Dangerous Love (Chapter 1)

 Overkill wakes up from his deep sleep. He feels some movement in his bed and looks over. His lips spread apart and smile. Sorrian sleeps soundly in Overkill’s bed with his thumb in his mouth. A small puddle of drool lies in the bed next to his mouth. Overkill slowly gets out of bed and makes his way to the attic door. Sorrian groans and turns over in the bed. Overkill pauses in his tracks and then seeing that the coast was clear he makes his way out of the door and down the steps. Overkill walks down the hall with only a pair of boxers on. “Kinda cold,” Overkill says then looks at the thermostat. “Sixty degrees!” Overkill says then turns the thermos up a bit. “Better,” Overkill says walking into the kitchen. He opens up the refrigerator and looks inside. Overkill bends over and looks deeper into the fridge. He digs around inside the fridge looking of any kind of food he can eat. He feels a sharp pain as a hand smacks into his backside. Overkill jumps suddenly and bangs the back of his head into the ceiling of the fridge. “Ouch!” Overkill says rubbing his head and coming out of the fridge. “Sorry couldn’t help hitting that nice firm booty,” Bra says laughing at Overkill. “Baby, you know you can hit me up anytime you want,” Overkill says smiling at Bra. Bra cocks an eyebrow at Overkill and takes a jug of orange juice out of the fridge. “You know you want me baby,” Overkill says jokingly. “Nope, I got a man,” Bra says. “That can easily be taken care of,” Overkill says smiling. Bra laughs and takes a cup out of the covert. “So how are you and Sorrian doing?” Bra asks pouring the juice into the cup. “Just fine. Every night he sneaks into my bed though. He just wont stay in his own room,” Overkill says.  “Well you’re his big brother. He feels safe around you,” Bra says. “Yeah that’s true,” Overkill says smiling. “So what’s on Trunks’ agenda for today? I was thinking me, him, Ubuu, and Goten would go cruising today sense it’s a Saturday,” Overkill says. “ I figured we could also take Sorrian to the park,” He says putting some bread into the four-slot toaster. “Oh sorry Overkill but your plans have already been derailed,” Bra says drinking some juice. “What?” Overkill says. “Well me and Marron are going to the mall and we are bringing Goten and Trunks’ to carry all our stuff,” Bra says smiling. “Well at least Ubuu is still available,” Overkill says. “Strike two! Ubuu finally asked Pan out and they are both going to the carnival,” Bra says smiling. “Dang it! All my friends are being taken out from under me!” Overkill says and takes the toast out of the toaster. “Well at least Sorrian is too young for love to stop him from hanging with his big bro!” Overkill says taking a hulking bite out of his toast. “And strike three! You’re out! Chi-chi, 18, Videl, and my mother are taking Sorrian shopping for school and everyday clothes. They are going to have that poor boy trying on every outfit in the store! Then Gokou and Vegeta are taking today to “evaluate” Sorrian, they want to get an idea how strong he is so they can help him become a Super Sayajin,” Bra says leaping onto the table and drinking her juice. Overkill collapses into a chair and blankly looks at his toast. “You even got my lil bro? Man!” Overkill says. “Now what am I going to do today?” Overkill says leaning his head on his right hand. “Well you can go on a little fly over the city! Take your mind off things and maybe work on that temper,” Bra says. “Whatever,” Overkill says standing up. “Vertell!” Sorrian’s high-pitched voice is heard. “Vertell! Vertell!” Sorrian repeats loudly. Both Overkill and Bra suddenly look up. Overkill disappears as he bolt down the hallway and up the steps to his room. He rams through the door and grabs his sword off of the ground. He unsheathes it and Stands ready to kill anything that might be remotely harmful to his little brother. Overkill relaxes and slides the sword back into the sheath. He walks over and kneels by the bed and looks at Sorrian sleeping in his bed. Sorrian has sweat all over his face and turns back and forth in the bed. “Sorrian! Help me! Please don’t leave me!” Sorrian yells loudly. “Shh… it’s ok I’m here,” Overkill says gently shaking Sorrian. Sorrian opens his large brown eyes slowly and then jerks up out of bed. Sorrian wraps his arms around Overkill’s neck and hugs him tightly. Overkill hugs back and pats Sorrian’s back. “Its ok kid I’m here now and nothing is going to harm you,” Overkill says.

 Bra leaps into the room, “Is he okay?” Bra says. “Yeah he’s fine, he’s just been having nightmares at night,” Overkill says. “Stinkin kid!” They both hear and turn around to find Vegeta in the doorway. “Chill Vegeta, he’s just a little kid after all,” Overkill says. “He is a Sayajin first and foremost he must learn to be a warrior!” Vegeta says. “Well we might as well get up and start Sorrian’s training,” Vegeta says and walks over to Overkill. Vegeta grabs Sorrian by the back of the neck and lifts him up. Sorrian cries out in pain. “Hey! Don’t do that!” Overkill yells at Vegeta. “Deal with it, like he must. He will have to learn to take pain and must learn to be strong!” Vegeta says. Vegeta hears a loud grinding sound and looks to Overkill whose teeth are mashing together and his hand slowly reaching for his sword. Vegeta laughs slightly at Overkill. “Very well if you worry about Sorrian that much I will go easy on him for his first week or so,” Vegeta says switching from holding Sorrian by his neck to holding him from his pajamas. Sorrian stops crying and wipes the tears from his eyes and just hangs from his pajamas. “Let’s go,” Vegeta says walking out the doorway. “Maybe I should go along today,” Overkill says starting to follow. “No, you wont like my methods of training and might interfere,” Vegeta says. “Don’t worry Vertell, he won’t hurt Sorrian,” Bra says. Overkill relaxes and lets Vegeta go by with Sorrian. “Well now go for the relaxing flight,” Bra says pushing Overkill. “Yeah ok I will,” Overkill says.

 Overkill gets dressed and puts on some baggy black pants with a large Fubu symbol on the back pocket. He then slides on a large white shirt that hangs loosely on him. He laces up his large Timberland boots and then brushes his hair in the mirror. “Well even though I’m going flying, it doesn’t mean that I can’t look good doing it!” Overkill says to himself smiling. Overkill walks out the entrance of the Capsule Corp building and lifts himself into the air. An energy aura surrounds him and then with a loud boom he rockets into the air. “This going to be a fun day, I’m going to make it a fun day!” Overkill thinks to himself. “Never know, I might get me a couple of phone numbers while I’m out!” Overkill thinks, smiling to himself.

 Deep underground a large missile silo lays empty and unused. It was made by the Japanese government just in case it was one day needed but has long been forgotten and abandoned. But unfortunately some one has found a use for it. A large computer lays on the ground motionless and silent. Suddenly it becomes active. The screen display words and codes at a frantic speed:
“Operation Termination…activates in 3…2…1…activate,” The computer displays on the screen.
Words and numbers speed across the screen and encoded words are seen as gibberish as the entire complex activates. The computer screen then shows a 3D image of a large muscular man.

“Model 203145 multipurpose battle android, production start,” The computer displays and then the many robots in the silo activate and start to work. They gather large piles of metal and nuts and bolts. The robots get to work screwing in the bolts and nuts. They use their claw-like hands to weld the limbs onto the frame. When the robots finish a large robot skeleton stands straight.

“Artificial blood and flesh attachments…start,” The computer “says”. A large robot arm hangs in the air from a conveyor belt and grabs hold of the skeleton. It lifts the skeleton up and then carries it through the air. The large arm lowers the robot into a large boiling vat. It pauses for a second then brings the android back up. The android is no longer a skeleton but a very human looking man. The android stands with his eyes closed. It is a tall well-toned Android with long blonde hair. “Android 20 activation in 3…2…1…activate,” The computer displays on the computer screen. The android quickly opens his eyes. It’s deep blue eyes shine in the light. “Android 20 operational,” number 20 says.

 The Computer screen then displays a long string of codes. On the far wall of the empty silo is a large tank filled with a blood red liquid. Wires go inside the tank and connect to a shady figure in the liquid. The shady figure curves and is about five and a half feet in height. The computer displays more words and codes at a split second. “Genetic soldier number 1 completely operational and ready for combat,” The computer displays on the screen.

The little black cursor on the screen blinks on and off then finally moves. “Genetic soldier number one, A.K.A Adriana, activate in 3…2…1…activate,” The computer says. The shady figure’s cold steely eyes open. The eye’s pupils are light green and have an icy glare. The several wires connected to Adriana disconnect and Adriana free floats in the red liquid. With a slight twinkle of her eye the vat of red liquid explodes and the liquid washes all over the ground. Number 20 looks over to Adriana as she walks over to him. They say nothing to each other and just look to the computer screen. “Mission objective…searching…” The computer stops and searches through its memory banks to find their mission. “Mission objective, main objective…Kill Gokou, Vegeta, and the rest of their friends and family,” The computer displays. Android 20 smiles and then walks away and picks out his clothes from a large pile on the ground. Adriana also does the same. They both look to each other and nod. The ground explodes as Android 20 and Adriana blast out and fly through the air. “What do we do first?” Android 20 asks Adriana. “Well…” Adriana thinks to herself. “We locate the targets and eliminate one by one,” Adriana says. “But from the computers backup files they are very powerful warriors and we should take precautions,” Android 20 says. “Good idea,” Adriana says. “They have no knowledge of us right now, we should use that to our advantage,” Adriana says landing on the ground. 20 lands next to her and crosses his arms.

 Adriana sits on a rock with her long black hair waving in the wind. Her caramel skin starts to sweat under the heat of the sun. Her soft silky skin is gently caressed by he cool passing wind. Her perfectly curved hips are squeezed by her tight blue jeans and her large chest is suffocated by a very tight tank top. She looks down at her clothing and frowns. “Why couldn’t the creator have left some better clothing for me to wear?” Adriana says. “I look like a country whore in this outfit,” Adriana says. “Suites you,” 20 says smiling. “Shut up Blondie,” Adriana snaps. 20 ignores her and just looks into the air. His long shoulder length hair flies in the wind also. He wears some baggy blue jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt. His toned arm muscles flex as he crosses his arms. His cream colored skin starts to tan under the sun’s heat. His baby blue eye twitches and an arrow appears in his pupil. “Sensors picking up a powerful energy level!” 20 says looking into the air. An image of an arrow appears in Adriana’s right eye also. “There!” Adriana says pointing into the air. Overkill flies overhead and doesn’t notice the two below him. Numbers appear next to the arrows and go up. “Power level is high…about twenty…twenty eight million, I bet he can get a lot higher though,” 20 says smiling. “Can’t compare to us though,” Adriana says. “He’s black, can’t be an offspring of Gokou or Vegeta, must be a rarely powerful human,” 20 says intrigued. “No, not human. He has a tail, he’s Sayajin!” Adriana says. “Interesting,” 20 says. The arrow in 20’s eye points a different direction. “More powers, two of them, very strong, one is almost as strong as this one,” 20 says. “I have a plan,” Adriana says smiling. “I will become friends with this one and you investigate the other two powers. Do not attack them but befriend them, we can do more damage from the inside instead of the out,” Adriana says. “Good idea Adriana, I’ll be seeing you then,” 20 says then disappears.

 Overkill flies through the air, smiling at the cool breeze in his face. He looks down at the ground a large green field with a few select trees scattered about. “I’m glad Bra suggested this!” Overkill says swooping low to the ground. He flies over a prairie dog and scares it into its hole. Overkill laughs and flies back up into the sky. Overkill does barrel rolls in the air and smiles. He closes his eyes and just flies through the air feeling the wind in his face. This ends as he feels himself collide headfirst with something. “Hey jerk! Watch where you’re going!” Overkill hears and opens his eyes. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…” Overkill says then stops, as he is struck speechless by this angel’s appearance. Adriana floats in the air with her arms crossed and with a sour look on her face. “I’m…sorry miss,” Overkill says with his eyes constantly looking Adriana up and down, over and over again. “It’s okay sexy,” Adriana says smiling and flashing her pearly white teeth. She flies up to him and lays her left hand on Overkill’s chest. “Ooh you work out a lot don’t you? I can tell,” Adriana says. Overkill is struck speechless and says nothing. “You can fly,” Overkill finally says as that obvious fact finally hits him as he looks down and sees the ground far below. “Yeah I know,” Adriana says. “So sexy, where you going?” Adriana says holding onto Overkill’s arm and leaning her head on his shoulder. “Nowhere really just goin for a fly,” Overkill says. “Mind if I tag along? I’m good company,” Adriana says smiling at Overkill. Overkill is held captive by Adriana’s deep green eyes. “Yeah no problem,” Overkill says smiling back at Adriana. Overkill and Adriana fly off and over the horizon.

 Goten and Bra walk hand in hand through the mall. They smile at each other and Bra leans up against Goten as they walk. Behind them Trunks’ and Marron walk next to each other. Their relationship is off and on. They go out every once and a while but was never that serious. Trunks’ smiles at Marron and she smiles back. Trunks’ looks deep into her eyes and makes a kissing motion with his lips. Marron laughs at him and hits his arm. “Quit playing,” Marron says. “Baby you know I can’t control myself around you, you sexy, sexy thang,” Trunks’ says joking around. Marron can’t help but laugh again. Trunks’ isn’t usually as entertaining around girls but around Marron he feels free to act himself. Marron and Trunks’ continue walk along behind Bra and Goten. Marron bumps her hip into Trunks’ side and smiles at him. “You look good in that jacket,” Marron says, “It’s Overkill’s isn’t it?”

“Yeah, he’s letting me wear it today, I like it,” Trunks’ says looking at Overkill’s black leather sleeveless trench coat. “No wonder I can’t sense you, I was wondering about that,” Marron says. “Yeah, maybe I should get one of these jackets too,” Trunks’ says. “Maybe you should, you look so sexy in that,” Marron says smiling slyly at Trunks’. Trunks’ smiles back at her. “So?” Trunks’ says looking down at Marron. “So what?” Marron says. “Do you want to try and make our relationship work? I mean, you know, just see each other?” Trunks’ says nervously. Marron smiles and turns her head away, playing like she’s thinking real hard. “I dunno I mean you do still live with your parents,” Marron says smiling. “Somehow I knew you were going to throw that in my face,” Trunks’ says. “You may be a scrub, but you’re a cute scrub,” Marron says laughing. “You know you’re not making me feel any better,” Trunks’ says frowning. Trunks’ hangs his head and looks away from Marron. “Aw, don’t be like that!” Marron says then wraps her arms around Trunks’ neck. “You know I want to be your girlfriend, I’ve just been waiting for you to finally ask me,” Marron says smiling then kisses Trunks’ softly on the lips. Trunks’ smiles and kisses back. They embrace and kiss each other not caring who is around. “Ew! Nasty! Girl, are you all right? I heard his breath could kill a horse!” Bra says mocking them. Trunks’ and Marron stop kissing and Trunks’ flashes a cold look at Bra. “Back off big bro, my man can take you any day!” Bra says jokingly. Goten stands in front of Bra and flexes. Marron laughs and Trunks’ walks up to Goten. “So you think you can take me?” Trunks’ says smiling in Goten’s face. Goten smiles back slyly. “Any day any time punk!” Goten says laughing. Trunks’ reacts quickly and puts Goten in a headlock. “Who’s going to take me huh?” Trunks’ says holding onto Goten’s head. Goten smiles and lifts Trunks’ up still in the headlock. “Uh oh!” Trunks’ says. Marron and Bra can’t help but laugh as Trunks’ and Goten wrestle on the ground.

 Ubuu sits next to Pan on the horse drawn carriage he had rented for the day. Pan sits on her side and smiles, watching the city go by. The carriage stops in front of a large building. Ubuu gets out and helps Pan down from the carriage. “Thanks Ubuu,” Pan says. Ubuu pays the carriage driver and he pulls away. Ubuu leads Pan inside the building and has her cover her eyes. Ubuu leads the now blind Pan through the double doors and through another pair of doors. Pan notices the air around her grows cold and the sound of many people fills the air. “Ok now you can open your eyes,” Ubuu says. “Pan opens her eyes and smiles as she sees a skating rink in front of her. Ubuu hands her a pair of skates and she takes it. Pan puts on the skates and sees that Ubuu already has his on. Ubuu leads Pan onto the ice. They skate together hand in hand and smile at each other. Unfortunately while smiling at each other neither notice a large notch in the ice. Ubuu’s skate hits the notch and Ubuu falls to the ice. Sliding on the ice Ubuu’s leg trips Pan and she lands on the ice on her backside. “Ouch!” Pan says rubbing her butt. She frowns as she sees Ubuu laughing at her. “Not funny!” Pan says. Ubuu slowly gets up to his feet and smiles down at her. “I’m sorry,” Ubuu says still snickering at Pan. He holds out his hand for her to take. Pan grabs Ubuu’s hand and starts to let her be pulled up by Ubuu. She smiles slyly and then pulls hard on Ubuu hand. Ubuu trips on the ice and lands on his back. He just lies there on the ice then turns to Pan sticking his tongue out like he is dead. Pan laughs and Ubuu starts to laugh also. They both get up and then skate as fast as they can. They race around the ice rink and jump and dive over and under the other skaters. Pan does a quick 180 spin and skates backwards. Ubuu smiles at her and then increases his speed. He turns in towards the middle of the rink and then leaps into the air spinning. He turns around twice in the air then lands on one skate and poses like an Olympic skater. Pan stops and claps smiling. “Pretty good Ubuu, you’re very graceful for a student of Grandpa Gokou,” Pan says smiling. “That’s not even my best move,” Ubuu says laughing. “Really? Show me more then,” Pan says smiling and crossing her arms. Ubuu starts to skate quickly around the rink gaining speed. He comes around a tight corner and then leaps forward. He puts down his hands and then flips forward. He front flips over and over again and then does a couple of cartwheels on the ice. He then flips again and his skates hit the ice. Ubuu pumps his legs and is flung into the air. Pan’s mouth hangs over and watches Ubuu high in the air. Ubuu back flips in the air with his head tucked into his chest. He comes back down and lands on the ice. The force of the landing was so powerful that the blades of his ice skates bury deep into the ice and the motion he had before he landed works against him. Ubuu flies out of the skates and slides on the ice. Ubuu closes his eyes as he suddenly crashes into the ice rink’s barrier. Pan skates over on the ice and kneels down next to Ubuu. “Are you okay?” Pan asks worried. Ubuu pulls his head out of the barrier wall and smiles stupidly at Pan. “Messed up my hair but I’m okay,” Ubuu says smiling.

 “How stupid can a person be?” Android 20 says sneering down at Ubuu. Pan stands up and looks to Android 20 who is floating in the air above the rink. “Who are you and how dare you insult my friend?” Pan says crossing her arms. “You, you’re a spawn of Gokou aren’t you? You have the look of one of his clan,” Android 20 says. “I am Gokou’s granddaughter,” Pan says, “How do you know about my Granddad?” Pan says looking at Android 20. “That is nothing you need to know about little girl,” Android 20 says sneering at Pan. “Back off man, we don’t want any trouble,” Ubuu says standing up next to Pan. “Was I speaking to you? Stay out of this!” Android 20 says crossing his arms and tilting his head. Ubuu clinches his fists and grits his teeth. “Oh the little man wants to fight now,” Android 20 says smiling and holding up the palm of his hand.

Ubuu steps forward about to battle with the challenger but Pan steps in front of him and leaps into the air at Android 20. Pan swings her fist at him but Android 20 ducks under it and knees Pan in the stomach. Pan falls to the ground and hits the ice. Android 20 smiles down at her and then he looks up to find Ubuu in the air with his leg pulled all the way back. 20’s smile leaves him as Ubuu’s foot collides with 20’s head. 20 goes flying out through the rink’s roof and lands outside on the grass. Ubuu flies out through the hole in the roof and swoops down on Android 20. Android 20 gets to his feet and takes Ubuu’s punch. Android 20 smiles, as Ubuu’s punch has no effect on him. Android 20 smiles as he pulls his fist back. Ubuu gets into his fighting stance and gets ready. Pan appears behind Android 20 and rams her knee into Android’s back. Android 20 yells in pain then feels Pan’s elbow jams into his throat. He hits the ground and then flips over and jumps into the air. Ubuu is right behind him with his fist held back and ready to strike down at the Android. Android 20 throws his arms forward and an invisible force hits Ubuu and sends him crashing into the ground. Pan appears above 20 and smashes her elbow into 20’s head. 20 plummets through the air and hits the ground. Android 20 flips in the air and lands on his feet, looking up at Pan. Pan pulls her hands behind her and cups them. A large energy ball forms in her hands and grows largely. 20 just stands still and looks up at the energy being produced. “Kamehameha!” Pan says as the blast leaves her hands and flies at Android 20. Android 20 refuses to move and stands still. The blast hits and explodes on him. The blast is huge and the shock waves cause Pan to back away. Ubuu gets up to his feet and looks at the large crater in the ground. Ubuu slowly walks towards the hole and looks over the edge. Ubuu backs away suddenly as Android 20 leaps into his face. “You two thought that would kill me?” Android 20 says landing outside the crater and looking at Ubuu crossly. Ubuu backs away slowly ready to attack. Pan fires another energy blast down at Android 20 from behind. The blast comes closer and closer growing larger and larger behind him. Android 20 smiles then spins around and holds up his right hand and deflects the blast and sends it right back at her. Pan ducks out of the way as the blast goes by. Android 20 smiles slyly at Pan and powers up and an energy aura surrounds him. Ubuu gets into a fighting stance and then leaps at Android 20. Ubuu sends his knee flying towards the back of 20’s head. Unfortunately 20 turns around and catches Ubuu’s knee before it reaches his head. “Too slow my friend,” 20 says then backhands Ubuu away. Ubuu flips through the air then lands on his feet. Ubuu looks crossly at Android 20 and then disappears. Ubuu appears again beside Pan and they both look down at Android 20. “Guy’s real strong we can’t beat him alone,” Ubuu says. “No duh,” Pan exclaims sarcastically. Android 20 flies up into the air and looks at the to fighters smiling. “This has been fun but I have business to take care of,” Android 20 says and an energy aura surrounds him. “Pan,” Ubuu whispers into Pan’s ear, “Remember that move Tien taught us? The SF?”

“Yeah?” Pan whispers back not taking her eyes off of Android 20. “Well we are going to need it to get out of here,” Ubuu says looking at Android 20. “Gotcha,” Pan says. “Give my respects to my creator Dr. Wheelo, when you see him in the other dimension!” Android 20 yells getting into a fighting stance. “Dr. Wheelo?” Pan says to herself. Android 20 powers up and then rockets at Ubuu and Pan. “Get ready,” Ubuu says as Android 20 comes closer to them. “Now!” Ubuu yells as both he and Pan put their hands in front of their face then spread out their fingers. “Solar Flare!” They both yell and a blazing light flashes and blinds Android 20. “AARGHH!” Android 20 yells and holds his hands in front of his face. Android 20 floats in the air covering his face and screaming as loud as he can. Ubuu rockets out of the area pulling Pan right behind him. He rockets off with Pan into the distance and disappears. The light finally fades from Android 20’s eyes and he finally removes his hands. “Stinkin tricksters!” Android 20 says looking around. He sees no one and then flies away cursing loudly.

 Overkill sits across from Adriana at a small table out side a café. Adriana eats a banana split and smiles largely. “You seem to be enjoying that ice cream,” Overkill says smiling at Adriana. “Well this is the first time I’ve ever had this before, it is very good,” Adriana says in between spoonfuls. Adriana goes back to eating her ice cream and Overkill leans in on the table and just stares at her. She finishes her ice cream and sits back in her chair. “So what now?” Adriana asks Overkill. “You want another banana split?” Overkill asks. Adriana smiles and then nods her head. “Ok then I’ll go get you one then,” Overkill says then stands up and walks inside the café. The smile escapes Adriana’s face and she ducks behind the table. She pulls a small cell phone out of her pocket and flips down the receiver. She dials in a number and the phone of Android 20 rings loudly. Android 20 pulls his phone out of his pocket and flips down the receiver. “Hello? Who is this?” Android 20 asks. “Idiot! Who the heck would it be?” Adriana yells into the phone. “Calm down woman, what do you want?” Android 20 says. “I’ve made friends with one of them, I think he trusts me,” Adriana says. “How is everything at your end?”

“Bad, I attempted to destroy two of them, and I would have accept they did some thing and escaped,” Android 20 says then quickly holds the phone away from his ear as Adriana yells loudly into it. “You stupid son-of-a…” Adriana starts to yell then stops as Overkill sticks his head out of the café entrance. “You want nuts on that?” Overkill asks. Adriana puts on a large fake smile and cheerfully replies. “No thanks,” She says. Overkill smiles and goes back inside. The smile goes away as fast as it appeared. “Listen you idiot! I’ll continue to fool this gullible sucker but you have to stay low because now all of the dragonball gang is going to be looking for you!” Adriana yells in a whisper but the intensity of the words is easily heard. “Right! 20 out!” Android 20 says the hangs up. “Stupid whore,” he says aloud.

 Overkill comes back with a banana split in his hands and lays it down before Adriana. “So Adriana…” Overkill starts. “Call me Addy,” Adriana says. “Ok Addy… how are you able to fly? I can feel that you are very powerful also,” Overkill asks. “Well I’m…just,” Adriana gets an idea and breaks down crying. She buries her face in her hands and cries loudly. “What’s wrong?” Overkill says getting up then walks over to her and puts his right hand on her back. “Addy what’s wrong?” Overkill asks sympathetically. Adriana stops crying then wraps her arms around Overkill’s neck and cries with her face shoved into Overkill’s chest. “You are so nice and I need help! I hope you can help me!” Adriana says in between sobs. “Help? How can I help you? Tell me what’s wrong,” Overkill says hugging Adriana. Adriana smiles wickedly without Overkill seeing it. She pulls away from him and hides the smile. “My…my family was killed by this crazy guy. He’s very powerful!” Adriana starts. Overkill listens closely. “After he killed my family he came after me but I got away and escaped here. But he followed me and is hunting me down right now! I need your help Overkill! If you don’t help me, he will kill me!” Adriana says then hugs onto Overkill’s waist tightly. “Don’t worry…I wont let anyone hurt you!” Overkill says hugging onto Adriana. “Thank you,” Adriana says in a weak voice, but secretly smiling. “Here come with me I will take you to meet the others. Don’t worry you now have the most powerful fighters in the universe on your side and no one will ever hurt you again,” Overkill says then flies into the air with Adriana flying by his side. They blast through the air together. Adriana, unknowingly to Overkill, smiles evilly.


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