Chapter 2: Mind Power

Goten could still feel her energy radiating as he flew further away. The feeling tickled his spine. *What's her deal?* he thought. It was a cool August night, and the wind felt good on Goten's hot skin. Arguing with Paris really had him upset.
He thought about earlier that evening at dinner. What a crappy dinner it had been. Well not the food itself of course, but the atmosphere really bit a big one. It really did bother Goten that Paris had nothing but problems with him all night, despite his attempts to joke with her and change the subject.
"What a bitch." Goten said out loud. He told himself he didn't mean it. *At least I'm not the only one that had a bad night. It looked like Bra was going to take her date's head off after a while. He was a jerk though...*  He lowered his gaze in thoughts of Bra.
*We had some fun together while it lasted but then things just got weird. It was for the best that I gave us some space. It helped me to realize that what I thought I was feeling for Bra was nothing. I was just seeing too much of her that's all.... Anyway, me and Paris are perfect for eachother*........Some how he knew that wasn't true. As Goten neared his house he could feel someone's weak ki raising.
*Who's that? It feels familiar* Goten grimaced to himself as he realized who the rising energy belonged to. * couldn't is!* Paris was standing on the Son's front lawn tapping her foot impatiently. She tossed her perfectly styled hair over her shoulder angrily as Goten landed in front of her.
        "Where were you!?" Paris inquired to know immediately. Goten opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted. "This is sooo typical! You're never around when I want you to be!" She scowled at him and dug her fist into her pocket searching for something. "Here's the necklace you gave me on our one month anniversary. I want you to hold onto it right now." She half handed, half threw the necklace to Goten, who was just standing there in disbelief. "I feel we should spend some time apart so that SOME body can get their priorities strait. I'll call you in a few days and then we'll decide if this relationship is a true one," She turned around, signaling that she was leaving but stopped momentarily to add, "And I suggest you be here for my call because you might seriously regret not doing so." With that last suggestion/threat, Paris walked angrily to her car and drove off.
        Goten clutched the necklace in his hand so tightly it cut him. He found himself losing control. He had just had the worst night of his life. He felt like he had screwed up but then tried to remind himself that it was Paris who was in the wrong. She was being too jealous of nothing. she was so concerned with where he was 24 hours a day that she let herself get deterred from their actual relationship. He felt very strongly for Paris and it hurt to be treated so badly by the one he thought he was growing to love. His aura grew golden now as the pain inside him began to well up to breach his floodgates. Instead of going ballistic and destroying shit like a saiyan like Vegeta might have done, Goten sat down and tried to control his powerful emotions. His brain was racing, *Is she going to dump me?*  He thought maybe he already loved Marron and that's why he was so hurt, but really he knew it wasn't love. He knew it was hurt from her words, and his own self-pity, and that feeling that some how he's the one that messed up his opportunity for love. Growing closer to his breaking point, he slammed his fists hard against the ground, sending a ripple of cracks outward about 20 feet.

        "You know it will never be!" Vegeta continued after he smugly realized what he felt before was true and that Bra couldn't do anything but pathetically cover it up. "A Saiyan princess can not even imagine uniting with a lowclass, half breed brat of Kakkorot's! I would rather be the weakest being in this universe (I'm guessing that would be worse than death for him...) than see the day where his rancid blood got mixed with my strong blood." Vegeta laughed to himself and walked out to the gravity room to continue some exercises. (Vegeta is so stuck up! But he's one bad ass mutha..shut yo mouth. I'm just talkin about Vegeta!)
        "I hate how he can read me so easily, it's not fair!" Bra said to herself. "I'll do what ever I want to anyway. Goten is taken either way so I'll just have to calm my self down around him that's all" She smiled at the thought of having to actually calm herself down from bursting into flames around him. "I'll just have to see what happens." At that thought, Bra began feeling an incredibly strong force radiating from far away.
Bra blessed her father then, thanking him for training her senses so well while she was growing up, though he didn't really train her to do much of anything else except for some sparing stances. He didn't even teach her how to fly, Trunks was the one that taught her along with all the basic fighting techniques. *Who could that be?* She thought to herself. *It's a very angry ki...*
Bra suddenly became very uneasy. She suddenly took on a deep feeling of dispair that she was not prepared for. She focused herself and stepped outside, hoping to be able to get a better feel for the energy. Then it came to her as it peaked. *That's Goten!!* She gasped. *Something bad has to have happened with Paris.* Bra felt the need to go to him. She remembered that his family was away for the weekend and there was no one there to be the rational side in the situation. Bra isn't exactly the queen of rationality, but she'd take her best shot just for a reason to be around Goten. With that, Bra ran to her room to make sure she looked o.k, then took off in the direction of Goten's.

Goten's rage slowly faded as he meditated where he sat. Gohan had shown him that trick a long time ago when he learned that Goten had reached super saiyan and couldn't control his power completely. He grinned at the memory of Gohan trying to get him to sit still for more than 3 minutes. Goten opened his eyes and gazed upwards to the stars. This is what he loved the most about living out in the country, so far away from the city lights. Every star in the universe it seemed like could be seen from here and it was mesmerizing. Goten took his mind off the stars to track the ki approaching quickly. Bra landed next to Goten a few moments later, much to his surprise. She looked at him and smiled. She soon noticed the torn up ground around them and looked  at him with much concern in her eyes.
        "Are you alright? I was afraid some shit was going down over here and I needed to mediate." She tried to say this coolly, attempting to mask her nervousness. As he laughed at what she said, her ki started to rise.
"Everything's fine I guess, even though I'm as good as dumped." Goten stood up and stood in front of Bra. She looked very radiant standing there with her cheeks glowing red and her pale skin reflecting the moon. *She really has become gorgeous over the years,* Goten realized to himself. Bra suddenly needed details, "If you don't mind me asking, ... what exactly happened that could cause you guys to split up!" "I guess I'm just not living up to Paris' standards.." He looked at Bra with sad eyes. "Every thing I do for her just ends up wrong in some way.."
" I don't see how you could ever do any thing wrong,...I mean, if I were Paris..." She realized she was heading towards bad waters.  ".....I'm ooo sorry Goten, I wasn't thinking about what I was saying.!" Above that, Bra knew she was sounding too eager to bash Paris' character, among other things.
Bra wanted to leave then.
Goten felt her reluctance and grabbed her hand.
        "I appreciate your concern Bra, it's good to know someone cares. You don't need to leave..." Goten wanted her to stay but didn't want to sound too eager. He noticed he was still holding her hand and let it go quickly. "Please stay for a while, I could use the company" He motioned for her to sit next to where he sat. Goten leaned back on his elbows and broke the silence.
"Paris came by to bitch at me for not being here. Then she gave me back the necklace I got her on our 1-month anniversary. Then she said she wanted to split up for a few days so that I can get my priorities strait and she'll call me." Goten mockingly spat all this out showing his anger.
        "I'm sure she'll realize what she's doing eventually. Then everything will be fine." Bra forced an encouraging smile, and secretly hoped Paris wouldn't realize what a great guy she had. "Anyways, a little time apart might really help you guys see your true feelings and that never killed anyone..." Bra blushed at what she said. She couldn't help herself from saying it. She just really wanted things to not work out.
        "Yeah, I'm sure she'll come around." Goten was confused by what Bra had said. He was sure she was just trying to help him but he picked up on some suggestion in her voice.

They sat for a few hours admiring the stars and talking about petty things that didn't matter. Like the time Trunks was trying to show off on the rope swing in the creek by his house and ended up falling hard, (like Vanilla Ice's c.d. to the discount shelves at Wal-Mart:)) smashing his face on the rocks below as the rope broke. They both laughed for a while about that then about embarrassing things that happened to the both of them throughout their lives. Goten noticed that he remembered almost every one of her moments because he was always there to share them. This made him feel special in a way that he didn't understand and he tried to shrug it off. Ultimately, they just sat and enjoyed their electricity as it hopped invisibly around them.
         "I've got to get going," Bra said, standing up and stretching her back. They had been sitting there for close to three hours. "If you need anything..."
"All I need is a great friend like you Bra and I'm set for life." Goten replied quickly, wishing suddenly that he were saying girlfriend instead of friend. "I really appreciate you coming by. We should do this more often. You're so easy to talk to." He leaned in and kissed Bra's forehead. Bra's ki shot through the roof and Goten felt it. He liked the fact that she always reacted so strongly inside to everything he did.
        "Maybe I'll see you tomorrow" Goten suggested.
"That would be great," Bra stammered, trying to regain her composure from his soft lips touching her. She turned around and quickly retreated before she made a blubbering fool of herself.
Bra felt wonderful! She twirled through the air as she flew home. She was relieved to see no was up when she got back. She raced up to er bedroom and dove onto her bed. She was bubbling with happiness and could hardly keep herself from going insane from it. *It felt so good just being there with Goten,* Bra thought. *I've never been more content with one guy ever in my life. Damn you Paris, you don't even know how wonderful your boyfriend is...* Bra eventually drifted to sleep with thoughts of Goten.
Vegeta grumbled to himself as he saw Bra flying sparaticley<(spelling?) towards the house. *Kind of late for her to be getting back from Goten's! That brat is going to listen to me one of these days!* As Vegeta made his way inside to have a little talk with his princess he was stopped dead in his tracks when he heard something strange from close by. He perked his sensitve saiyan ear up and listened hard, deciding the noises were coming from the driveway. As he neared his destination, a car came into view. It was Trunks' car and it looked like it was alive! Vegeta put his head in his hand and sighed as he noticed feet pushed up against the window and steam building up against the cold, mid-night air. Vegeta turned and continued into the house, deciding to leave Bra alone for tonight. *What the hell am I going to do with these brats?! They know no discipline, they do as they please, my son is a fornicating fool....* Vegeta's scowl turned into a vibrant smirk. *There's nothing I can do, so I don't care any more.. at least about Trunks.*

To be continued....
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