I Can't Live Without You.
By: Trunks_Love

There was a big huge get together at the capsule Corp

B: Vegita! Stop it! They're going it be here any minute and your pigging out on the food! She yelled and walked to the door. Chi-chi she screamed with delight. How are you? She asked giving her a hug and inviting her in, you're the first ones here!

C: well I am fine Bulma. Goku is the same, she replied giving her coat to a robot and siting down. How's Trunks and Bra? Have they talked to you? Goten and Pan don't ever call. She said with a sad face. I really want to see my grand children and great grand children.

BL: yeah I know, she replied. Where's Goku?? She pointed out.
C: oh yea he went to go pick up some cookies, lots I should say! He left an hour ago!! Dinggggggggg donnnnnnnnggggggg
Bl: I 'll get it
Y: hey Bulma! He smiled leading in two kids.
BL: hey you actually brought them over she said saying hi to two 5 year olds who looked really mad at yamcha. Where's the wife? She tilted her head
Y: she isn't coming she doesn't feel very well, you know she is pregnant again 7 months he smiled.
Bl: god they just keep popping out huh? She laughed and took their coats upstairs.
Cody: dad why did we have to come? It's boring here! Wait is Bra coming? He smiled
Y: maybe I don't know he replied looking where Chi-chi was. But he opened the door because Krillan and 18 were coming up the walk.
K: hey there! He smiled and gave him a high five 18 was already talking away about the kids, and how they never see them anymore.
Y: how's the wife? He said watching his kids Cody and Tyler making sure they weren't planing any to make with Vegita.
K: fine, fine she is really happy that she is a grandma now. So am I he smiled, from hearing what Tyler said about bra. And then they started to fight
Y: hey hey boys! Stop it right now!!
C: yes dad
T: whatever he said waving his hand and started walking into the game room.
K: hey you're not very nice to your kids. He said laughing and sat himself near 18 who was going on about kuria (her granddaughter)
T: hey everybody? He said holding his son Goteck and Pan was holding her daughter Lei (there twins and there only 8 months old).
P: hey where's my mom? Pan said interrupting trunks. Sorry she laughed at her manners. She took Goteck from trunks and put them in the nursery that Bulma had made for them when they came over.
BL: Pan? Trunks? You're here she yelled and took Lei from Pan and held her, Pan just laughed and looked back at trunks with a Help-Me look and he just smiled and went to talk to Yamcha
BL: look at you Pan wow you just look so wonderful she complemented her.
P: Thank you Bulma, you not to bad either. She said returning the complement Before Bulma could say anything Goteck started crying and the doorbell rang Here Bulma I'll take Lei you can get the door. She said grabbing Lei and heading upstairs. B: hey mom she said giving her a kiss, giving her dad a hug. Mom? Here take him she said giving Jacob to her.
BL: he is the cutest thing she said looking into his big blue eyes.
B: yeah but all he does is cry and at that remark he started crying. See She laughed at Bulma who was trying to get him to be quiet. It won't work mom. She said above the screaming baby she took the baby and right after that he was quiet.
BL: he really likes you she smiled and went down stairs to open the door for Marron and Ubuu who were having trouble.
Marron you're pregnant again? Don't you have enough?
M: Bulma she laughed we only have one.
BL: oh she smiled at the little girl that Ubuu was holding she had big brown eyes and brown hair she was about 2 years old. Marron the girls are upstairs with the kids how about you take Kuria upstairs too?
M: sure she took Kuria from Ubuu gave him a kiss and went upstairs.
B: hey Pan how are you she gave her a hug and put Jacob down in a crib next to Lei's Wow Goteck got really big. She said sitting on a couch in the room.
P: Jacob is so cute! Look at his big blue eyes! He is adorable she said tickling him.
B: yeah he is cute huh? But he cries constantly! I feel bad for Goten because if he holds him he bawls but if I do he stops and Goten never holds him.
M: Knock, knock she said coming in with Kuria sucking her thumb
B: whoa Marron your p…pregnant again! She laughed looking at Kuria coming up to Bra and getting comfortable in Bra's lap (she doesn' t really know her)
M: she is so funny she laughed at Kuria just sitting there pleasantly with her thumb in her mouth looking around and staring at Pan.
P: she looks a lot like Ubuu she smiled
M: yeah where am I in there? She laughed and sat down. Then Kuria got off Bra's lap and walked over pulled up a chair to Goteck's crib and looked into it. Then a cat came in and she went to play with it.
Ku: Mommy I want kitty! She said finally talking. I like this one it's fuzzy! She nuzzled her face into its fur. They all burst out laughing.
T: What are we laughing about? Then he saw Kuria playing with the cat and sneezing And started to laugh.
M: come here Kuria she said seeing that she was about to cry. Kuria walked up and crawled into her mom's lap and curled her self into a tiny ball.
B: awe that is so cute! She said looking at the little brown haired girl.
T: hey Bra I never heard you come in! How are you? He said giving her a hug and looking at her. God you grew up fast. He shook his head. Where is Jacob?
B: he is in the crib. Trunks walked over to a sleeping baby.
T: he is so cute he said smiling I feel so uncley he said laughing.
B: yeah I bet you do! She got up and picked up Jacob and went down stairs Here dad hold him please she handed Jacob to Vegita who was sitting in a corner
V: why he is your brat,
B: and I am your brat she snapped and put the little boy in his arms. Vegita grinned a little bit and looked at the baby who had black short hair (he is 6 months doesn't have very much hair ya know) Vegita just held the little baby in his big arms. DAD! Can I have him back? She said with her arms out he gave her the No look. Fine if he throws up on you I don't care. She walked away and sat down next to Goten who was hugging her and talking to her about something.
M: Kuria come on lets go downstairs and see daddy! She said picking her up and carrying her down stairs.
U: hi cutie he said taking her out of Marron's grasp.
Ku: Daddy? She said really lightly then she whispered something in his ear and he smiled at Marron. Let mommy and I talk about it and we will see. Go see grandma he said putting her down and letting her wonder her way to see her grandparents.
18: hey there Kuria. She laughed at her adorable Granddaughter who was smiling a big toothy smile.
T: hey there Goten he yelled across the room.
G: oh hey he said walking up to his purple haired friend, HI LEI! He said in a baby voice Whatcha ya doing?
T: besides TRYING to run the Capsule Corp. being a dad and a husband I really don't know. He said laughing. Hey look at that! He pointed to Vegita with little Jacob sleeping in his arms and he was smiling.
G: wow that's weird can I hold Lei? He said with his arms out
T: sure but be careful he smiled I am just playing with you.
G: yeah well your probably right, Jacob won't let me even hold him with out Bra there, he always balls his head off. But if we have another one then that one like me more you never know right? She might be pregnant were not sure she is going to the doctors in a week.
T: another one!? He yelled two is enough for me and Pan she never gets any sleep either she is going to hire a Nanny or she is going to quit work. She wasn't even going to come she was so tired. Hey Ubuu!
U: hey you guys how are you doing? He asked
later that night
BL: finally that DJ came! She told Chi-chi but was cut off when Goten asked his mother to dance. They were playing a slow song " HOLD ME" by Savage Garden
Cody: Bra will you dance with me? He asked
B: yeah sure I guess, she went on the dance floor with a short 5 year old boy who was by the way her mom ex boyfriends son. When the song was over. Thank you Cody I didn't want to be left out she smiled and then went to see if she could win Jacob back from her father
Cody: hahahaha Tyler I danced with her! He laughed and then saw her kissing
Goten. What?
Tyler: hahaha you didn't know she was married? She even has a son Jacob!
B: dad can I have Jacob back? She said sitting next to him
V: why? I want to hold my daughter's brat!
B: that would be your Grandson or Grand Brat! Now please? Can I hold my own son? See look he is awake! She picked him up and gave her dad a kiss on the cheek thank you dad, and walked over to Trunks who was holding Goteck.
P: here Vegita you can hold Lei okay? She smiled and left him holding a another big blue eyed baby only she had light purple hair, just like trunks, pretty soon she was asleep in his arms too. Everyone was amazed at how he could get his grand kids to sleep.
BL: hey Vegita she gave him a kiss and sat next to him,
T: mom you want to hold Goteck? Pan and me are going to dance okay?
BL: sure she said taking Goteck in her arms and he too fell asleep. The song " Back here " By BBMAK was on and everyone was coupled up even Tyler and Cody. Tyler dance with Kuria and Cody was with Tien's girlfriend Trina.
(Tien didn't want to dance)
BL: you know these two are so cute! She said whispering to Vegita.
P: hey Bra are you going to put Jacob a sleep? She asked carrying Lei and Trunks was carrying a sleeping Goteck.
B: yeah come on Goten she said excusing herself to put her sleeping son asleep.
M: hey mom she whispered I am going to put her in her room okay?
18: yeah she said giving her passed out grandchild to her mother, Ubuu followed her up to the nursery.
T: here. He threw a pair of tiny p.j's to Pan who was changing Lei.
P: thank you she said catching them and put them on the tiny baby. Then they put the babies in there cribs and said goodnight, and went back down stairs.
B: Goten grab the little blue boxers she whispered trying not to laugh when he saw how they were he put them up to him and started dancing, stop it she said laughing he threw her the boxers and a tiny white shirt. She stood him up he was really sleepy and his head was down and she started playing with his hands. Goten and her started laughing finally they put they little baby boy to sleep.
M: hey how's Jacob?
B: sleepy she said smiling at Ubuu who was holding Kuria who was really tired.
U: will you get the P.J's?
M: yeah she said grabbing Pink plaided girl boxers with a sweet as candy shirt that was also pink.
U: cute Marron real Cute. He smiled
M: I know she said giving him a kiss
U: let's go down stairs he said putting his arms around her waist that wasn't that tiny anymore since she was pregnant.
M: Ubuu I have to tell you something. She said spinning around I am having another girl she said happily.
U: we are! That's great he said hugging her and giving her a big passionate kiss.
Let's go tell everyone! He said pulling her downstairs. Excuse us everyone we have a announcement to make! Everyone stopped and stared, Marron is having another girl! He said happily everyone clapped as she started to blush.
T: Bra would you like to dance? He said taking her hand and leading her to the dance floor, and requesting "IRIS" by GOO GOO DOLLS
T: so how have you been? I've missed you. he said looking like he was going to cry
B: me too I would of come to see you more often but after Jacob was born I never have time. She said having the same look on her face.
T: we never see anyone any more promise me you will call and visit more often?
B: yes she smiled and gave him a hug and stopped when she heard a cry and looked at trunks "Jacob" I'll be back she said running upstairs
T: hey you he said grabbing pan and started to dance with her.
P: hey she said smiling and started to kiss him.
it's about 12:00
BL: Yamacha? Do you want the boys to stay here since there a sleep already I can drop them off in the morning? She asked
Y: yeah I guess thank you Bulma he said giving her a hug and leaving.
T: good night mom trunks said giving her a kiss goodnight and going to bed with Pan.
G: night mom, Goodnight Bulma he said giving them a kiss good night and going to bed ( Bra went to bed early)
In the Morning
Ku: Good Morning she said sitting trying to get up on a chair at the table
BL: here want help? She said lifting her up
Ku: tank you Bulma. She smiled
M: Morning cutie she said walking in hugging Kuria
Ku: mommy did you and daddy say I could get a kitty? She smiled
M: yes you can have a kitty she said putting her down onto her chair. And walking over to get something to drink then Ubuu came in hey there Princess he smiled picking her up and smothering her with kisses
Ku: daddy she giggled daddy! She started laughing
B: good morning Bra said happily carrying Jacob downstairs and feeding him. Where's Goten? Oh never mind she said slapping her forehead Jacob was just sitting looking around with his big blue eyes. Bra started laughing he looked like Goten when he did that.
P: hey, she yelled from upstairs
B: What Pan? she yelled back
P: come here and helped me! She shouted
M: I will, she offered and came down with Lei who was still in her PJ's like all the other kids.
Pan came down with Goteck in his PJ's crying.
BL: what happened? She said looking at him with his big blue eyes all watery. Then he stopped. Bulma started to laugh as he leaned closer to her face and smiled. Soon everyone was laughing.
B: well I am going to get Jacob dressed okay?
P: Me to will you guys watch Lei? She asked looking at her she was rubbing her eyes and smiling at Kuria.
BL: sure Bulma smiled at Lei and Lei giggled.
P: thanks they went upstairs and got them dressed Goteck was in a little Abercrombie sweatshirt and mini baggy jeans ( how Cute). Jacob was in a Gap sweat shirt and black baggy pants.
P: okay will you watch Goteck why'll I go change Lei? Thanks
M: I am going to get Kuria changed too. She picked up Kuria and took her up to the nursery. She put her in little flare leather pants and a pink tank top with a white half zipped up sweater. Lei was wearing almost the same thing but a blue tank top. Then they went back down stairs.
T: good morning honey trunks said giving her a kiss. And picking up Lei.
G: hello, Goten said slipping his arms around Bra's waist.
B: hey there handsome she slipped out of his grasp and turned around and gave him a kiss and whispered something in his ear that made him grin.
T: you guys are always too happy! He yelled and picked up Lei and gave her a kiss then gave her to Pan, I am going to take a shower okay? Be back in a few he gave her a kiss and left.
G: yeah me too. I guess he gave her a kiss and went upstairs too.
B: hey where'd Ubuu go? She asked picking Jacob up and playing with him. Tyler: morning where's my daddy? He said sleepily.
BL: he said you could spend the night here and I would take you home in the morning okay? What do you want for breakfast? I am making pancakes how many do you want?
Tyler: none thanks I am not hungry. He walked to the game room and played pool. Then Trunks and Goten came down stairs all nice and clean.
B: Wow you smell so good! She said when she walked up to him.
M: Hey Kuria get ready cause we are going to leave soon ok? She picked her up off the stool. Where is Ubuu any way?
B: hahaha Marron you can't even keep track of your own husband!
M: oh be quiet he just walked off, will you check the game room? He is probably in there playing football! She walked in to the living room and started picking up the mess from the party last night.
BL: Marron don't worry I will get it or the robots will I should say.
M: it's okay Bulma I am fine doing it. She answered
T: Marron really my mom will get it. He started but the face Marron put on made him not want to finish.
G: ready to go?
B: um…. Not yet I have to get of few of Jacob's clothes and then we can go okay? Ok
T: Mom we are going to go. I got to get back to work and Pan needs to sleep. So bye love you, he said giving her a kiss, and going around giving everyone else hugs and quick kisses,
B: bye she said giving him a kiss, hey call us once in a while. She yelled before getting in to their own car.
M: bye you guys we'll call you maybe get together cya bye, after everybody left Bulma, started picking up and noticed something, the D.J never left! Because his stuff was still there!
B: oh well she just would return it when she took Tyler and Cody home. After she took the boys home and the set, she went home to sleep
The Next Year
(Just to fill you in Kuria is 3, Jacob, Lei, Goteck are 1 and half. The 2 new babies are Mikalia (b&g) and Kalie (u&m)

B: hey Mom! How are you? she asked carrying Mikalia.
BL: hey honey how are you? she asked looking for Goten, Where's Goten?
B: he's in the car trying to get Jacob, but unfortunately he is having a hard time! She looked back at him in the car struggling to unbutton the car seat. She laughed, do you think I should help him?
BL: yeah I'll take Mikalia, she reached for her B: here, she walked out to the car and unbuttoned the car seat and handed Jacob to him.
G: thanks for saving me, he laughed, where's Mikalia?
B: my mom has her, here do you need help? She says looking at him struggling with the baby bags.
G: I am fine, he laughed, they walked into the house full of people that were there earlier.
T: hey you two, trunks hugged his sister and gave a high five to his friend. How's the kids?
B: fine Jacob is getting big and Mikalia is so cute! She smiled taking Jacob from Goten's arms and putting him down. Where's Pan?
T: she is upstairs with the kids, You should see Goteck he got so big, and Lei is so beautiful. He smiled one those I'm- A-Dad-and- damn-proud-of-it smiles.
B: well you two do a head and talk and me and Mikalia are going upstairs with Jacob.
G: sure he gave her a kiss and walked away with Trunks.
B: bye, she went to get Mikalia and Jacob who walked away when Goten put him down. She walked over to her mom and asked for Mikalia, she went upstairs with the kids and hung out with Pan for awhile.

Back downstairs
G: so how have you been? Ever since the beach and stuff, he laughed. But trunks just blushed
T: fine you? he replied
G: good, me and Bra couldn't be any happier! He said smiling, she is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me,
T: yeah it's amazing that we found our life mates right under our noses, I bet they were surprised when we proposed that one day at the beach.
G: yeah, I'd say I am the luckiest man on earth. He thought out loud
T: Pan, Goteck, and Lei are my life, I'd don't know were I'd be if I never fell for her.
G: yeah, they do a lot for us, we should do something for them.
U: hey daydreamers! What are you two up to?
G: nothing, just hanging out you?
U: me too. He answered watching Marron go upstairs
T: what have you and her been doing, he said with a sexy voice
U: shut up, he laughed at him, yeah I wouldn't be talking Trunks. Trunks blushed bright red.
T: why do you guys keep bringing that up?
G: maybe because it happened last week? Just saying
T: be quiet, here they come, he smiled innocently
P: what have you guys been upto? She looked at him funny
T: nothing, he wrapped his arms around her, want to dance?
P: whats in it for me? She smiled, yes she put her arms around his neck. The song " I knew I loved you before I met you" came on they smiled and Goten took Bra by the hand and led her to the middle of the room, Ubuu and Marron just watched snuggled up together.
M: they all look so happy, she watched, I never thought I would marry you! she giggled
U: really? I knew I wanted to marry you from the first time I saw you, he added
M: that is so sweet, she kissed him
T: is the makeout fest over? Trunks laughed
M: huh yeah, sorry you missed it, she smiled
BL: hey you guys, how have all you been? Bulma sat down next to them.
B: nothin new we saw you yesterday remember?
G; yeah at the grocery store? With Mikalia and Jacob?
BL: yes, I remember, I'm not that old
G: we were just kidding Bulma we know you're not that old only 50 something,
BL: I know, she smiled and walked over to Vegita, sitting herself next to him.
B: they are so cute together, she went up to her dad and asked him to dance,
V: no!
B: yes, she grabbed his arm and started dancing with him to, "Crazy for this girl" by Evan and Jaron
T: now that's cute, he laughed, Marron may I have this dance? He asked M: sure, be back she walked off with Trunks
T: now let me think when was the last time I saw your beautiful face?
M: hmmm…………last Friday! She smiled
T: yeah that's right, you were at the beach with Kuria and Kalie, also Ubuu.
M: yeah when we saw the " Incident", she laughed
T: okay I told you it was not that funny! He pointed out
M: ok, ok I'm sorry she tried to straighten up, but by the time she stopped the song was over.
U: did you have a nice dance? He laughed
T: shut up
P: Come on Trunks don't be so tight about it! She said putting her arms around his shoulders.
I actually thought it was fun now that I think of it! She smiled
T: yeah, I guess your right, he made a huge grin U: why? We just got started! He whined
P: god, ubuu you sound the same! She laughed.
B: I am going to go check on the kids be right back.
P: okay, what should we do? Dance some more? Talk? Bug people!?
T: how about we just talk I am getting tired too.
P: fine, she snuggled up to Trunks and talked away.
after about a couple hours of talking which it is now 12:49 A.M
P: okay I am going to bed, she gave Trunks a kiss goodnight and went to her room (there sorry)
B: me too, she gave Goten a kiss, but Goten pulled her down, so that she'd fall on his lap but she fell off the side of the couch screaming and laughing.
G: sorry, he laughed
B: that hurt! She gave him a kiss and went to bed (Marron is already asleep)
U: we should go too, he said goodnight and carried Marron up to there room (how sweet)
T: I am going to talk to my mom and then I am going to bed,
G: ok goodnight, he waved and went to bed.
after Trunks talked to his mom he is talking to Pan
P: hey, have a nice chat? she said sleepily
T: yeah, you have a nice sleep? He laughed, he climbed into bed with his wife.
P: is this what you really wanted? She smiled
T: yes, this is everything, a beautiful wife, and two great kids. This is what I wanted and I can't live without you. he whispered as she fell asleep.
ok yeah that's the end, but um……… there's nothing really to say, so bye