Goten rides through the hot desert and squints as the sun's rays beats down on him. It's been a week sense he left his hometown. The Trail of the Black Horse Gang is faint and he has trouble finding anything to follow except for the testimonies of different people who have said that they have seen them. Goten stops his horse and sees a town in the distance. He picks up his canteen and sees that he has run out of water and upon further inspection of his saddle pockets he has no food either. "Dang it, I don't want to stop but I have to stock up. Maybe I'll get more information on the Black Horse Gang," Goten says then heads for the town. Goten's white horse strides into town and looks around the busy place. Looking around for a place to eat he hears his stomach growl loudly. "Need to get something to eat," Goten says. He stops his horse in front of store porch where an old couple sits in their rocking chairs and relaxes. "Excuse me sir and ma'am," Goten politely says. "Where can I go to get something to eat?" Goten finishes. "Well there is the Gold Nugget Salon, down the street to the right, they have a wonderful menu," The old lady says. Goten looks up and looks down the street and sees the hanging sign. Goten looks back at the couple and tips his hat with a smile. "Thanks ma'am," Goten says cheerfully and starts off.

"Look out!" someone yells. Goten looks up and sees a stagecoach run wildly through the streets. The driver of the coach tries to get the four horses back under control but they ignore him and blur through the streets. Goten looks a couple of yards ahead of the coach and sees a small black child walking in the middle of the street with his back turned to the couch. "He doesn't see it!" Goten says to himself then kicks the sides of his horse. The white stallion blurs off into the way of the stagecoach. The little boy finally wondering what all he commotion behind him was, turns around to find four huge horses barreling down on him. "Kid! Look out!" Goten yells ridding as fast as he can towards them. The young black boy pauses in his tacks and is stunned unable to move. "Dang it!" Goten yells. Goten leans over the right side of his horse and hangs off of it holding out his right arm. Both Goten and the stagecoach barrel down on the little boy. Goten grits his teeth hoping he will reach the kid before the coach. Goten seeing his chance and being close enough leans out more and wraps his arm around the little boy's small waist. The boy is jerked out of the way and Goten uses his abdominal muscles to lift both he and the little boy onto his horse's back. The stagecoach flies past and soon after the driver finally gains control back over the horses. The stagecoach comes to a stop and so does Goten. Goten stops the horse then lets the little black boy down from the saddle. "Next time watch all around you before walking in the street," Goten says to the little boy. Scared from his ordeal the little boy starts to bawl and after a quick sob he wipes the tears from his eyes. Goten leaps down from his horse and kneels down next to the boy. "You okay?" Goten says laying his hand on the boys shoulder.

"Sorrian! Sorrian! You okay?" A black teenager with a Mohawk yells running up and kneeling down by the boy. The little boy nods his head and sniffles. "Thank you, Mr.?" The boy says. "Goten nice to meet you," Goten says holding out his hand. The teenager holds out his hand and shakes Goten's. "The names Ubuu, this is Sorrian," Ubuu says. Ubuu wears a white shirt with a brown leather vest and black leather pants. He wears two gleaming revolvers on his sides. The little boy, Sorrian, wears pretty much the same thing. "Once again thanks, don't know what I'd do if this little guy was killed," Ubuu says gratefully. "No problem just glad I could help," Goten returns smiling. "Ubuu, Sorrian get over here!" They all hear behind them, a dark voice, menacing, dangerous. And who the voice belonged to fit it. A tall black teen, wearing a long black leather trenchcoat. He also wears black leather gloves and black pants. If he hides anything under the coat it can't be seen. "Overkill! This guy here just saved Sorrian's life," Ubuu says. Overkill looks dead at Goten with a cold glance. Shivers run down Goten's spine. "Come here Sorrian," Overkill says in a low voice. Sorrian hesitates and then slowly walks over to Overkill. Fear obviously in Sorrian's expression. Overkill looks down at Sorrian and Sorrian hangs his head. "Lets go, Ubuu come on," Overkill says turning around and grabbing Sorrian's arm. Overkill walks away and Sorrian follows. Ubuu stands up and looks back to Goten. "He doesn't say it, but he's thankful," Ubuu says then walks on after them. Goten shrugs off the encounter and then leaps back onto his horse.

Goten sits at the counter of the Gold Nugget Salon and finishes off a glass of whiskey. He just sits there like he has for the past hour and listens. He listens for any conversation that would have anything to do with the Black Horse Gang. He figures that they haven't been here and then stands up from the bar counter. He clears his voice and says, "Attention please!"

The men in the bar stop talking for a while and look at the stranger that has just made himself known. "I need a posse! A group of men to help me go after a dangerous gang of criminals, you will not be paid because, well I can't pay you," Goten says. Some men laugh and others continue to listen intently. "Who will we be going after?" one man asks. Goten pauses slightly and hesitates, " The Black Horse Gang!" Goten yells. The whole bar grows still and silent. "Son you are crazy to go after them! Any man that joins your insane posse is sure to be killed!" an old man yells. The whole bar agrees loudly saying several different things about Goten's intelligence. Goten, seeing that he is getting nowhere by asking for help from this band, sits back down at the bar. The bartender walks up to Goten and lays down a glass of liquor in front of him. Goten looks down at the glass then back up at the bartender. "I didn't order this," Goten says. Bartender says nothing; he just nods his head towards the end of the bar. "It's on him," the bartender finally says. Goten looks down at the end of the bar and sees a lone black figure like a shadow sitting on a stool drinking his own glass. Overkill looks up and tips his hat slightly at Goten. Overkill stands up and walks over to Goten and sits down beside him. Overkill looks forward and says nothing for a while. "Thanks," He gets out. "No problem, you bought me a drink we're even," Goten says smiling. "No we're not. You saved my little brother's life I owe you a lot," Overkill says then takes another drink from his glass. "It's okay, the drink is enough. Besides I'm not going to be here long enough for you to do anything for me," Goten says. "I'll find a way," Overkill says. Goten looks over to the side of the bar and sees a busted up table leaning up against the wall. "What happened to that table?" Goten asks the bartender. "Aw, some hothead the other night started a bar fight because he lost all his money in poker. A big guy, real big long blonde hair," The bartender says. "Brolly," Goten says to himself. "Brolly? The big guy in the Black Horse Gang?" Overkill asks. "Yep," Goten responds. "Mean guy, bad temper, you after him or something?" Overkill asks. "Yep. The Black Horse gang killed my pops and a lot of friends of mine. I plan to return the favor," Goten says. "Sounds fun," Overkill says slightly chuckling. "It's not going to be easy you know," Overkill says. "I know," Goten says.

"Bartender get me a drink!" Overkill yells. The bartender quickly does so and puts down a glass of milk in front of Overkill. Goten looks down at the glass and laughs a little bit. "What are you laughing at?" Overkill says. "Well it seems weird that a big tough guy like you would drink milk," Goten says. "Well alcohol makes me slow on the draw," Overkill says. "I knew I heard your name before," Goten says smiling. "You're Overkill the gunslinger, people say that you are one of the fastest draws ever seen in the west," Goten says. "Yep," Overkill says almost proudly. "There is a five thousand dollar reward on your head for the murder of an Illinois man," Goten says. "It was a showdown those are legal and he called me a nigger," Overkill says. "They wouldn't have minded me winning if I was white," Overkill says and Goten nods his head in agreement. "Justice maybe be blind, but she can see colors pretty darn well," Goten says downing his drink. Overkill silently looks at Goten and slightly smiles then it disappears. "So bartender, any idea where the big blonde guy and his friends went?" Goten asks. "I dunno, how the heck should I know?" The bartender says wiping the counter. Goten puts down a twenty and slides it over to the bartender. The bartender takes the twenty, "It's starting to come back but it's still cloudy," The bartender says holding out his hand. Goten puts more money in the bartender's hand. "Only ten more? That'll get a direction but no specific town," The bartender says still holding out his hand for more money. Overkill stands up grabs the bartenders shirt then pulls down hard slamming the bartender's face into the counter. "Where did they go?" Overkill says pushing the man's face harder into the counter. "Steelvill!" The bartender yells. "Now you're doing this out of the goodness of your heart, understand?" Overkill says dangerously. The bartender frantically nods his head as much as he can while being smashed into the counter, "Then give my friend his money back," Overkill says pulling the Bartender back up and holding onto the bartender's neck. The bartender throws down the money onto the counter and Goten picks it up. Overkill lets go of the man's neck and the man falls back rubbing his neck. "Now you have a town name," Overkill says. "Thanks," Goten says and gets up from the stool. Goten holds out his hand. Overkill looks at it then shakes it. "I'll be seeing you," Goten says and walks out of the bar. Overkill just stands there and looks behind him. Overkill looks back over and sees all the drunks and gamblers in the town. "Sooner than you think," Overkill says puts on his black wide brimmed hat then walks out of the bar.

Goten rides away from the town on his white horse. He looks behind him and sees two black steeds coming up quickly behind him. Ubuu stops his horse beside of Goten's and Overkill stops his horse on the other side of Goten. "So what are you guys doing?" Goten asks. "We figured that you will need some help if you are planning to take on the Black Horse Gang, and we have nothing else to do," Ubuu says smiling. "Well actually Overkill figured," Ubuu says. Goten looks over to his right side and looks at Overkill. Overkill doesn't even acknowledge him and just rides his horse. "We still owe you for saving Sorrian's life," Ubuu says. Sorrian rides on the same horse as Overkill, he holds onto Overkill's waist and smiles at Goten.

"So where to again?" Ubuu asks. "Steelvill," Goten says. Ubuu turns his head back forward and smiles. "Heard they got good bar parties up there," Ubuu says to Goten smiling. Goten smiles back, "Yeah true, but that's not the main reason I want to go there," Goten says. "Yeah I know the Black Horse Gang," Ubuu says. "Nope, got a friend up there, sharpshooter. I figure we can recruit him and then go after the Gang," Goten says. "Who?" Ubuu asks. "A real old pal of mine, from my home town. He always been there for me, been like a brother," Goten says remembering the past times he spent with his friend. "Sounds like a pretty nice guy," Ubuu says. "The best friend a guy can have," Goten says smiling. "So what is this sharpshootin' perfect friend's name?" Ubuu asks. "He is the best sharpshooter I've ever met, his name is…"

"Trunks! You dirty son-of-a-gun!" is yelled and heard all over the town. A young man runs through an empty ally and makes his way for a light brown colt standing in front of the local tavern. "Almost there," The young man says breathing deeply. He is cut off suddenly as a man on a pale yellow horse gets in his way. The man holds up a gun and points it at the young man. "Stop right there Trunks'" The man says pulling back the revolver's hammer. Trunks' stands still wanting to go for his gun but knows his draw isn't fast enough to beat an already drawn and cocked revolver. "Put your hands in the air pardner," The man says. "I ain't your partner!" Trunks' says holding up his arms in the air. Trunks' also slides the toe of his foot under a rock. "Thought you could embarrass the Barnun rustlers and get away with it?" the man says. "Hey how was I to know that you were actually riding a horse and not your mother?" Trunks' says then kicks up the rock. The rock hits the man in the face and causes the man to loose his balance and fall off the horse. Trunks' runs up to the man and punches him hard in the face and knocks him out cold. Two more men turn around the building corner and open fire on Trunks'. Trunks' run through the street then spins around and fires his gun running backwards. One bullet gets one of the men in the chest and knocks him to the ground. Another bullet flies through the second man's leg. The man falls to the ground favoring his shot up leg. Trunks' hops onto the horse's back and then rides off through the streets.

He heads right for the street out of town and sees the opening. "Home free," Trunks' says smiling. The smile disappears as a large group of men block the exit with rifles extended. "Holy!" Trunks' yells surprised. "Kill em!" one man says and all of the men fire at once. Trunks' leaps from the horse's back and lands hard on the ground. He gets up and sees his horse covered in crimson and twitching its legs on its side. Trunks' gets up and walks to his horse's side and frowns. He pulls out his revolver and fires a single shot into the horse's skull to end its suffering. He then turns and aims his gun at the group. One-man fires a single shot and shoots the gun out of Trunks' hand. Trunks' holds his hand and sneers at the men. "Your lucky I don't have my rifle with me right now, if I had it all of you would have a complementary bullet hole in your forehead!" Trunks' says angrily. "You have messed with the wrong gang Trunks'! We've let you get away with it before but you went too far!" The lead man yells from his horse. "Okay, okay I'm sorry, you happy now?" Trunks' says holding up his hands in front of him. "We don't need to take this farther than it already has, I'm really, truly sorry. It's not my fault the women of your family resemble oxen!" Trunks' snaps at them. "Ready!" The lead man says. All of the men then raise their rifles. "Aim!" The man yells again and all the rifles are cocked at once. Trunks' gulps loudly and closes his eyes. "Fire!" The man yells finally. Shots ring out rapidly and loudly, Trunks' yells loudly out of fear and shakes all over. Trunks' slowly, after a long silence, opens his eyes he sees that he has not been touched at all. He looks up at the line of men and then sees all of them at once fall off their horses dead. "Huh?" Trunks' says then looks behind him.
A large figure stands with his single revolver smoking from the barrel. The figure's black coat blows in the wind. More figures stand behind the one large figure. Overkill twirls his gun around on one finger and then stuffs it back inside his holster. "You are fast!" Goten says ridding up next to Overkill on his horse. Overkill says nothing-just nods. "Goten?" Trunks' says squinting his eyes, "Goten!" Trunks' yells then runs up to Goten. Goten jumps down from his horse and the two embrace. "Long time buddy," Goten says. "Yeah it has been," Trunks' replies. Goten puts his arms around Trunks' shoulders and both of them walk away towards the tavern. Overkill, Ubuu and Sorrian follow behind.

They sit in the local bar and make conversation. "What was with the gang after you?" Goten asks. "Just a band of inbreed idiots, one of their very ugly sisters hit on me and when I turned her down she went to her brothers and said I raped her! So they where chasing after me and almost had me then you guys came along," Trunks' explains. "How did your friend become so fast on the draw, he sounded like he was shooting a gattling gun, not a revolver!" Trunks' says smiling at Overkill. Overkill's solemn expression stays and he just slightly tips his hat. "So what are you up to?" Trunks' asks sitting at the table across from Goten, Overkill, Ubuu and Sorrian. "What's new?" Trunks' asks smiling. "You mean you haven't heard?" Goten asks surprised. Trunks' looks puzzled, "Heard what?" Trunks' asks cocking an eyebrow. Goten exhales deeply. "Mrs. Bulma hasn't got the word to you yet?" Goten asks hoping he wouldn't have to tell Trunks' about why he was here. "No haven't heard from mom in about two months. I intended on mailing to her but I've been so busy and moving around so much that I haven't had the chance to," Trunks' says. Goten slowly hangs his head and exhales deeply once again. "About a month ago…The Black Horse Gang rode into our old town," Goten starts. Trunks' sits on edge listening closely. "Our fathers, my dad and your dad and the other deputies confronted them soon after they had robbed the bank," Goten continues. "What happened?" Trunks' was now noticeably on edge, he was worried; he somehow knew where the story was going. "They didn't make it, The Black Horse Gang killed them all, they shot my dad in the head and Vegeta was taken out by their sharpshooter," Goten finishes and then becomes silent. Trunks' was now also silent, "Jace, that's who their sharpshooter is. Him and the rest of the gang were just here two days ago. Me and Jace got in a fist fight, if I had known that he killed my father I would have snapped his orange neck!" Trunks' says angrily and slams his fists into the table. "Want the opportunity to?" Overkill breaks his silence and asks in a low almost sadistic way. Trunks' looks up at Overkill and then to Goten. "You guys going after them?" Trunks' asks almost angrily. Goten nods his head. "Then I want in. One catch though," Trunks says. All three of the men sit silent and listen to see what Trunks' condition is. "When we do catch up with the gang," Trunks' pauses, "Jace is mine!"
"You got it," Goten says smiling. "Good to have you on board!" Ubuu says cheerfully then shakes Trunks' hand. Trunks' smiles.
The next mourning Goten exits the hotel where he and the other members of his group stayed the night. Goten feels the cool air against his skin and smiles. It is still early; the mourning sky is still a deep blue except for in the horizon where a bright orange sky lays. "Sun's almost up," Goten says and then stuffs his hands into his pockets. He walks back inside the hotel and walks up the spiral steps to the rooms. He slowly, silently walks down the hall and as he steps past a door he is looking for he slightly taps on the door and keeps moving on. Ubuu looks out his door to see Goten still walking down the hall. "We're moving out," Goten says not even looking back at Ubuu. Goten taps on another door, this time Trunks' sticks his head out. Goten does this again and both Sorrian and Overkill walk out of their room ready to go. Trunks' and Ubuu are ready quickly and wait in the main room of the hotel. Overkill and Sorrian descend the steps and wait. Sorrian sits down on a couch and Overkill stands, arms crossed. Goten pays the lady at the desk counter and then meets up with his crew. "Let's go," Goten says.
They ride out of town and soon they aren't even able to see it in the distance.
It being so early, Sorrian holds onto Overkill's waist as they ride and falls asleep. All of them ride for uncounted distances and make light conversation as they do so. Around the middle of the day they stop at a small spring, bubbling with hot, fresh, clean and crystal clear water. Sorrian takes off his shirt and pants and dives into the water. Goten, Ubuu, and Trunks' do the same and take a swim in the spring without their clothes or even undergarments. Overkill stays on his horse and just watches as the other four have fun. "Hey Overkill! Come on in here and join us," Goten yells out from the pool. Overkill sneers at him, "I prefer bathing alone," Overkill says. "Whatever," Goten says. He doesn't see anything until it's too late as Trunks' sneaks up from behind and wraps his arms around Goten's waist. "What the?" Goten yells as Trunks' lifts him up out of the water and then slams him into the pool. Ubuu and Sorrian laugh and even Overkill chuckles a little bit. "You dirty polecat!" Goten gasps as he sticks his head out of the water for air. Goten tackles Trunks' and they both dive under the water and wrestle.
Overkill stops his laughter as he notices a reflection in the water. "Someone's here!" Overkill says, pulling out his gun and aims it at the figure. Goten and the others stop swimming and look up at the person standing next to the spring. It is a woman, a very attractive blonde with long hair that's comes down to the small of her back. She wears tight pants and a white shirt that she ties at the bottom to show off her belly button. Goten, Trunks' and Ubuu all stand straight out of the water and stare at the figure. "MARRON!" both Trunks' and Goten yell at once happily. She does nothing and just stares downward with an awkward smile. Goten and Trunks' look down at themselves and notice they are completely naked. Goten, Ubuu, and Trunks' cover up themselves and smile embarrassed. Marron breaks out in a loud laugh. "I see not a lot has changed sense our mothers used to bathe us together as toddlers!" Marron says. "Ha! Ha!" Goten says sarcastically.
The guys get dressed quickly and then come back out from behind a huge boulder and talk to Marron. "What are you doing here?" Goten asks. "I tracked you boys down so that I can help you guys hunt down the Black Horse Gang!" Marron says.
"What?" Trunks' yells out surprised. "But you're…well you're," Trunks tries to get out. "I'm a what? A woman?" Marron says smiling. "Well his woman can take you any day of the week!" Marron brags proudly. "Whatever you say doll," Overkill says sitting on his horse. Marron turns to him and gives him a cold look. "Don't give me no look woman," Overkill says pulling his revolver from his holster and pointing it at her. "I have no regrets with killing a girl!" Overkill says in a dangerous, low voice. "Overkill put the gun away!" Goten yells. He shuts up after he gets a sadistic glance from Overkill. "Overkill, she didn't mean nothin by that look, so calm down and put the gun away," Ubuu says calmly. Overkill doesn't move the gun and pulls back the guns hammer. Marron surprisingly refuses to move or show any fear what so ever. "Well if you going to do it, do it!" Marron yells. Overkill gives her a slight evil-looking smile and puts his gun away into his holster. "You're alright, she can definitely hold her own," Overkill says smiling. Overkill turns his horse around and strides over to the campsite. Marron, seeing that Overkill had taken his eyes away from her, lets out a deep exhale. "That guy is crazy," Marron says. "You get used to it after a while," Ubuu says. "Hi nice to meet you."
Marron shakes Ubuu's hand.
"Marron! Marron! Is it them?" They all hear coming up from behind. "That voice, You brought her along?!?" Trunks' yells at Marron. "Couldn't be helped, she wouldn't let me leave without her," Marron says. Bra rides up to the group on a light brown horse. "Hey big brother!" Bra says smiling brightly. "What are you doing here?" Trunks' asks holding back his anger. "I came because I wanted to," Bra snaps at Trunks'. "Listen both you a Marron need to go back home before you two get hurt," Trunks' says grabbing Bra's arm and pulling her down from her horse. "Let me go!" Bra yells jerking her arm away from Trunks'. "I'm not going anywhere, they killed my dad too," Bra said, "And I want a shot at them!"
Trunks' frowns heavily but understands. "Well how are you going to take a shot at them when you can't shoot a gun?" Trunks' asks. "Trunks' you knew my dad, he wouldn't let me date and he scared away any guys that wanted to. How else would I spend my free time except for shooting guns?" Bra says smiling. "Well show us then," Trunks' says crossing his arms.
Within a few minutes six tin cans are set up on a large rock. Bra stands twenty yards from the rock and her right hand dangles next to her side holster. Trunks', Ubuu, and Sorrian stand to the side and watch. Goten stands on the other side and flips a quarter several times in the air with his thumb. Overkill stands behind Bra with his arms crossed. His face is hidden by a shadow emanating from his hat. Bra pulls down the brim of her hat and smiles. In a flash of speed she pulls her gun out, pulls back her guns' hammer and fires six times in a furious flurry of bullets. One by one in a slight domino effect the cans fly backwards. Five go down but one stays up, untouched. All the guys, except for Overkill seem impressed. A large sweat drop forms on Trunks' forehead. "Five out of six! Good accuracy and speed!" Goten says. Bra smiles happily, seeing that she has earned her spot in the posse. "Speed is nothing," Overkill says coldly. Bra surprisingly looks behind herself and looks at Overkill. "You also have to have perfect accuracy to stay alive," Overkill says walking up and standing next to Bra. He looks down at the shorter girl and frowns. "If those were six men with six guns, that one man you missed and let live has just killed you before you could reload your weapon!" Overkill says. "Oh yeah? Well I don't see you shooting as fast as me, all I see is some guy that acts tough without backing it up!" Bra snaps at Overkill. Overkill frowns heavily and then like a flash of lightning whips out his revolver and fires his gun at the last can. The first bullet knocks the can high into the air. Overkill, still looking deep into Bra's eyes, fires his gun again and again. Another bullet hits the can and sends it higher into the air. The next two bullets hit the can and send it even higher into the sky. Goten flips his quarter into the air. Overkill turns his gun and points it past Bra's head and fires. The bullet flies through the air and hits the quarter. The quarter falls back down and lands in Goten's hand. Goten holds up the bullet and looks straight through the hole left in the coin. "Wow," Goten silently says. "When you shoot, shoot to kill," Overkill coldly says then turns around and walks back to the campsite and goes inside his tent. Bra just watches Overkill walk away and frowns, "That guy is crazy!" She says.
Night comes and everyone goes to their separate tents. Marron and Bra get inside the same tent. Ubuu and Trunks' tent together. Goten, Overkill, and Sorrian all camp in the same tent. The cool night air helps all of them to easily go to sleep. They all get their rest and get ready for the fight ahead of them.