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~ means flashback
* means thinking
Drawn to You

CHAPTER ONE: Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking

Bra flopped down on her bed. *What a shitty night* she thought. It had been one of those nights where bad things don't happen to you directly but they still seem to ruin your mood. First, she was forced to go out to dinner with Trunks and Marron, along with Goten and Paris. Not exactly her idea of fun, her being single and all. Second, it was because a friend of Trunks' needed a date for the dinner so she was nominated. Third problem, and not one she could have predicted, the whole dinner turned into a freak show. Trunks and Marron were in their own little annoying world the whole time, ignoring everyone. Constantly blushing and smiling at each other like they were little kids. The guy she was with was a complete and total jackass, and to top it off, Paris was in one of her bitchy moods, causing the dinner to be cut short (not that Bra was angry about that..). "Yea, it was all generally a waste of a few hours," Bra spoke to herself, glancing out her window, drawing in her cool surroundings.

Then another thought of the evening popped into her mind. *Goten. Poor Goten. He was really getting it from Paris tonight.* Bra soured her face as she thought about it, just like she had during dinner as she sat and listened to the couple's arguing.....

Bra sat and played with her food as she listened to her date's stale story about something she couldn't care less about. In her other ear she listened to Paris bitch to Goten about some girl that pissed her off earlier. *She's so damn petty and won't shut up!* Bra concluded in her mind while rolling her eyes and sighing loudly.  Goten caught her sign of annoyance and gave her the typical Son grin as he leaned back in his chair falling backward in the process as the leg of the chair slid on the tile beneath, not balancing like he intended it to. He hit the ground pretty hard, drawing attention from a few tables around them. "Oops," is all Goten said as he got back up, outwardly amused by what just happened and beginning to laugh. Trunks had seen the whole thing and was trying not to draw more attention to the scene but burst out laughing anyway. Marron was oblivious to what happened because her back was turned as she faced Trunks.
"What just happened?"
"He just fell backwards in his chair and busted his ass hard on the floor!!" Trunks loudly summarized, pointing at Goten.
"Could you please keep it down!" An annoyed man from the table next to them demanded.
Marron clasped her hand quickly over Trunks' loud mouth and blushed out of embarrassment. They quickly got back to what they were doing before the accident and once again withdrew from the rest of them. Bra quit laughing as she noticed Paris balling her fists tightly, trying to hold herself back from going off on Goten. *What the hell is her problem?* Bra speculated from across the table. *She's getting really pissed off about something so insignificant and, well funny.*
        "What the hell is wrong with you!." Paris growled through clenched teeth. "Were you listening to me at all?!?" She looked at him eeevily, (yes folks that's right, eeevily. its eviler than evil) and waited for an answer.
        "Well.." Goten thought for a moment then decided. "I was listening until I fell backwards and busted my ass really hard on the floor. Then, there for a minute, I did not hear you because I was getting back up and laughing too loud..." Goten nodded, satisfied with his answer and took in a big mouthful of food. Bra snickered to herself as the honesty of Goten's thoughtful response left Paris with nothing to retort. Paris' glare moved to Bra as her weak ki flickered. Bra smiled back confidently and thought, *What  does she think she is? I could kill her if I desired and she knows that.*  Paris looked away and sat back in her chair to brood for a while in her anger.


        Bra stood up and walked over to her window and opened it to let the fresh air in. Beneath the window she settled, with her thighs to her chest and her head on her knees, with the breeze flowing down over her shoulders, still thinking of Goten. She wasn't surprised at how he carried himself in tense situations like that. He wasn't bothered by the pestering or even taking interest in it. He just sat there and took it, throwing in his two-cents every so often. He had learned growing up that pointless arguments were better left untouched and it's better to just go with the flow. *I guess you get an immunity to constant bitching when you've lived with Chichi your whole life*  Bra thought, causing her to smile momentarily. His patience was admirable, and his ability to make light of any situation was amazing. It was a talent he inherited from his dad, Bra assumed. That was the carefree attitude that Bra admired, though he could be very serious if he wanted to be. Bra reflected on one of those times. When she was 13, a delivery truck leaving Capsule Corp. struck her cat and it died. While Vegeta laughed, Goten was there for her because it hurt him to see her cry. He was the only person who could get her to cheer up and smile and get over it. She secretly loved him for it, even 5 years later, but it didn't stop there. He had managed to steal her heart on other occasions as well with his unadulterated charm. It was little things like that that made Bra realize that he was always going to be the one that made her feel complete. She knew for sure that she loved him.

These feelings had well proven their presence over the last few months. On a few occasions when Goten had taken her out, their time together felt more like a date than a normal just hanging out type thing.. (They weren't dates though, she had professed to Vegeta and Trunks.)  Her and Goten hung out all the time but these times had been different. Her dad and brother had sensed it too. Bra had spent more time trying to look perfect for him when he came to get her, (she didn't know it but he was
being more careful about his appearance too;) also, the places where they were going became more unusual and personal. He had taken her to dinner and HE paid. They went to a festival of lights that was being held in Satan City, which was notorious for romantic dates and aimed at them. The most surprising place to Bra was on their last "date". He had taken her to the only place he had left virgin to everyone's eyes but his. It was where he went to meditate a lot and he never told anyone about it until then. She could understand why he kept it a secret, it was marvelous and not everyone deserved such an alcove of serenity. In this
small area atop a mountain far away from the city Bra could swear grew every type of blooming, bright, exotic flower. They fed off of a small, fresh water spring that babbled in a jagged pattern down the side of the mountain. On top of all that, this wonderful place belonged to no one, though Bra would've liked to believe that her and Goten owned it now. She was curious what he meant by showing her this place, and she couldn't help but ask him. Things had grown uncomfortable then and he told her it was because he just needed to share it with someone special and that was all.
         Almost all of their time together was uncomfortable though, mainly because there was ultimately chemistry between them every second they were together. She just felt so drawn to him in ways she couldn't explain and he felt it too and couldn't explain it either. It scared both of them equally, but in different ways. What Bra didn't know was that Goten couldn't believe he was falling for his best friend's little sister, almost like his own kid sister, the girl he grew up with and seen in her worst moments and greatest personal triumphs. He felt like he was too personal with her to be feeling this way, and constantly reminded himself he can't possibly have a romantic relationship with someone he knows so much about in ways you only know a family member. There would be no mystery or intrigue that came with all the relationships he knew. So with this rationality he decided to not pursue a relationship with Bra in the way it was becoming. Bra, on the other hand, hoped deep down that her relationship with Goten was changing and that he was feeling the same for her as she did him.

         Her hopes were plundered when, the very next day after Goten had shown her "their" secret place, Goten acted on his new decision. They were sitting outside C.C. in an uncomfortable interlude when Goten said, "I decided I'm going to take my chances and ask Paris out, you think I have a chance?" Bra sat frozen for a moment hoping that she heard him wrong, then realized she hadn't. The pain began to well up in her chest and she fought it down. *What does she have that I don't have?* was the first thing she thought. She fought with her ki for a moment and responded. "I'm sure everything would work out fine if that's what you feel inside, right." That was a good way to answer without directly saying her real opinion. In reality she wanted to say, "No you don't have a chance because Paris is a bitch and doesn't deserve you." Bra kept her eyes down trying not to reveal the pain now smoldering on her fiery soul. "Yea, I'm positive I have a chance." Goten said, more to himself than to Bra, who really didn't care anyway. Bra decided it was time to cut herself off then so she could go cry and be disappointed alone, away from the catalyst to all her false hopes and broken dreams. She told him she needed to go help her mom with a new machine and he left, both of them knowing that something wasn't right.

         Bra suppressed her feelings since then, and busied herself with things so she wouldn't see him much. He soon started dating Paris, and since then, over their 3 month +  relationship,  Bra tried to convince herself it was okay that way but she knew it wasn't really.

Bra thought about how much happier Goten would be if he could just express the feelings she knew/hoped he had for her. "He makes me so happy...." She was glad Goten and Paris were fighting all night. "Maybe they'll break up and I'll have another chance with him..."

As everyone was finishing up dinner, Bra was about done listening to her date ramble on about his job, and was ready to split. Before she could say anything it seemed like someone had the same idea. Paris had stood up and was heatedly telling Goten she was going to wait outside. Bra guessed that the argument Paris was having at Goten had resumed while she had been involved in her "date"s one-sided conversation. Trunks paid and everyone joined the troubled couple outside. As they walked to their cars, she eavesdropped, listening to the couple's argument, appalled at what Paris said. She apparently was irate because Goten wasn't at his house when she called earlier and she had to call 8 times before she could reach him. "Who knows who you could have been out with!" She had said, scowling at him.

Bra reflected on that comment and tensed, *How could she distrust such a pure soul?* Her bubble was busted as her dad's voice of agitation yelled from downstairs, "Kakkorot's brat is at the door!!" Bra's heart skipped a beat. Vegeta went back to stuffing his face in the kitchen. Bra rushed down stairs to the door, almost tearing the doorknob off as she yanked it open.
There stood a VERY pissed off Goten.
"Everything OK?" Bra said calmly. She already knew what the problem was, and her heart reeled in her chest. "No, everything is really shitty right now. Is Trunks back yet?" He acted like he was looking past her for Trunks, but really he was feeding
on her sympathetic eyes. *She really cares!?* Goten thought to himself. Bra felt his eyes burning into her, and turned away saying, "Well, Trunks isn't going to be back tonight I'm sure, so I guess I'll see ya later." She could feel his pain completely and it scared the crap out of her. She wanted to hug him and reassure him that he'll be okay but decided against it, reminding herself that she might not be able to let him go.
Goten felt her trying to keep her ki in check and realized she was holding herself back from something. With that last awkward silence, Goten turned to leave. Bra grasped his arm quickly, "Goten...."
She flushed quickly and let go. After giving her a confused look, Goten took off into the pitch-black sky and disappeared from sight.

She sunk down into the doorway and laid her forehead on the top of her knees.
"You'd better cut it out with that shit now," Vegeta commanded from the other room.
"What are YOU talking about," Bra said, knowing damn well what he meant. He could feel her energy pulsing while Goten was there then slowly dissipate when he left. He could sense her strong feelings for him growing every second, and it made him sick.

To be continued.....

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