Gohan's Angels
by Chibi Usagi

Disclaimer:sadly i do not own any of the characters in the story.This will be much better than the house cuz that was my first fic.
A.N.:Evee its finally here!!! Marron I wrote this especially for you! There are some fictional charactors in here.But they are real people.I have met them.Please no flames.I cant help it if i love the movie charlies angels.=)

We see a tall man walking down the isle of an airplane."Uhhhhh sir this is first class only,"the REALLY gay flight attendant said.The man whips out a ticket."Right this way sir."The little gay man says,"can i get you anything to drink?"
"yeah,said mysterious black guy,
"scotch." The guy next to him says
"you got the rocks?" the black man said
"yeah you got the bomb?"the freaky man shows him the bomb.
"What are you gonna do?"Black man looks at his watch and says,"walk out."
"Ha thats very funny."
"No it isnt."All of the sudden black man grabs freaky dude.Black man opens the emergency latch and they jump out.We look down to the sea and see a blonde driving a speedboat looking up.Then we see another plane and a mysterious person in black jumps out and grabs creepy dude.They are spinning in the air when the person in black opens a paracute.They land in the boat driven by the blonde."have a nice flight?"says the blonde.Creepy dude is just screaming.Then we see the person in black take off her helmet and she has long black hair.All of the sudden the black man falls out of the sky."AAAAAHHHH you crazy bastard,"screamed creepy dude."I think you mean crazy bitch"the black man pull off "his" face to reveal a Blue head."damn i hate to fly said the red head"
"Who are you people?"

                      "Hello my name is gohan.I am head of a spy corporatin.Id like you to meet three girls who grew up very differently.Pan,Marron,and Bra.They all have one thing in common,they work for me.

           We see Pan and a guy talking."I like it fast,hard and rough"pan said."Rough is the only way i know how"said the guy"If you don't defuse this bomb logan,LA will be a new underwater attraction."
"Which wire the red or blue?"
"buh buh buh..."
"Come on I'm never gonna learn my lines at this rate."
"and i don't understand something in the script can i just yank the wire?"
"Oh no the trigger mechanism is inside if you pull it the bomb will detonate."
"wow for a bikini waxer you sure know alot about bombs."Pan looks worried.
"Isnt it amazing all of the information you can lean off of the internet." Pan hands her boy friends kyo a muffin.A cell phone rings.They both pick up their cell phones.Its pans."yeah....Sure...ill be right in."
"yeah.Pan grabs the muffins and gets in her silver miada."Hey when do I get to meet this Gohan?"
"Gohans not a very sociable person.Kyo takes a bite out of his muffin and spits it out as Pan drives off.

                 "Move me eddwardo."We see a blonde dancing in a club and everyone cheering.Marron wakes up and gets out of bed.Then she makes it while dancing in her spider man undies.All of the sudden the doorbell rings.As marron goes to answer it shes dancing.Its the UPS guy."I signed a realese form so feel free to stick things in my slot." after that she signed for it.Then her cell phone rings."yeah....sure...be right in."She gets in her red mustang convertable.

        Next we see the blue haired girl laying on a bed wrapped in sheets."Good morning starfish would you like some eggs."
"Goten sweet goten."all of the sudden her cell phone rings."Yeah be right in."Bra gets up
"starfifh where are you going?"she just continues to walk to her black cobra.
"was it the Goten?"
"it might be the goten" Goten keeps saying over and over it was the goten it was the goten and falls into the water. They all get there and Pan is giving marron and Bra muffins."here you go enjoy."Bra and marron look at each other and look kinda worried."Thanks pan," said marron politely.The she put her muffin on a plate and it was as hard as a rock.Bra threw her muffin at marron and it hurt!"owww that hurt!" Marron threw hers at bra but Bra dodged it and it got stuck in the door.All of the sudden Eveedafox walks in and sees the muffin on the door."May I ask what is that."Points to the door."Its a chinese fighing muffin."said bra."Its not chinese and its not for fighting,its blueberry!"said pan angrily."Pan im senseing hostility,"said Evee."shes not happy with her secret identity,"said bra."well come here my angels."Then evee says this lil speech that i dont feel like typing.Then Evee's cell phone rings."Good morning angels."All three of them say"good morning gohan." I have a special mission for you angels.Trunks Briefs was kidnapped a few days ago.Trunks knows all about his mothers inventions.Thats why we need you angels.Find trunks quickly before its too late."do we have any suspects?"asked Marron."Yes,Orange star corporations piccolo." "any witnesses?"asked marron again."yes android 18."all of the sudden a blonde walks in.Then they talk and yadda yadda yadda.

   An(chapter 2 soon I gottta go to bed!!)

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