Trunks:Look Sasuke,why can't I be in the Diary Hunter RPG club of yours?
Sasuke:You haven't passed the tests Trunks Briefs.
Trunks:What tests?!
Sasuke:Look,meet me afterschool and we'll determine it all,okay?


Trunks:Okay,am I in the club?
Sasuke:What do you say guys?Ryu?Mashima?
Ryu:He's got to pass the tests.
Mashima:Come,Trunks.We shall take you to the initiation area.

(The three boys walked into the woods and stopped at an empty area surrounded by trees.There were a few stumps there and Trunks was told to sit at the front stump.)

Trunks:This is your clubhouse?!
Mashima:Of course no,fool!This is the training and initiation center.To be a diary hunter you have three tasks to complete to become half complete,as a diary hunter.
Trunks:So,what are the first three tasks?
Sasuke: ::whispers something into his ear::
Trunks:Whoa!That is so easy!

(All Trunks had to do for the first task was name 50 RPG's.The second task was to play two different RPG's and beat the first level in a certain amount of time.The last task was to beat Ryu in a "Magic The Gathering"(very fun card game)match.)

Sasuke:You are now Diary Hunter/Trunks/1/2.After you complete this last task your defenitly in the club as an official Diary Hunter RPGer.
Mashima:You must retrieve three diaries of girls.
Trunks:What?!I can't do that.It's wrong.
Sasuke:We've all done it.If you don't do it,your not in the club.This is your ONLY chance.
Trunks:Okay!Fine!I'll do it.....I'll.....retrieve the diaries.


Trunks:Okay.....now who's diary should I get first?Who should my targets be?Okay...I'll put Anzel's sis,Botan on the list.Then I'll put bratface.....and last but not least...Yoko Kisomaki.


Trunks:Hey Anzel.....mind if I come in?
Anzel:Sure...what're you up to?
Trunks:Up to what?Heh heh ^_^;;
Anzel:I can feel some kinda nervous vibe coming from you.I don't know how,but I can just feel it.
Trunks: ::explains everything to Anzel::
Anzel:So....you want to be in this club really badly,eh?Does it include reading the diaries?
Trunks:I seriously don't know....they did'nt say anything about it.
Anzel:.........nah...I should'nt say....your concience will tell you.By the way....why'd you start the hunt this late at night?Everyone in my family is already asleep.
Trunks:Why aren't you asleep?
Anzel:Tubby(the Izumi's FAT FAT cat)got hungry,as usual.
Trunks:Well,I'll head toward Botan's room. ::comes to Botan's door and slowly opens it and gasps to notice all the cats in her room::Damn!That's a lotta cat...I've always wondered how many they've had in all.::quietly tiptoes into the room like a ballerina and spots her diary on the bookshelf::That thing right there's probably it!What a stupid place to hide it.::tip toes over and grabs her diary,then suddenly he wakes up all of the cats::EEP!Dammit!shoo!shoo!Go away!
Trunks:eep!okay okay....nice kitty.....nice kitty.....
All the cats: HISS! HISS!
Botan: huh?Claybore?Is that you?I already fed you?
Trunks: Shit!They're looking at me!If I go to the door she'll see me and I'll get caught.But I'm near the window....I guess it isn't that long of a drop.::quietly opens the window and jumps out and hits the ground::YES!I got it!::runs into the woods::YEAH BABY!!::suddenly bumps into something fuzzy and big::
Trunks: ::notices the creature is a bear and starts to run and gets chased::Shoo!I did'nt do nothing! SHOO!!::bear bites off his pant leg and Trunks' boxer undies are showing but he manages to get away,limping::


Trunks:Today,it's the house of bratface.This should be a piece of cake! ::sneaks into the Kame House threw the window and heads for Marrons room::I knew this would be a piece of cake.::sees Marron Diary in the toy chest and takes it::Yeah! ::sneaks outta the room and dives back into the water:: ::while Trunks is swimming in the water he is being followed.............. ....................................................by a shark!Trunks swims for his life and again gets his pants ripped::


(For the last diary to collect,Trunks decided to wear a skimask to hide his identity in order to not get caught)

Trunks:This oughta do it.Yoko can actually be tricky sometimes.So.....this is my last destination. ::climbs up the fence to Yoko's room and he keeps falling down::DAMN!How am I supposed to get up there-wait a minute.DOH!I'm the stupidest person that ever existed.I did most of this for nothing! I could of flew into Botan's and Marron's room and across the ocean to Kame Island.Oh well...that was then,this is now. ::flys into Yoko's room:: Hmm......Yoko isn't in here....I wonder where she is?
Yoko:I just read your letter.......it said that you'll be gone for a while...everything was gettin better.. ::continues humming the tune::
Trunks:Yikes!She's comin! ::hides under her bed::
Yoko:You think your special....you do.....I can see it in your aaa-a-eyes.....I can see it when you laugh at me.....look down on me.....and walk around on me.....
Trunks:I like that song....
Yoko:Now,to write in my precious diary.
Trunks: Thank the lord!

(Yoko presses a button,behind her bed and a secret room opens up at the end of her closet.Trunks is amazed.Yoko goes inside and Trunks follows hiding behind some of the stuff.About ten minutes later,Yoko was finished writing in her diary.While she was heading for the exit Trunks ran up to grab it when Yoko heard his footsteps and turned around.)

Yoko:GASP!A diary hunter!!
Yoko:How dare you!Who are you?!What're you doing here!
Trunks: .............
Yoko: eep!That's it.....your a criminal and I got to beat you up and report you.
Trunks: ::gets in positiion::

(The battle engaged and both of them got ready to spar.Trunks tried to sweep Yoko but she jumped and spinkicked his face.Trunks fell backward and while he was still down Yoko tried to kick him but Trunks rolled the other way around and hopped back up.He tried to attack Yoko with a strong punch but she counterattacked,jabbing him in the stomach.Trunks jumped backward flying up in the air and charging up.An aura of light appeared around his body and he formed his energy into a ball.)

(The ki blast hit Yoko down to the ground.While she was on the floor Trunks raced over,grabbed her diary and jumped out the window panicing.He did'nt land anywhere new....except for the neighbors yard.Trunks was,again,in a pickle,for Yoko's neighbors had a ferocious dog who ripped off one of Trunks' pant legs off.)


Sasuke:You have retrieved all three diaries?Impressive.
Mashima:(looks impressed)I did'nt think you had it in you,Trunks.
Ryu:Fine job.....and in three days.It'd take most guys more than a week and they still could'nt retrieve at least one.
Sasuke:Well....Trunks is now a Diary Hunter RPGer.Now,to celebrate his victory,we shall read the diary's aloud.Starting with that hottie Yoko Kisomaki.Wonder if she likes me ::starts to laugh like Beavis::
Trunks:UGH!I thought we did'nt have to read them aloud.That isn't good and I won't let you bud into Yoko's privacy cause she's one of my best friends!::snatches the diary away::
Sasuke:Give that back!
Mashima:If you don't your not a club member anymore!
Trunks:When it comes to good friends like Yoko you can't do things like this!In fact,now....I don't really give a crap! ::walks off carrying the diaries then stops::Oh yeah,you can read the diary of bratface.::walks off::

(For the next two days Trunks returned the diary's mysteriously without them knowing he did it.Trunks did feel a lot better and later on forgot the whole thing ever happened.Meanwhile...)

Marron:Daddy!Mommy!I still can't find my diary!!Whoever has it bettergive it back!!


Sasuke:What should we do with this crappy thing.
Ryu:Let's burn it.
Mashima:Yeah.....like to see it turn to ashes then we can experiment.::laughs like butt-head::


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