Movie Disaster!!!
By: Casio
Goten and Trunks were sitting on the couch bored. They had just finished watching all the James Bond movies. Now they had nothing to do.

" I cannot wait until the new James Bond movie is out."

" Probably not until a year" Goten said.

They both groaned.

" Hey I got an idea!" Goten jumped up.

" What is it now?" Trunks asked with a lack of interest.

" Why don't we make a movie!??"

" Uhhhhh........Goten? we have no idea how to make a movie."

" It's easy just get a camera and film it."

" That's not all!!"

" I know there are scripts."

" Goten, the scripts has to be at least 200 pages."

" No problem. Just get some of your workers to do it."
 We have enough money to hire people."

" WE??"

" Just think about it. Our faces will be on Magazines and T.Vs!

Trunks thought about it for a while. Then he agreed.

" How we hold a picnic first and tell people about it?"

" That's great but one question?"

" What's that?"

" What is our movie about?"


They both got to Trunks room and started pulling out ideas.

" How about something with action?"

" romance?"

" What about....... Godzilla vs Drederick Tatum?"

" That's stupid."

" What about fighting."

" what about......18 days,19 nights?"

" That is a total copy of six days seven nights."

" What about James Bond."

" That's copyrighted!"

" What about something similar to James Bond, yet not James Bond."

" That works."

" Okay. Now we gotta hire lots of people. Got any money?"

" Goten. I'm a multimillionaire!"

" Great! We'll use actors from our friends and families."

" Good."

So they set up a picnic and everything and Hired all the people. They
got the script ready too.

" People! People! We have an announcement to make."

Goten stood up on a table and Trunks followed him.

" We thought it would be fun to make our own screenplay!"

" You mean a movie?" Bulma asked.

" Yes. and we want all of you to be in it."

" Will this be played in theatres?" Yamcha asked.

" Damn right it will!"

" What's this movie about?" 18 asked.

" It's about some secret agent you know like James Bond."

" The Auditions are tommorow, if you want the lead roll you have to be
a male, if you want to be in it come to the audition bla bla bla bla."


The Next day.

Every body was at the Capsule corp. They did their auditions and it
came out this way.

The secret agent (lead roll)---- Gohan

The woman agent-------------Marron

N----------------------------   18

B----------------------------   Bulma

The mysterious source keeper---- Goku

The second agent--------------- mirai Trunks

The Bad Guy ---------------------Krillian

The Bad guy's Henchmen --------- Yamcha

P ------------------------------- Tien

C ------------------------------- Chaotzu

K-------------------------------- Vegeta

H-------------------------------- Master roshi

The rich guy---------------------- Piccolo

The rich Women------------------- Chi chi

Costume designers---------------- Pan, Bra, Videl

" Pretty nice list we have here eh Trunks?"

" Yeah who would of thought that Marron could be the woman agent. She
has a lot of part to do including.................. Uh Oh!"

" Uh Oh what?" Goten asked.

" Marron is the woman character right?"

" Right"

Trunks flipped through his script.

" Here read this!"

" The woman agent(Marron)is rescued by the secret agent( Gohan) then
that night they....they"

" Make out!"

" What? crap! who wrote this?"

" You did!"

" did what?"

Trunks and Goten both turned around to see Marron.

" uhhhh..... Hi Marron!"

" Hi guys! so........ who got the woman agent part?"

" did."

" That's great! thank you!'

Then Marron kissed Goten and on the cheek.

" Well, I better get ready for my part than."

Marron ran off.

" We're in deep trouble man..."

" How do you think Videl would think about this?"

They both looked at each other.

" Well, we just have to get it over with then." they both sighed.


" Okay! Okay! places people!" Goten yelled over the speaker.
Trunks was with 18, Tien, Chaotzu, Vegeta, and roshi telling them what
to do.

" First 18 says her line then Gohan walks in and so on.........."

" Does this say make or take?" Tien asked.

" It says fake." Trunks told him.

" Okay. Lights!"

lights went on.

" Camera."

Camera went on.

" Action!"

N,P,C,K and H were having a meeting.

" We need to get our data on the maphia crime that happen last week." N

" There is one problem. Revy Chalcovsky, the maphia leader stole our
datas." H said.

" Then I suggest you make sure those security systems are on before you
leave H." P said.

N pushes a button on the table and says," Secretary, Call Agent Gohan
to the meeting room right away."

Then Gohan walks in.

" Agent Gohan, We need you to recover our lost datas."

" If he finds out how to unlock it he will be able to detonate our
bomb." K said.

" No problem but how much time do I have."

" You have exactly 72 hours and 19 minutes." C said.

' I'll get on it right away." Gohan says and leaves the room.

"I hope he makes it. He's the best we have." N says.

" And............... Cut!"

" Wow I didn't know you guys were such good actors!" Goten says in

" Well we got five minutes to film are next scene so everybody get

Gohan goes to his room. Goten knocks on the door.

" Come in."

" Gohan hi!."

" Is there something I can do?"

" actually there is something I need to tell you."

" what's that?"

" Read page 91. third paragrph and I think you'll know but don't tell

Then Goten leaves. Gohan flips through his scripts.

" Page 91. here hmm.......................... What? AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!"

Then it goes on for the rest of the day.

" Okay tommorow, we will do the motor cycle scene." Goten said through
his speaker."

Goten waited outside the building for Marron.

" Hmmmm How will I say this?"

" Listen Marron, it says on the scripts that you make out with my
brother so good luck! no that's not it!"

" Marron! I decided that you should make out with my brother!"

" Marron! How would you like to make out with my brother?"

Goten banged his head against the wall.

" Goten..... What are you doing?"

Goten turned around to see Marron looking at him.

" Uhh I was trying to get an inspiration!" Goten said.

' Nice one Goten. you already finished the scripts' Goten thought to

" Let's go get an Ice cream!"

"uhhhh..... sure!"

Goten and Marron siting in the bench in the park. Goten looked at
Marron. She smiled at him. ' She's so pretty' Goten thought.
' Dammit how am I suppsed to tell her' Goten thought. Then Marron
leaned beside him.

" Uh..... Marron?"

" Yeah?"

" Can you read over your scripts again and check if you missed anything

" Sure."

' Real smooth Goten. Real smooth.' Goten thought to himself.
Then they just sat there for a minute.

" well I better get you home"

Then Goten flew Marron over to the Kame House.

The Next day............

Gohan dragged Goten to his room.

" Goten. We need to talk."

" Now I know what your thinking."

" I can do this but if Videl finds out, she's gonna kill me!"

" What of I distract Videl do busy that she can't even see you act."

" Can you do that? I mean if she gets mad at you........"

" Yes I can."

" Perfect."

" Okay places people this is the motor Bike scene and We can only do
this once." Goten said through his speaker.

There was a large crowd because it was outside.

" Okay now Gohan and Marron would be on the bike and Gohan is getting
chased by the Maphia. So he will jump over those two houses and turn
around. Then he goes of the cart of apples and go over the line of
laundry. However the laundry will go on the front of the helicopter and it
will crash into a wall and blow up. If Gohan doesn't make it over, he and
Marron are as good as dead so if you have any last words to say to them
I suggest you say it now."

Everybody looked at Goten.

" What? oh yeah by the way if he make it over he has to land. Do not
clap if he makes it over! That is all."

The scene was deadly but Gohan made it.

Goten knocked on Marron's door.

"Come in."

"Hi Marron."

" Hi Goten!"

" You do know what you are doing next right?"

" sure,"

" well aren't you surprised about it?"

" No it's just acting isn't it?"

" Don't tell anybody okay?"

" Too late! I already told everybody."

Goten almost hit the roof.

"You what!?"

" Calm down! everybody is okay with it!"

" including Videl?"

" Yes."

Goten phewed.

" Okay see you outside."

" Okay places people!"

And since Lemon fiction are not allowed, I will skip.

"Cut! Cut! Dad will you please drooling everytime you say food?!?!"

" Okay this time I got it!"

" Okay. 'Your days are numbered,scene 24, Take 47...... action!"


" Okay this is the most expensive scene in the whole movie. Marron is
tied to a pole and and a big tank of acid is about to flow down. Gohan
will come down here and untie the electric rope. Then they will escape.
Now that is real acid so I like to see goggles people!.

" Real.............Acid?" Marron gasped.

" Lights, camera, acid, action."

The acid started falling down. Gohan ran over to untie the rope. But it
was too tight!

" Uhhh..... Goten how did you tie this thing?!?!?!"

Gohan put one leg on the poll and started to pull on the rope.

" Oh crap."

Goku, Goten, Trunks and Krillen ran over to help.

" Goten! Trunks! Hold back the acid with a ki blast!" Goku yelled at

Trunks and Goten charged up a Ki-blast and shot at the quickly flowing
acid. Unfortunately, the blast went right through. Goten and trunks
stared in shock.

" You idiots!!" Vegeta yelled. Vegeta flew over and ripped the pole off
and flew off to the side. So did everybody else.

" All you had to do was pull off the pole!"

" Sorry."

" Great that one shot cost us a million dollar!"

Everybody stared at Goten.

" I'm just saying!"

" Why don't you use normal ropes this time?"

" Oh well so much for the million dollar rope."

everyone stared at Goten again.

" much the acid cost you?" Trunks asked.

" It came free with the rope why?"

" You wasted a million dollar for a piece of rope that we are not going
to be using?"

" Well.... yeah?"

TO BE USING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Trunks yelled.

Goten almost flew.

" Calm down trunks." Gohan said.


"Uhhh.. Guys" Marron said.

"Can't you untie me first?"


And so they finally finished the acid scene. Even though it cost them a
million dollars, It was worth it. Well.............. Sorta.

" Okay everybody! The premiere of this movie is next week. I suggest
you come."

Next week..........

Mirai Trunks came back from the future for the premiere.

" Hey guys I got the Video tape for our movie from the future!"

" Cool!"

" Was there any mistakes in it"

" No.except for..........."

Before he could finish his sentence, The movie started.


When the movie ended everybody gave a standing ovation.
But wait! There was more to the movie. A white writing came up on the
screen. Everyone set down.

' Making of the movie'

' by Pan'

Then it turned to scene where The two Trunks were standing.
Some girls screamed,

" WOW Two Trunks!!"

" Trunks all you have to say is Three words! " I love You"!"

" Okay I'll try." Mirai Trunks said.

" Mirai Trunks what's the deal? Why are you so confused about saying
three words?"

" Well......"

" Common I'm you your me! You can't hide anything from me!"

" Well it's just that I never had any relationships with women before!'

" And Why is that?"

" Because everybody is dead in my dimension!"

" This is gonna look so bad for me if anyone finds out."

Some people laughed.

Then it turned to scene of Goku with Gohan.

" Meet me up in that restaurant and I'll tell you....... MMM
Restaurant." Goku drooled.

" Cut! dad! will you stop drooling!" Goten yelled at him.

Then it showed all forty seven scenes of Goku drooling. Some people
amost blew there guts laughing.

Then it showed a scene of piccolo.

" This hat is uncomfortable." Piccolo said.

" This won't last long Piccolo" Goten said.

" My feet feels funny."

" I said, This won't last long!"

" My jacket is not air-conditioned."


Everyone laughed.

Then it showed a scene of Goten yelling.


Everyone laughed so bad. Gohan's cheek turned bloody red.

Then finally, It showed the acid scene.



Yet again, every one laughed. Trunks glared at Pan.

But that wasn't the last one. Videl came up to the Camera.

" Pan! You gotta come with me! I got to show you something!"

The Camera followed Videl to the closet door. Videl opened it.
There was Goten and Marron making out on the closet!!

Everyone stared at the two people who were red as apples.

Then a word appeared on the screen.

' FIN'

everybody clapped and hollered. Outside the theatre there was a big
crowd everybody were signing autographs. Goten and Trunks managed to
squeeze out of the crowd. They sat on a nearby bench.

" Well that was a pretty good exeperience." Goten said.

" Yeah but I still don't see any purpose in it." Trunks said.

 Goten slowly sat back

" Just wait till the oscars my friend. wait till the Oscars."

THE END  0_0

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