Bra wakes up with a large headache. It is pitch black and it takes a while for her eyes to get adjusted. As her eyes finally come into focus she sees a figure standing silent right in front of her. “Wake up sleepy head,” The voice says. “Screw you,” Bra says spitting at the figure. The drop of saliva hits Overkill’s face and rolls down in front. “Charming,” Janemba says using Overkill’s body. “Who are you? What have you done to Overkill?” Bra asks. “I’m merely borrowing his body so I can get to Gokou and your worthless father!” Janemba says. “Let me go and I might convince father not to kill you!” Bra says. “And risk loosing his prize pupil? I don’t think Vegeta would do that!” Janemba says. “Apparently you don’t know my father like you think you do,” Bra says. “Well he will be busy with some of my friends,” Janemba says. “Friends?” Bra says puzzled. “You don’t understand this day has been planned ever sense the first time Gokou and Vegeta defeated me! In that time I have gathered my own fighting team to combat your friends,” Janemba says smiling. “As a matter of fact I need to bring them to this plane,” Overkill says flying away leaving Bra chained to the stone wall she is against. “Hey you jerk! Let me go!” Bra yells loudly. Janemba ignores her as he flies out of the dark cave he had chained Bra to.

 Overkill stops in mid air and raises both hands high. “From the depths of Hell come to me! All my warriors hear my plea! Open a portal large and grand! Our moment of revenge is now at hand!” Overkill yells as a large black thundercloud appears above him. Lightning crashes and thunder roars loudly. The cloud expands larger and larger. The cloud opens up revealing a hole straight to Hell. The bright red background of hell shines brightly through. Janemba smiles devilishly as he beholds the wonder he has done.

 Dende runs quickly to the edge of Kame’s floating island. He looks over the edge and sees the portal. “This is bad!” Dende says backing away from the edge. He raises his right hand and all of the dragonball gang suddenly is teleported onto the island. “What the heck are we doing here?” Krillin says. “A tear has been made in the fabric of this dimension leading to Hell!” Dende says pointing to the portal. “We’ll take care of this,” Trunks’ says referring to him, Gokou, Vegeta, and Goten. “We’ll need everyone for this one,” Dende says. “We’ll take care of everything,” Krillin says clinching his fists. “Well you need to go now because the residents of hell are already spreading across the globe,” Dende says. “Let’s go,” Yamcha says leaping off the edge of the island. The rest of the dragonball gang leap of the edge and fly to different corners of the world to combat the evil and send them back to the next dimension. Janemba waits patiently outside the portal for his warriors to emerge. Several other fighters had left the portal but not the ones he was waiting for. “Where are they?” Janemba says crossing his arms. “Right here as planned Janemba,” Janemba hears coming from the portal. Janemba smiles as a large fighter with massive muscles emerges from the portal. “Nice to see you Nappa,” Janemba says smiling. Nappa smiles back and pops his knuckles. “ Can’t wait to crack Vegeta’s stupid little head!” Nappa says. “Last time I came back he killed me with one shot! Now I’m even more powerful than ever!” Nappa says flexing. “You still can’t compare to my strength, remember that Nappa!” another voice says as the fighter exits the portal. His tail waves in the air as he floats in front of Janemba and Nappa. “Ah Freeza, glad you could join us today,” Janemba says. “Better be worth it,” Freeza says sneering. “It will be worth the trip Freeza,” Cell says as he leaves the portal. “Good Cell has arrived!” Janemba says smiling, “We just have one last member of our dream team left to arrive,” Janemba says looking to the portal. “I’m here,” a voice says from behind the group. “Ah the legendary Super Sayajin himself, Brolli,” Janemba says turning around to find the large bulky warrior. “When do I get to kill someone?” Brolli says. “Very soon my friend,” Janemba says smiling. He turns to the others and examines his new team. “This will be very, very fun,” Janemba says smiling.

 Gohan flies through the city as he looks for a fight. “I know I sensed some one out here,” Gohan says looking around. He feels a twinge of power as he turns around to face his first foe. “I remember you kid! You’re Gokou’s little brat!” Koola says as he floats down in front of Gohan. “Yeah that’s me,” Gohan says getting into his fighting stance. “Nice to see you again,” Koola says smiling. “Wish I could say the same for you!” Gohan snaps back. Koola throws a punch at Gohan but Gohan dodges it and kicks Koola in the stomach. Koola gasps for air as Gohan rips his foot out from inside of Koola. “Bye Koola, don’t feel free to visit again,” Gohan says as Koola loses altitude and plummets to the ground. Gohan looks down at Koola and then flies off to another battle.

 Goten looks down around him. He had followed a power to the middle of Southern Vietnam. He flies low over the tops of the thick, green trees. “Come on I know you’re around here somewhere!” Goten yells. A large bulky warrior suddenly appears behind Goten and wraps his tree-trunk arms around him. “I’m going to crush you little man!” The warrior yells. “Really?” Goten says flipping the man over and kneeing him in the face. The warrior covers his face in pain and yells angrily. The warrior swings his massive fist at Goten but it is deflected with a sway of Goten’s hand. The warrior attacks again but Goten holds up his left hand and blows the warrior away to the other dimension. “That was easy enough,” Goten says flying away in a flash.

 Trunks’ fights bravely but slowly starts to be overwhelmed. “We got you now kid!” Zarbon says firing a Ki blast at Trunks’ but Trunks’ flips to safety. “I don’t think so!” Trunks yells. “Come on is that the best you can do?” Jace says kicking Trunks’ in the back. “He must be one of the weaker Sayajins!” Verter says laughing. All of the past Sayajin armor-wearing warriors have ganged up on Trunks. He feels himself become closed in as the hundreds of warriors’ attack at once. He was way more powerful than all of them but the massive number still gave him difficulties. He kicks Guldo in the face and backhands Racoom but for every warrior he takes out ten others replace him. Trunks’ powers up and goes Super Sayajin but even the massive power boost doesn’t help his situation. “This is getting tiring,” Trunks’ says. He feels the force as Jace rams his feet into Trunks’ back. Trunks’ hits the ground hard and slowly gets back up to his feet. “Need some help?” Goten says landing next to Trunks. “Feel free to join in buddy,” Trunks’ says.

 The fighting keeps up and both Goten and Trunks’ start to feel worn down. “How many stinkin guys are here!” Goten says breathing deeply. “Don’t know, I don’t see how our dads did it!” Trunks’ says.

“They’re worn out! Finish it!” Verter yells as all of the hundreds maybe even thousands of warriors’ charge at them at once. Goten and Trunks’ prepare for the worse and get in their fighting stances. They clinch their fists and get ready to fight hard. They hear a zing sound and now standing in front of them are GOKOU and VEGETA! “Whoa! It’s them get out of here!” Jace yells as he flies away in the other direction. All the others follow his lead to get away from certain death. Unfortunately too little too late. Vegeta holds up the palm of his hand and fires a wide power shot that sends all of the fighters to the next dimension. “Thanks,” Goten says. “Any time son,” Gokou says.

 “Hey guys!” They all hear from above. Both Trunks’ and Goten frown in anger as Overkill floats down in front of them. “Glad you could make it,” Gokou says. “Bout time!” Vegeta says. “Sorry but I’m here to help now,” Overkill says. Trunks’ and Goten continue to look on with resentment as Overkill smiles at the two of them. “Jerk,” Trunks’ says under his breath. “I ran into an extremely powerful fighter on my way here, Janemba!” Overkill says. “Janemba?” Gokou says. “He must be behind this whole thing,” Goten says. “I know where he is and all of us can attack him at once!” Overkill says. “Good idea Squirt!” Vegeta says rubbing Overkill’s head and mocking him. Janemba just wishes it were the right time to attack and kill Vegeta now. “Follow me,” Janemba says using Overkill’s body to fly into the air. Gokou and the rest follow close behind.
 Overkill flies over the Pacific Ocean with Gokou, Vegeta, Goten and Trunks right behind. “You’re not getting away with this,” Overkill says to Janemba inside of his mind. “Of course I will they are already headed for my little trap!” Janemba says joyfully. Overkill lands on the shores of South Africa and starts to walk into the deep tropical forest. The others follow close behind once again. They come to a large clearing with cliffs surrounding them. The stone walls tower majestically over them like clouds and nothing is heard at all. “Where is he?” Gokou says, his voice echoing through the canyon bed. “Just straight ahead sir,” Overkill says. “Well are you going to lead?” Vegeta says suspiciously. “After you sir,” Overkill says smiling slyly. Vegeta and the others take the lead into the long canyon and look around for any sign of power.

“Where is Janemba?” Vegeta says growing tired of looking. “You said Janemba would be here!” Vegeta says angrily. “Oh but he is sir,” Overkill says stepping back away from the group. “He is very close indeed,” Overkill says holding up his right hand. It glows bright red and the stone under Vegeta’s feet starts to move and deform. The rock turns into a giant hand that clamps down around Vegeta and starts to squeeze. “Vegeta!” Gokou yells turning around. Overkill laughs loudly as purple and red veins of color start to swirl around Overkill and form Janemba’s body. “Janemba! What have you done with Overkill?” Gokou yells. The stone hand throws Vegeta hard into the walls of the canyon. Vegeta bounces off and lands back on his feet. “Overkill is fine I have just taken over his body,” Janemba says laughing. “Well we’re going to send you back to the next dimension!” Goten yells. “ I would be careful while doing that because this is still Overkill’s body I’m just in control!” Janemba says. “But as long as you’re in control you feel whatever Overkill’s body feels right?” Trunks’ says.

“Yes,” Janemba says. “That’s all we needed to know!” Vegeta says leaping at Janemba. Janemba disappears as Vegeta’s fist crashes into the ground leaving a crater. Janemba reappears high above them laughing. “You don’t believe I intend on battling you all at once do you?” Janemba yells down laughing. “What are you talking about?” Gokou yells up. “All I’m saying is I brought some friends of mine along, I believe you’ve met them before!” Janemba yells as Nappa crashes trough the rock wall and tackles Vegeta to the ground. “Nice to see ya old chum!” Nappa says pushing Vegeta’s head into the ground. “Father!” Trunks’ yells as he runs towards Vegeta. “Sorry kid lets keep the odds even for now!” Freeza says punching Trunks’ into the air. “Freeza!” Gokou yells but is cut off as Cell buries his knee into Gokou’s gut. “Father!” Goten yells tackling Cell to the ground. “Back off kid, we have someone to baby sit you!” Cell says backhanding Goten high into the air. Goten stops and feels himself being punched as Brolli appears.

 Janemba smiles down and watches happily as his warriors battle his enemies. “They are stronger than before!” Gokou says fighting bravely. “The Cell we fought long ago couldn’t become this powerful!” Gokou says. “We’ve all been training a lot preparing for this day!” Cell says kneeing Gokou. “Vegeta!” Nappa yells swinging his fists at Vegeta. “You may be stronger but you’re still the same idiot I killed long ago…was it twice I’ve killed you?” Vegeta says dodging and mocking. He is barely getting away from the swings and hopes making Nappa angry would be what will keep him alive in this fight.
 Janemba watches and his smile continues to become larger and lager with each second. “This isn’t a spectator’s sport!” Janemba hears. Janemba jerks his head and sees Ubuu rocketing towards him.  Ubuu lands a monstrous punch that sends Janemba plummeting to the ground. Janemba flips himself and lands on his feet. “Filthy Cretan! Don’t you know I have the power of a SUPER SAYAJIN coursing through my veins!” Janemba yells rocketing into the air. Janemba throws a punch at Ubuu, but it is blocked. The two lock in battle and a aura of pure power surrounds them both as they fight each other. Ubuu ducks under a punch as he counters with one of his own that buries itself into Janemba’s side. “I know about how you are in control of Overkill, and I also know you don’t know how to use his maximum power!” Ubuu says spinning and backhanding Janemba. Janemba reels back and backs away while trying to gain his breath back. Ubuu doesn’t allow him the opportunity. Ubuu charges up a powerball and shoves the blast in Janemba’s face. The ball explodes and Janemba reels his head back and screams in pain as he covers his face.

 “I won’t be beaten by you!” Janemba yells as he disappears. Ubuu looks around and tries to feel where Janemba went. Janemba reappears far below and looks up in anger. “I won’t be able to defeat any of them if I do not find out how to release Overkill’s power!” Janemba says to himself. Ubuu floats in the air and looks down at Janemba. “Time to finish this fight, once he’s out for the count then we’ll figure out how to get Overkill back in control!” Ubuu says as he powers up. A large energy aura surrounds him and causes the land under him to break apart. “Such power!” Janemba says to himself. Ubuu rockets at Janemba with a massive punch ready to be delivered. “I need to find the power now!” Janemba says as he closes his eyes and concentrates.

 All other fighting has stopped as all of them watch to see the outcome. “Wow, Ubuu is really pumped!” Trunks’ says watching. Ubuu comes closer and closer to Janemba. Janemba concentrates and searches Overkill’s mind for the way to release his power. “Bingo!” Janemba says opening his eyes and smiling. Janemba rears back and charges up, yelling loudly. The massive powerup sends shock waves all around him. The shocks are so powerful that Ubuu is knocked back and sent flying into the side of the canyon walls. Ubuu hits the ground hard and slowly stands to his feet. His body shakes from the force of the shock waves. “Dang!  He found how to release Overkill’s power!” Ubuu says. Janemba looks to Ubuu with an evil smile. “Now let the fight commence!” Janemba leaps at Ubuu in pure speed and knees Ubuu into the canyon wall. Ubuu coughs up blood and falls to the ground hard. Ubuu’s body shakes with convulsions and he tries his best to regain his breath. Ubuu stops as he loses consciousness and his head bounces onto the ground. “One hit! Impossible! Ubuu was at an all time high! Janemba took him out in one strike!” Goten says astonished. “What do you expect, it’s Janemba’s power combined with Overkill’s power!” Gokou explains.  Freeza, Nappa, Cell, and Brolli laugh hysterically. “If we can get rid of the four stooges over here we could be able to beat Janemba!” Vegeta yells. All of them nod in agreement and they attack in full force. Trunks’ and Goten go into their second Super Sayajin forms and Gokou and Vegeta go all the way to their fourth forms. The battle heats up and each of the warriors lock into brutal fighting.

 Janemba looks down at Ubuu. “You’re friends will defeat my warriors but you will help me defeat them!” Janemba says to the sleeping Ubuu. Janemba holds up his hands and aims them at Ubuu. “I know your past, I know it well,” Janemba says. Janemba continues to say a spell in a language unknown to the dragonball warriors. He continues to chant the words over and over getting faster and faster. Ubuu’s body starts to glow bright red and his body floats in the air. Ubuu’s eyes open as he looks around him. “What’s going on?” he says still not 100%. His body starts to glow even brighter the longer Janemba performs the spell. “What are you doing?” Ubuu yells starting to grow nervous. He feels himself starting to change inside. “Stop it!” Ubuu yells now definitely frightened. “Now the last ingredient to this speed is pain!” Janemba says smiling. Janemba swings his hands in the air and causes Ubuu’s body to be flung through the air at a high speed. Ubuu yells and closes his eyes as he collides with the canyon walls. The force causes him to crush the wall and thousands of tons of boulders land on top of him. “The spell is finished,” Janemba says smiling.

 Gokou punches his fist right into Cell’s body. Cell’s mouth hangs open and he feels Gokou’s hand move around inside of him. Cell looks to Gokou with sweat beads all over his face. “Bye, bye Cell,” Gokou says as he fires a powerful Ki blast from inside of Cell. Cells feels himself being ripped apart as he screams out and his body is turned to dust. Vegeta enjoys himself as he beats the crap out of Nappa. Nappa stumbles around and cannot seem to regain his balance. Vegeta holds up his right hand at Nappa. “Time to say goodbye again old friend!” Vegeta says smiling. “Go to Hell!” Nappa screams. Vegeta’s smile grows larger. “You first,” With that Vegeta destroys Nappa and sends him back to the next dimension. Vegeta looks at the smoke and licks his lips. Brolli throws several punches at Goten and misses every one. “You’re too slow pal!” Goten mocks then punches him in the gut. Brolli backs away then powers up a powerful blast in his hands. “Say goodbye little warrior!” Brolli says throwing the powerful blast at Goten. Goten cups his hands and Yells “Kamehameha!” Goten’s blast goes right through Brolli’s and blows Brolli to the next dimension. “Goodbye,” Goten says. Trunks’ beats Freeza without mercy. Freeza falls back and wipes the blood off of his forehead. “Filthy Sayajin! I’m glad I toasted your filthy lice ridden planet!” Freeza yells as he leaps at Trunks. Freeza throws a punch at Trunks, but Trunks’ easily blocks it. Trunks’ smiles and grabs hold of one of Freeza’s horns. With a jerk he rips it off and shoves it into Freeza stomach. Blood spills on the ground as Freeza falls to his knees. Freeza opens his mouth and vomits up blood and bile. He spits the rest out of his mouth and looks up at Trunks. Trunks’ holds up his right hand and fires a Ki blast to end Freeza’s suffering. A large crater is all that is left of Freeza and all four warriors look to Janemba with anger in their eyes.

 “So you where able to defeat my warriors huh?” Janemba says smiling. “I doesn’t matter anymore I have a new playmate at my disposal!” Janemba says as all hear a low menacing laugh all around them. The four-dragonball warriors look to the source, which is the pile of boulders Ubuu was thrown into. “My I introduce my new warrior and old friend of yours! MAJIN BUU!” Janemba yells loudly. The boulders shift and a slender pink arm pops out of the rubble of the once canyon wall. Majin Buu pulls himself out of the ground and smiles evilly at the warriors. Steam escapes from the pours all over his body and he laughs. “No! Ubuu!” Goten yells. “I have brought him back to his true self! Ubuu no longer exists, now lives Majin Buu!” Janemba yells laughing. Janemba lands next to Majin Buu and they look on at Gokou, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten. “Oh and it gets even better kiddies!” Janemba says laughing. “I have uncovered Overkill’s true power! With this power I will crush you all!” Janemba yells. “What are you talking about?” Vegeta yells growling. “I will do better than tell you! I will show you!” Janemba says powering up. His body continues to become more and more power as the dragonball gang watches on in amazement. Janemba jerks his head and arms back as he is suddenly surrounded by a large golden aura. Long golden hairs appear on his head and his black beady eyes turn green. The dragonball gang jumps back as they are hit with the realization of the power Janemba now posses. Janemba continues to charge up and goes into Overkill’s second Super Sayajin form and then to his third! Janemba stops and stands there next to Buu he smiles and they both slowly walk towards the four warriors. Their large evil smiles glare in the sun and they both laugh hysterically.

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