CHAPTER 4 (In the End)

3 MONTHS later

        Trunks has been taking Marron out one night every week, maybe more. They are a sweet little couple which stay together.
Goten has been trying and trying to make that good date with Paris but she is always busy taking pictures with some model guy for all different magazines yet he's only seen ONE magazine of them two together, why do they need all that time and photos they have been taking?
        Bra has been doing her normal stuff, and her love for Goten continues to grow.  Each time she sees him she tries to block her feelings and some of the time those feelings don't come.  Other times they are too strong to hold back and she has to leave the room.  She sometimes watches Trunks and Marron and how good they are a couple, just wishing, hoping she could have some one like they have one another.
Trunks and Marron go into Trunks' car and begin driving, heading for the Capsule Corp home.  Of course they decide to stop and have breakfast, together.
Goten walks up to Paris' door and opens it, walking in.  He couldn't see her anywhere as he walked through the house.  He went through the back door and into the backyard.  His eyes widened as he saw Paris and some other guy KISSING!  They stopped kissing and looked over.
"Goten!"  Paris shreiked.  She ran over to him, "Goten, I can . . ."
"You can explain right?" Goten said sarcastically, "Just like in the movies."
"No Goten, he umm  . . . had some sorta bone, ya bone, in his throut I couldn't reach with my fingers so . . . "
"So you decided to suck it out,"  Goten laughed, "Yeah! right!"
Paris looked at him, "Goten I mean it!"
"Paris! Tell me the truth!"
"The truth?"
"The truth."  Goten repeated.
Paris looked down, "We've been seeing each other secretly for some time now."
"How long a week or two?"  Goten asked.
"No,"  Paris said.
"A month?"  Goten said half afraid of the answer.
"A few months."  Paris finally said.
Goten turned, "Ok then, be with him and I'll leave you two alone."
"Goten, please I still love you, can't we be together."
"Nope," Goten said and walked out.  He flew into the air, sad and depressed.
  He flew over head to see Trunks and Marron in Trunks' car talking and holding each other. 'I can't desturb them.' he thought.
He looked over as he flew slightly past them, who were pulling up in the driveway.  He saw Bra in the window of her room looking down on the two 'lovebirds.'
"I can't desturb them but maybe Bra will listen to me." he whispered to himself.
So as Goten flew down to the house and going in after he saw Trunks wave him in from the car he thought to himself,
'Why have I always thought of her as a sister, she's so nice and I love her so much.'
And so he knew he was going to talk to a young lady who might be able to help him out with his problem with Paris. Yet did Bra know she was going to get a special visit from a special some one and the adventure would begin.

> well not really if you wonna know what happens next, read Destructive Duo, unless you already have.

P.S. Hope you liked it.  I know it was a bit short.
HaRUko^: WE DO!Lovely story, T-chan! Keep up the great work! ^_^ and T&M forever!

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