Bad Day For Bulma
by Queen Bulma

Bulma made her way to her room after a long day.
She stoped by Trunks's room and took a quick look inside where Trunks was fast asleep.
Bulma got to her room where Vegeta was allredy asleep.

*Sure take all the space in the bed for your self*
Thougth Bulma while trying to get into bed whitout waking up Vegeta.

It has been a long day for Bulma and all she wanted to do was sleep.
Just when Bulma was about to fall asleep... <ring!>
The phone rang.

*Just go away*
Thougth Bulma very enoyed by the phone.

She looked at Vegeta who was fast asleep.

*At least it din't wake him up...*
She thougth while getting up.

<ring!> The phone rang and it sounded much lauder than it was in the quiet of the nigth.
Bulma whent down stairs and picked up the phone.

"Moshi moshi?"

"Konichiwa Bulma, it's Chichi"


"Sorry to call you this late but do you remember that proyect Goten was doing whit Trunks yesturday?"

"Hai, I remember"

"I can't find it and I can't sleep thinking that Goten is going to get a bad grave for not having his proyect"

"I'll go see if he left it in Trunks's room"

"Arigatou I'll wait rigth here"


Bulma whent upstairs to Trunks's room and she entered quietly so she wouldn't wake him up.
On her way she steped on something.

She picked up the toy that she had stepped on and put it on a table.

She looked for the proyect that seemed to mean so much to Chichi.

*This place is such a mess why doesn't Trunks pick up his toys?*
The truth was that Bulma never asked him to do it she just do it herself.

She finally found the proyect and whent back down stairs.
Bulma picked up the phone.



"I found it"

"Great! Arigatou Bulma"

"It's ok the boys go to school toguether so I'll give it to Trunks and he'll get it to Goten"

"Hai, Sayonara"


Bulma hung up the phone and put the proyect beside it.

*Now to get some rest*
She thougth as she whent up stairs.

Bulma was about to get into bed when... <ring!>

*Not again*
Thougth Bulma while she whent back down stairs to answer the phone.

"Moshi moshi?"

"Konichiwa is your TV runig?"
A kid asked.


"Well you better go catch it!"

"Listen kid if you..."
She didn't have time to finish because the kid hung up.

Bulma was going to go back to bed when... <ring!>

Bulma just picked up the phone and trew it out the window breacking the glass.

*Now it won't bother me any more*
Thougth Bulma satisfied that she could now get some rest.

Bulma whent up stairs stoped in Truks's room and took a quick look inside.
Trunks was sleeping like a baby.

*Good thing I didn't wake him up*
She tougth in relif.

Bulma got to her room and whent into bed.
Bulma fell asleep as soon as her head tuched her pillow.
5 minutes later she woke up because she felt something.

"Vegeta you woke me up"


"Gomen isn't good enogth"

"Gomen nasai, Bulma-chan"

Bulma was just too angry.
She had been holding back her anger all day but she just couldn't take it anymore.
Bulma got out of bed.

"Get up!"

Vegeta could see the anger in Bulma's eyes.

*Why is she so angry?*

Bulma was angrier than Vegeta had ever seen her get.
More than he thougth she could get.
"I said get up"

Vegeta got up.

"Now sit"

Vegeta sat down still wondering why was Bulma so angry.

The day before Bulma said that she wished Vegeta would spend more time whit Trunks.
Today Vegeta was out whit Trunks all day so it couldn't be that.
Vegeta haven't blasted anything in the last week so it couldn't be that.
He even whent shoping whit Bulma so what could have made her angry?

Vegeta finally spoke.
"What I do?"
He sounded a lot like Goku when he said that.

"You, allways you why don't you ask me what I did?"
"Ok, what did you do?"

"You want to know what I did?"


"Well I'll tell you what I did"

Bulma began her story...

It was sunday morning yesturday Trunks had been helping Goten whit his school proyect.
That same nigth Bulma told Vegeta that he should spend more time whit Trunks...

"Bulma wake up"
Said Vegeta while waking up Bulma.

Said Bulma still half asleep.

"I'm need some food capsules"


"I'm taking Trunks trainig"

"What? Why? Where?"

"Why so many questions we're just going to that iland where Kakarotto and I figth for the first time"

"Ok I'll get you some capsuls"
Said Bulma while getting out of bed still sleepy.

Bulma gave Vegeta and Trunks the capsuls whit all the things they needed and they flew away to train.
Bulma combed her hair and she saw that she was out of gel.

"I knew I forgot something"

Yesturday Bulma whent shopping while Trunks stayed at Capsule Corp helping Goten whit a proyect.
But to Bulma's surprise Vegeta agreed to go whit her.

"Oh well who needs gel anyway?"
Bulma said to herself while she whent down stairs to make herself some breakfeast.

She put a slice of bread in the toaster but the toster burned it.

*I have to fix that*
Bulma reminded herself.

Bulma decided to make pancakes insted but she didn't find any.

"There's another thing a forgot..."

Sudently there was an earthquake.
A bowl of icecream somebody left on top of the refrigerator fell on her head.

"What a mess just look at my hair!"
Said Bulma in anger.

*Come down Bulma you were going to take a shoer anyway*
Bulma told herself trying to come down.

Bulma forgot about breakfeast and whent to take a shoer.
After she was done she felt much better, until she saw herself in the mirror.

"I have orange hair!"
Screamed Bulma while she took the bottle she thougth was shampo.

"For orange hair"
She read on the bottle.

"I have to come down and fix this"

Bulma read the instructions on the bottle.

"Ok, to get back to normal I have to wash my hair whit hot water"
She said while preparing the temperature on the water.

"But how hot?"

She looked at the bottle again.

"Nani? 500 degres!"

*I just have to get rid of this color*
Bulma thougth to herself while making the water even hotter.

"Ok I'm redy"

Bulma got in the shoer.

"Too hot, too hot!"
Bulma got out of the shoer.

"I think I burned my head"

She looked in the mirror and her hair was back to normal.

"I better trow this away"
Said Bulma while she picked up the bottle.

*I better dry my hair*

Bulma took the hair dryer and started to dry her hair but the hair dryer gave her an electric shock.

"Ouch! Something else I have to fix"

Bulma decided to let her hair dry by it self.
Bulma looked at her watch.

"Lunch time"

Bulma whent to the kitchen to make some lunch.
She was very hungry.
She started to cook and burned the food.

"Oh no!"

She didn't feel like cooking more so she ordered pizza.
She picked up the phone and dial.

"Moshi moshi, may I take your order?"
A woman answered.

"Hai, I want a peperoni pizza and..."

The woman interrupt her.
"Sorry we don't have peperoni, a man whit funny hair ate it all and he's still eating"

Bulma could hear a voice in the background.
"Chichi I'm hungry"

Thougth Bulma

"Miss are you still there I said no peperoni"
Said the woman in the phone.

"Then bring me any kind of pizza but fast"

"Ok, the delivery is on the way"
Said the woman and hung up.

*I hope they get here soon*
Thougth Bulma while waiting for the pizza.

1 hour later...

"Why isn't my pizza here yet?"

Bulma called the restaurant.

"Moshi moshi"
Answered the same woman as before.

"Where's my pizza?"
Said Bulma.

"Sorry all the deliveries where canceled because we don't have any pizza left, it was that same man that ate it all"
She hung up.

Bulma hung up too.

She thougth angrily.

"Come down it's not his fault"
Bulma said to herself.

Bulma whent to the kitchen but she had lost her apetite so she just took an apple and whent to work on her computer.

*I'm allmost done*
Thougth Bulma while pressing the key on her computer.

Bulma had been woking in her computer all afternoon.
She accidently pressed the delete key and the file disapear.

She scream angry trying to get her file back.

"I've been working on that for a week!"

Bulma tryed to get the file back but she couldn't not even the emergrncy file recover program she made worked.
Bulma pressed all the keys at the same time in anger and the screen whent blank.

"Now what?"

Bulma turned off her computer and turned it on again only to find out that it had a virus.

"That virus can kill your hard disc for all I care you usless machine!"
Bulma yelled at the computer as if it could hear.

"What I'm I doing I'm arguying whit a pice of old metal"

Bulma unplug the computer and reminded herself to get a new one.
She looked at her watch.

"Nani? It's allmost dinner time I wasted my afternoon on making that file I lost"

Bulma whent to the kitchen.

"I guess I better start cooking because Vegeta and Trunks will be back soon"

Bulma started cooking but sudently the electricity whent out.

"Oh no!"

Bulma activated the Capsule Corp emergency generator.
A few minutes later the generator stoped.

*This isn't my day*
Thougth Bulma while she whent to see if she could fix it.
Bulma checked the generator.

"It just ran out of fuel"

Bulma filled the the generator's tank and it worked again.
She was on her way back inside when it started to rain and she got all wet.

"What a bad day!"
Said Bulma while she whent inside the kitchen to finish cooking.

Bulma finished cooking and everything was redy for Vegeta anmd Trunks.

"I finished early so I'll go watch TV while they get here.

Sudently thuder hit the generator and it blew up.


"This can't be!"

"Everything bad has happened to me today!"

*I have to stay calm, my bab day is allmost over*

Vegeta and Trunks got to Capsule Corp.
They where all weat and durty for trainig all day.
They made a mess as they allked in and left they're boot full of mud in the midle of the livingroom.
"What a mess!"
Conplained Bulma while she took the boots out of the way.

Vegeta whent up stairs and was taking a shoer.
Trunks was still all dirty from trainig and walking around the house leaving a mess everywhere.

*When Vegeta comes out of the shoer I'm going to make him clean all of this mess by himself*
Thougth Bulma angry.

Yelled Trunks happily.

"Trunks your making a mess"

"It's ok I don't mind"

"But I do"

"Gomen nasai okasan"

"Never mind how did it go today?"

"It was great and Otousan even teach me a new attack"

*At least Truns had a good day*

"It was so much fun wait till I tell Goten!"

Vegeta came from up stairs and whent to the kitchen.

"Go get clean Trunks"


Trunks whent up stairs.
Meanwhile Bulma whent into the kitchen where Vegeta had allredy eaten all of his food.

"Nani? You ate it allredy?"

"Hai, but I want more"

"Too bad the electricity is out and the generator blew up so I can't cook more.

Sudently all the alectric equipment in the house turned on.

"Look like it's back now you can cook more"



"I'll cook but you have to clean the mess you and Trunks made"

"I thougth you had a robot for that"

"You blew it up 2 week ago remember"

"I'm sure you can fix it and this time I promise I won't blow it up again"
Said Vegeta while he walked out of the kitchen.

"Where are you going?"

"To watch some TV I finally figured out why you earthlinks like it so much it's fun"

*Fine go watch TV but I'm not going to cook anymore food for you*
Thougth Bulma.

Trunks walked inside the kitchen and ate all his food.

Trunks looked at Bulma and said.
"I want more"

"Ok, I'll make more"
Bulma didn't want to cook more but she didn't want her son to be hungry so she did.

After Vegeta and Trunks ate all the food in Capsule Corp they were finally satisfied.
Trunks talked to Goten on the phone for 3 hours.
Vegeta did some extra trainig in the gravity room.
Bulma fixed the robot and it cleaned the house for her.

Trunks was tired so he whent to bed and fell asleep as soon as he got there.
Vegeta whent to bed too and the only one wake was Bulma who was supervicing that the robot was working ok.

*Everything looks ok*
Thougth Bulma while watching the robot clean.

Sudently the robot stoped.

"Now what?"

Bulma checked the robot but she couldn't figure out what whent wrong"

"Oh just forget it I'll work on it tomorow"

Bulma made her way to her room after a long day...

Bulma ended her story...

"So you see I have I reson to be angry"
Bulma said.

Vegeta had been listening quitly the wole time but he couldn't stand it anymore so he started laugthing.

"What's so funny?"


"Then why are you laugthing?"

Trunks walked in.

"Okasan, Otousan can I stay here for tonigth?"

"Ok Trunks"
Said Bulma trying not to sound angry.

Said Trunks and got into bed.

Vegeta whent into bed too.
Bulma was expecting him to complain he didn't.

Vegeta and Trunks fell asleep a few minutes after they got into bed.
Bulma who was rigth in the middle felt much better now.

*Maybe this wasn't such a bad day after all*
Tougth Bulma while she fell asleep.


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