Part 1: Losing Myself (Trunks 2 Gohan)

Hey Gohan, it's me again, but you probably knew,
I hope that you're happy, Gohan,
And that things are going well for you.

Because, Gohan, I'm not doing so well,
Without you here, Gohan,
My life's a living hell.

I am always alone, thinking to myself,
I mostly sit around all day, Gohan,
Like a faded picture on the shelf.

I'm scared, Gohan, I wish you would have known,
That ever since you died and left me, Gohan,
I've been so alone.

Mom is scared for me, I can see it in her eyes,
She is always awake at night, Gohan,
Sometimes even cries.

Everyday goes by so slow, Gohan, hours are like days,
I'm living in a nightmare, Gohan,
Because now I know this isn't just a phase.

I'm very lonely Gohan, I thought you were my friend,
But you left me, Gohan,
When I thought you'd be with me until the end.

I'm pretty young, Gohan, I just turned twenty five,
But my heart breaks so much, Gohan,
I'm suprised I'm still alive.

Well, it's time to leave now Gohan, I see mom with the car
Goodbye Gohan, I miss you friend,
And I wish you weren't so far,
So I could wake up from this nightmare, and make it end.

Part 2: Not That Far Away (Gohan 2 Trunks)

Hey there, Trunks, I'm doing just fine today,
But Trunks, when I look at how you live your life,
I can see that you're just throwing it away.

What's the matter with you, I taught you to be strong,
But when I look at how you're living, Trunks,
Well, you're just doing it all wrong.

You act like you're alone and get a broken heart,
Can't you see that your mother is with you, Trunks?
You aren't being very smart.

Sometimes I see you, Trunks, when you go off and fly,
Spending your time running off to think, are you Trunks?
That's no way to pass time by.

Go into town, for Kami's sake, go on a date!
If you don't do something soon, kid,
You'll ruin your fate.

Days are precious, Trunks, and you're letting yours go to waste,
You think that you're alone, do you Trunks?
Quit thinking in haste.

Every day you can start brand-new, so just forget about the past!
You may think that time goes by too slow, Trunks,
But for you it's going fast.

Because you're not just wrecking your life, but also your soul,
You sit around in sorrow, Trunks,
And your heart is no longer whole.

When I died, Trunks, I wish that you knew
I did it for the Earth, Trunks, and I"m not far away,
Because I'll always be with you,
No matter what you say.

Author: Hotaru (Homepage)
HaRUko^: *sniffles* That was lovely....~^_^~

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