In Between Sleep and Awareness
We find Bra Briefs in that place between sleep and awareness.

She is in an empty room. The only distinguishing feature is the far wall. This wall is made up of thousands upon thousands of index card files, much like those found in libraries.  Curiously, she walks up to one and discovers the headings to be nothing like those of a library card catalog.

"SONGS I HAVE LISTENED TO" the drawer is labeled. Bra draws out the file, finding the drawer to stretch over two yards.

Marveling at the size of the drawer, she slides it back into place, choosing instead another drawer, "THINGS I HAVE MUTTERED UNDER MY BREATH AT TRUNKS" it reads.  Laughing at some, wincing at others, she reads the first few cards before sliding the much smaller drawer back into place.  Curious, she walks along the wall, reading the headings, drawing out cards and laughing at happy moments, crying at sad ones, self-consciously glancing over her shoulder at some.  Bra stops at one file and draws out one file, labeled"THINGS I WANTED TO SAY TO GOTEN*.

  She pulls out the first card and reads it, growing embarrassed by the sheer detail of the cards. Suddenly knowing where she is, Bra pulls the whole drawer from the wall.  *I can't let anyone see this!* The only thought on her mind. She turns the drawer over and bangs a few dents in the bottom, but she cannot shake a single card loose.  Frustrated and angry, she pulls a card out and tries to tear it, but finds it is as strong as steel.

  Bra begins tossing out the cards one buy one, but they fall back into the drawer, no matter where she throws them.  Sobbing with a deep feeling of exposure, she falls to the clean white floor in a defeated clump.  "I just can't stand it, no one should know this, who
wrote these?" she screams, holding up one of the cards, failing to notice that it is written in her own handwriting.  Again falling to the floor, Bra crumbles under the weight of self-judgment.

The End

by Beki-chan