Overkill wakes up in a small cell. Three walls surround him and an opening that leads to a hallway is in front of him. Overkill gets to his feet shakily and starts to walk towards the opening. He reaches the opening then feels thousands of volts of electricity run through his entire body. Overkill is shot backward and slams into the back wall. "Great, an energy wall," Overkill says rubbing the back of his head. "Ah, you're awake," Overkill hears and looks up at the invisible energy wall. On the other side Holocaust stands smiling at Overkill. "If you let me go now, I wont rip off your nuts and shove them down your throght," Overkill says gritting his teeth. "You truly are my son!" Holocaust says. "I'm not your anything," Overkill says angrily. Holocaust smiles larger. "Breakfast is served," Holocaust says throwing a plate through the energy wall. The plate lands in front of Overkill and the gray slop that is contained spills onto the ground. "What is this crap?" Overkill says. "Gruel," Holocaust says looking at Overkill. Overkill looks down at the slop then looks up at Holocaust. Overkill picks up the plate and throws it at Holocaust. The plate misses and splatters on the hallway wall. "You must still be tired," Holocaust says. "But you will regret doing that as you see me eating. You'll learn to like the food the longer you stay here," Holocaust says taking a spoonful of gruel from his own plate. Overkill snorts loudly and a loud slurping sound is heard. Overkill rears back his head and launches a large yellow glob of saliva and mucus at Holocaust. The yellow glob lands in Holocaust's gruel and floats at the top. Holocaust looks down at the gruel then looks up and cocks an eyebrow at Overkill. He shrugs his shoulders and throws the plate of gruel onto the ground. "I didn't like the gruel that much anyway," Holocaust says smiling.

Overkill growls loudly at Holocaust then hears a small sneeze. Overkill looks down around Holocaust's legs. He sees a small figure hiding behind Holocaust's large legs. A small little boy pears out from behind Holocaust and looks at Overkill in curiosity. Overkill looks down at the little boy then makes a loud roaring sound, scaring the boy and causing him to hide behind Holocaust again. "Who's the brat?" Overkill says. "You really don't see it?" Holocaust asks. "See what?" Overkill says. "If you want a healthy relationship, you really should try not to scare your little brother like that," Holocaust says smiling slyly. "Brother?" Overkill says shocked. "Half at least," Holocaust says. Overkill looks down at the shy little boy and sees the trademark Sayajin tail. "What's the little punk's name?" Overkill says to Holocaust. "Sorrian," Holocaust says. Overkill crawls up to the very edge of the room and gets as close to the energy wall as he can. "Hey kid," Overkill says talking to Sorrian. Sorrian peeks out from behind Holocaust and looks at Overkill with large brown eyes. Overkill sees how much he actually looks like Holocaust and even himself. He sees Sorrian's light brown skin and black short cut hair. Overkill holds up his hand and signals for Sorrian to come closer. Sorrian stays where he is and slides behind Holocaust a little bit. "Here is some good advice, if you're smart you'll take it. As soon as you get the opportunity shove a sword through your dad's chest. Feel free to try it tonight," Overkill says. Sorrian hides back behind Holocaust and hugs Holocaust's legs. "The kid doesn't talk much does he?" Overkill says. "He hasn't talked yet, he is six years old and has never said a peep," Holocaust says. "Maybe the kid is just plain stupid," Overkill says smiling at Holocaust. Holocaust's humorous expression changes as he gives Overkill a mean look. "Don't call your brother stupid!" Holocaust yells. "It's a little too late for you to now start trying to be a good parent!" Overkill yells. Holocaust calms down and smiles at Overkill. "I see you've finally accepted the truth that I am your father," Holocaust says. "I can see a slight resemblance between you and me, not much," Overkill says. "You are the exact copy of me at your age, but I'm just glad you admit that I'm your father," Holocaust says. Overkill sneers at Holocaust. "You may be my dad, but it takes a real man to deserve the title of FATHER!" Overkill says. "Until you earn the name Father, all you are to me is a sperm donor," Overkill yells. Holocaust snarls loudly. "Come Sorrian lets leave your big brother to his thoughts, maybe he will come to his senses in time for lunch," Holocaust says leading Sorrian away from the cell. Sorrian glances back at Overkill and quickly looks away as he sees Overkill narrow his eyes at him. "Dumb kid," Overkill says walking away from the energy wall and leaning up against the back wall. "How the heck am I going to get out of here?" Overkill says. Overkill folds his arms, rests his head and takes a nap.

"Launch will commence in T minus Ten, nine, eight…" Bulma says from the Capsule corp. control room. Goten, Gokou, Bra, Pan, Vegeta, Trunks' and Ubuu sit in the Capsule corp. space ship seats. They wear space suits and prepare for lift off. "Five, four, three, two, one! Liftoff!" Bulma yells as the space ship launches into the air. Within seconds the ship leaves earth's atmosphere and heads for deep space. "How are we going to find them?" Goten finally asks. "Their ship left a vapor trail that can easily be followed," Trunks' says controlling the ship. "Okay, well we are going to get Overkill back," Gokou says. "And I'm going to rip a hole in that one guy who took him," Vegeta says clinching his fists. "Is this concern for Overkill is sense Vegeta?" Ubuu says looking at Vegeta. "Not at all, that guy beat me too easily and this time I plan to use all my power!" Vegeta says. "Poor Overkill, they must be torturing him where ever they are!" Pan says.

Overkill sits at the end of a long table covered with food. The aroma fills the room. Holocaust sits on the other end of the table and eats. Sorrian eats his small plate of food and occasionally glances over to Overkill. "What are you lookin at kid?" Overkill says in a hostile way to Sorrian. Sorrian quickly looks back to his plate and eats. "Two questions, How old is the brat and why am I unable to use my powers?" Overkill says. Holocaust looks up from his food. "Sorrian is six years old and the reason you can't use your powers is because of the suppression collar you are wearing," Holocaust says pointing to the high tech metal collar around Overkill's neck. "This thing?" Overkill says pointing to the collar that Holocaust put around his neck. "Gee, and I thought you were giving me a late birthday present," Overkill says. Holocaust goes back to eating and then looks up at Overkill, who is just sitting in his chair. "Why aren't you eating? I had the cook prepare some Earth food just for your enjoyment," Holocaust says. Overkill looks down at the hot pizza sitting in front of him then looks up at Holocaust. "I'm not hungry," Overkill says. "A Sayajin not hungry? There is no such thing," Holocaust says. Holocaust goes back to eating and Overkill looks down at the pizza and his stomach growls loudly. Overkill can't ignore his Sayajin instincts and takes a slice and bites down into it. "I knew you couldn't resist," Holocaust says. Overkill doesn't even look up to Holocaust, raises his right hand and then raises his middle finger. "Hmm, charming," Holocaust says eating his food.

Overkill finishes off the whole table of food within an hour. "You look satisfied Vertilion," Holocaust. Overkill looks up at Holocaust and sneers. "Don't call me that only my friends can call me that! You can call me Overkill like everyone else," Overkill says. "Overkill huh? I like that name. It suits you," Holocaust says. "Well then what is your name?" Overkill says. "I am the destroyer of whole systems, the crusher of planets, and the master of this ship! To my allies I am a god but to my enemies I am instant death. I am called Holocaust!" Holocaust finishes. "Holocaust huh? You're an awfully long winded guy aren't you?" Overkill says smiling. "I sit here unable to sense how powerful you truly are because of your armor. I just can't help but wonder how powerful you really are," Overkill says clinching his fist. "Yes, I couldn't get a reading on your power either, maybe we should test each other," Holocaust says smiling. "I think it's a good idea," Overkill says. "Then let's get to it," Holocaust says.

Inside a large arena Overkill stands on one end while Holocaust stands on the other end. "I would love to start off but," Overkill says pointing to the suppression collar. "Very well, collar power down!" Holocaust says. The collar turns off and Overkill feels his power return to him. "Lets start," Overkill says launching at Holocaust. Overkill pulls back his fist and throws it at Holocaust's head. Holocaust catches the fist. Holocaust buries his foot into Overkill's gut and sends Overkill to the ground. "You're not as powerful as you think you are," Holocaust says down to Overkill. "Yes I am," Overkill comes back uppercutting and burying his fist into Holocaust's stomach. Holocaust doubles over in pain. Overkill smiles and fires a Ki blast into Holocaust's stomach. Holocaust is sent flying across the arena. Holocaust flips in the air and lands on his feet. "You are stronger than I thought Overkill," Holocaust says. Holocaust suddenly appears behind Overkill and buries his knee into Overkill's back. Overkill turns around and both Overkill and Holocaust engage in a flurry of punches and kicks. Overkill is sent flying as Holocaust knees him in the stomach. Overkill puts his feet down and uses them as an anchor to try and stop himself. His feet form two long grooves in the ground as Overkill finally comes to a stop. "Not bad," Overkill says holding his stomach. "You too," Holocaust says rubbing his chin. "This is my chance to get out of here," Overkill says to himself as he looks at Holocaust. "Time to show you my true power Holocaust!" Overkill yells. Holocaust crosses his arms and waits for Overkill to continue. "SUPER SAYAJIN!" Overkill yells as a golden aura surrounds him and his hair turns golden. "What the?" Holocaust says and a large sweat drop forms on his forehead. "'re a Super Sayajin?" Holocaust screams. "Yeah pops. I have also surpassed Super Sayajin level," Overkill says going into his second then third forms. Holocaust turns on his scouter but still doesn't get a reading. "Oh you want a reading? I'll help you out," Overkill says then takes off his jacket. Holocaust's scouter instantly starts to give a reading; the scouter keeps going up as it tries to get an accurate reading on Overkill. "It's still going up!" Holocaust says slowly backing away. The scouter sputters loudly then explodes. Holocaust doesn't even think of the pain that his ear is in as the scouter explodes, he is too busy staring at Overkill. "Say goodbye dad!" Overkill says as he goes airborne. Overkill cups his hands and pulls them back to his side. "KAME!" Overkill says as a small energy ball forms in his cupped hands. Holocaust steps back and looks up at Overkill. "Take this!" Holocaust says as he fires a massive Ki blast at Overkill. The blast hits and explodes and a cloud of smoke surrounds him. Holocaust smiles and chuckles a little bit. The smoke clears and Overkill floats in the air still charging his blast. "Unbelievable!" Holocaust yells. "HAME!" Overkill yells, as the ball grows even larger. "No!" Holocaust yells. Sorrian looks on with large brown eyes as Overkill's power grows. Unlike his father, Sorrian can sense how strong Overkill is. Sorrian's mouth hangs open as he watches. "HA!" Overkill yells and brings his palms forward. "Collar activate!" Holocaust yells. The suppression collar starts up with a loud whirring noise. Overkill's golden hair disappears and the energy ball Overkill had made disperses. "No!" Overkill yells as he falls out of the sky. Overkill is caught by Holocaust before he hits the ground. Holocaust sets Overkill don on his feet and stands up, towering over Overkill. "Dang it! So close!" Overkill yells. Overkill brings back his fist and punches Holocaust in the stomach. Overkill yanks his hand back as a shock of pure pain runs through it. "Sorry son you're back to your non-powerful, non-Super Sayajin self," Holocaust says smiling. "Guards!" Holocaust yells and two large men walk up behind Overkill. "Take my son back to his cell," Holocaust says smiling. The two men grab onto Overkill's arms and drag him away kicking and yelling.

Overkill walks around his cell back and forth. "You're going to make a groove in the floor if you keep that up son," Holocaust says standing outside of the energy wall. "Let me out! Now!" Overkill says. "Not a chance after the many years I've spent wanting us to be a family again," Holocaust says. "I'm a Super Sayajin remember? I'm more than powerful enough to blow up this whole ship and get back to my planet. Let me out now and I will leave without a battle," Overkill says. "There is no way for you to escape now that I've decided to keep the suppression collar on from now on," Holocaust says. "You really should have escaped when you had your powers," Holocaust says smiling.

"Now," Holocaust says pulling up a chair and sitting down in it. "Tell me about your life Super Sayajin," Holocaust says. "What do you want to know?" Overkill says. "Start from the beginning Overkill," Holocaust says sitting back in the chair. "Well my dead beat dad abandoned my mother when I was born," Overkill starts. " My mother remarried and I got two brothers," Overkill says. "Really? Two brothers? Where are they now? Do you wish for me to retrieve them? Would that make you happy?" Holocaust says looking for a way to get on his son's good side. Overkill's expression changes from anger to sullen. "Uh oh, rough topic?" Holocaust says looking to Overkill's face. "One day a powerful warrior arrives at our planet. His name is Golem," Overkill starts. Holocaust listens closely. "He destroys my planet, kills my family, and defeats me with one blow," Overkill says gritting his teeth. "Go on," Holocaust says. "I escape to Earth before Golem blows up the planet and I meet up with their warriors. I train under them and grow stronger. Golem reaches Earth and we battle, then I killed him," Overkill says clinching his fists. "Good," Holocaust says. "Now, how did you become a Super Sayajin?" Holocaust asks leaning in closer. "One day a powerful warrior came to earth and my step-father faced him in battle. I was there watching. The warrior saw me and used me to get the advantage over my father. The warrior kills my father and I was so angry that it just happened and I became a Super Sayajin. After that I used my new power to kill the warrior. Sense I was the strongest fighter on the planet at age five, I had to take over as the defender of the planet," Overkill finishes. "Quite a story son," Holocaust says. "Now about those fighters from Earth that tried to save you. Were they the ones that trained you?" Holocaust asks. "Yes, They trained me. And I know they are coming after me Holocaust," Overkill says smiling. "I can believe that Overkill but they have no way to defeat me," Holocaust says. "You have no idea what you will be up against dad. The ones who trained me are Gokou and Vegeta," Overkill says. "Prince Vegeta? He may be royalty but I don't believe he can compare with me," Holocaust says. "They are Super Sayajins also dad and they are even more powerful than I am," Overkill says. Holocaust's eyes widen. "Then they will be a large challenge," Holocaust says. "But I will still not be defeated by them!" Holocaust says. Holocaust gets up from his chair and starts to walk down the hallway. "Where are you going?" Overkill yells after him. "To prepare the troops if your friends do catch up eventually," Holocaust says.
Overkill sits back up against the wall and closes his eyes to take a nap. "Hi," Overkill hears said in a very high pitched voice. Overkill looks back to the chair and sitting in it is Sorrian. "You talk?" Overkill says. "Why do you hate me?" Sorrian says to Overkill. "I don't hate you kid, I hate your dad," Overkill says. "He's your dad too Overkill," Sorrian says. "Definitely not by choice," Overkill says angrily. "Hey I thought that you don't talk," Overkill says. "I do talk just not a lot. I only talk to my dad," Sorrian says. "Whatever," Overkill says. "I've always wanted an older brother, and now I have one!" Sorrian says getting kind of excited. Overkill gives Sorrian a weird look and then lies back against the wall. "Dad has always talked about you. He said one day he would find you and make all of us family again," Sorrian continues. "He said you were the most powerful Sayajin baby he had ever seen and that you had a great potential and would one day be a Super Sayajin," Sorrian says leaning in towards the energy wall. "You can't tell but dad was actually hurt when he realized you were already a Super Sayajin and he wasn't there the first time," Sorrian continues and Overkill starts to become interested. "Dad says that I am very powerful too but I'm no where near your strength," Sorrian continues and starts to seem a little blue. "You're dad's first son and he will always love you," Sorrian says. "Is this his version of love? Kidnapping me and locking me up in here?" Overkill yells at Sorrian. "Well its not like you came peacefully you know," Sorrian says. Sorrian sits back in his chair and looks at Overkill with his large dark brown eyes. "I watched you fighting when we got to Earth. You were amazing!" Sorrian says smiling. "Before I wanted to be just like daddy but now I want to be just like you!" Sorrian says. Overkill turns his head at Sorrian and looks at him crossly then smiles a bit. "So you want to be a Super Sayajin also huh?" Overkill says, his smile growing a little larger. "Yeah of course," Sorrian says getting excited. Overkill looks Sorrian up and down slowly. "You don't look like the killer type, kid," Overkill says. "I can learn," Sorrian says. Overkill chuckles a little bit and smiles at Sorrian. "I guess you want me to train you then?" Overkill says cocking up an eyebrow at Sorrian. Sorrian looks and smiles at Overkill with an excited expression. "I'll take that as a yes," Overkill says. "I'm sorry kid but I really can't help you," Overkill says. Sorrian's face turns sad suddenly. "But if you let me out I'll take you back to Earth with me and I'll take you to my sensei Vegeta! He will be able to teach you how to become a Super Sayajin," Overkill says smiling evilly. "How stupid do you think I am?" Sorrian says. Overkill looks at Sorrian with a disappointed expression. "Apparently not as stupid as I had hoped," Overkill says. "Well I gotta go! Dinner will be served soon and I don't want to get in trouble. Bye Overkill!" Sorrian says running along and waving his hand at Overkill. "Too bad he isn't as stupid as I hoped," Overkill thinks to himself, "And man! He looks just like Tunnen!"
Overkill lies back against the wall and goes to sleep and hopes that his friends get to him quickly.