What About Love?
by Jennie

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"Yo, Purplehair!" Goten called out to Trunks.

"Oh, hey, uh, blackie!" Trunks said back.

Trunks was drinking coffee on his lunch break at a cafe at the mall. He always wondered why he did this alone. He had never shone any interest in inviting some one to come with him, especially a girl. He supposed he could ask Marron, but never had the
courage in him to ask her out to even a lunch. No matter how annoying Goten was, Trunks was glad to have him come and join him on his lonesome coffee-drinking.

"Wassup??" Goten asked, sitting down in the always empty chair across from Trunks. He was clutching a bag of magazines.

"Whatcha got there, Goten?" Trunks looked at the bag of magazines.

"Huh? Oh what, this? Take a look." He tossed Trunks a magazine.

As quickly as he could, poor Trunks shielded his eyes.

"EWW! This is hentai, you baka!" Trunks yelled.

"Hmm? Oh, no its not! Just topless girls!" Goten causually said.

"But--But--" Trunks was now throwing the magazine back at Goten.

"Geez, Trunks. Poor guy like you could sure use some hentai these days."

"NANI?! What do you mean?" Trunks started blushing.

"C'mon. Even I know what I mean. You know, a girlfriend."

Now he'd done it. Goten had said the magic words. He had expected at least a ki blast from Trunks for saying it, but Trunks was just sipping his coffee, looking at the sky.

"Eh? Not even a yell?" he asked cautiously.


"But I said a..."

"Girlfriend...?" Trunks completed.

"Hai, gomen..." Goten said.

"No, nah...I ain't mad at you." Trunks looked at the sky again.

"What? Why not?"

"Cause, I...uh...have one."


"Girlfriend. Yes."

"NANI?! WHO?!"

"Marron. She's a girl and she's my friend."

At this point Goten fell over with a big groan and sweat mark. He regained his stature and began yelling at Trunks.

"You baka, you! You know Marron's not a girlfriend to us!"

"She can be."

"Nope! It'll be too weird."

"Weird? Didn't I see you eyeing my sister the other day?"

"Er..." Goten began blushing.


Goten turned away.

"Yeah, but uh...!"

"But uh...what?"

"You have a crush on Marron, haven't you?" Goten said, desperately trying to switch the subject.


"Oh don't play dumb with me Trunks!"


"Oooh, its 'chan' now, isn't it?" Goten made fake eyelashes at Trunks.

"It's called manners, Goten. Something you're not too awfully familiar with." Trunks retorted.

Goten then scoffed and started putting on a girly voice. He put his hair in pigtails like Marron's and poofed up his eyelashes even more.

"Hi, I'm Marron." He imitated. "I have this baka named Trunks who LUUUVVSS me. We're destined to be together altough I just know Goten's right!!"

Trunks couldn't help but laugh at what Goten was doing. He laughed so much his stomach hurt. Goten continued with his imitating but Trunks' laughter died when he saw Marron come up behind them.

"Oh we're going to get married and have kids and..." Goten continued.

"Er, Goten-kun, is something wrong?" Marron's voice froze him.

"Um..." Goten turned around and looked at Marron nervously. "Konnichi-wa, Marron, uh, chan." Goten added that last bit to spite Trunks.

Marron made a weird face and pulled a chair to sit with her friends. She bowed to Trunks, who, blushing, quickly turned away.

"Ah, Goten-kun. My, my, I see we have gotten into the world of magazines, eh?"

Marron grabbed one of the magazines when Trunks barely had time to yell:


Marron looked at him and shook her chill off.

"Trunks-kun, you weirdo! What's wrong?"

"Uh, Marronchan, for your own protection I don't think you should be looking at that!"

"Why, what is---AHH!" Marron quickly dropped the magazine and turned away.

"Oh, Dende help us all..." Trunks moaned.

At this point Goten grabbed the magazine and stuffed it into the bag. He looked at Marron, who was still covering her eyes in a different direction.

"Is it---gone?" she asked nervously.

"Hai, Marronchan, its gone..." Trunks patted her shoulder.

"Er, Gomen, Marron..." Goten said.

"It's okay Goten..." Then she stopped to look at her watch. "Oh, Dende I have to go. Catch you guys later?"

"Yeah. Bye Marron."

"Sayonara, Marron-chan..."

There was a slight pause when Marron left. Then Goten spoke up in a tone that surprised Trunks. It seemed scared, yet persuasive and touching at the same time. It was like if Goten changed.

"So...you guys gonna get hitched or something?" he also seemed sad.

"Who? Me? Marronchan? NO!"

"Oh, please Trunks! I saw you two! There were definite sparks between you guys!"

"Nani? By Dende, Goten!"

Trunks was now blushing a deep scarlet. He can't believe that Goten, his own best friend was saying this. It was unbelievable, yet convincing and also...satisfying.

"So, uh, what about you and Bra?"

"Huh? What ABOUT me and your sister?'

"You know, she crazy about you."

"She does?"

"Oh yeah! She's all 'oniichan Goten' this and 'oniichan Goten' that...its crazy."

Now it was Goten's turn to blush red. He was looking at his feet.

"Yeah, its kinda tough when you know, she's your sister..."

"How would it be tough?"

"Well---Vegeta, for one..."

Goten gulped for a moment. His red had now become a sort of greenish, fear color.

"...and you, for two."

"Me? Why would you be afraid of me?"

"Cause you'd do anything to protect B-chan."

"I guess you're right...but if it makes Bra happy..."


"Then you have my total blessing to go out with her."

"I CAN?!"

"Yes, yes..."

Goten's eyes lit up and now he was at his normal color again. It shocked Trunks to see how pleased he was.

"Um, Trunks..." Goten looked at the bag of magazines. "You want em?"

Trunks shook his head instantly and said, "I wouldn't have any reason to look at them..."

"What? You mean you'll take your chance with Marron?"

"I guess! Let's go Goten, and get our women!"

"Marron, I---" Trunks began blushing when he met Marron.

"Trunks, you silly baka! You've been like this over the phone! What is it?" Marron looked beautiful when they went to dinner.


"Oh...Arigato." She looked disappointed.

Marron then walked to the door of the limo when Trunks stopped her. He made a signal to the limo driver to take 10 laps around the block to leave him and Marron some privacy.

"Trunks-kun, what's going on? Why'd you do----"

Marron didn't get to finish when Trunks kissed her. Her eyes were wide open and she panicked. But then she fell under the spell of love and kissed him back. When their lips finally parted, Marron stared at him.

"What...was that...?"

"Our first kiss. And hopefully not our..."

"Before you say 'last', don't." Marron said.

"Marronchan, er, I love you..." Trunks mumbled.

Tears welled up in Marron's blue eyes and she cryed. She hugged Trunks and whispered into his ears.

"I love you too, Trunks-kun..."


"What do you think, Goten?" Bra twirled around in her pretty red dress.

"Hai, its lovely, B-chan..." Goten commented. Bra blushed and got her coat.

"Its so nice of you to take me to dinner tonight..."

Her face then dropped. She looked up sadly and curiously up at Goten.

"...but I can't help but wonder why...?"

Goten lifted her chin up.

"Er, that's cause I..."

"Cause you what?" Bra's eyes lit up.

"I uh...nothing. Let's go."

Bra's shining eyes faded as they walked to Goten's car. Something then striked Goten as a what-are-you-think-your-doing sign to him and he stopped Bra.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"Um, B-chan, I don't know if I'm delirious or that I'm nuts but uh..."

Bra stared hard into his eyes.

"I---love you...very much, too..."

"Oh!" Like Marron. Bra started crying. Then she eyed him suspiciously. "More then you ever will Paris?"

"YES! Lots more!" Goten said.

"Then in that case, I love you too!"

Bra threw her arms around Goten and they kissed under a starry sky. ***

~Fin, Owari, THE END

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