Goten walks to the front of the Capsule Corp. building and knocks on the door. He waits a while and leans against the building. He gets up as he hears the doorknob turn. Goten smiles as Bra opens the door and looks outside. “Hey baby,” Goten says as he hugs Bra. Bra is happy to see him but seems distant. Goten notices this and looks at Bra. “What’s wrong?” Goten says as Bra leads him inside. “Overkill never came home from the tournament, I’m worried,” Bra says as she sits down on the couch. “Well I was hoping to talk to him and make amends for what happened,” Goten says sitting next to Bra. He puts his arm around her and holds her close. She smiles as she feels his warm body against hers. “I’m glad I have a boyfriend that is so sweet and understanding,” Bra says looking into Goten’s eyes. They both loose themselves in each other and just smile. Goten leans his head in slowly as he closes his eyes. Bra closes his eyes as she waits for the kiss to come to her. Goten stops suddenly and looks around. “Where is Vegeta?” Goten says being cautious not to gain the wrath of the prince of Sayajins. “He is away fighting Gokou in the gravity room, mom is shopping with chi-chi at a new shopping mall, and Trunks is working late tonight,” Bra says smiling to Goten. Goten smiles back and starts to lean back in. They hear the doorknob start to turn and they both jump to opposite sides of the couch and act innocent.

 Bra looks behind her to the door and her mouth hangs open. “Where have you been?” She yells at the person. Overkill walks into the living room dripping wet from the violent thunderstorm crashing outside. Overkill looks up slowly, the rain dripping from his forehead. His eyes look blankly forward and his neck turns slowly to look at Bra. He walks up to the side of the couch. He turns his head and looks at Goten. He nods his head at him and walks up to his room. Bra and Goten watch silently as Overkill enters his room. “Is it just me or is he even creepier than before?” Goten says to Bra. Bra doesn’t say anything and looks at the attic door. This isn’t like him to be this quiet ever. She sits back down by Goten. “I think he is hurting more than we think,” Bra says. “Well he’ll be better in the mourning,” Goten says. Bra isn’t so shore about that; there was something different about him, something disturbing.

 The next mourning Overkill doesn’t come out of his room. Bra, Trunks, and Bulma wonder when he will come down. In his room Overkill sits on the couch with his legs crossed and his eyes closed. In side his mind a battle is being wagged as Overkill attempts to take his body back. On the battle field of his mind Janemba stands erect on top of a floating boulder. He looks down across the horizon past the several floating rocks at Overkill kneeling on another floating rock far below. Overkill is breathing deeply and his clothes are shredded.  Overkill looks up and growls deeply at Janemba. “I’m going to rip you apart!” Overkill yells up at Janemba. “Keep saying that little man!” Janemba says laughing loudly. Overkill powers up and rockets at Janemba with a punch ready to take Janemba’s grinning head off. As Overkill gets closer and closer Janemba splits in half and Overkill flies by missing the punch. Janemba becomes whole again and fires a Ki blast at Overkill that hits him in the back. The force of the blast knocks Overkill down and causes him to collide with a large floating boulder. Overkill tries to get up but loses his strength and passes out.

 Overkill’s body finally awakens from the trance it has been in for the past six hours. “Finally Overkill is out of the picture for a while,” Janemba says controlling Overkill’s body. “It took long enough to defeat his subconscious and take complete control of this body,” Janemba says standing up from the bed. Janemba walks to the door and opens it and walks down the stairs. He walks into the living room and finds Bulma sitting on the couch reading a fashion magazine. “Oh hi Overkill you’ve been asleep for a long time, Vegeta is mad that you didn’t get up for training,” Bulma says. Janemba looks at her cross-eyed. “Um…sorry I was just so tired that I couldn’t wake up,” Janemba says standing over Bulma. “Well you’re lucky I calmed him down and convinced him to let you sleep today,” Bulma says. “Um…Thanks,” Janemba says trying not to cause suspicion. “Vegeta is in the gravity room training. If you want to get in some training he’ll be there,” Bulma says leaning back in the couch and drinking her tea while she reads. Janemba smiles as he thinks of having Vegeta all to himself without him even suspecting an attack from his student Overkill! “Thank you ma’am,” Janemba says walking past her and walking down the long hallway to the gravity room. “Ma’am? Now why can’t the others give me more respect like that?” Bulma says drinking the rest of her tea.

 Vegeta trains hard in the gravity room as he throws punches and kicks while under 200x normal gravity. “Now this is a good workout,” Vegeta says backflipping, “Bulma really cranked this puppy up,” Vegeta spins while he rapidly kicks the air. The door to the gravity room opens and Janemba walks in. Vegeta looks to who he believes is Overkill. “Bout time you slacker,” Vegeta says angrily.  “Sorry sir,” Janemba says. “Sir?” Vegeta stops and looks crossly at Janemba. Janemba stops and waits for what Vegeta will do next. “It’s about time you started showing me the respect I deserve!” Vegeta says. Janemba calms down seeing he has not been discovered yet.

“While your down here we might as well try this new feature Bulma and her father added to the gravity room,” Vegeta says. “Whatever you say sir,” Janemba says smiling devilishly. “Computer!” Vegeta yells there is a beeping as a response. “Start simulation!” Vegeta says. Janemba watches to see what will happen. “Specifics please,” The computer says. “Surprise me,” Vegeta returns. All of a sudden the room seems to fade away and they are suddenly in a new surrounding. “Where are we?” Janemba asks looking around him. “Planet Namek,” Vegeta says looking around. “How did we get here?” Janemba says. “That’s the new addition to the gravity room, a battle simulator,” Vegeta says still looking around. “What are you looking for?” Janemba asks curiously. “The opponent, each simulation has a hologram that looks just like a fighter that we have defeated before,” Vegeta says. “Bulma created something were the holograms are made of dense lasers that you can actually feel, so the simulation will seem solid and real,” Vegeta says still watching closely for his sparring partner. “You will have more to watch out for then just a stupid little hologram,” Janemba says under his breath as he powers up and slowly creeps behind Vegeta. He holds up his hands and prepares to finish off Vegeta. A blast is fired but not by whom you would think. Janemba is sent flying to the ground as a blast hits him hard. “What filthy cretin wants to die today?” Janemba yells looking up. His eyes open wide as he sees himself standing over him. The fake Janemba raises its hand over him and powers up a blast. It is stopped as a Ki blast fires through the fake Janemba and the hologram disappears. “A push over just like the real one,” Vegeta says standing over Janemba. Janemba growls silently and gets up to his feet. Another blast fires by and they look up to see Vegeta floating over them. “You stupid earthlings I will kill you all with my short stature and large ego that expands my head to a gross size!” The fake Vegeta yells down.  “I’m killing Bulma for this,” the real Vegeta says growling. “I am so self-centered that I am barely tolerated by my friends and family!” the fake Vegeta yells.  Vegeta continues to growl. “And I am so obsessed with Gokou being stronger than me that…” The hologram is destroyed as a Ki blast explodes on it. Janemba smiles as he wishes that it were the real Vegeta. “Good thing you killed it, I was about to hurt someone,” Vegeta says walking out of the gravity room. “Where are you going?” Janemba says after Vegeta. “I’m going to find Bulma, me and her need a long talk!” Vegeta disappears. Janemba growls loudly missing his chance to get Vegeta. His anger rises and he releases energy that destroys the surrounding scenery of Planet Namek. Satisfied that he has destroyed something he smiles and leaves the gravity room.

Janemba flies high over the city as he looks for one of the dragonball gang to attack. His new plan now is to kill the dragonball gang one by one till he reveals himself and kills Gokou and Vegeta. A large pain in his head hits him like a ton of bricks. Janemba holds his head in pain as he plummets to the ground. Janemba hits the ground and yells loudly in pain. “I am in control now!” Janemba yells. “Not without a fight!” Overkill’s voice rings through his head.

In the battle field of Overkill’s mind Overkill has Janemba pinned to the ground. “Get off Sayajin!” Janemba yells as he punches Overkill off of him. “Lets get it on!” Overkill yells. Janemba stands straight up and looks at Overkill. “I have no time for you little soldier!” Janemba says as his features melt and split. Janemba splits into three Janemba’s. “Here stay busy with your new playmates,” the middle Janemba says as the two on the side attack Overkill. They engage in battle while the other Janemba assumes control of Overkill’s body again.

Janemba stands up and wipes the dirt off of Overkill’s body. “Now where is my first victim?” Janemba says flying away. He flies through the air as he feels the presence of two powers. “Overkill’s abilities are a valuable asset,” Janemba says flying towards the powers he feels. Janemba lands next to the two powers he had felt before. “Well, well looky here. Now it’s time for some fun,” Janemba says to himself. “Are you okay now Overkill?” Trunks’ says looking at Overkill. “Yeah, are you feeling better now?” Goten ads. “A lot better fellas, actually I feel like a whole new man,” Janemba says. “Um okay,” Goten says. “Want to go somewhere and have some fun?” Trunks’ says trying to end the uneasy silence. “Oh yeah love fun,” Janemba says slyly. “Okay,” Goten says. “So Overkill, why were you so tired last night?” Goten says trying to make conversation. “Oh yo Momma kept me up all night long, your dad must be very happy,” Janemba says with a devilish grin on his face. “What?” Goten yells as he tries to get to Overkill but Trunks’ holds him back. “Can’t you take a joke?” Janemba says smiling. “That wasn’t funny,” Trunks’ says. Goten tries to control him as he stands away from Overkill. “Goten! Goten sweaty!” Bra says running up and wrapping her arms around Goten’s neck. Goten coaxes her off and nudges his head to his right. Bra wonders what he is doing and looks to him right to see that Overkill was standing there watching. “Oh hi Overkill,” Bra says slightly nervous. Marron walks up to the group. “Hey guys! Hey Overkill!” Marron says happily. Janemba decides to have fun and grabs Marron’s butt.  “Nice to see you too baby!” Janemba says. Goten grabs Trunks as Trunks tries to get to Overkill. “Let me go!” Trunks’ says gritting his teeth. “Calm down!” Goten says. “What is your problem!?!” Marron yells slapping Overkill’s face. “You know you liked it baby,” Janemba says licking his lips seductively. “Pervert!” Marron says slapping Overkill extremely hard. A small stream of blood flows from his mouth. He smiles and licks it up with his tongue. “That is sick Overkill! Why are you acting this way?” Bra yells at Overkill. “Feeling left out baby? I’ll take care of that!” Janemba says grabbing Bra and kissing her long and hard while sticking his tongue far down her throght. Goten tackles Overkill but is kicked off as Janemba flips back to his feet. “Did I hit a nerve?” Janemba says smiling. Goten throws a punch but misses as Overkill disappears. Overkill reappears high above them and laughs loudly. “See you later losers!” Overkill cackles and flies away. “What is with that guy?” Marron says angrily. “I don’t know but I’m going to find out,” Bra says flying away after Overkill.

Janemba flies through the air smiling and laughing as he replays the scene in Overkill’s mind. “That was fun, I should do that more often,” Janemba says. He stops in is tracks as Bra suddenly appears in front of him. “Hey baby back for more?” Janemba says smiling. “What is with you? Why are you acting like a jerk?” Bra says. “Just having some fun baby,” Janemba says. “You never acted like this before…” Bra stops as she says this. “Is that why your acting like a jerk?” Bra asks.

Overkill’s hands are busy as he takes on the two Janemba clones he feels one of their fists collide with his face and knock him down. He stands up limping and hurting. He exhales deeply as he looks at the two smiling Janemba clones. He hears a familiar voice in the distance he can hear it. “Is that why your acting like a jerk?” He hears. “Bra?” Overkill says to himself. The two Janemba’s laugh loudly. “You leave her alone!” Overkill yells powering up and rocketing at the two Janemba clones and engaging in brutal battle. In a surge of pure power he destroys one of the Janemba clones and rips the head off the other one. “YOU’RE MINE!” Overkill yells rocketing at the last Janemba. He tackles the last one and they fight.
Overkill suddenly grabs his head in pain. “What’s wrong?” Bra says worried. “The pain!” Janemba yells holding his head. Overkill punches Janemba in the face and continues to pummel him. Janemba reaches to the side where he creates a small portal. He reaches his hand through it and another portal forms behind Overkill as Janemba’s hand grabs Overkill and throws him off. Overkill flies through the air and Janemba stands straight. He holds up his hand and a cage appears around Overkill. Overkill slams into the back of the cage and stands up holding onto the bars. “Bra! Get away from him!” He yells loudly trying his best to reach Bra. “Shut up!” Janemba yells as the cage shocks Overkill and knocks him out cold. “You haven’t realized this is my body now!” Janemba yells.

Janemba regains control of Overkill’s body and finds Bra slowly backing away with a scared look on her face. “What’s wrong baby?” Janemba says smiling. “I heard everything you said. Overkill are you okay? I mean you need professional help!” Bra says. Janemba grabs Bra’s arm and holds on tight. “I’m perfectly fine baby, I’ve never felt better,” Janemba says. Bra looks into Overkill’s eyes and sees that there is a struggle inside. “What’s going on?” Bra says. “Nothing baby I’m fine,” Janemba says trying to fool Bra. Bra continues to look deep into Overkill’s eyes and notices something. His eyes were tense not soft as they were before. And as she looks deeper she can somehow sense and evil force within. An image of Overkill appears in his eyes, screaming and being broken apart as he is imprisoned in a cage held by a giant, laughing Janemba. She comes to a realization as he gasps loudly and backs away from Overkill. “You’re not Overkill!” She yells. “It’s about time you stupid brat!” Janemba says as he uses Overkill’s body to knee Bra hard in the stomach and knocking her out cold. “Now I can’t let you go around blowing my cover now can I?” Janemba says laughing. He holds Bra in his arms and disappears.


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