by Ree-chan

                      Author's Note: Whatever year it is when Bra is 18, Trunks is 29, Goten is 28, and Marron is 23
        “Oh, uh, hey, Marron-chan?”

        “Goten-kun!  How are you?”

        “Good, good.  Yourself?”

        “Well, life could be worse.  What’s up?  What do you need?”

        “Do I have to need something to go visit my good friend Marron?”

        “Usually.  So what is it?”

        “Well, uh, I have a problem.”

        “What kind of problem is it that you can’t tell Trunks about it?  Is it about him?”

        “Oh no, no.  See, there’s this girl I like, not you, though you are absolutely gorgeous.”

        “Flattery will get you everywhere.  What’s the problem with the girl?”

        “Well, she’s…younger than me.”

        “So?  Paris was younger than you.”

        “Well, quite a bit younger.”

        “Goten, I can’t help you unless you’re more specific. Do I know this girl?”


        “Well, who is she?”

        “Promise you won’t laugh?”

        “Of course I won’t!”

        “Cross your heart and hope to die.”

        “Cross my heart and hope to die.”



        “Okay, okay.”

        “I’m waiting.”



(After Goten leaves Marron's work office)

        “Okay, Trunks, what’s up with you?”

        “Goten, what are you talking about?”

        “You have been moping around, sighing, and doing other very strange things.  What’s going on?”

        “What could be wrong with me?”

        “Wrong with you?  Don’t get me started.”

        “No, really.  What do you think it is?”

        “I don’t know, Trunks.  If I knew, I wouldn’t be asking you.”


        “May I take this opportunity to say, ‘Duh’?”


        “And you call me stupid.”


        “Well?  Are you going to tell me?”

        “I don’t know, Goten.  You were awfully mean to me.”

        “Trunks, just spit it out.”

        “Oh, fine.  Since you won’t leave me alone.”


        “I…like someone is all.”

        “Oh, your first crush.  How cute.”

        “Very funny, Goten.”

        “I rather thought so.  So, who’s the lucky girl?  Do I know her?”


        “Trunks, don’t leave me in suspense!  Come on!”

        “I like…Marron-chan.”


(After Goten leaves Capsule Corp)

        “Niichan, can I talk to you?”

        “Sure.  What’s up, Bra?”

        “I have a problem.”

        “Another one?  What’s it this time?  Your hair?”

        “Very funny.”

        “I’ve got it!  It’s your nails!”

        “I’m trying to be serious here!”

        “Okay, okay. Sorry.  What’s the problem?”

        “Well, there’s this guy that I like, but I don’t know if he likes me.  Plus, even if we ever did get together, there could be

        “Hmm.  How do you mean?”

        “Uh, well, he’s a little older than I am.”

        “A little as in a few months or a few years?”

        “Um, years.”

        “Do I know this guy?”

        “Oh, yeah, you’ve met.”

        “Well, what’s he like?”

        “Oh, he’s a nice, funny guy…I think you like him.  I’ve known him for quite a while.”

        “But you don’t know if he likes you?”


        “Well, maybe I can help.  Who is he?  Some guy from school?”

        “Oh, I don’t think you knowing his name would help much.  I didn’t meet him at school, though, if that’s what you’re

        “Oh, come on, Bra-chan.  If I know him, maybe I can tell you what I think he thinks of you.”

        “Well…I don’t know.”

        “It can’t hurt, can it?”

        “Not me, but maybe him.”

        “You know I won’t beat up a guy just because you like him.”

        “That’s held true in the past.  This is a different situation.”

        “Bra-chan, just tell me his name.”


        “Don’t make me beat it out of you.”

        “Okay, okay.”




(After Bra goes back to her room)

        “Marron-chan!  I didn’t see you come in!  Hey, sit down!”

        “Hi, Bra-chan.  I was wondering something?”

        “Oh, sure.  What’s up?”

        “Well…can I be direct?”

        “Sure, of course.”

        “Okay.  I like…a guy.”

        “I would certainly hope so!”

        “Oh, funny, funny.  You’re hilarious, you know that?”

        “I’ve been told.  So, what do you want me to do about it?”

        “Well, I can’t talk to him.  I get all tongue-tied and stuff.  I was wondering if you…”

        “If I what?”

        “Could, like, talk me up to him?”

        “You’re serious?”

        “Well, yes.  If I could just know one way or the other if he likes me…”

        “I…I don’t know…”

        “Please, Bra-chan?”

        “Oh, geez, I don’t know…”

        “Pleeeeeeeease, Bra-chan.”

        “You just want me to find out if he likes you?”

        “Yes, that’s all.  I promise.  Will you?”

        “I…Don’t give me that puppy-dog look!  Stop it right now!  Argh!”

        “Will you?”

        “Oh, all right!  You know you’re evil?”

        “I can’t help it.  In my genes.”

        “Okay, who am I talking you up to?”


        “I can always change my mind, you know.”

        “All right, all right.  It’s Trunks-kun.”


(After Bra quits screaming in horror)

        “Hi, Niichan.”

        “Wow, Bra, two visits from you in one day.  I’m honored.”

        “Yeah, you should be.”

        “Well, is there a reason we’re talking?”

        “Um, yes.  I was wondering if…well, can I just ask you something?”

        “Uh, okay.  Just ask.”

        “Do you like Marron-chan?”


        “Don’t yell!  I just asked if you liked Marron-chan. Don’t jump down my throat!”

        “Goten told you!”

        “Goten?  What?  Goten hasn’t told me anything!”

        “Yes, he did!  He told you I like Marron!  Maybe I’ll tell him you like him!”

        “Trunks, you wouldn’t!”

        “Yes I would!  It’s payback time!”

        “You jerk!  I didn’t even do anything, and you’re punishing me for it!”

        “Guys, stop fighting!”

        “Marron?  What are you doing here?”

        “I came over to talk to Bra.  Trunks, do you really like me?”

        “Goten told you, too?  Geez, what a friend.  But, since it’s pointless to deny it, yes, I do.”

        “Bra, do you really like Goten?”

        “Uh, yeah.”

        “He likes you, too.”


        “Goten told me this morning!”

        “I told you what this morning?”

        “Goten!  Geez, what are you doing here?”

        “I heard fighting, so I came over.  Hate to miss a good fight.  So, what did I tell you, Marron-chan?”

        “Oh, well, you told me like Bra.”

        “What?  You told?  I can’t believe you!”

        “But she likes you, too!  And Trunks is okay with it!”

        “He is?”

        “Yes, I am.  Don’t worry.  I won’t kill you for liking her.”

        “Like you could!”

        “Oh, you know I could take you, any time, any where.”

        “You wish!”

        “I don’t have to?I can.”

        “Oh please.  Bra-chan, do you think your brother can take me?”

        “I think he won’t dare because he knows that if he beat you up, he wouldn’t be able to come home.”

        “Oh, so you think he can?”

        “Didn’t say that.”

        “So you think he can’t?”

        “Didn’t say that, either.”

        “Sitting on the fence.”

        “I’m very good at that, Goten-kun.  You love me anyway, don’t you?”

        “Of course.”

        “I like your laugh.  You should laugh more often.”

        “He laughs all the time, Bra-chan.”

        “Hush, Marron-chan.”

        “Yes, ma’am.”

        “Go make Trunks kiss you or something.  I’ll just sit here and look at Goten.”

        “And I’ll just look back at her.”

        “So, just go away now.  Thank you, Trunks, Marron.  You guys are awesome.”

(And it ends with each guy pressing a kiss on his ladylove’s lips.)


   Kono Fanfiction wa totemo kawaii,neh?! I love the way how they shared their secrets and how they found out! It's so funny!! ((^_^)). Thanks Ree-chan, for sending me this cutie story!!! 

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