by Marron

Author's Note: Trunks and Marron have been going out for about 2 years when this occurs and Bra and Goten have been going out for about a year and a half.
The phone began to ring right as Trunks and Marron walked into Marron's apartment. They had just returned
from a romantic dinner.

"Make yourself comfortable." she told him.

He sprawled out across her couch and watched as she answered the call.


"Hey. How was the date? The butt do anything to embarrassing to you or himself?"

"Naw. It was great. How was your dinner with Goten?"

"Wonderful. Hey you doing anything for the next 2 hours?" Bra asked her friend.

"I don't know. I don't think so, let me check." Marron put her hand over the mouth piece.

"Honey, are we planning to do anything?"

"No." Trunks said sitting up and patting the couch next to him.

"He says we aren't. Why what do you have in mind?" Marron said walking over to where he patted and sat
down. He started to rub her shoulders.

"Well, I thought we could go catch that movie. You know the one the guys don't want to see."

"Hey. That would be great! You want me to pick you up?" Marron asked. Trunks gave her a questionable look.


"I'll be there in 10. See ya. Bye."


Marron hung up. "We're going to the movies to see the 'crazy movie' you and Goten both
don't want to see."

"But..." Trunks started.

"But what? You said it was ok and I don't want to tell her you changed your mind. I mean we haven't
seen each other in a while, but you and Goten have been spending more time around each other."

"I know." Trunks said regretting everything but most of all the fact her was going to let her go.

"You can do what ever or stay here as long as it doesn't involve other females. Hey, why don't you
invite Goten over."

He looked at her with puppy dog eyes. "Fine. But I'll be waiting for you."

"Alright." she cooed into his ear. She grabbed her phone, car keys, and purse then kissed Trunks good-bye and ran
out of her house.

She sped down to Bra's huge apartment. Bra was outside waiting when Marron pulled up. She jumped in.

"I didn't know Trunks had a red convertible."

"He doesn't." Marron told her friend. "It's mine. Dad bought it. How? I have no idea."

They laughed and joked till they go to the mall. Marron bought both tickets then they ran inside and got into the
concession stand line.

"I'll buy you what ever you want. My treat." Marron told Bra.

"When did you come into the cash?"

"I can get how ever much I need from your brother but I also have a job."

They ordered 2 popcorns and 2 cokes then ran to the movie. It wasn't till half way through
they realized they forgot their drinks at the counter.

"You stay here and fill me in. I'll go get them." Marron said standing up. She ran to the back of the theater
and was opening the door when it hit someone.

"Oh I am so sorry." she looked up at the person. "Trunks! What are you doing here? And you too Goten?"

"We saw the previews and cracked up and decided to would be a hilarious movie to see." Goten told her.

"And where are you going hotstuff?" Trunks asked his girlfriend.

"We left out coke's out on the counter and I was going to go get them."

"Oh, the guy was looking for you. These are them."

"Thanks. Come on. Let's go sit down." Marron led the guys to where she and Bra were sitting.

"Bra guess who I found?"

"Who?" she asked, still watching the movie.

Trunks pushed his friend into the row.

"Goten!" Bra quietly shrieked.

"Hi baby." he said sitting down next to her. She began to fill him in on everything that he had missed.

Trunks and Marron sat down, and Marron cuddled up to him. He wrapped his arm around her.

"You want some popcorn or coke?" she offered.

"Naw. It's yours."

"Honey, we just got back from dinner. I have a normal human stomach whereas you have that Sayajin stomach."

"Well, since you insist." he ate the rest of her popcorn and only had a couple swallows of coke. He handed it back to
her and she shook it to see how much was left. She heard only a single 'clunk'. She took off the top
and looked in. She pulled out a small diamond ring.


He looked down at her. "Oh. You found it. Let's go outside." he pulled her out of hte theater and sat her down
on a bench. They waited there for a few minutes and were then followed by Goten and Bra, her eyes huge and
hands shaking. Together Trunks and Goten got down on one knee and proposed, sliding the sticky rings on Marron
and Bra's fingers. The two of them looked at each other, both were red faced, crying, and shaking.

"Only if we can have a double wedding." they said in unison.

It was now Goten and Trunks' turn to look at each other.

"Of Course."

Both Marron and Bra said yes and then they kissed and headed home to tell everybody the good news, even though
they all knew that Vegeta wouldn't like to know that he was now going to be indirectly related to not only
Krillin, but also Kakarot.

HaRUko: Okey. I know this is a very short fic which you only took less than 5 minutes to finish it ^_~. But honostly, it's very romantic and cute and touching and....AAH! I could just go on until forever!! (O_O). Girls, as soon as you finished reading this story, tell your boyfriend to do the same thing as Trunks and Goten did! If they won't, DUMP THEM! I would..hehe. Kidding ^_^" 
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