New Found Love
by Jennie

Author's Note: I do not own DB/DBZ/DBGT. Please don't sue me. I onlyget $5 allowance a week!^_^

"AHHH!" Marron screamed. She tripped and fell in the rain. Her clothes were soaking wet as she tried to make it home in time.

"I wish I can fly!" she said. She leaped up to try to fly home but a flash of lightning striked and she fell back down.

"What's the use?" she moaned and continued walking home. She turned the corner and tripped again. Rain stopped falling on her head. She looked up. There stood Trunks, holding an umbrella over her head, smiling.

"Need a hand?" he said. Marron blushed and looked up at him with starry eyes. He held his hand out, and Marron accepted it.

"What are you doing in the rain, Trunks?" she asked. He looked at her, suprised. Then blushed and said very softly,

"I was actually looking for you." he turned away from her. Marron wringed out one of her pony tails and smiled.

"You're so sweet. I should've listened to you in the first place and never go to the stupid meeting."

"Did they ditch you?" he asked. "I guess you can say that." she laughed a little bit. She suddenly shivered. Trunks gave her the umbrella as he took off his coat and put it on her.

"High schools." he said. "Making girls wear short little skirts and sleeveless blouses." he laughed.

"Thanks, Trunks..." Marron said softly.


"So, did you fly?" Marron asked.

"No. Too dangerous with the lightning." he answered.

"I see. I wish I can fly." Marron looked at him. He was playing with his watch.

Suddenly a flash of lightning striked and Marron screamed. She grabbed Trunks and buried her face in his chest. Trunks held her close.

"I hate thunder and lightning." She whispered.

"Shh. It's okay. It's over." He reassured her. Just then Marron sneezed.

"Great. This shirt was expensive." he mumbled.

"What was that?"

"Nothing! I see a clothing store. Let's get you out of those wet clothes." he took her hand and they walked over to the clothing shop.

When they were there, Marron picked out skirts but Trunks said no.

"Get a pair of jeans or something." he said.

Finally Marron emerged from the fitting rooms with black flare jeans and a long sleeved pink cotton shirt. She had chosen a long white fur coat. Trunks paid a lot but glad that Marron liked it.

"Thank You. Trunks." she looked at her feet. New white shoes were there.

"Don't mention it." he said as he got his credit card back.

"No. I mean it. Once I get my waitressing paycheck, I'd like to pay you back." she said quietly.

"It's okay, Marron. It's on me. Think of it as a gift for missing your sweet sixteen." he smiled and put his arm around her.

"Now, let's go home, eh?"


"Marron!" Juuhachigou ran to the door to hug her daughter.

"Oh, I got so worried when the girls in the club said you were never there!" Just then, Juuhachigou looked at Marron.

"Where'd you get new clothes?" She looked at Trunks. She smirked.

"How can we ever thank you for returning her safe and sound?" she asked.

"It's okay." he said.

"Marron, dear, will you excuse me and Trunks?" Juuhachigou sounded serious. Marron obediently left the room.

"So..." Trunks began.

"Let's see. You warned her about the meeting, you turned out to be right." Juuhachigou said.

"That was nothing."

"You gave her protection from the storm and I assume you protected her from her worst fear: thunder?"

"It's alright."

"You bought her new clothes, and brought her back, in one piece."

"It's okay."

"Let me do something for you, Trunks."

"It's alright, Juuhachi. I was just looking out for Marron." he turned to walk away.

"WAIT!" Juuhachigou called out.  Trunks turned back.

"Then what do you want as a reward?"

Trunks held back his emotions.

"Don't take it this wrong the way, Juuhachi, but unfortunately nothing you can give." he turned to walk away.

"Wait, Trunks where are you going?" Marron said.

"Just, home. See you later Marron." he picked up his umbrella and walked out the door.

Marron looked at Juuhachigou, who then looked at the floor. Marron chased after Trunks.

"Trunks, wait!" Marron called out.

"Aww, Marron. Don't get your new clothes wet." he smiled.

"Fine." She stepped under the umbrella. "I overheard what you and Mom said."

Trunks looked at her.

"I know you want something. What is it?"

"It's okay, Marron. Go home, now." he patted her head.

"NO, TRUNKS!" she yelled. "I'm not a little girl, anymore. You're not 8, and I'm not 3, so tell me, what do you want?!"

Trunks exhaled. "You want to know? Fine! I want YOU, Marron!"


"I like--no, LOVE you." he touched her cheek.

"Then why--"

"'Cause I knew we couldn't be together."

Marron just smiled. She pulled herself closer to Trunks.

"You know, Trunks. This is the first time you've been wrong."

She grabbed his shirt collar, pulled him down, and kissed him. Trunks dropped the umbrella. He hugged her and kissed her back.

They have discovered old feelings.


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