Krillian And 18's First Date

T.F: This fanfic is made for Haruko.  She said she needed a Krillan and 18 fic, so here it is!  Oh, and this is when they arn't married!  LOL!!!!  Happy reading!
HaRUko^: AAHH!! Thank you so much T-chan! ^_^ You're the best!


  "Yum! This escargo is great for french food!  I wonder what it REALLY is," Krillan ate his food as 18 watched in digust.  Just then a waiter came to their table.
  "Sir, madame, how es your food?" the waiter sais in his frenchy accent.
  "Wonderful!  What is this escargo anyway?" Krillan asked.
  "Ze translation for escargo es snails," thee waiter explained.  Krillan looked up at him.
  "Great joke!" he laughed.
  "It's not a joke Krillan....." 18 sighed.  Krillan gulped the last bight down.
  "Anyzing else sir?" the waiter asked.
  "No," Krillan squeaked.
  "Zen I shall bring ze bill," the waiter walked off. 18 just giggled.
  "What?  How was I supposed to know?!  Stupid french food...." Krillan slumped.  The waiter brought the bill, the paid and headed toward the theatre.  They were to see, 'The Monk and the Blonde' (LOL).  During the play, Krillan felt something crawl up onto his shoulder.
  "COCKROACH!!!" Krillan yelled.  Everyone started screaming and running out of the theatre.  18 cracked up.  Just then thee manager and the director got in front of him and glared.
  "Come 'ere li'le man.. Lemmie give ya a knuckle san'which." the manager said.  Krillan just backed away.
  "WUSS!" the director said.
  "Hey!  Krillan might be a wuss, but he's MY wuss and don't you forget it!" 18 blasted them to damnation. 18 and Krillan just ran out of the theatre laughing. They soon went to get ice cream.
  "One chocolate and....." Krillan started.  He looked at 18. "Another chocolate."  So they got their ice cream and took a walk in the park.  Just then shaters skated by and bumped into Krillan making him spill it all over 18.  She was about to walk over and slap him on the face, when she tripped and spilt her ice cream all over Krillan.  They both cracked up.  Just then two 'proper' people walked by.
  "Drunkies" they whispered to one another.  18 and Krillan just looked at each other and laughed.  Soon, when they calmed down, they went to Krillan's car.


  "Well, our perfect date was ruined, but I guess I had fun," Krillan sighed, walking 18 to her apartment.
  "I had fun, but do you know what would make it muck better?" she slyly asked opening her door.
  "No, what?" Krillan had no idea.
  "Let me show you," she whispered in his ear.  She pulled him in by his tie and kissed him.  She then locked the door.  That door wouldn't be unlocked till around 10:00 a.m. in the morning..........


*Here comes the bride, with Chi-bi Marron inside!*  LOL!

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