How?” The man continues. “Well sir, we received a transmission a while ago telling of our sister ship the Onasis destroying a small planet around this area because of formidable resistance, that planet might have been Veta,” The first mate says. The large man growls loudly and slams his massive fist into the arm of his chair. “Who was the one in charge of that ship?” He yells loudly. “It was Golem sir,” he first mate informs the man. “Golem must parish then, at my hands!” the man says. “Track Golem down now! He will die for this!” The large man bellows. “Well we have lost contact with the ship ever sense it went to a planet called Earth,” The first mate continues. “Then set course for Earth, Golem must be killed,” The large man says sitting back in his chair. The ship increases speed and blurs off towards Earth. The large man sits back and scratches his dark brown skin. The large man just looks ahead of him with a blank expression on his face. “Vertilion, my son, what has become of you? Have you perished at the hands of Golem? Or do you still live on with your mother?” The man says. The man’s long brown tail wags as it hangs over the side of his chair. The ship speeds off into space and after Golem.

 Overkill makes his way through the crowd of students during lunch; it doesn’t take much sense the crowd disperses out of his way because of his encounter with Jeremy Stints. Overkill makes his way to an empty table after getting his tray of food from the lunch line. He sets his backpack down next to the table and starts to eat his food. He picks up some French fries and eats them while looking around. His mourning had been rough he got kicked out of two of his classes already for fighting. They weren’t really fights but two hit massacres. Overkill hit them and they hit the floor. Overkill looks up and smiles as Bra sits down across the table from him. “Hey Bra,” Overkill says eating his chicken nuggets that sit on his tray.  “Hi Vertell!” Bra says happily. “Your first day here and you’ve already started a commotion in this school!” Bra says laughing. Overkill looks up at her and cocks and eyebrow. “What are you talking about?” Overkill says. “The whole Varsity football team is talking about you for what you did to Jeremy, they don’t like him either, and a lot of girls I know think of you as a Mysterious Hottie,” Bra says using her two hands and twitching her fingers showing that she was quoting some of the girls. Overkill just continues to eat his food. “You know what? You’re smart, stylish, tall, athletic, and cute. Well you have a bit of a short fuse but that can be overlooked,” Bra says and Overkill gives her a weird look as she says this. “What I’m saying is you can be a very popular guy in the school. Maybe almost as popular as me, except as a guy,” Bra says. “That’s nice,” Overkill says not caring at all.

“Hey B!” Bra and Overkill hear and look up to the side of the table. A tall, long legged, and very attractive blonde wearing a tight red T-shirt and black mini skirt stands next to the table smiling at Bra. “Hey Sophia!” Bra says smiling. “Have a seat,” Bra says scooting a chair out for her. “Thanks,” Sophia says sitting down. “How are you and David Morgan doing?” Bra asks. Sophia frowns and makes a face. “Oh, not good huh?” Bra says frowning also. “Guys are such jerks, all they want to do is get in your panties,” Sophia says angrily. “He didn’t!” Bra says leaning in towards Sophia. “Yeah he did. After our first date he dropped me off and sense my parents are out of town he tried to get inside and “get repaid for taking me out to dinner” as he put it,” Sophia says angrily.  “What a jerk!” Bra says. “Why can’t we find any guys that are worth going out with?” Sophia continues taking a fry off of Overkill’s plate. Overkill looks at Sophia in surprise and just goes back to eating. “I no longer have that problem, I have Goten,” Bra says proudly. “You’re so lucky, I can’t ever find a good guy,” Sophia says with her head in her hands. “I don’t see why,” Overkill says not even looking up from his plate, “I think a girl like you should have no problem finding a guy at all.” Sophia looks over to Overkill and smiles. “Hi, you’re new to this school aren’t you?” Sophia says. “Yeah,” Overkill says drinking his milk. “Nice jacket,” Sophia says looking at Overkill’s black leather trench coat. “Thanks, it was a gift from my father,” Overkill says eating some more. “Really?” Sophia says leaning her head on one hand and smiling at Overkill, “Is he as cute as you are?” Overkill looks up suddenly in surprise and smiles nervously. “I really don’t know what he looks like, he left my mother shortly after I was born,” Overkill says slightly saddened. “Oh I’m sorry,” Sophia says feeling badly. “Don’t be. I never knew him so I don’t miss him,” Overkill says. “Ok, well I have to get going. I need to get to my locker before class,” Sophia says getting up out of her seat. “Bye B!” she looks over to Overkill, gives him a smile and a small hand wave,” Bye…what was your name?” “Overkill,” He says. “Really? Cool,” Sophia says walking away. “Bye Overkill,” she says walking away. Overkill watches Sophia and smiles slightly as she leaves. Overkill turns his head and is surprised as he sees Bra staring at him with a large evil smile on her face. “What?” Overkill says feeling Bra’s eyes going right through him. “A girl like you should have no problem finding a guy at all?” Bra repeats. “You’re a natural born playa aren’t you?” Bra says smiling wickedly. “What?” Overkill says.

“Never mind,” Bra says.

“Hey Overkill, I thought your father died while you were young and that was how you became a Super Sayajin for the first time,” Bra says. “That was my step father. My real father, like I said, left my mother when I was born. My mother married again and I got two half brothers out of it. He treated me right and I loved him like he was my real father. When he was killed defending my planet from some planetary looters that was when I became a Super Sayajin,” Overkill says. “Where do you think he is right now?” Bra asks. “Frankly I don’t know and I don’t care,” Overkill says finishing his food.

“We are near planet Earth sire,” the first mate says. The large man sitting in the chair smiles. “Good, prepare the shock troops. I have a mission for them,” the man says smiling. The large man stands up out of his throne and crosses his arms. His height is amazing, at least eight feet. His broad shoulders hold up his tree trunk arms and his muscles ripple under his light brown skin. He has a shaved baldhead and on his strong jaw he wears a Goatee. He wears a pair of Sayajin armor and on his hands he wears black leather gloves.   “The shock troops are ready sir,” The first mate says, “What is your command master Holocaust?” The large man smiles, “ Have them destroy everything on the surface of the planet and weed out Golem!” Holocaust says. “Yes sir!” The man says. Holocaust smiles at the thought of avenging his son’s death and then sits back into his throne. The ship enters Earth’s atmosphere and the special metal that it is made of keeps the dragonball gang from detecting it. It lands in an open field and powers down.

A large door in the front of the ships slowly whirrs open and with the door open the stealth properties of the ship are automatically compromised. Gokou looks up suddenly as he is sparring with Vegeta. Vegeta stops too and they both sense the massive powers that have reached their planet. “Feel that?” Gokou says concentrating on the position of the power. “Of course I feel it you idiot, but who does that power belong to?” Vegeta says as a sweat drop form on his forehead. “Not one big one, a lot of strong powers,” Gokou says. “Not those powers Kakarrot! Concentrate harder there is another power,” Vegeta says. Gokou concentrates and then his eyes widen as he is hit with the realization of the power. “Amazing!” Gokou says. Gokou and Vegeta rocket out of Capsule Corp and head straight for the power.

Overkill walks through the school hallway to his next class and then it hits him. It hits his so hard he gets a migraine. The power he senses amazes him and he starts to sweat. Overkill looks ahead of him and sees Bra looking up. She senses the power also. Bra looks to Overkill and Overkill nods to her. They both sneak out to the football field, which is currently empty. Bra grabs onto Overkill’s arm and holds on. Overkill concentrates on the technique of teleporting, which Gokou taught him a while ago even though he has never done it. Both Bra and Overkill suddenly dissipate and before they know it they are right in front of the landed ship.  “It’s huge!” Bra says looking up at the ship. “It looks just like Golem’s ship,” Overkill says frowning. “Yeah,” Bra says. “Bra! Overkill!” Gokou says landing next to them. Vegeta is soon behind. “How did you get here?” Vegeta asks. “I teleported us here,” Overkill says. “Anything happen yet?” Gokou says looking at the ship. “No, the door is just open right now,” Bra says.

Holocaust sits in his throne looking at the four warriors through the large screen in front of him. “They must be some of Golem’s warriors. Shock troops Attack!” Holocaust yells. Bra, Gokou, Vegeta, and Overkill feel several powers heading right at them. “Get ready. I think we’re about to be welcomed!” Vegeta says falling back into his fighting stance. Gokou, Bra, and Overkill do the same. A large man flies out of the ship and tackles Vegeta and they blast into the air fighting brutally. Gokou backflips away as a large green warrior throws a punch at him. Gokou spins in the air and buries the heel of his foot in the fighter’s jaw. Several more take his place and Gokou charges up for a massive fight. Bra disappears over and over again as he dodges the many fireballs that are thrown at her by a trooper. Bra smiles as she slowly gets closer and closer to the fighter. Bra disappears again and buries her fist into the gut of the fighter. The fighter spits up blood and falls to the ground. Overkill flies backward and his tail waves in the wind. In front of him five fighters fly at him with their fists clinched. Overkill slams his foot into the ground and propels himself into the air. Holocaust closely watches Overkill; something about Overkill intrigues him. Overkill looks down at the fighters and frowns. Overkill extends his hands and blows the five men away and all that is left is ashes. “Powerful young boy,” Holocaust says stroking his goatee. “Could it be?” Holocaust says looking closely as the camera gets a close up of Overkill’s face. Holocaust smiles as he gets up out of his throne and walks out of the ship’s control room.
Gokou knocks out several more fighters but more just keep coming from the ship. “Where are all these guys coming from?” Gokou yells. “The ship must have hundreds of people inside of it!” Bra says smacking some more warriors away from her. Vegeta yells loudly and the energy aura that explodes from within him destroys the several fighters around him. Overkill jams his elbow into the neck of a large gray skinned fighter. The fighter falls to the ground and gags loudly. The fighter looks up and his eyes widen as Overkill’s flat palm waits in front of his face. “N…no, please have mercy!” The fighter pleads. “Mercy?” Overkill smiles slyly, “Never.” Overkill fires a Ki blast that completely destroys the fighter. A smoking crater is all that is left and Overkill slightly chuckles.
“You’re completely ruthless,” Overkill hears behind him. Overkill spins around and automatically falls back into his fighting stance. Holocaust stands in front of him with his arms crossed. Overkill concentrates but he cannot sense the man’s power. “I can’t sense him! How strong is this guy?” Overkill thinks tightening his fists. “Your fighting style, it looks very familiar to mine own,” Holocaust says slowly walking towards Overkill. Overkill nervously backs away slowly. “Hmm…you are a Sayajin also,” Holocaust says looking down at Overkill’s tail wrapped around his waist. “Just like me,” Holocaust continues as his tail unwraps from around his waist and waves in the air in front of him. Overkill looks down at Holocaust’s tail and slowly continues to move backwards slowly. “Hmm,” Holocaust says turning on his scouter. The machine comes up as zero and Holocaust smiles. “Just as I thought. That jacket you wear is a special synthetic fiber that cannot be sensed or detected,” Holocaust smiles at the shocked expression on Overkill’s face. “I’m wearing some of that material also,” Holocaust continues. “Back off!” Overkill yells pulling out his Katana and waves it threateningly in the air. “Hmm that sword is very familiar also. A special metal that is stronger that Titanium and never Dulles, it stays razor sharp,” Holocaust says. “There is only one like it in the universe, I forged that out of a meteorite that landed on my home planet, I used it to kill many challengers and then I gave it and that coat to my only child, my son,” Holocaust says. Overkill stops in his tracks and his sword lowers and the tip hits the ground. “What?” Overkill says completely surprised at the words that Holocaust is saying. “Hello Vertilion, my son,” Holocaust says smiling. Shock overwhelms Overkill and he stands speechless. “You’re lying,” Overkill is finally able to get out. Overkill slides his Katana back into its holster and swings his fist at Holocaust. Holocaust disappears before Overkill’s fist can reach him and Overkill gasps suddenly for air as Holocausts fist buries into his gut. Overkill’s eyes roll to the back of his head and he falls to the ground with a loud THUD! Holocaust kneels down and picks Overkill up into his massive arms and then smiles down at him.
Vegeta looks over after sending several fighters to the next dimension and sees Overkill in Holocaust’s arms. “Overkill!” Vegeta yells rocketing towards Holocaust. Holocaust looks over to Vegeta and slyly smiles. Vegeta throws a punch but Holocaust disappears and then reappears behind him. Vegeta spins around to Holocaust but Holocaust instantly reacts and kicks Vegeta in the stomach. Vegeta falls to his knees then looks up. He sees Holocaust’s leg raises high in the air. Holocaust smiles and buries the heel of his foot into Vegeta’s cranium. Vegeta hits the floor and passes out. Gokou suddenly appears out of nowhere and punches Holocaust in the chest. Holocaust stands unaffected and headbutts Gokou. Gokou steps back a bit then spins and throws a spinning heel kick at Holocaust. Holocaust ducks under the kick and spins and buries his heel into the gut of Gokou. Holocaust kicks Gokou in the stomach and sends him flying in the air. Gokou falls back to the earth and hits the ground hard. “You have some loyal friends Vertilion,” Holocaust says looking down at Overkill. “But now we must go,” Holocaust says flying into his ship. “Troops fall back!” Holocaust yells. His men quickly fly into the ship after Holocaust and sneer at Gokou and Vegeta who are now on the ground holding their stomachs. “Guys strong,” Vegeta says stammering to his feet. The ship roars to life and quickly starts to levitate in the air. In a flash the ship blazes into the sky and into space. Gokou stumbles to his feet and looks up angrily at the ship as it leaves. “They took Vertell!” Bra yells landing next to Gokou and Vegeta. “Yeah we know and he kicked our butts as well,” Gokou says still feeling the kick that he received from Holocaust. “We have to save him,” Bra says. “Forget about Overkill, I want another shot at that guy!” Vegeta says grinding his teeth. “Next time I’m going Super Sayajin!” Gokou says also looking forward to a rematch. “We need to get back to Capsule Corp and get the rest of the guys so we can go after Overkill and get him back!” Gokou says levitating in the air. Vegeta and Bra lift themselves into the air and follow Gokou as he flies away to Capsule Corp. Bra looks back over her shoulder and looks to the sky. “Don’t worry Overkill we’re coming to get you,” Bra says to herself.


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