The Briefs Christmas
By Trunks_Lover80

One week before Christmas Day 1 Monday

Trunk's room<
B: Trunks? U in here? Ok hey their u are TRUNKS wake up. She said jumping on his bed.

T: what? Bra get off my bed! NOW! And leave me alone!
B; you're a dickhead you know that!
T; do I care get off my bed now!
T; great you broke my bed. Now mom is going to be thrilled he said putting his hand on his forehead.
B; um…….. I gotta go bye.
T; wait he said grabbing her by the arm, come here I promise I'll take you Christmas shopping in a bit just let me eat.
B; thank you she said kissing him on the head
T; welcome he smiled

After bra walked out of his room. He stood up and took a shower and just put on a pair of baggy kaki jeans and a black turtleneck (since it's cold out talk about hottie!)
Bl; hey trunks good morning
V; were's my food women
Bl; don't call me that and where else would besides on the table duh.
T; thanks mom
B; good morning daddy, kissing him on the forehead.
Vegita almost choked to see what she was wearing along with trunks.
T; Bra maybe you should change?
B; why?
V; excuse me look what your wearing he said pointing at her.
B; so it's just a see through shirt that shows my bra and a pair of black leather pants.
Bl; I thinks it's cute
T; yeah sure it looks a little skanky but what the hell right? let's go goten and Pan will meet us there
B; ok mom I need the credit card
Bl; here

In trunks's new beetle

B; would you go out with pan or Marron
T; probably Pan
B; You would
T; yeah y do you ask
B; don't know
T; okay

At the mall

G; whatz up
B; hey brb
G; okay he said with a weird look
T; so did you get it he whispered to goten
P; get what?
G; nothing he managed to choke out
P; ok she said looking at him weird and walking away
B; hey Pan come here
P; yeah
B; look at that beautiful ring,
P; yeah you really know how to pick out a ring look at the emerald one wow
T; look they're already picking out there Christmas presents
G; yeah all I wanted was a new pair of boxers
T; me to
B; you guys it's only going to take me a couple hours

A few hours later
G; wow you have a big family
B; hello there for my friends
G; o he said blushing feeling dumb
B; don't worry I know you feel dumb
G; huh I didn't
B; I can read u like a book
G;o u can can u? what am I looking like now
B; Ur smiling thinking Ur a smart allelic she said smiling over to pan
G; yeah
T&p start laughing

Later at the capsule Corp
T; mom! Come here I need help! Now
Bl; hang on I'm busy at the moment
Tt; (parents gee I wonder what there doing? HUH I WONDER)
B; trunks help me wrap all these presents
T; why
B; cause all u doing is sitting there on Ur lazy butt
T; shut up
Bra just sat there smiling
T; what do I need to wrap
B; well we'll each wrap 100
B; hello I am the most popular girl at school, I have to buy lots of presents to get more popular
T; ok hang on

Gk; hello.
T; hi is goten there
Gk; hang on
G; hello
T; hey do you and pan want to come over and help the brat wrap presents
G; aha I guess hang on pannnnnnnnnnn!
P; what? She said coming down the stairs in new clothes
G; do you want to go to bra's house and help wrap presents?
P; yeah um.. I'm going to bring some of mine too.
G; ok trunks he said getting back on the phone pan will come but, only if u let her bring some of hers.
T; how many? He said annoyed
Goten covering the phone "how many?"
P;100 I think she said walking off into the kitchen
G; what! Um….. she has 100 he squeaked
T; fine I'll be nice
G ; thanks man you're the best he said hanging up the phone
P ; Goten she said biting her finger and kinda walking up shyly
G : yes? What do you want
P ; well see I sorta got a problem, and I was sorta wondering well
G ; spit it out we gotta go
P ; wellifuhadthetimetotakemeandbraouttoeatonchristmasevesothenwewouldn'thavetospend Thetimewithourcornyfamilys.
G ; can you see that huge question mark on my head he said pointing to the top of his head
P ; whatever she said grabbing her coat
G ; let's go he said opening the door and walking out to the red Saturn (obviously he borrowed it from trunks)
P ; wait help me
G; fine he went back helping her with her bags
P; wait I have to lock the door
G; fine lets hurry chop chop

Back at bra's place

T; bra my hands already hurt!
B; trunks yeah right Ur a super sayjin you survive beatings from dad! You and dad I swear if don't want to do it you make up some dumb excuse
T; you and mom for god sake nag nag you always make us do something he mumbled
B; shut up
Bl; you two stop it

T; no
Bl; don't you talk back to me!
T; why I am 28
Bl; so I am still your mother
B; mom
Bl; trunks don't you disrespect me!
Bl; What!
B; just leave it alone
Bl; what don't tell me to leave it alone

Knock knock
T; come on in
G; yeah I need some help
T; with what? He said glancing up at him
G ; he opened the door with pan in his arms and the bags in the car
T; runs up taking pan in his arms looking at him what happened? He said putting her on the couch (she is knocked out)
G; ok well see we were getting some gas and she went to go pay and she slipped on some ice and we were only three miles away so I just brought her here
T; that was dumb she needs to go to a hospital he pointed out
P; will you please shut up your annoying and my headache is getting worse
T&G; pan your awake?
P; duh
T; pan do you want………………………….
B; pannnnnnnnn what happened
P; I slipped and got knocked out I guess
T; I was talking
B; so
T; haven't I been nice to you all day?
B; so
G; bra maybe you should say sorry before he
T; that's it, then he shot a ki at her but vegita jumped in front of her to block it
T; dad um……
V; trunks! Get your ass in the gravity room
T; o shit run
V; NOW!!!!
B; daddy thank you
V; humph you need to learn how to fight!
B; I love you too daddy
P; uh bra a little help
B; yeah yeah whatever do you need some aspirin?
P; no I just need help wrapping my presents too
Bl; do you girls want to help make some of the roast tonight and the cookies
B; mom? She said looking at her funny, is that a…….a hickey?
Bl ; no……………ok maybe
B ; o yeah mom and dad scored in the kitchen she dancing around
Bl ; bra shut up
B; fine talk about PMS
Bl; Shut up
T; mom do you have any Band-Aids left?
Bl ; why?
T; dad knock himself out again
Bl; what o my god she said running into the gravity room, vegita vegita, get up great now were going to have to drag him to the elevator staring at the girls in the doorway.
B; have trunks do it she looks at him and smiles
T; thanks bra sure mom I'll do it if you take her credit card away!
Bl; trunks! Stop it
T; fine he starts dragging his dad to the elevator half way there he wakes up
V; what the hell are you doing?
T; mom told me to drag you up to there bed room
V; whatever he gets up and walks away
B; look at his awesome wrapping paper
T; bra you're a dork o my god look at this rad wrapping paper he said mocking her
B; trunks I am going to kick your ass she said getting up and trying to punch him
T; Te yeah right All of the sudden her fist hit his eye and his nose twice because his head was turned and now he is on the floor and pan is laughing her ass off at him

P; nice job she said giving he a high five
T; shut up god damn that hurt
Bl; watch your mouth bulma said coming in and starts laughing
T; mom please
Bl; ok
V; Women he yelled from the kitchen
Bl; WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T; that is what I need
B; need what she said fiddling with her fingers
T; a wife hello I am 28 he pointed out
P; so she said looking up at him
T; so I need to get married he said walking off
G; yeah right
T; where have you been
G; taking a nap
T; where? No you didn't
G; didn't what
T; take a nap in my room all over my papers
G; no I took one in the guest room
T; good
G; why is your eye all swollen
B; cause I punched him
G; hahahahah good one bra he said giving her a high five
B; come on we need to wrap it's already 6:00
T; ok come on he said grabbing her by the arm if I do this for you what do I get
B; a Christmas kiss from pan!
T; ok but nothing else I have a surprise for everyone he said walking off
B; what is it tell me please
G; you guys come on
B; ok
Bl; time for dinner
On one side of the table the 3 guys were sitting and on the other the girls.
The guys were pigging out and the girls were just watching
B; that's disgusting she said breaking the silence
P; talk about it I mean I 've seen my dad eat but that is just gross
B; becareful trunks you might just get some in your mouth
Bl; yeah vegita mister oink oink
V; be quiet woman he said in between gulps
Bl; now I know I won't have enough food for Christmas!
B; mom can pan and goten stay over the whole week
Bl; I guess
B; thanks she said getting up from the table and walking away
Bl; what about your food?
B; I all of the sudden lost my appetite!
Bl; yeah I guess I did to
P; me 3
They both shoved their plates away and got up
As soon as they did all three grabbed them
P; what do you want to do since the guys pretty much destroyed the wrapping paper
B; well that's ok cause then we can go shopping for wrapping paper and Christmas clothes
P; cool
Rinnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg riiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg
Bl; yes, yes , really,that's great ok thank you bye
B; mom who was that?
Bl; hey it was Marron's mom and she said that there is a ball on Christmas and were invited soooo we have to go get three tuxedo's and three dresses and 3 dates
B; sweeeet o my god that is totally awesome
P; oh my god
They both grabbed each other's hands and jumped up and down, from all the noise three very full men walked into the room and asked what was going on.
T; a dance? We don't have any dates?
V; I don't want to go
Bl; your going and you're my date!
V; no I am not he said walking into the kitchen and over raiding the fridge
Bl; VEGITA!!! She screamed and stomped in the kitchen and started yelling at him
B; this is way to cool
P; we have no dates she looked at goten and gave him the best puppy face ever
T; ok I'll take pan and you take bra ok?
G; sure I guess
B; thank you thank you she said giving him a kiss on the cheek as he started blushing she just walked out of the room to grab her coat but it took her fifteen minutes just to pick one out that matched her shirt
T: where are you going? He said grabbing her by the coat and stopping her from walking out the door
B; hey let go she grabbed his hand, WE are going to the mall to go get the wrapping paper that YOU and GOTEN wrecked she pointed at him and turned and left then she turned around and said unless you are going to buy your tuxedos, and then she went up to trunks and slapped him on the butt. Trunks just sat there with his mouth open and watching her walk away into his pt cruiser
With his best friend cracking up laughing his ass off at him. G; I have to go to the bathroom he said walking away

At the mall
B; look at this dress, it's perfect look at the straps she said looking at it and holding it in front of her.
P; look at this one
B; oh yeah I like the ruby one that will go with the necklace I bought and the Christmas colors!
P; I'll get the dark red one she pointed out and walked over to another one here look this is perfect for bulma!! Especially since it matches her eyes
B; here I'll buy them she said grabbing all the dresses and some accessories
P; okay that is so nice of you she said looking for shoes
B; here she said to the cash register lady and handed her a 1000 dollar bill, she glanced at her watch 11:35 holy crap the mall is closing in ten lets run she grabbed pan and ran out of the store with there bags
T; where were you shopping for wedding dresses??
B; that would take us days! She said walking up to her room and closing the door on goten and trunk's faces
G; that was rude he said walking down the hall to his room hey you want to chill out for a while??
T; sure let me get my sleepwear on and I'll be down in ten

Bra's room

B: look she pointed at her bed there were dozens of bouquets of pink, yellow, red and light purple roses how sweet she said reading the card
P; what she said smelling a rose
B; there from the guys goten says he would enjoy the company of a beautiful lady on the most special night of the year
P; what did trunks say? She said grabbing the card, if the most sweetest and beautiful girl in the world would care to join me on the most perfect night that would be the greatest gift of all, o that is the sweetest she said looking up with a little twinkle in her eyes then she flung on the bed yeah that would be the most perfect night of the year.
B; you love him don't you she said sitting down next to her, yeah pan replied, I am in love with goten he is the sweetest and most handsomest person I have ever met
P; I am tired! Let's go to bed she said getting up from the bed and walking to the bathroom that connected to bra
B; ok she said walking over to her dresser

Gotens room
T; hello he said knocking on the door, and walking in. whatz up he said whispering and looking around his room. At all the pictures one of them, had goten with his arm around trunks, and trunks with his arm around bra and pan was next to goten making a funny face with Bra playing along. The next one was with just goten and bra they were hugging. Two more with him and goten, but the rest of them had the whole teen crew, Marron, Ubuu, Goten, Trunks, Bra, and Pan all of them, those were really fun times now Pan and Bra were leaving for college in the summer. Goten was going for a 6 month trip, with Trunks. Ubuu is or might ask Marron to marry him, and well everyone is leaving in the summer.
G; Lots of pictures huh? He said walking up to the one where he is hugging bra, I thought I never find these two he said pointing to one of the pictures that trunks missed
T; O cool I remember that we stole the camera and the robot took one upside down and the right way he said laughing at the picture of him, goten, and Marron smiling. Goten and trunks were toothless because they were kicking the crap out of each other earlier in the gravity room. Trunks started laughing
G; Yo out of fairy land he said and then trunks looked at the other picture it was the funniest pictured he had ever seen. It was all the girls at the beach sun tanning and the guys were going to play a joke on them and then they snuck over to them and poured water all over them. Then Ubuu snapped the picture of three very pissed girls with there hair all over there faces. Again he started laughing and goten did too. That wasn't long ago he said asking trunks.
T; no it was last summer wasn't it he said looking around. Yeah replied goten, So have you decided? He said asking like he was impatient
G; yeah I guess, he flipping onto his bed and started writing in a book
T; what is that a diary he said grabbing it from him and looking through the pages
G; give it back he grabbed for it, while trunks pulled away he punched him
T; damnit that hurt I was already hit there hit some where else!! Fuckin mother fucker!!!! He said trying to punch him
G; ow shit give it back he grabbed for it again and locked it in a chest and then the key disappeared and he just walked away and sat on the floor and snapped his finger and a laptop showed up.
T; holy shit!! How did you do that! He said pointing with his mouth open and sitting down
G; my mom taught me! He said typing away and listening to music on the laptop
T; okay he said giving him a weird look so….. you like bra?
G; like her I love her!!! He said looking up from her computer and shutting it and snapping his fingers and it disappeared
T; you know that is getting fucking annoying. He pointed out I am going to bed goodnight he said walking through the bathroom and waving his hand goodnight
G; yeah goodnight Prez, he said flopping on his bed and looking at one of the pictures that trunks missed. It was his favorite one the one of him and Bra she was hugging him and puckering up her lips and he was too.


Day 2 Tuesday

P; Bra, Bra, BRA! She yelled shaking her
B: huh What? She said lifting her head.
P; uh it's 11:00, remember your mom asked if all four of us would like to help her with the decorations. She said sitting on her bed and looking around. Hey I am bored I am going to pick out what you are going to wear okay? She told her and started walking over to her closet and picking something's out.
B; yeah sure, I don't care she said lifting up her head and laying back down, I want something a little flashy though okay, but warm. Bra got up and walked into the bathroom and took a shower, did her hair she just put it in a high ponytail, and did her makeup. She walked out in her robe, so what do you have picked out for me? She asked clapping her hands.
P; here she threw a pair of kaki flares that were really tight and then flared out really big and a white tube top. I picked out some clothes for me to wear today , it's a pair of flares and a sweatshirt.
B; no,no,no Pan a pair of jeans and a black tube top or red, but my clothes are cute she said, nice job, here she threw pan a red tube top out of her 3rd closet. I'll be back she said imitating terminator . but pan just laughed
B: so how do I look she said smiling and twirling.
P: cute as hell babe she said laughing and showing her herself, then she walked put of the room and walked right into Trunks, uh hey what's up Trunks? She said looking around
T: nothing he looked down at her clothes and started blushing he never saw her in girl stuff. I uh got to go bye pan he said giving her a quick kiss.
P: wait she said grabbing his arm, thank you for the flowers and the note. Yes I will go with you to the Christmas ball. She smiled and let go of his arm.
T: your welcome he smiled back and walked away.
G: wait Trunks don't I get a kiss? He said jokingly that really pissed him off.
B: goten! Hey are you going to hang out with us today? I mean since trunks has to work an all she said hiding behind the wall.
G: Why? he answered her curiously and lifting his eyebrow
B: uh cause see we are going to get ready for the dance an all sooo we were hoping
G no, no, no, and no! he said walking away
B; why she said stomping her feet and started whining maybe we'll see Kena?
She said in a sexy voice, he was obsessed with her, she was very very pretty, Brunette, dark eyes, and very slim.
G: NO I don't want to look like some slave he said looking back at her trying to act like he wouldn't enjoy it, but being with bra was the best thing ever.
B: please or I'll tell what you did with Paris on your 20th birthday!!! She said smiling
G: you wouldn't! he said coming more closer, he and Paris snuck off to go make out at this little cliff, but they did more than make out. One thing led to another and you know, Bra found out because Paris thought she was pregnant, and since she and Bra were sorta friends she told her what happened.
B: I would she smiled a toothy smiled and then walked into her room, Goten followed her.
G: did you get my letter? Or note? He said changing the subject, will you go with me? He asked looking around the room
B: sure I'll go with you she said turning around, and picked up her little kitty that she got when she turned 18, Vegita threw a fit and tried to kill it at first he didn't know what it was he thought it was an enemy. Then Bulma put it in his arms and it scratched him so he took it in the gravity room and tried to kill it Bra started crying and her mom yelled at him for weeks. Bra started laughing at that memory
G: Goten knew exactly what she was laughing at and he started laughing too.
B; Remember Trunk's face when he gave it to me and then dad tried to blow her up. She said between laughs
G: yeah he said laughing even harder when he stopped, he told her that he would go shopping with them if they brought some capsules.
B: then what's the point of going she said, smiling at him
G: chicks he said grinning at the thought. And then he gave he a quick kiss too and walked away to take a shower and eat
B: yeah chicks she whispered and then started petting the cat, hey Tahli she petted the cat and then put it down and fed the fish. Then she walked down stairs and said good morning to everyone, Hey mom what time do you want to come us to come home to help she said smelling the air it smelled pretty good.
BL: oh um how about 2:00 since you woke up late an all she said wiping her hands on the towel.
B: that would be because we were getting three dresses she said sticking out here tongue and walking away with her dad pulling on it and yelling at her to put it back in. DAMN dad that hurt she said whimpering and walking away an flicking him off when she left the kitchen
P: ooo what did your dad do now? She said walking down the stairs and looking at her.
B: he pulled on my tongue!! God damn that hurt to, I mean I love my dad it's just he is a pain in the ass around Christmas time. That's probably he doesn't get any from mom till Christmas eve, then in the morning he is all happy till Trunks pisses him off, they walked away laughing.
G: hey Bulma the meal was great he said walking away, he walked up to his room and took a shower and changed into a pair of baggy blue pants and a white turtle neck. He looked in the mirror Jesus I look like trunks from yesterday. He walked into pan's room, knock knock he said on the door.
P; hey come on in she said picking up a mess that she made from bringing some of the roses to her room from bra's room
G: need some help? He said picking up a rose and smelling it
P: no she said, snapping it from him, and turning back to what she was doing without noticing he was looking at her pictures she had in her room, one was her and goten. He was giving her a piggyback ride and she was laughing and she fell off. The one next to it was her and bra they were hugging and a bunch of their friends were in the picture. The one after that was her and trunks kissing well fake anyway and they couldn't stop laughing. He laughed at that one , What are you doing she asked oh she looked at him and smiled lets go she grabbed his arm and walked down the hall.
B: hey you guys ready to go? She said with a coat in her hand she started walking down stairs when there was a big boom and the whole house shook and she actually fell down the stairs. Everyone heard her yelp and her mom helped her up
BL: are you ok Bra? She said helping her up
B: DO I LOOK FINE MOM!! WHERE IS DAD I AM GOING TO KILL HIM!!!!!! She yelled stomping off Bulma walked into a 18-year-old girl cursing at her dad in every language spoken. Vegita was just standing there then he picked her up by her neck and she started choking, bulma went up to him and started crying telling him to let go of her
BL: Vegita let go you a****** your going to kill her!!! Vegita looked at bra who was crying and let go
B: she flicked him off and walked away, LETS GO she yelled and walked out of the house with two people following her, they drove away in trunk's bug. She cryed all the way to the mall
P: hey it's okay I'm sure he was just testing you, like he did to trunks
G: yeah remember when trunks called him a dick and he choked him till he passed out he was 7 years old! Well you weren't born never mind he said leaning back on the back seat.
B: I am his daughter I don't fight he can get arrested for that she cryed.
P: oh Bra! She hugged her then she climbed out of the car and they walked into the mall, Pan took her to the bathroom to clean up her make up.
B: hang on let me call trunks and my mom and then I feel a lot better okay she smiled, and walked into the bathroom and dialed trunk's work number
ST: hello this is the Capsule Corp. how may I help you?
B: hey Liana um.. can I talk to trunks it's a emergency ? she said trying not to cry
ST: sure Bra here hang on, she walked in to his office. Sir Bra is on line 2
T: o thank you Liana, hey sis what's up? Bra? What's wrong?
B: Trunks * sniff * dad tried to kill me! She cryed
T: WHAT? WHY? HOW? YOU'RE HIS FAVORITE KID, WELL HE BABIES YOU B: I know but I almost broke my leg and I got pissed and I sorta yelled at him.
T: oh that's why! He did that to me too LOTS of times.
B: okay fine thanks for the comfort! Bye!
T: wait I am kidding I'll talk to him when I get home Don't call mom. He'll brake the phone.
B: fine she said hanging up and walking outside feeling a lot better just from talking to Trunks. Hey are we gong shopping or what she said happily and started walking into hot hot hot.
G: something's up with her? He said looking at pan weird
P: yep she said checking out some guy and whispering hot to him and he walked up to her
GUY: hey aren't you pan? He said looking at her
P: yeah how did you know???
GUY: I worked for your grandpa and his wife Chichi by the way my name Kaeda He said shaking her hand, and he asked her if she wanted to go to the Christmas Ball with him.
P: uh see I am going with a friend see I am staying there for the week until Christmas, and he asked me, she told him acting all sympathetic. But the truth was she had to go with trunks this is the only time she might be able to tell him how she feels.
GUY: okay? Will you save one dance for me if I ever see you? he said looking at her
P: sure! She said and looked at her watch hey we gotta catch up! Bye she waved and dragged goten to the store.
B: Jesus, Ya think you took long enough? She said with three bags. Well I got us an app. On Sunday at 5:00 sine its starts at 5:30 and all.
P: yeah but it'll take me 3 hours to get ready she cried! Unless we go in our dresses? She knew that was exactly what she was thinking. NO Braaaaaaa! She whined! It's bad enough I have to where a dress in front of my uncle, she looked over at him talking to a bunch of girls. But in front of the whole MALL! She yelled
B: ssssshhhhhh! No we'll have are makeup and everything done but then all we'll have to do is put on are dresses and there ya go! She said putting her hands out.
Rinnnnnnnnnnngggggg her cell phone went off
B: hang on she said annoyingly, Hello she said grinning o hey Jonathon, yeah no I am so sorry I can't yep bye yep bye. She click her cell phone shut. She looked at pan and smiled. Yep the dance.
P: lets go pick out my stuff! She said walking right back in the store. That Bra had just walked out of. Oh look she said putting a pair of ruby red cloves of and bra grabbed a little crown. Don't I look cute she said.
B: yep lets buy your stuff and go she said hurrying her along into buying stuff. I'll buy it she said talking to the lady at the register. She took the eight bags that she bought for her and Pan.
G: Where have you been? He said all red in the face from laughing at one of the girls who tripped on her shoe.
B: we've been shopping like we said we would do! She snapped at him and then looked over at a bunch of hot guys from her school that had a total crush on her. Watch the expert she said, she walked right over there and sat next to them. He watched as they begged her to dance with them at the dance they even paid her! He was amazed. After she walked away "That's how you do it " she smiled and then stuck the money in her pants and walked away. Come on its 1:45 we got to go.
G; H… much money did you get he said following her.
B: 250.00 why?
G: holy shit he yelled, everyone heard him. Uh lets go he grabbed them and darted out the door.