History Repeats Itself
by Queen Bulma

What if Bulma heard what future Trunks was telling Goku...

The young man from the future told Goku he must speak whit him in private. So they flew away where noone could hear them, or so they thought! Piccolo whit his sensetive hearing was listening but he wsn't the only one...

Krillin: "Bulma... what's that thing?!"

Krillin pointed at the machine Bulma had just gotten out of a capsule.

Bulma: "This?! it's... a walkman! I'm going to listen to some music..."

She put on the headphones...

Krillin: "A walkman... yeah right..."

Gohan: "That thing is too big for a walkman and that radar on top of it..."

Yamcha: "Using that walkman she could listen to the music playing on Namec!"

But music wasn't what Bulma was hearing... it was Goku and Trunks's conversation! Then came the part when Trunks told Goku that he was Vegeta's son... Goku asked who his mother was and Trunks said he allredy knew her... In a second Bulma thought of all the women Goku knew but she couldn't guess who it was... Then he said it was her... Goku fell to the ground laugthing and Bulma was in shock...

Bulma: *No... that can't be truth...*

She looked at Vegeta... they did look alike so maybe Vegeta was his father but was she relly his mother?! At first she tryed to forget it and go on whit her life...

Bulma: * What will happen, will happen so I don't have to worry about it..."

She tryed not to think about it but it seamed inposible... Then she broke up whit Yamcha, was it happening? She had to know and so she whent to the Son house to find Goku... Ofcouse Goku wasn't there he was off training but where? Chi-chi's guess was that they whent to that same place where Piccolo had trained Gohan. The same place where they fought Vegeta. And so that's where Bulma whent... Chi-Chi had invited Bulma over for dinner and asked her to give Goku and Gohan the messege... Just like Chi-chi said they where there training... Bulma landed her airplane near by. Goku realized she was there and landed near her.

Goku: "Hey Bulma!, What's up?"

Bulma: "Nothing... I just wanted to ask you something..."

Goku: "Sure!"

Bulma: "It's about... Trunks..."

Goku: *Trunks!?*

His smile sodently turned serious. I she knew his name then she must know more... Or maybe not...

Goku: "Who?!"

Gohan and Piccolo got there.

Bulma: "Trunks, I mean the kid from the future"

Gohan: "Who told you his name?!"

Bulma: "You didn't relly think that thing was a walkman did you?!"

Gohan: "So... what was it?!"

Bulma: "Just a little something I use to listen to sound that are tooo far away to herar whitout it..."

Goku: "You didn't!"

Bulma: "I heard it all and I want some answers!"

Goku: "Gee! I.... don't... know..."

Gohan: "What's going on? did I miss something?!"

Piccolo: "I say you just go along whit history and let us train!"

Bulma: "Go whit history?! What's that supposed to mean?!"

Piccolo: "It means do whatever you earthlings do to have kids!"

SLAP!!! Bulma's hand on Piccolo's face! ouch! that's gotta hurt! :P

Piccolo: "Why! you?!"

Bulma: "you stay out of this! now Goku do you relly belive all that?!"

Goku: "Gee... Bulma..."

Gohan: "What's it all about?! Are you having a baby Bulma?!"

Bulma: "NO! you can be sure I'm NOT!"

Goku: "What if you mess up history!?"

Bulma: "That's none of my busyness!"

Goku: "C'mon Bulma! do it for the planet!"

SLAP!!! Now Goku got it! *_*

Goku: "Ouch! why youhit me!?!?!?!?!?!!!"

Gohan: *I think I better stay quiet before I get it too*

Bulma: "I'm not a historical thing used only to keep history in place!!!!!"

Goku: "We knoe... but... give him a chance just think if you liked him in the other timeline maybe you'll like him now!"

Bulma: "you actually sounded intelligent Goku..."

Goku: "Relly?! I'm sorry I din't mean to!"

Bulma: "Back to normal!"

Gohan: *This is too weard...*

Bulma: *I do have a chrush on him but... no it can't be...*

Everything was quiet for a while...

Bulma: "I... have to go now.... oh yeah and Chi-Chi said to go back to your house for a big dinner thonight"

Just as Bulma expected the news made Goku and Gohan jump around happely. They allways cheered up when they thought about food... Must be a saiyan thing...

That night after dinner Chi-chi was in the kitchen washing a mountain of dishes... Gohan was studiying... Myba that was Chi-Chi's real plan... To get Gohan in the house and make him study at least the night... Piccolo was meditating in the roof of the house and out in front where Goku and Bulma just sitting there...

Bulma: "Goku... What wuold happen if history changed..."

Goku: "Gee... I don't know..."

He sounded so silly somethinmes yet funny...

Bulma: "Right... you wouldn't know!"

Goku: "But I don't think it would be  the same..."

Bulma: "Ofcouse not... for one thing it would be a lot better that you guys beat the androids..."

Goku: "Yeah..."

Bulma: *Maybe I'll play a joke on him...*

Goku: "Hum? you're sudently quiet?!"

Bulma: "I... have a strange feeling that Ishould bee home now..."

Goku: "Relly?!"

Bulma: "Yes... but my parents are in a busyness trip and Capsule Corp. is empty..."

Goku: "Wasn't Vegeta trainig there?"

Bulma: "By now he should be out of the gravity room probably bored in his room... or maybe looking for me..."

Goku: "looking for you?!"

Bulma: "Hee, hee, it's silly... but he's allways staring lately..."

Goku: "Oh..."

Bulma: "I.... feel liek I shouldkeep him company now... don't know why..."

Goku: *Is it...*

Bulma: "It's like if I'm not there now something will go wrong..."

Goku: *Could it be...*

Bulma: "Do you think it's part of history... I mean if I wouldn't have heard Trunks and You talking I wouldn't have come to your house to talk to you abvout it and then you wheren't here but Chi-chi invited me over if not I'd be home now..."

It took a few minutes for Goku to prosses all the indfo and think about it...

Goku: "Oh no!!! What if what you're supposed to do you don't and then... AH!!!"

Bulma: "Ha! Ha! Ha!!" She lauigthed!

Bulma: "Got'cha!!!!!"

Goku: "It was a joke?!"

Bulma: "Yeah!"

Goku: "Oh... so... history is still ok?"

Bulma: "It's ok" :)

Goku: "But I'm not taking chances!"

Bulma: "What do you mean?!"

Goku took off whit Bulma!

Bulma: "Hey?! where are you taking me?!"

Goku: "To Capsule Corp.!"

Bulma: "Why?!"

Goku: "Vegeta probably feels alone there amnd you need to keep him company!"

Bulma: "Hey I was just kidding! He's probably still training!"

Goku didn't listen and speed up. They got to Capsule corp and Vegeta was in the Gravity room.

Goku: "Open! open! open!"

Vegeta came out angry because of all people Goku interrupted his training.

Vegeta: "WHAT?! DO YOU WANT!?!?"

Goku: "Here..."

He gave him... Bulma...

Goku: "She's my best frind so you better take good care of her... now I'll leave you 2 alone so you can get to busyness!"

Goku flew off leaving them there...

VegetaL: "What did he mean by 'get to bussyness'?"

Bulma: "Don't ask me... but maybe just maybe... history will repeat itself..."

As Bulma walked to Capsule Corp. Vegeta stood there for a while...

Vegeta: *What DOES she MEAN!?*


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