I Won't Lose You
by T-chan
(~Please everyone know this story takes place BEFORE Destructive Duo. I wanted you all to know how Trunks and Marron got together.  Hope You all like it!~)

CHAPTER 1 (Rejection)

        Marron woke up to her alarm clock ringing.  She reached over and turned it off.  She looked up at the clock. "Why am I getting up at 6am on a Saturday?" She put her head back on the pillow and went to sleep.
Trunks was up and in the kitchen eating. "I hate going to work."  he rested his chin on the table.  He closed his eyes and fell asleep right there.
_____( two hours later) ____
Bra came downstairs and into the kitchen to see her brother asleep at the kitchen table. She pushed him off the chair. Trunks groaned as he hit the floor.  He got up real quick and looked at his watch.
"OH NO! 8am, I was suppose to be at work an hour ago." He ran out the door and drove to work. Bra cleaned up his breakfast and ate her own. "How stupid is he?  He's just gonna sneak out anyway."
Trunks pulled up and got out.  He ran into the building and into the elevator.  The girls all around were waiting for his arrival and when he zoomed past them they were shocked.  He went into his office and sat down. He sighed in relief.  His secretary came in.
"I will ready your agenda to you now."
Trunks looked at her and then away.
"At 9am you have a meeting... 11am you have another meeting, between 1pm and 5pm you have appointments every 20 minutes, you have a small party at 5:30, and ...."
Before she could finish wind blew her hair up.  She looked over at an open window.
"Not Again!"
Trunks flew into the air and pulled out his capsule.  He then changed in the air.  He flew straight to the Son's House. Goten was outside on his cell phone.  Trunks landed behind him. Goten was talking to some one.
"What do you mean you have to cancel our date? . . .  But . . . . some guy? what guy?  you were taking pictures with him yesterday!  Fine, ok, goodbye."
  he hung up the phone and turned around.  He jumped when he saw some one there, but calmed down when he saw it was Trunks.
"What are you doing here?"
"Geez, Goten, you're cranky."
"Sorry, its just . . . Paris broke another date."
"Come on, we are gonna go somewhere today."
"You got out of work again?"
"Hehe. . yup."
Trunks and Goten took off in the air.
"I have to stop at my house to get something out of my room."
"Yeah, ok," Goten replied.
They flew to the Capsule Corp. home.
They silently went into the house.
"Why are we sneaking in here, Trunks."
"My akasan doesn't know I snuck out."
"She's home?"
"Actually, no, but Bra is.  I don't want her to catch me either."
"Too late," a voice from behind said.
The two guys jumped up and back when they heard and saw Bra.
"You snuck out of work again, Trunks.  When will you learn?  One of these days your gonna get into big . . ."
"Hi B-chan."
Bra looked at Goten not noticing he was there before.
"Oh, hi Goten-kun."  she started blushing, but neither guy noticed.
'Bra whats wrong with you its Goten, not some cute guy from school . . exactly its my brother's hot friend.  Errr . . stop it, you can not like Goten.'
"BRA!" Trunks snapped at her. Bra quickly looked at him, "No I won't tell Akasan."
"Thank you . . . Goten I'll be back."  Trunks ran upstairs and into his room.  Goten stayed downstairs.
"So do you have a boyfriend?"
Bra began to blush again but caught control of those little feelings and said, "Nope, not yet."
"Well . . ." before Goten could finish Trunks came down.
"Hey Goten, could you stay here or go somewhere else, because . . . I am going to do that thing that I was going to do a year ago."
"Yeah its not like I was planning on hanging out with you or you going to my house and bringing me here!"
"Okay good, thanks."  Trunks ran out the door.
Goten looked at the door then at Bra, "I guess I'm hanging out with you, unless you ditch me, too." Bra began to blush, 'Me .. and Goten? I won't survive.'
Trunks looked at his watch as he was flying *9:30am* He sped up.  He came to an appartment door and knocked. No one answered.  He knocked again.
"Who is it?" a voice said.
"Come in."
He opened the door and walked into a very neat appartment.  He looked around, then walked into another room and saw Marron sitting on her bed still under the covers.
"Did I wake you up?"  he asked.
"No I just decided not to wear make-up today and not to brush my hair." Marron answered.
'Well, you still look beautiful, but I can't say that . . yet.' Trunks thought, "Well get dressed I'm gonna take you somewhere."
"Ok just wait here."
Marron got up and walked into the bathroom.  Trunks sat on her bed just looking around.
'Hurry up.' he thought as he looked at the clock.  About a half an hour later Marron came out in a short pink towel, "Forgot my clothes."
Trunks looked at her surprised.  He was blushing badly and couldn't speak or move.
Marron grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom again.
'Oh, Dende, she is one beautiful girl.  Wait, if she can walk out infront of me in . . a towel . . she probably just thinks of me as a brother.' Marron soon came out all ready.
"Ok Trunks lets go."
Trunks stood up, "Right!"
They walked out of her appartment and she locked the door.  She turned around and they walked out of the building.  Marron looked around,
"Trunks, wheres your car, I don't see . . "  before she could finish Trunks had his hands around her waist and they were in the air.  Marron gasped and held onto Trunks tight.  Trunks smiled when she put her head on his shoulder.
"Its ok Marron, I won't drop you."
Around 11:00 they were at a empty field.
"Ok Marron we are here."
Marron opened her eyes but didn't let go of Trunks.  Trunks looked down at her.  He didn't let go of her when she still held on him.  They just stood there for a 45 mintues holding each other until they both let go. Marron looked around.  She saw she was in the middle of  a small field.  There was a small lake on one side, mountains on another, and a forest on another.
Trunks grabbed her hand and began walking with her into the forest.
"Trunks, where are we going."
"I don't know."
Trunks began walking faster.
Later, Marron asked, "What time did we start walking in here?"
"11:45, why?"
"What time is it?"
Trunks looked at his watch, "12:30."
"Are we lost?"
"No . . are you tired?"
"Yeah kinda, can we stop and rest?"
Trunks picked Marron up like a groom does with a bride.
"You can rest and I'll walk to the place I'm taking you."
"Why don't you just fly."
"I don't know."
"Are you ok or is your job getting to you?"
"No, I'm fine."
At about one Trunks put Marron down and they were infront of a cave.
"I have to get something inside."
"Are there bears?"
"No, plus you're with me!"
"Oh, ok."
They both walked in.
Marron looked around.  There was a couch and a tv.  There was also a small table and tiny refridgerator.
"Its a small place and its dirty but me adn Goten hang out here, sometimes.
Other times I come here to remove tension."
"Well, I think its nice."
She then noticed in a small corner there was a little hold dug in the wall, like a counter top, with a box and a candle in it.  Marron started to walk over to it when Trunks stopped her,
"Why don't you walk outside while I get what I need."
"Ok," Marron replied walking out.
Trunks went over to the box and opened it pulling something out and putting it in his pocket when he heard Marron scream.  He ran out but couldn't see her.
"MARRON!? Where are you?"
He looked behind him and all around he quietly whispered,
"The drop."
He ran over to what was a cliff like hill, that dropped far down. Marron was hanging on by one hand.  He quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her up. She held onto him and was crying softly on his chest. He held her as she cried.
"I'm sooo sorry Marron.  I forgot to tell you about that dropoff."
Marron just cried on him.
Marron looked up at him and wiped he tears, "Don't worry you didn't know."
"Come on, we'll take the shortcut home."
Trunks flew with her into the air and flew to her appartment.
When she got to her appartment door she asked Trunks,
"Trunks, why did you take me to that cave."
"I don't know, I really just wanted to tell you something."
"What was it?"
Trunks pulled out a gold necklace with a locket on it. (-Necklace he had at the cave and the locket was in his room-)
"Here."  he handed it to Marron, "There's no picture in it but you can put one in whenever."
"Why did you give me this?"
"Its not obvious?"
Trunks sighed and looked at Marron, "Lately, well not lately its been two years but anyway, I've sorta noticed that I sorta have . . feelings for you."
Marron looked at Trunks who looked hopeful.  She looked at the locket and back at him.
"Trunks, I'm sorry but you're like a big brother to me, you're one of my best friends.  I couldn't risk losing you if we broke up or something like that."
Trunks looked at the ground,
"Yeah, I understand."
"I'm sorry but .."
"No don't worry."
He looked at her with a fake smile and said, "No problem."
Marron kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "Sorry."  She walked into her appartment and closed the door and leaned on it.  She looked down at her hand which still held the locket.  She quickly opened the door,
"Trunks . . ." he wasn't there, "you're locket."  She walked into her appartment.  She looked at the locket. 'Could I have feelings for him, too?'
  She shook her head.
Goten and Bra were at the kitchen table eating some food.  The door opened and Trunks came in with a sad face. Goten asked, "What happened?"
Bra got up, "Why are you so sad?"
"No reason, go to bed."
Bra looked at him confused, "Trunks, its only 2!"
"Oh then go to the mall."
"Why won't you tell me?"
"There's nothing wrong."  his voice rose.
"Tell us!" Bra annoyed Trunks.
Goten's look from suspicion to depression, Bra looked confused, "What?"
"I told her I liked her and she said she didn't like me."
"You like her!"
Goten put his hand on Bra's shoulder and shook his head.
"Sorry."  she put her head down.
"Don't worry its probably just a one-minute feeling."
Goten looked at Trunks, "But you've liked her for two years."
"NO," Trunks started, "I've loved her for two, but I've had feelings for her for five."
Bra hugged her brother.

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