The sun rains violent rays of light down on the surface of the dry cracked land. Five men ride on large black horses and although the sun is vicious they wear heavy leather coats and pants. The five men's faces are blank as they ride silently through the desert. One of the men is a large bulky man with long spiky blonde hair. The next man has very pale white skin with large white eyes. Out the back of his leather jacket is a long tail that waves on the side of his horse. The next man has green skin and his eyes are covered by a shadow from the brim of his hat. The next man has bright red skin and a fair face that would be considered very attractive by women. His long white hair sticks out of his hat. A drop of sweat rolls down his forehead. The last man in the front of the line is obviously the leader of the group. His red and purple skin gleam in the sunlight. He sees in the distance a small town. "Get ready for some fun boys," The leader, Janemba says to the rest of the group. "So we gonna hit the town bank, or stay a while then hit the bank?" Jace, the red skinned pretty boy asks. "We're just going to rob the bank and leave," Janemba says. "Sounds good to me. From the look of that town I don't want to stay very long. I hate small towns," Cell says balancing himself on his saddle. "Too bad I wanted to go to the bar," Brolly says smiling. "No bars this time, you always start a bar fight because you lose all your money in poker," Freeza says to Brolly. "No bars, we hit the bank then leave that's it!" Janemba says annoyed. "Yes sir," Brolly says growling under his voice.

The five men slowly ride into the town. It is very busy with people running back and forth. But they all stop as soon as they see the five dangerous looking men slowly riding through the center of the Dirt Street. The Five men stop their horses right in front of the town's bank and get off. "Shouldn't we get some rags to put over our faces?" Jace asks Janemba. Janemba looks around to all the people staring straight at them and listens to the deafening silence around them. Janemba looks back to Jace. "Why bother? They all know who we are already," Janemba says smiling. Jace smiles back. "True everyone knows us around here. Very few don't know about the Black horse gang," Jace says walking with the rest of the group into the bank. A little kid runs into the sheriff's office. "Sheriff! Sheriff! We got trouble out here in the bank!" The little child yells. The sheriff sits in the dark with his legs propped up on his desk. His arms are crossed and he looks over to his four deputes. They look back at him then nod. The sheriff nods back and takes his feet off of the desk and stands up. The deputes do the same. The sheriff picks up his holster with his gun off of the hook on the wall. He pus it around his waist and then walks out of the building with his four deputes right behind him.

Gun shots ring out in the bank and the five men run out with bags in their hands. They start to mount their horses but all stops as they look around and see no one around. "Got real quiet," Brolly says sneering. "That's why," Cell says looking out and seeing five shadows in the distance. They all stand straight unmoving. The Black horse gang gets off their horses and walk out into the street. They line up and stand straight also staring down the five other men. The sheriff stands in the middle of the line. Janemba stands in the middle of his line. "So you are the infamous Black Horse Gang? Nice to meet you, now please return my town's money before you all have to leave here in a pine box," The sheriff says. "I don't think so sheriff," Janemba says. "Well then me and my deputes will have to escort you all out of our town," The sheriff says. The deputes nod their heads and their hands hang near their waists. The Black Horse Gang's hands go near their holsters also. "Now may I know your names? I like to know what my victims names are before I kill them," Janemba says. The sheriff smiles slyly and looks straight into Janemba's eyes. "I'm sheriff Gokou," The sheriff says crossing his arms. "This is deputy Vegeta," He says nodding to the deputy to his right with a leather jacket on. Vegeta smiles slyly. "Vegeta? The famous gun fighter?" Janemba asks. "The same," Vegeta says. "To my left is deputy Krillin," The short deputy stands straight and as tall as he can. "Deputy Yamcha to my far right," Yamcha pops his knuckles and smiles. "And to my far left is deputy Gohan, my oldest son," Sheriff Gokou says. "Yamcha and Krillin the two famous law men from the east?" Janemba says, a large sweat drop forms on his forehead. "Yep," Gokou says. "And you are Gokou, The sheriff that killed my brother Big Cool a while back!" Freeza says gritting his teethe. "Yep," Gokou says smiling. "My brother was one of the fastest draws in the west and you drew your gun and killed him before his hand could reach his holster, so I've heard," Freeza says angrily. "He wasn't as fast as he thought," Gokou smiles. "Well we got a bit of a showdown here fellas," Janemba says smiling. "Yep," Vegeta says. "Well then what are we waiting for?" Brolly says, his fingers twitching by his gun. They all stand still, no one moves and inch.

"Now!" Janemba yells and the Black Horse gang draws their guns. The deputies and the sheriff draw also. Gunfire rings out in the middle of the street. The Black Horse Gang backs away and takes shelter from the fire. The lawmen do the same. They fire back and forth between each other. Vegeta fires from behind a wooden barrel on the side of the street. Gohan takes shelter inside a store and fires out of a broken window. Krillin runs into the local bar and fires from the doorway. Yamcha fires from behind a building and Gokou runs back and forth ducking behind different objects. Janemba hides behind a wagon and fires from under it. Brolly hides in between some stores and gets low to the ground firing his gun. Cell and Jace leap into a store and fire out of the windows. Freeza goes inside another store and fires his rifle out of the hole in the window he made with the butt of his gun.

They fire back and forth. Freeza aims his rifle and fires at the deputies. A bullet flies over Yamcha's head and he ducks down and fires back. And the bullet flies past Freeza's shoulder. "Good shot!" Freeza says sneering back. Jace aims his rifle at the deputies; he is the groups' sniper and enjoys the title. Jace fires his gun and the bullet flies through the air and lodges into Gohan's right shoulder. Gohan lets out a loud cry and falls on his back holding onto his shoulder with his left hand. "Gohan! Are you alright?" Gokou yells from his place. "I'm alright dad! He got my shooting arm though! I'm out of this fight, sorry," Gohan yells back. Jace aims his gun again and fires, this time the bullet goes straight into Yamcha's skull. Yamcha falls to the ground, twitches a bit, then stops moving. "They got Yamcha!" Krillin yells, he makes a big mistake and reveals way too much of his body in the doorway. Brolly aims his gun and shoots Krillin in the chest. Krillin grabs his chest and then falls to the ground. "Krillin!" Gokou yells and fires rapidly at Brolly. Brolly moves quickly but Gokou's bullets still pierce Brolly's right leg. Brolly falls to the ground and holds onto his leg. Gokou aims again but is stopped as a bullet hits the wall by his head. "Man these guys are head hunters!" Vegeta says firing his gun and coming close to Cell's chest. " I can't get a good shot on Vegeta! Here use my gun!" Cell says throwing his large rifle to Jace. "It's stronger than yours!" Cell says. "Got it!" Jace says aiming the gun. Jace fires and the bullet crashes through the barrel and goes into Vegeta's chest. Vegeta is flung back and hits the ground. Vegeta coughs up blood then stops moving. "Vegeta!" Gokou yells.

"Give it up sheriff! We got you out numbered! And my sharpshooter can take the hair off your head!" Janemba yells. Janemba and the others walk out of their hiding places and stand straight, accept for Brolly who limps to his spot. Gokou seeing the truth in Janemba's words slowly walks out of his hiding place. "What now?" Gokou asks putting his gun back into its holster. "We see how fast of a draw you actually are," Janemba says standing straight, his gun in its holster. The Black Horse Gang backs away slowly and smiles. "Come on lets see how fast the famous Gokou is when he is facing a real challenge!" Janemba says smiling. Gokou smiles and stands ready to draw. Gohan crawls across the floor of the store and his eyes open wide as he sees the empty street with Gokou standing in front of Janemba. The many citizens of the town watch anxiously from their windows. Gokou's fingers twitch as they get a little closer to his gun. Janemba smiles at Gokou slyly. In less then a second they both pull their guns at the same time. Also at the same time they pull back the hammers of their guns with their thumbs. Both their arms swing up towards each other. Both guns fire in unison and the loud Bang rings out through the empty city. The smoke from their guns blow away and they both stand straight looking at each other. Silence fills the town and all stay quiet. Janemba smiles at Gokou. Gokou suddenly clinches his chest and falls to his knees. Gokou pulls his hand away from his chest and sees the crimson blood that stains his hand bright red. Gokou is speechless as he realizes that he has lost the draw.
Gokou still wishes to defend his town and raises his hand and tries to fire his gun again but Janemba fires again and another bullet hits Gokou's chest. Gokou is flung backwards and hits the ground. Janemba laughs loudly and then turns around and starts to walk away. Gokou shakily gets to his feet and stands clinching his teeth. "I can't let you leave with my town's money!" Gokou says slowly raising his arm again. His gun shakes in his hand and he tries to aim it. Janemba smiles and then spins around and fires his gun one last time. The bullet flies through the air and lodges into Gokou's skull. Gokou falls to the ground and doesn't move. His hands twitch for a brief second and then he stops moving completely. "No!" Gohan yells from the floor. "Come on boys lets move!" Janemba says and the Black Horse Gang gets onto their horses and ride off. A cloud of smoke is left behind them as they disappear in the distance. Gohan stumbles out of the store he was in and runs over to Gokou's body. He looks down at the hole in Gokou's cranium and hangs his head. He falls to his knees and buries his sobbing face in Gokou's chest, hugging on the limp body.

Ten days pass; the once lively and vibrant town has been reduced to a sluggish dark city. With the passing of their greatest lawman they silently mourn. Children do not play in the streets like they usually do and the local bar is overrun with drunks trying to escape reality and the loss of five great men. Gohan sits in the jailhouse, his right-arm in a sling. He wears the dull dirty star of the sheriff, which he sadly pinned on his chest. He looks over at the many pictures on the wall. They are of the sheriff and the other three lawmen happily eating together. Every week on Sunday all their families got together. The Sons, the Briefs, and Krillin's family always got together that night, it was tradition. Not to mention Yamcha and their many other friends were there. Gohan hangs his head and then hears a loud commotion outside. "Sheriff! Sheriff! Another Gunman is here! He's a mean lookin varmint!" The young boy races inside the jailhouse yelling, and waving his arms about. Gohan exhales deeply, his shooting arm still in bandages but he had a job to do. Gohan got up out of the sheriff's chair and uses his left hand to take the gun holster off of the wall. He starts to try and put the holster around his waist then remembers that he only has one arm. The young boy helps Gohan and buckles the gun around his waist. The boy stands back and lets Gohan walk out of the door. Gohan walks out into the middle of the Dirt Street. He stops and looks over at the large shadowy figure on a large white horse. The afternoon sun is right behind the figure, leaving no clue to his identity. All Gohan sees is black shadowy death. "State your business here stranger!" Gohan yells, squinting his eyes to get a better look at the figure. "Just tying up some loose strings," The figure says in a rather pleasant sounding voice. "What kind of strings, Pard?" Gohan says thinking the whole time of how familiar the voice is. "You've looked better Goat! Have some trouble lately?" The figure yells out again. "Goat? No one has called me that in ten years. And only one person was ever stupid enough to do so!" Gohan yells back then smiles. "Ten years? It has really been that long brother?" The figure says then dismounts off of his white horse. "Yep actually ten years tomorrow, Goten," Gohan says walking up to the figure. He puts his left hand on Goten's shoulder and smiles. "Good to have you home kid," Gohan says then hugs Goten with his one good arm. "It's good to be home bro," Goten says in Gohan's ear. "I came as soon as I heard about pop," Goten says to Gohan. "Yeah, sorry it got to you so late, we couldn't afford telegram this time," Gohan says in a low voice. "It's okay I'm just surprised you were able to find me at all, sense I move around a lot," Goten says this then escorts Gohan to the jailhouse. They close the door behind then and have a long talk.

"So has anything changed around here ever sense I left?" Goten asks smiling. "Nothing really," Gohan says, lying. "Why did you leave ten years ago?" Gohan asks. Goten looks up at Gohan and smiles slightly. "I had to go. This small town life wasn't for me, you know that," Goten says. "Yeah I knew it, mom knew it, the whole towns knew it," Gohan says. Goten swishes his finger around in his drink, "Dad didn't know it." Gohan grows silent. "So that is why you left? Cause dad had a dream for you?" Gohan asks. "A dream? Dad had my whole life planned out for me, He wanted me to be the towns' sheriff after he had gone, I didn't want to," Goten says coldly. "So I left, without telling anyone. I wanted my own life, with my own choices," Goten says. "Dad was just trying to guide you, not control you," Gohan says. "Yeah right! He never liked anything I did, he wanted me to be just like him," Goten pauses, "To be just like you." "Goten, dad loved you and dad loved how different you were, how lively you were. I actually think at times he wished I were a bit more like you," Gohan says smiling up at Goten. "Yeah right," Goten shoots back coldly. They both stop talking and grow silent one more, letting the uncomfort subside a bit.
"So how is the bounty hunting business?" Gohan asks Goten. "It's fine, lots of criminals out there to get a bounty on," Goten says drinking his glass of whiskey. "Yeah, the world just ain't a safe place no more," Gohan says sitting down. They sit silent for several seconds, one just looking at the other silently. "So?" Goten says looking down at his half-full glass. "So what?" Gohan returns looking at Goten studying his glass. "You know what. Who were the ones who killed my pop?" Goten says coldly. Gohan sits back in his chair and exhales deeply. He knew Goten would bring up the nasty subject of their father's death. "It was the Black Horse Gang. They rode in on those dark devil horses and robbed the bank. We, we being me, dad, Vegeta, Krillin, and Yamcha, tried to stop then but they shot each and every one, one by one," Gohan says recalling the scene. "Their leader, some honoree varmint named Janemba had a show down with dad. He shot him twice in the chest and then shot him in the head," Gohan says slamming his left fist into the table. "The Black Horse Gang huh?" Goten starts, "They are some of he baddest killers in the west, got a mighty sweet price on their heads too." Goten finishes off his glass then sets it down hard on the table. Goten stands up from the table and heads for the door. "Where do you think you're going little brother?" Gohan yells after Goten. Goten slowly turns around and pulls down the front brim of his dark brown hat. "I'm fixin to collect on a very high bounty!" Goten says walking out of the door. Gohan runs out of the door after him. "Wait you can't go after them! They're too dangerous for you to take on alone! Wait a couple of days, I'll collect a posses and we all can go after them!" Gohan says walking beside Goten. "Sorry bro, no can do. In the time you collect a posse they will already be in Mexico and blowing the towns money on beer and prostitutes," Goten says getting onto His bright white horse. "Aren't you at least going to stay a little bit? To rest, to see mom?" Gohan asks trying to convince Goten to stay longer. Goten looks out into the horizon and then smiles at Gohan. "I know what you are doing. If I let you take me to see mom she will be able to make me stay in town and not go after them. The only reason I was able to leave this small town ten years ago is because I never told mom I was going. Tell mom I love her. And if I don't make it home alive, to bury me next to dad," Goten says starting his horse on it's way. "Love ya bro! Tell Videl hi and tell that cute little daughter of yours to pray for her old uncle, he's going to need it," Goten yells back then rides off away from the town, away from his old family, and away from his past. Gohan stands silently in the middle of the street and watches as the figure of his brother grows fainter and fainter in the distance. "Good luck lil bro, may god watch over you," Gohan says under his breath and turns around and walks slowly back to his life.