Chibi Vegeta and things that go down the hole
By Acrobat


Chibi Vegeta: Frieza's plans for universal domination go down the hole!

King Vegeta: Get down here now!

Chibi Vegeta: Okay daddy jush a minute!


Chibi Vegeta: Daddy's plans for Frieza overthrow go down the hole!

*flush flush flush*

Chibi Vegeta: bowling ball wont go down hole! O well...


Chibi Vegeta: Daddy's Boxers go down the hole! --Uh oh... Daddy's boxers get stuck in hole.
O well.

 ~Chibi Vegeta leaves bathroom and heads toward the elevator.  Frieza is standing there waiting, also~


~Chibi V. and Frieza board the elevator~

Chibi Vegeta: Elevator go up! Elevator go down! Elevator go up!  Uh oh... elevator s stuck!

Frieza: Shut up kid...

Chibi Vegeta:  Your wheelchair thingie too heavy.  It go down the hole!


Frieza: Why you little- Hey! WHY does this elevator have a toilet?

Chibi Vegeta: Funny genderless person is cranky! Funny genderless person goes down the hole!

Frieza: Get your hands off of me you little-


Chibi Vegeta: O well!

~gets off elevator~

King Vegeta: Vegeta! Have you seen my... (quietly)  underwear by any chance!

Chibi Vegeta: Yesh daddy, I show you where it go!

King Vegeta: Where are they then?

Chibi Vegeta: Right here! ~points to toilet~

King Vegeta: Huh? ~leans over~

Chibi Vegeta: ~pushes him in~ Daddy go down the hole!


~waits a minute~

Chibi Vegeta: AGGHH! Daddy come back up the hole! AGH!


Moral: Don't flush daddies down holes!

Sibling rivalry at it's greatest! hehehe...I wrote this when I was really really mad at my brother.  So I went into my room and my twisted little produced this story!  Flames are fine, as long as they're "constuctive"! This is an A/U fic so I can do anything I want and get away with it! Nyah!!!! Oh yeah, and I don't own any DBZ characters used in this, BUT I SURE AS KAMI OWN NEAH AND JARANE!!! Okay...

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