CHAPTER 2 (Those feelings)

"Its okay Trunks,"  Bra assured him.
"Bra, I'm fine.  We'll just be friends," Trunks said.
"Are you sure you can be around her?"  Goten asked.
"I don't know.  I just gotta be alone right now."
Trunks walked to his room.
Goten turned to Bra, "I better go."
He kissed her on the cheek, "Bye"
He left.
"Goodbye, Goten-kun."  Bra touched her cheek. She looked to where Trunks went,
'Oh, Trunks, I know how you feel, having feelings for a good friend,' she thought.
Marron sat on her bed.  She held the locket in her hands.  She couldn't help feeling horrible for what she did to Trunks.
"How can I ever talk to him, is he mad at me?" questions like that raced through-out her mind. She got up and looked at her clock, it was only 4 and it felt like 8. Time was going so slow.  She set the locket on her vanity and looked at a recent picture (taken a few months ago) of Her, Bra, Goten, and . . . Trunks. She just noticed how his eyes were not only full of life but love.  She realized that that love was for her.  She always loved Trunks but as a friend or brother.  Maybe she did love him how couples love each other but how could they be together, not just because of what happened that day but there families. How could Krillin's daughter be with Vegeta's son.  She felt so horrible.
"I wish I could tell him I'm sorry again, and that I do love him. . . He probably hates me now,  he was so hurt.  Marron you are so stupid and ignorant."
She walked over to her radio and turned it on to hear an older song,
"Stay" by Lisa Lobe (please note spelling may be wrong of her last name)It was On the part,
"I don't listen hard, I don't pay attention to the distance that your running, to anyone, anywhere.  I don't understand if you really care. I'm only hearing negative ____ I turned the radio on, I turned the radio up and this woman was singing my song, lovers in love and the others run away, lover is crying cause the other won't stay...."
She listened to how it almost reflected her feelings.  How now that she ran she left him in the dark.  She wished so hard that he wouldn't be crying over her.
Slowly several tears ran down her face.  She knows the song only reflects her in few of the words but somehow it made her realize she loved him as much as he loved her.  Why were these feelings coming now and not sooner so she could already be with him.  She sat on her bed not knowing what to do.
The song changed to "Torn" by Natalie I.  She was thinking she should call him tomorrow.  But this song reminded her of what Trunks could be feeling.
"I'm all out of faith this is how I feel.  I'm cold and I am shamed lying naked on the floor.  Illusion never changed into something real, I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is Torn.  Your alittle late, I'm already torn.  So I guess the fortune teller's right, I should have seen just what was there and not some holy light...."
She didn't want Trunks to be feeling like that or it would be too late.
She felt stupid and horrible,  she'll never have that man she loves because she rejected him.  Will he ever forgive her?  She picked up the phone and dialed Trunks' number.  It just kept ringing, no one answered.  She didn't know if it was that he wasn't home or if he wasn't answering.
The answer machine came on and she heard his voice,  she had that feeling again and she knew she really did love him.  After the beep she left her message:
"Trunks, its me . . Marron . . . listen I have to talk to you, I'm so sorry . . ."
some one had picked up the phone, "Trunks, you there?"
The dial tone started, "Did he hang up on me?"
She began to cry more, "I ruined my chance!  Oh Trunks, if you only knew how much I love you."  She picked up the phone again and dialed the straight line to the Capsule Corp. home.  It rang and Bra answered.
>Marron, are you ok?<
"Not really."
>I heard about Trunks and you rejecting him<
"I was trying to . . ."
>I'm not saying you have to love him but you could have let him down
"Bra, I'm trying to. . . "
>I really care about my brother and you hurt him.<
"I didn't want . . . "
>I know you think of him as a brother . . <
"BRA! Listen to me please!"
>Marron you shouldn't yell at me.<
"Bra you weren't listening."
>You told my brother you didn't like him as a couple and it hurt him . . .<
"BRA! I do love him!"
>You don't have to love him but you could have at least liked him . . .
"I love Trunks, with all my heart."
>Why did you reject him<
"I guess I didn't realize I did until he said he liked me."
"I don't know, I mean I liked him awhile ago but forced myself to stop, but forcing yourself to stop just increases your love for that person."
>Ya . . I guess so.<
"Bra just make sure he doesn't go and meet any girls before I talk to him."
>Ya ok.<
"Bra are you ok."
>Ya I'm . . . no I'm horrible.<
"Bra whats wrong."
>I love this one guy.<
>I can't be with him, but I love him soooo much and making myself stop is
>increasing my love for him.<
>When I'm around him I know I start blushing and can't stop myself.<
>It's Goten, I love Goten!<
"Oh, Bra, you can love him and I'm sure he loves you."
>Ya, whatever.<
"Oh Bra, I gotta let you go, I have to call . . Goten."
>Ok bye<
They hung up there phones.  Marron picked up the phone again and called Goten.
>OH, hi Marron.<
"Listen don't take Trunks girl looking,  I love him...."
Goten and Marron talked on the phone almost the rest of the night.
Trunks layed on his bed.  He must have listened to that message Marron left 4 times in each hour.  No matter how much he wanted not to love her he couldn't.  He loved her to much for to long.
'Why did she call me, probably to reject me or tease me about loving her.' he thought.
How could they face each other?  How could he ever be around her?  How could he be in the same room of the person he loves but she doesn't love him? How could life be so unfair?  Questions racing through his mind all night long.
'What if I never get to have my feelings of love returned to me?'  he couldn't stop thinking about her.
"How could you do this to me, Marron, I loved you, I still love you."
Bra was at his door ready to knock to find out if Trunks still loved Marron but overhearing him say that, she knew. She only wished Goten felt the love for her that she felt for him.
Marron hung up the phone with Goten at midnight.  She got changed into a pair of light green shorts and a yellow tank-top.  She went into bed and layed there on her side.
"I can't lose him, not now, not ever." She layed there for a short while crying herself to sleep.
Trunks was at the kitchen table at 6:30am, he was shocked to see Bra up so early AND goten was already there!
"Uh . . why are you two here and so early?"
Goten didn't look up from eating so Bra looked at Trunks.
"Well, we sorta arranged for you to have today off."
"I can't take today off."
"Why?"  Bra said as Goten was still eating.
"I just can't!"
"Is it because if you don't work your mind will be on Marron all day?"
Trunks started to blush, "No!  I don't like her anymore."
Bra smiled, "I know you don't like her anymore,"
"Thats right."
"You love her!"
Trunks almost fell over.
"Will you stop pestering me, isn't it hard enough I was rejected by her."
Trunks fled upstairs and into his room.
"Oops, I think I went to far," Bra said and looked at Goten who was still eating.  A small smile formed on her face.  He looked up at her and said, "This is good," mumbling it with a full mouth and went back to eating.
Bra blushed.
Goten finally finished,
"Wow! I'm full!"
Bra giggled slightly,
"Your so stupid."
"Eh?"  Goten raised an eyebrow.
Bra began to laugh then stopped,
"Ok lets go get Trunks!"
They both walked up to Trunks' room.  Bra knocked on the door.
"Trunks open the door."
The door didn't open.  Bra looked at Goten.  He looked at her and turned the doorknob, it was unlocked.
"For someone who is stupid I'm pretty smart."
Bra blushed with embarrassment.
They walked in.
"Where is he?"  Bra asked.
Goten and her looked around,
"He went out the window,"  Goten said, "Call Marron, tell her we lost him."
Bra went to Trunks' phone and looked at the speed dials, surprisingly Marron was #1.  She clicked it.
It began to ring.
Marron just got out of the shower and was in a robe.  The phone began to ring.
'I don't want to talk to anyone.' she thought. She looked at the caller-id and saw {Briefs, Trunks} she grabbed the phone quickly,
"Hello, Trunks?"
"Trunks? No, its Bra.  Oh yeah I'm using his line."
>Bra? Oh ok, where is Trunks?<
"I, I mean Goten and I, sorta lost him."
>How do you lose some one?<
"Actually he flew out his window."
>Oh Dende what am I to do.<
"Go find him."
>I don't think I can<
"Why not?"
>Well he can fly and I can't and so that means he can be anywhere...<
"Well, I guess Goten can try to find him."
>No, I have to and me myself, I can't risk losing him.<
"You go, girl."
They both hung up the phone.
"So what did she say," Goten asked.
"She's gonna find him herself."
"How's she gonna do that?"
"I don't know but she doesn't want us to help."
"Ok then, see ya."  Goten walked to the door.
"Where are you going?"
"To surprise Paris at her place."
"Oh," Bra looked down.
"Whats wrong?"
"Nothing I'm fine," she looked up, "I just hope Marron finds Trunks, thats all,"  she quickly recovered.
Goten smiled, "Don't worry she will."  And he left.
Bra saw him go and as soon as he shut the door she dropped on the floor, sitting, and began to cry.
"Oh,  Goten-kun, why can't you come and surprise me?  Why can't I just show you my feelings, but it wouldn't be right, not while Trunks and Marron are going through all this.  Everyone has some one except me, now." She continued to cry lightly and her tears dropped on the carpet changing the color and clumping it together.
"I have no one to talk to anymore, I'm all alone.  Trunks and Marron are in love with each other and can't seem to find one another to tell each other. Goten . . the Goten I want . .  has Paris and loves her deeply.  I have no one, I'm left alone in the dark, feeling, those feelings, alone with no reaction from the one I'm feeling them for."  She dropped her hand in her hands and began to cry more and more, not able to stop it, not able to control how much she was crying, just crying uncontrolably.

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