SubZero!! The Ice Cold Revenge
Note:This took place when Gohan was a teen and Videl had that short haircut.^0^

A small alien pod zoomed across the empty space.  It zoomed across the
moon and headed for planet earth. Couple hours later another pod
different than the other one. Blue and spiky, headed towards earth

meanwhile at earth.............

The Z team was going on a vacation. You know, to take a break form all
the fighting and stuff. Everybody except Gohan was going because He had
to "study". Then the Z warriors were off to Hawaii. Gohan waved until
they were out of site. Then He went to the phone to call his girlfriend.


" Videl?"

" Who the hell is this?"

" It's me Gohan."

" Oh Hi! Gohan!"

" Listen, Do you want to go somewhere?"

" How bout the park?"

" Great! meet you there!"

Then Gohan rushed out the door like a lightning.

Chapter One

Gohan was already there at the park waiting to meet Videl.

" Hey Gohan!"

Videl came running up to him.

" Videl!"

She was catching her breath.

" How did you get here so fast?" Videl asked still catching her breath.

" Of course I got here first. I'm faster than you."

" Are you saying I'm slow?" Videl looked up at him frowning.

" I didn't say that I meant I... I.... I..." Gohan couldn't finish his
sentence because Videl was starring at him angry so close that they're
nose almost touched. Gohan was struggling to explain. Suddenly, Videl
smiled and leaned up to him and kissed him.

" You look so cute when your embarassed." Videl said.

Gohan started to blush. His cheeks turned so red.

" Common let's get something to eat! " Then Videl dragged Gohan to the


One space pod landed on a near by Mountain. It stayed untouched for a
couple of minutes until...


The door flew opened and inside was a creature about seven feet tall.
He looked like one of the cold family.( Freeza, Coola, King cold.) He
had massive tail and a head with spikes on it.

" This is planet Earth?" He asked himself.

" what a puny planet! I can destroy this place in a mere 5 seconds! I
think I sense a powerful being near by. No matter, their weakling
compare to my power. I also sense some really high powers far away.
But too weak to defeat me. I can believe my family died from these
weaklings! I Sub Zero will have revenge!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

SubZero flew off to the nearby power laughing.


Gohan and Videl were now walking on the busy streets of Satan City.
They were having fun laughing and talking. Then suddenly a Car came
flying across the road and then it exploded. Then People came screaming
out from the place where the Car was thrown from.

They went their to see what's going on and what they saw was a man as
big as a truck holding a car in each hand throwing it. It was like if he
was throwing a tantrum. Then he notticed Gohan and Videl were watching
him. So he threw one of the car at them. They dodged it barely.

" Videl you stay here. I'll try to calm this guy down," Gohan told

" No it's too dangerous" Videl said looking worried.

" Don't Worry I'm a saiyan remember?"

Gohan walked up to him and smiled at him and said,

" Hi my name is Son Gohan what's you're name?"

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The giant man said as he swung a
fist at him.

Gohan ducked and backed away. Then he powered up and punched his gut
really hard. The giant man just stood there looking down at him. then he
dropped the car he was holding. and grabbed Gohan's head and looked at
him real close. Then punched Gohan's gut. Gohan held on to his stomach
and coughed out blood. than he backed away and dropped to his knees.
The giant man ran up to him and kicked him like a soccer ball. Gohan
crashed on a wall and dropped. He stood back up and started charging up.


Then he swung his fist at the giant man's face. The Giant man fell down
but quickly stood back up.


He screamed as cars beside him began to fly up. Gohan stared in
amazement as the Giant's power tripled and more.

Then Giant lunged at Gohan and kneed his gut and elbowed his back and
series of massive punches. Gohan went down on the concrete floor.
struggling to get back up. Then the giant Hucked the Car at Videl who was
watching everything in shock. She screamed as the Car came flying to her
in full speed. Then Gohan appeared in front of her blocking the car as
it hit Gohan instead and he felled down. Unconscious. The giant's power
went down and he picked up Gohan and flew away. Videl followed him.

Chapter Two

SubZero was walking on the busy streets of Satan city. He was looking
around in wander. Nobody seemed to care that he was an alien. he entered
a place with all kinds of bread. Hello! May I help you?" The young lady
at the counter asked SubZero.

" Help me with what.?" SubZero asked.

" Anything."

" Why would you help me if you never met me before?"

" That's our job." The lady replied.

"Can't you notice that I'm different than any of you humans."

" Your an alien but I'm not suprised. I've seen lots you."

" When"

" Everyday. Sometimes if your lucky, you can see one fly by."

SubZero looked at the breads and goods inside the glass.

" What are these things?""

" Their called baked goods. Their delicious."

" What do I do with them."

" Eat them."

" How do they taste."

" Try one"

The lady hands SubZero a donut.Sub Zero looks at it carefully and eats

" It's tasty."

SubZero exits the shop with the donut and continues to eats it as he's
walking. Then a car full of chicks go by.

" Hey Cutie!!"

" Huh ?"

SubZero looks at the car that goes by with all the girls blasts a Ki
blast at them.SubZero watched as the Car blows up. Then he continues to
search for the power nearby.


Gohan wakes up and sees Videl kneeling next to him looking worried.

" Gohan! Gohan! are you okay?"

Gohan nodded. He tried to sit up but his back side started to ache.

" Unhhhh....."

Gohan groaned as he pushed himself up against a wall.

" Are you okay?" He asked.

" Am I okay? Of course I am! You're the one that got beat up and got
hit by a car!

" That's great. I thought you got hit."

" no you blacked me Thanks for saving my life"

" Anytime."

"Where are we?" Gohan asked.

" I don't know the giant guy brought us here."

" Speaking of which, where's that big piece of crap! I want a piece of
his big ass!!

" Gohan, calm down...."

"Calm down?!?! He tried kill you and me.!!"

Just then the giant came into the room.

" You !!" Gohan exclaimed.

Gohan swung his fist at him but the giant easily grabbed it.

" Relax, Calm down, I come in peace."

" Peace this!!"

Gohan swung his other fist at him but the giant caught that one too.
Then the giant lifted him into the air.

" Let go of me! You idiot!!!" Gohan tried to break free but his weaken
body could not match the giant's strength.

" Can you tell your boyfriend to calm down." The giant asked Videl.

" SON GOHAN!!! CALMED DOWN      !!!!" Videl screamed.

Gohan finally calmed down and giant let him go. Gohan was still angry
at him for attacking him.

" Have a sit" Giant pointed to the table with chairs.

Gohan and Videl both took a sit.

" My name is Tantrum. I'm from a distant planet clack. I'm a messenger
who travels through space to warn people about what they going to face.
I came to this place to warn you people about SubZero."

" Who's SubZero?" Gohan asked.

"He's the last of the Cold family. When he heard that his family was
killed he came right here and wants to see how tough you guys are."

" Is he strong? "

" You bet! His power is twice as big as mine."

" oh one more question. Why did you attack us......"

" I was throwing a tantrum. When I do I lose my mind. Than I kill
everything in sight. It's also my way to power up."

" I see......."

" Where's this legendary Goku guy any way?"

" My father and his friend are on vacation."

" Don't you think we should get them?"

" Give them a break. Besides, don't you thinks that you and I can
defeat this piece of frosty the snowman?" Gohan smirked like vegeta.

Chapter Three

Gohan and Tantrum noticed a great power nearby. They both nodded and
ran out. Videl followed. Gohan picked up Videl and he and tantrum headed
for the great power. When theu got there they saw SubZero. SubZero
looked at Gohan and said

" You must be the weaklings that destroyed my family. I'll crush you
like an insect."

" I'll take you down first."

Gohan and Subzero both jumped in the air and started fighting. Gohan
elbowed SubZero in the face then SubZero punched Gohan in the face. Gohan
than kicked SubZero in the face than SubZero punched Gohan in the jaw
and Gohan punched SubZero's Gut. Than Gohan grabbed SubZero by the leg
and threw him to the ground. SubZero went into the ground and skid.
Gohan flew to SubZero. Suddenly a large Ki blast was fired. Gohan dodged it
and landed on the ground.
Another one was fired behind him. Gohan dodged and flew to the air.
Gohan charged up a kamehame ha and fired it at SubZero. SubZero fought
back with his ki blast.
  |< >>>>>*********<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >|

Both blasts collided and SubZero was hit but He quickly recovered. The
fight continued and it seemed like Gohan had the upper hand. Videl and
Tantrum was watching them.Tantrum patiently waited for his turn. Gohan
leaped at him and tried to kick his head but SubZero caught it. Gohan
tried the other leg but SubZero caught it. Gohan was trapped.

" AHa! Now what are you gonna do?" SubZero teased.

Gohan shot a ki blast at him but he dodged. SubZero wrapped around
Gohan's neck with his massive tail. Gohan started to choke. Then SubZero
kept slamming him to the ground and again and again. Then he threw him to
the wall and shot a ki blast at him. Gohan landed on the ground but he
didn't see the Ki blast and got wasted. Gohan leaped at him and tried
to kick him but SubZero dodged it. He dodged every punched and kicks and
caught his arm.

" What's wrong? I thought you wanted to kill me."

Than he put his arm on a lock.

" Aughhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Gohan cried.

" Didn't you pick that up from piccolo?"

" Sh...Shut up!!"

Gohan tried to kick him but he disappeared. SubZero put his fist beside
Gohan head.

" Huuck!"

Gohan stared in shock.

" What are you looking at?" SubZero said sarcastically.

Gohan knew if he moved, he would be finished. He knew he was no match.
SubZero moved his fist all the way. and Gohan went crashing on to the
wall. He was struggling to get back up, then he fainted.
Videl ran over to help Gohan.

" Looks like it's my turn now." Thr Giant said.

He started throwing tantrum and He tripled his power. Even though he
did. He was no match. He started getting hit. Gohan woke up and saw this
and ran over and got into the fight. They were still loosing. Pretty
soon Tantrum went down. Gohan was barely keeping it up. Then SubZero
decided to have some fun. He fired a humongous Ki blast at Videl.

" Videl no!"

Gohan appeared in front of her and got hit by the blast. He immediatly
fell down with smoke coming out of him. SubZero smirked and went over
to smoking Gohan. He kicked him in the rib couple of times almost
breaking it then he kicked him really hard. Gohan flew across and crashed
into the wall. SubZero than looked at Videl's frightened face. He smirked
then grabbed her by the head.

Chapter Four
------------------------------------------------( Author's note: Poor Videl!)

With a big smirk on his face, SubZero did what men never does. He drove
his fist into Videl's stomach. Videl couldn't even scream because her
face was covered by the giant hand. SubZero wrapped his tail around her
neck and let go of her face. She coughed out lots of blood. She
couldn't even keep her eyes open! SubZero turned her around and started
punching her back. with each punch more blood came spilling out of her mouth.
Infect there was so much blood on the ground, there was pool of blood
beneath Videl! Then her ribs back broke. Gohan opened one eye and the
other was half way open.
But He could still see what was happening to her.

" STOP IT!!!" Gohan stood up.

" What if I don't? " SubZero asked.

" G..g..g..gohan....." Videl whispered barely able to put her head up.


Gohan's ki started rising dramatically. He turned super saiyan. Then
super saiyan 2,3,4....... It didn't stop from there. For the first time
ever Gohan turned Super saiyan 5! His tail wasn't there but he had red
furs around him and Golden hair and red eyes!! SubZero stared in shock.
His powers were no match for the super saiyan 5! Gohan glared at him
with his shiny red eyes. He leapt at him with lightning speed and kicked
him hard. SubZero flew into the wall. Gohan picked up Videl and sat her
down on a brick wall.

" Videl! Videl!"

She finally opened her eyes.

" G...gohan?......." she whispered so tiny that he could barely hear

Gohan popped a senzu bean into her mouth. Then he stood up and picked
up SubZero by the throat. SubZero stared in shock. Gohan smirked at him
then He started beating the living crap out of him. He punched his gut
so hard that his eyeballs almost popped out. Than Gohan started
charging up for a mega Kame Hame Ha.

Lightnings surrounded him as he charged up.


Then with a bolt of flash SubZero was gone. After the blast, there was
no sign of him. Gohan sighed and powered down. Then he saw Tantrum
falling from the sky.

" Man that was sweet action..I.. RING"

Tantrum answered his cell.

" Hello? Huh?Really? I'll do it!

He turned off his cell and ran off.

" See you around kid" he said as he waved.

Gohan waved back and ran over to Videl. She was still a little bit hurt
from the assault. Thanks to Senzu bean.

" Are you alright"

" Yeah I'm fine unhh..." Videl moaned.

Gohan helped her up.

" I'm glad your alright." Gohan said.

Then Videl kissed him. Gohan kissed her back. Then they kissed
passionately for a while. When they were off.

" What was that for?" Gohan asked.

" For saving my life a few hundred times." Videl answered.

" Anytime."

Gohan picked her up and flew out to the night sky.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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