Long Distance Dedication
By: Nikki-chan 

"Yep that's right!" I smiled as Goten also smiled down at me. I was just perfect.

"I'm glade your happy!" Goten kissed my cheek as I looked at the picture he had been hanging up. He'd been up there for almost a half an hour trying to get it just right.

"Now our new home is compleat!!" I smiled, the picture was of me and him on the night of the prom. My mother had it blow up almost the size of our wall. Goten and me had been together for almost a year now and we where both very happy.

"Yeah you think we should invite everyone over to look at it?" He asked me then put his arm around my waist.

"Well I think we should go out to dinner tonight! Then tomarro when we make sure everything is just right then we'll invite them all over." I wish I had never made that dision, I wish I would have just stuck to the inviting people over.

"Sound's like a plan to me." He smiled and we both walked out to our balcony and looked at mountins and trees. It was a beautiful sight to see from working all day. We got this house together three weeks ago and ever sence then we had spent day and night fixing it all up.

"I wounder how Jazee and Trunks are?" I asked him

"Well last time I talked to him they where fine, that was three weeks ago…I think I'll call him later on." He smiled at me again and I only remember Bra, Chichi and Bulma comeing over to our house to help us out alittle.

"Yeah we'll have to call everyone, my mom wanted to know what our houes looked like but she told me she did not have the time to come down." My dad was over happy that I moved out but my mom did not want me to saying I was her little baby girl.

"Well I have to go get the car and the last little bit of stuff. It might take me a bit so call some one over so your not alone." I smiled and gave him a kiss on his lips. He always worried about me, he never wanted me to be alone eather. I then reached in his pockit and took his celphone.

"I'll call Bra and have her come over." I said and he gave me another quick kiss.

"Okay hun I'll be back soon." He smiled once again then walked out to the front door. I then dailed Bra's number. It rang a few times before bulma picked up.

"Hello Brifes resadence."

"Hi Bulma it's me Marron!"

"Oh well how do you do Marron?" She asked

"I'm fine, and you?"

"Just dandey! Vegeta is still mad about the whole Trunks getting married thing."

"I could have guessed."

"Well do you want to talk to Bra?"

"Yes please." I answed sweetly

"Okay well take to you again soon, bye."

"Bye." I watied as I heared her yell out Bra's name.

"Hello?" Bra asked


"Hi Marron whats up?" She asked

"I wanted you to come over to my new houes and keep me company!"

"Okay I'll be over there asap!"

"Okay see ya when you get here!" I said happly as Bra hug up. I closed the celphone and put it in my pockit. I walked back into the house and shut the sliding glass door behind me. I walked threw every room when I hear Bra's car pull up. I walked out the front door and we both gave each other a hug.

"Wow did you add an extra room?" She asked looked at the add on we put on the house.

"Yep, we made that the pool room. It has a pool, spa and the the game pool also." I said that was the part that took forever, why we fixed up the rest of the house the consturion workers put in our pool. Then sence it was called 'the pool room' Gotenhad to go and buy a few pool tables.

"That's sooooo cool!!" Bra smiled "Your so lucky to have Goten." I sighed, I did love Goten and I knew how much Bra liked him also. But she was still my best friend when we started to go out. She knew that I was better with him the him with Paresu.

"Yeah…" I was happy, I did not think anything could ruine my happyness!

"Well are you not going to show me around?" Bra asked

"Well why would I don something like that? Just kidding lets go!" we both laughed as I showed her around the houes. She poined out every thing that was out of place and did not look right. That's why I liked to have Bra around, she always fix the minor things so the bigger things looked better. And it was just super cool to have her around to talk to.

"Hummm…that pictuer on your wall is so cute!" Bra pointed to the large pic me and goten were working on this moring. The one at the prom.

"Thank goodness! I thought you where going to tell me it was crocked!!" We laughed again!

"Well…it is how long did it take to get it like that?"

"God you don't want to know!" I laughed.

"Dange!! I've been over here three hourse!" Bra gasped as she looked at my watch.

"Wow! I guessed I missed you so much I even had to show you what it looked like under my bed." She smiled

"It was clean though!" She laughed

"Sorry I'm late!" I heard Goten yell as he ran into the house.

"Hi Goten!" Bra yelled as he ran into the room were we where.

"Hey B-chan, Hi hun." He smiled at us as he came over. When he walked over to us a little black box fell out of his pockit and hit the floor.

"I'll get it." Bra said as she bent down but Goten quickly grabed it.

"Wow that was close." Gotne smiled and we both looked at him pulzzed. "You could have be cut B-chan, see there is glass in this box and thank god it did not open. See what it did to me?" He showed us his finger and it was bleeding.

"Well thanks Goten." She smiled understanding alittle on what he was talking about.

"I better throw this away before anyone gets hurt." Goten said as he walked off to the kichen.

"Guys are strange." I said and Bra nodded her head inagreemeant.

"Oh Goten heres your celphone." I said as I took it from my pockit as he rejoined us in the room.

"Thanks." He took it from me and put it back in his pockit.

"So what took you so long anyways?" Bra asked Goten as we all walked in the living room.

"Well I ran into Trunks on the way and you know how he can't stop talking when he gets started." Goten said with a small smile as we sat dowm on the couch.

"So what did he have to say any ways? Did you tell him to say hi to Jazee for me?"

"Yep and he told me to say the same thing to you."

"I'm glade they got married or well sorta married so far. The real wedding is in three years when she gets a bit older." Bra said Jazee was also one of our bets friends.

"Yeah they cool together." Goten smiled

"Well I best be headding home! Mom wants me home before dark, or she'll send dad out to find me!" Bra smiled as I gave her a hug.

"Well come by tomarro were going to have a BBQ so tell your mom and everyone you can okay?" I asked her and she nooded her head yes.

"Bye B-chan come over anytime." Goten gave her a hug.

"Okay you two better not forget what you said even if I come over to much." Bra smiled and we all laughed.

"We wont." Goten smiled then she waved and walked out to her car.

"We could never get ride of B-chan. Even if we wanted to!" I smiled as Goten put his arm around me. I layed my head on his shoulder.

***A little later***

"I'm ready goten." I walked out of the room in my blue dress.

"You look lovely Marron." He said as he gave me another little kiss.

"So where do you want to go?" I asked as I took his hand. We started to
walk out to the door as Goten thought about it.

"How about the dimaond Caffe?" He asked

"I'd love to!!" That was my faviort place to eat.

"Alright To the dimond Caffe!" We walked to the car and he opend the door for me. I got in and we started to drive off the dirt road. We drove on to the main road, we talked about the BBQ we where going to have and we were trying to guess how everyone was going to react when they saw our pool room. Then that's when I started to have my bad feeling.

"Goten, I don't think we should take this road." I said I did not want to sound like a wimp or anything but I was really getting scared.

"It's okay Marron, this road it fine."

"It's not the road I…" I was too late we were already at the four way stop sgin and we were going to trun right.

"Don't worry huh were almost off." Goten said and then he gave me a kiss on the cheek but I still could not shake the feeling. Then the light turned green for the people who are turning get to go. But the people infrot of us were going slow.

"Were probly going to miss the light…"Goten mutterted then it was out turn to go. I sighed with relife as the light was still green. Goten started to trun when the light turned red.

"Shit…" Goten said as the car infron of us would not go.

"I'm sure the other cars will waite, or honk but they…" Before I could finsh some one had run the red light and smashed right into us. I screamed as we fliped over. I felt Goten throw his arms around me then black out.


I don't know when the next time I got up, but when I did I saw everyone, all my friends and Family. I looked around and relized where I was I was in the hospital.

"Marron!" Bra yelled as she gave me a hug "Oh Marron your okay! We were so worried about you. Mom! 18! Marron's awake!"

"Oh marron hunny!" My mother came over to me and kissed my forhead then huged me crying and sobbing that she was so sorry.

"How long was I out?" I asked and bulma out her hand on my head.

"You were out for nearly 2 mouths. You were in a coma." Bulma answerd and I was shocked, 2 mouths! I looked around and saw chichi and Gohan over in the conner crying and hugging eachother. Jazee, Trunks and Videl were over sitting in chairs. Then then my father and all his friends were on the other side of the room.

"Bra came in every day to see you Marron, I came and so did everyone else did every free chance we got. But I'm so glade to see you came out fine." Bulma patted my head. Then Chichi came over and looked at me. Her eyes were red and puffy. It seamed like she had been crying for along time.

"Marron…" That was all she got out.

"Where's Goten?" I asked and that set Chichi off crying again. No one else said anything. Bra took hold of my hand and squzeed it. Then my father walked over to me and placed a small black box on my lap. I recanized that box it was the one that fell out of Gotens pockit. Then Trunks came over to me as Chichi ran back over and started to cry with Gohan again.

"Marron…Goten died, he died instantly when he arived at the hospital. And on of the doctors said he wanted to give this to you." Trunks got out and wiped his eyes.

"He was going to perposes to you that night." Bra cryed and put my hand up to her face. I felt tears comeing down my face. It was not possible! How could he have died!?!

"No! you guys he's a sayin! He can't die!" I cryed, Bra opend the little black box and took out the ring. It had a dimond and a ruby on it, they where both shaped as hearts. Then on the inside of the ring carved into the gold was a G then a heart than a M. I started to cry as Bra put the ring on my finger.

I got out of the hospitla the next day. I was still crying. I got to see Goten before I left, and he was dead, he was gone and nothing could bring him back. There where not more dragon balls. They said they where going to have a laying for Goten befor they cremated him. He died for me. Bra took me home and stayed with me. My mom and dad were also there everyday to cheek up on me. I slept in the room that had the big picture in it. Bra also spent the night at my house. She told me she was not going to leave me untell I was better. The the next day they had the laying of Goten at our new house. Then that night they took him off to be cremated.

It went like that for almost a year. A few times Chichi and Gohan came over to look around the house. My mom and dad stoped bye every day with bulma, Trunks and Jazee. And somedays I felt so bad that they could not see me but Bra was telling them how I was. Bra would get me things and most of the time cook. She did not have to clean because I never tuched anything. We'd talk a lot of the times but some times I'd get lost, but she was always there for me. But now adays I find the strength to go out side on the Blacony with Bra and look at the view. But I never got in a car. We walked to the stor or road the two seater bick trunks had bought for my birthday.

So Kacy, could you plaese paly "My only love" For Goten because I want him to know that yes I would have marryed him and that I'll always love him even thoug he is gone form my life he'll always be in my heart.

Then I would also like to know if you could play "Santa moica" for Bra because I felat this way but she knew how I felt but she stood bye me even when I was yelleing for no reison at all. But no matter what I did she'd take my hand and I'd calm down. I never thought I was who I was. And she gave ma Goten's cell phone ans when I talked on it I felt like I as in another world.
     Thank you,

                  "That was our long distace deadacaton from Marron in Japan, to her Boyfriend, Goten and Best friend Bra. If you would like to send a long distance deaction go to Kacykasumtop40.com but know For Marron hear is 'My only love' and 'Santa Moica'"

~My only love~

Deep in my soul
Love so strong,
It takes control

Now we both know
The secrets bared
The feelings show

Driven far apart
I'll make a wish
on a shotting star

There will come a day
Somewhere far away
In your arms I'll stay
My only love

Even though you're gone
Love will still live on,
 The feelng is so strong
My only love
My only love

There will come a day
Somewhere far away
In your arms I'll stay
My only love

You've reached the deepest part
Of the scret of my heart
I've known it from the start
My only love…
My only love…

From the sailor moon soudtrack

~Santa Monica~

In Santa Monica, in the winter time
The lazy streets so undemanding
I walk into a crowd
In Santa monica, you get your coffe from
The coolest places on the promende
Where people dress just so
Beauty so unavoidable, everywhere you turn
It's there
I sit and wonder what I'm doing here
But on the telephone line I amanyone
I am anything I want to be
I could be a super moel or a Norman Mailer
And you wouldn't know the difference
Or would you?

I'n Santa monica, all the people got modern nams
Like Jack or Mandy
And Modern bodies too
In Santa monica, on the boulevard
You'll have to dogde thoes in-line skaters
Or they knock you down
I've never felt so lonely,
Never felt so out of place
I've never wanted something more then this

But on the telephone line I amanyone
I am anything I want to be
I could be a super moel or a Norman Mailer
And you wouldn't know the difference
On the telephone line, I am and hight
I am any age I want to be
I could be a cape crusadwe or a space invader
And you woyuldn/t know the difference
Or would you?

Song by: Savage Garden

"And that again was from Marron to her Boy friend Goten and her best friend Bra"


~!~The End~!~ 

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