The Clue Story
By KrilinMGG

It was a beautiful day, the sun shining, and the birds singing. And well, Kuririn was sleeping. Juuhachigou sat alone in the kitchen, she
sighed, and folded her arms. She had been waking up for the last two months, she didn't know why. As she looked at the little clock on the table,
then at the little mug, then at the wall clock, she sighed again. Some steps made her jump off the chair, standing right in front of the table, trying to cover what was on it. Marron walked slowly at her, looking at her sides, trying to see what was behind Juuhachigou. "H-h-hello Marron!" Her mother said smiling, nervously. Marron frowned, and when she was opening her mouth to say something, something sounded behind her mother. "What was that?" Marron asked yawning. "Uh... a... um... an alarm" Juuhachigou answered to her 13-years old daughter. Nervously, Juuhachigou turned around, grabbed a white, flat stick that had been under some yellow 'water', and looked at the blue mark on it. She smiled, and screamed, hugging her daughter, and running to her bedroom. "Kuririn!!!" She yelled. Kuririn woke up, and stared at Juuhachigou. She was screaming and talking at the same time. "IKNEWIT, IKNEWIT! NOWWE'LL HAVETOBUYALOT OFSTUFF ANDWE'LLHAVETOMAKEANOTHERROOM!" Kuririn, who had lost his temper, cut off Juuhachigou. Marron was just staring at them. "JUUHACHIGOU, SHUT UP!!!" Kuririn yelled. She quieted down, and started crying. Kuririn blinked, and looked at his daughter. "Ok, ok... I'm sorry! But why were you yelling?" He asked softly. Juuhachigou sniffed, and said something, but nobody heard what she said. "Mom, I didn't hear you... Can you say that again?" Marron asked, impatiently. Kuririn walked towards his wife, and seated her on the bed. "What is it?" He said whispering at her. Then, she whispered at him something. He smiled the wider smile he could even done. Well, that was like the one he did when Marron was born.

Well, they didn't tell anything to Marron. But they called everyone, and invited them to a party... Guess what's happening....

Bulma, Vegeta, Trunks, Bra, Gokou, Chichi, Gohan, Goten, Uub, Pan, Videl, Yamcha, and even Piccolo and Dende were invited. When everyone was sited at a large table, outside Kame House, Kuririn seated up and told everybody to shut up. "PEOPLE! You're guessing why have I called you! Well, there's no easy way for me to say this... Every one of you are my friends and family! Each one of you, have been 'something' in my life. Wife, daughter, best friends, friends, allies, enemies. I wouldn't have a life without you guys..." He said, grinning his Gokou-grin. Roshi was very impatient, so he was the one who broke silence. "So?" "The reason why I gathered you here... is that..." He took a deep breath. "... I'm gonna be a father again!" Everyone stared at him, and at Juuhachigou. Marron yelled like if she were nuts. "I'M GONNA HAVE A LITTLE SISTER?!!!" Kuririn didn't knew how to take it. So he nodded and corrected. "I dunno what it's gonna be..." Marron hugged her dad and then her mom.
Later, everyone clapped and celebrated a great party. Then, they went to their home. For Kuririn and Juuhachigou, they stood up all night, kissing, kissing and talking.


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