CHAPTER 3 (Search and Rescue)

                Marron rushes to get dressed, she threw on a pair of blue jeans, pink tank-top, and didn't even bother to put her hair in pigtails.  She ran out the door with her keys and locked the door.   When she got out of the appartment she looked around.
"Oh, I forgot it." She unlocked her door, and went in grabbing her locket and putting it in her pocket.  She ran out the door and locked it. She ran into her car and drove.  As she drove she looked at all the people walking and searched despritely to find if any were him. No one was him.  No one even looked like him.
"Trunks, where are you," she whispered to herself.
She drove around checking all the places she thought he was, fast-food resturants, stores, etc.  She just parked, went in and looked around. Even if she was yelled at for walking around a resturant she didn't care. She wanted to find him.  When she went out of a coffee house it started to rain.
"Oh no, I forgot my coat."  she said to herself.
'Don't think about your stupid coat, think about finding Trunks.'  she thought right after. She got into the car and drove around more.
Bra was in the kitchen of her house and just finished crying.  She couldn't help thinking about Marron finding Trunks, yet every once in awhile Goten popped into her head. She just thought about how he left to surprise Paris, his girlfriend. She wished she could have been his girlfriend. 'I feel so guilty thinking about Goten instead of Marron and Trunks,' she thought.
Marron was was still driving now crying slightly afraid of losing Trunks for good.
"I haven't looked there? why not?" she turned her car and headed straight for Capsule Corp. Bussiness Building.
  When she arrived there she got out and ran in.  She went right up the elevator and ignored all the people saying she can't go up there. She got to his office just to find that he was not there.
"Where is he?"
Marron ran out of the building.  She got into her car.
"How could I have not of thought to go there before?" She began driving around asking people where she could find a moutain
near a forest, field, and river.  After alot of crapy directions she found the place. She got out of the car and began running throught the thick, wet, muddy forest.  She ran as the rain fell down fast but it wasn't quite hard from the leaves blocking.
"I think I'm lost." she whispered not stopping.
As the rain poured down she was soaked. She continued to run looking for that cave.
There was a knock on the door, Bra went over, rubbed her soar eyes, and opened the door.
"UH!  You have one loud voice," he replied.
"Sorry, but what are you doing here?"
"Paris is still in "photo shoot" or whatever she calls it."
"Oh, well . . . " she was interrupted when Goten was hugging her.  She was blushing.
"Thanks B-chan, you're a good friend."
"Huh?  I didn't do anything,"  Bra replied still blushing. Goten let go of her, "I know but at least you listen," he smiled.  Bra smiled just alittle,
"Do you think Marron found Trunks, yet?"
"I don't know," Goten said looking down.
Marron stopped and looked around.
"Where am I?" she asked herself.
She was about to turn around when she noticed a trail of feet.
'I know its impossible,' she thought as she began running, 'for Trunks to be the only one who comes here but I have to try.'
She began running as fast as she could for fear of losing the tracks from the rain.  She finally came to the cave.
"I found it."
She walked in.
"Trunks are you in here!?"  she got no responce.
"TRUNKS!"  still no response.  She looked around standing there and notcied nothing.  She took out the locket and grasped it in her hands,
"If you don't love me anymore," she whispered, "I don't deserve to have this."
She dropped it on a small table near where she was along with a few tears.
She turned around going out.  Marron out of the Cave, Flying down from hiding in the darkness of the top, Trunks came. He landed his feet on the ground.  He walked over to the table and picked up the locket.  "Marron," he whispered.  There was a scream, "MARRON!" he jumped in shock.  He ran outside.
"Oh, Dende, how can I be so stupid," he heard Marron say.
Marron was off the drop again holding on, looking down.  Before she could look up she let go.  She closed her eyes as she fell, screaming. She stopped when she felt she wasn't falling but floating upwards. When she looked at the person holding her at the waist she noticed it was Trunks.
'But I thought he wasn't in the cave.' she thought as they landed on the ground.
"Trunks," she said his name.
"What are you doing here?"
"I came to see you."
"Because . . ."
"Because you wanted to rub it in." he interrupted.
"No. . ."
"You wanted to make fun of me feelings for you,"
"No I wanted to . . ."
"To chant 'Trunks loves me but I don't love him?"
"No I wanted to tell you . . ."
"That I'm a moron for thinking you liked me." he kept on interrupting.
"No because . . ."
"So you could say 'Here is your stupid locket?'"
"Trunks will you listen to . . ."
"Why! So you can yell at me?"
"Whatever, you have some nerve!"
"I don't even want to talk to you . . ." he was interrupted by a kiss.
When Marron let go of him his eyes were wide and his lips were puckered and his head was tilted from her grabbing it.
"Sorry, I had to shut you up."
Trunks looked at her half recovered, his face was still shocked but his lips were not puckered and his head was upright again.
"What was that?"
"I was trying to tell you," Marron began, "that I. . I . ," she couldn't bring herself to say it so, "I love you Trunks," she said loudly beginning to cry, "I'm sorry but I do.  I didn't realize I still did until you said you had feelings for me."
"Still?" Trunks asked confused.
"A while ago," Marron looked at the ground, "I had these deep feelings and so I blocked them away but they grew strong and just burst through when you said you had feelings for me," she was talking fast.
"Marron, I . . "
"I don't blame you for hating me after I rejected you.  I just had to tell you before I lost you without actually knowing.  Because Trunks I'd hate myself if I did lose . . " she was interrupted by Trunks kissing her.
He had one hand on her waist and the other on the side of her head. When he finally pulled back he looked at Marron who was looking up at him with tears in her eyes.
"Marron, I love you," he said reassuring her, wiping her tears away.
"Trunks?"  she said expecting him to say something else.
He hugged her, "I won't risk losing you, because I have some stupid temper.
I love you and want to be with you."
Marron held onto him tighter, "I love you Trunks, please don't leave me."
They just stood in the middle of the forest for a few mintues holding one another before Trunks let go.
"Your soak 'n wet."
"I was everywhere looking for you.  But your not so dry yourself." she poked him.
Trunks swooped Marron up in his arms.
"I better get you home."
"Ya."  he flew in the air and headed for her appartment.
"I love you."
"I love you, too, Trunks."
Trunks landed at her appartment building and walked up with her.  When they came to the door they stood there.
"So."  Trunks said.
"So," Marron repeated in the same tone.
"Are we um, going out?"
Marron nodded, "Yeah."
Trunks smiled and kissed her.
After they were done kissing Trunks backed up alittle,
"Well now I know why all the guys wanted you,"
"Shut up!" she hit him on the shoulder lightly.
He just smirked and she turned around to go into her appartment.  She unlocked the door.
"Guess I'll see you tomorrow," Trunks said with his hands behind his head.
Before he knew it Marron was infront of him kissing him.
They kissed a passionate kiss.  As they were kissing they went into her appartment and shut the door. . . . .
Bra was inside her house and Goten was asleep on the couch, after all it was 11pm.  Though he could have stayed up he must have been depressed about Paris. Bra went into the livingroom, where Goten was on the couch, and covered him with a cover.
She sat on the edge of the couch, he wasn't covering, and looked at him.  He looked calm, peaceful, cute, and just so sweet.  She just wanted to touch his face.  She extended her hand slowly towards him.  She was almost touching him when the phone rang. Bra jumped up and Goten woke up.  Bra bit her bottom lip hoping he didn't know anything and answered the phone.
>Hi Bra.<
"TRUNKS! Where are you?"
Bra asked Trunks just as Goten came over to her.  He leaned over her above her shoulder listening.  Bra started to blush when she heard his silent breathing.
>I'm. . . well . . . over Marron's.  Listen I can't talk long, me and Marron
>are . . . um. . .<
"Oh, I see," Bra said giggling.
"Wow Trunks you are getting some," Goten said.
>GOTEN?!  What are you doing at my house.<
"Making out with your sister."  he teased and Bra blushed, 'I wish,' she thought to herself.
>Very funny . . . bye<
Trunk hung up the phone.
"Well Marron found Trunks," Goten said wrapping his arms around Bra from behind her.
Bra could feel his warm body touch hers, she nearly fainted.
"Guess so," she said nearly dying before he let go of her.
"I don't think Trunks will be home til morning."
"How am I suppose to. . ." Bra started.
"I'll go upstairs and lay in his bed, well actually sleep in his bed til he gets home tomorrow."
"Ok, you know where it is."  Bra replied.
She watched as Goten walked up the steps and into Trunks' room.  As soon as he shut the door she dropped on the couch.
"Wow," she said aloud.  she tingled as she thought, "He was practically hugging me.  Why do I love him so much.  Now I'm gonna be jealous of Trunks and Marron.  But I should try not to think about that.' She walked up to her room and fell on her bed.  Moments later she fell asleep.

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