Kuririn and Vegeta's Nightmare
By KrilinMGG

This is a fanfic about Vegeta and Kuririn shopping with their wiwes and daughters. It's very funny (of couse I did say that I was very bad at comedy, but NOW I found something weird to write).
It has: Comedy and romance!
Now, I'm going to do something that I didn't before (sorry to the people who checked over my other fanfic 'What About Krilin?'. Cuz I didn't do this in THAT fanfic) I'm going to make a list of the characters of THIS fanfic with their ages:
Kuririn (47 years old) 
Juuhachigou (46) 
Marron (23)
Vegeta (lets say 49) 
Bulma (50) 
Bra (17) 
Trunks (28) 
Goku (46) 
Gohan (38) 
Videl (36) 
Goten (27) 
Chichi (46) 
Pan (14) 
Yamcha (50) 


   "Dad, here you go" Bra placed another bag around his neck. I'M PRINCE VEGETA YOU BRAT! I'M NOT A WEAK HUMAN! THE NEXT BAG YOU GIVE ME I'LL SCREAM LIKE HELL! He though. Bulma was looking at some dresses. He ignored her and walked heading to the exit door of the mall, he stopped shocked as he heard his daughter runing and screaming like a lunatic towars him.
"YEAH VEGETA DON'T YOU DARE!" Screamed Bulma runing behind her daughter. Vegeta dropped all the bags and started runing from them.

Meanwhile in the same mall...

"Dad put this bag here..." Kuririn nodded and putted a bag around his neck. I WISH I COULD RUN OUT OF HERE! He though. His wife said that she had to go to the mall to buy new shoes, but he was buried in a mountain of clothes. Juuhachigou laughed when she saw Kuririn there
UNDER the the bags. It was like a walking mountain of bags. They suddenly heard one man screaming "HELP!" and two women yelling "VEGETA/DAD COME BACK HERE!"
Kuririn got an idea, he would do the same thing! He dropped all the bags and ran for his life. Juu and Marron stood there, watching how Kuririn joined to Vegeta's 'marathon'. Then they started runing after Kuririn, joining Bulma and Bra.
The girls stopped, fatigued from the runing. They sat down, as all the people watched them.
"WHAT THA HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!" Yelled Bulma. The people turned around and continued their things. "What happened to those two?" Asked Juuhachigou, annoyed.

"Well, it seems like they're tired of the malls" Said Yamcha.
"Hey! What are you doing here?" Asked Bulma. "I was buying a gym set when I heard and watched all" He said. "So? How do you
know that they're tired of malls."
"Malls are amusing!" Said Bra. Yamcha smiled, "Yeah, but for some men, they're nightmares. I think it's maybe
because you are using them"
"You think so?" Asked Marron.
"Well... yes"
"What should we do about Kuririn and Vegeta?" Asked Juuhachigou. "Try not to bring 'em here. Try to find someone else" Said Yamcha. The girls looked at him and smirked. He started runing away and left them alone.

"I think we should apologize to the girls" Said Kuririn. Vegeta looked at him. Kuririn was sad for what he'd donned to his family. So was
Vegeta. "I-I think you're right" Said Vgeta.
"I am?"
"Well, since we're here..." Said Kuririn looking around at the bar full of people screaming and laughing, "How about we talk about our lifes?" "Okay!" Said Vegeta happily.
"Okay... Do you love Bulma?"
"Do you love Juuhachigou?" Ignored Vegeta.
Kuririn was about to ask again, when he though: MAYBE IF I START, HE'LL TELL ME.
"Juuhachigou is the most beautiful woman in the universe. I love her, yes! But I do more than that. I will burn my self for her, freeze my
self for my daughter, deliver the stars for both, I would..."
"Okay, okay I got the point!"
"Nope, as I was telling you, I would DIE for our family" He finished.
Vegeta looked annoyed. "Why?"
"Cuz I love 'em so, so much, that if they get killed, I would have NO reasons for staying here, ALIVE" Kuririn almost started crying. But he
"Well, I don't know if I love Bulma"
"What do you feel when you're around her?"
"I feel nervous, confused, angry, and most of all embarrassed"
"Well, that's LOVE!"
KURIRIN IS A GREAT LOVE TEACHER. Vegeta though. "Kuririn?"
"Would you...?" Vegeta looked nervous, "Teach me how to be nice to Bulma?"
"Yeah, if you want to..."
Vegeta hugged Kuririn, "Thank you Kuri. From now on, you're my pal, sensei and I will protect you from all evil stronger than you"
"Okay" Kuririn said, as he blushed, all people was looking at them.

They went back to their homes... there, they got attacked with huggs and kisses from their families.

Next morning Vegeta went to Kuririn's House. They talked more about their lifes and then, the training had begun. They went to an island, were
Vegeta could feel that he wasn't being watched.
"Okay! First of all....... we have to get that pride out of you!" Said Kuririn. "How do we do that?"
"Goku!!! I mean..... Kakarrott!" Said Kuririn. Vegeta looked puzzeled. "If I get you in a fight with Kakarrott,
and YOU loose.... several times.....that's going to help you" Said
Kuririn, now nervous.
"You think so?" "Yeah!" "Well, let's get Kakarrott!" Said Vegeta.

They were now at Go..., err, Kakarrott's home:

"Hey! What are you doing here?!" Kakarrott yelled. "Come here Kakarrott! I have to tell ya something!" Kuririn said. "KAKARROTT!!!!!!!!"
(Goku) said. "Yeah! Come here good for nothing!"
"Ok!" Kuririn and Kakarrott were far away from Vegeta talking:
"Goku I need your help!" Said Kuririn. "What is it?"
"You see...... Vegeta asked ME to help HIM to be kind to BULMA!"
"Shh.... You see.... I told him that he would have to loose with you several times...... so he could beat up his own pride" Kuririn explained. "Good idea! So you want me to fight Vegeta?"
"OK! What do I win?"
Get Piccolo and Gohan.... tell them that you, Vegeta and I are going to the Celestial Palace!" "OK! But you didn't tell me what do I win!"
"You'll see if you do as I tell you"
"OK OK! BYE!" Kakarrott yelled while he was flying to Gohan's house.
"Where is he going?!" Asked Vegeta. "He's going to get some help...... now! we'll go to Celestial Palace!" Kuririn said.
"OK!" Then the two pals went there.

At the C.P. (Celestial Palace):

GOHAN: What is it? I was doing something very important dad!
GOKU: Kuririn told me to come here in first place!
GOHAN: So where is he?!
KURIRIN: We're here!
Kuririn was dressed in the old black suit that he wore in Namec, without the large things in the shoulders and legs. It looked like Vegeta's
only in black.
PICCOLO: Kuririn?!
GOKU: Where's Vegeta?
He was wearing the blue suit.
KURIRIN: OK! Listen! Mr. Poppo! You and Vegeta are going to talk there
for a while! Piccolo, Gohan and Kakarrott come here!
GOKU: Yes sir!
Piccolo and Gohan were lost! "Ok! Vegeta wants to learn how to be kind to Bulma! BUT! To get to that point, I need to start with the fights!
If he passes that test, Gohan will teach him human stuff! And then we all, including Piccolo, are going shopping with Bra, Bulma, Juuachigou,
Marron, Videl, Pan and Chichi!"
"SHOPPING?!" Yelled Gohan and Piccolo.
"DEAL!" Yelled Kakarrott. Kuririn smiled and the real training started.

Vegeta lost 10 times. He did pretty well. Gohan had to teach him every holiday and things humans do. And then...... The Shopping Test:

The night before shopping:

Kuririn's house:

"Honey? Do you want to go shopping tomorrow?" Asked Kuririn. "And you're coming?!"
"Yeah honey!" They hugged and kissed.
"Why?" Asked Juuhachi
"Because I-I-I...... It doesn't matter.... Honey? I love you"
"Me too"
Kuririn kissed her. The night was long enought to them.........

Vegeta's house:
"Kuririn, Kakarrott, Gohan and Piccolo told me to take you to the mall! Do you want to come with us?" Asked Vegeta, trying to be nice.
"Why... yes! of course! Can Bra and Trunks go?"
"Of couse!.....They're our children......What class of dad would I be if I don't let them come with us" Bulma was surprised.
Vegeta kissed her on the cheek and went to sleep. The night was short for him.....

Gohan's house:
"Videl! Tomorrow I'm going to the mall!" Gohan said from the bathroom. "So?" She said from bihind him. "Oh... I'm sorry I though you were in
"You were saying?"
"Yeah! Wanna come with me to the mall? Pan can go too! Besides, dad, mom, Goten, Piccolo; Vegeta and Kuririn's
family are going too"
"Well, ok! I go tell Pan..... I love you Gohan!"
"Me too Videl! I mean.... HONEY!" He said, while Videl patted him on the back. Then she got out of the room. The night was normal for

Kakarrott's house:
"Honey tomorrow we're going to a mall with Goten!" Goku said.
"Yeah! Trunks is going too!" "Oh..... ok!" Said Goten.
"Ok honey!" Said
Chichi. The night was very bored to them..........

Poor Piccolo....... he lives alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Shop Day:

"Kuririn over here" Yelled Kakarrott.
"Goku.... you don't have to scream like that" Said calmly Vegeta. "Kuririn..... How are you today?"
"Fine Vegeta...... =whispers to Vegeta= You don't have to be like that"
"Ok! Since were here...... let's have some fun!" Said Pan. "YEAH!" Yelled Marron and Bra at the same time. Kuririn and Vegeta remembered their
runaway.... a month ago!

Now, an hour ago from the start of the test, Kuririn and Vegeta were tired. Their daughters took them everywhere and they were two walking
mountains of bags. Goku was with Pan, learning how do the malls work. Gohan was buying something with Videl; Bulma, Chichi and Juuhachigou were at a table drinking soda; Goten and Trunks were looking for girls; and Piccolo was checking Vegeta's test. He was going well.
Suddenly, Kuririn and Vegeta ran out from a shop of women's underwears.
Followed by their daughters.
"What the hell is going on with you two?" Asked Juuhachigou.
"I-He-WE can't do this........It's not only Vegeta............ I HATE MALLS TOO!!!!!!!! KAKARROTT, GOHAN, PICCOLO HELP US!!!!!" Said Kuririn.
Gohan, Goku and Piccolo screammed "NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!" And the three ran out of the mall. Vegeta and Kuririn started
laughing and entered the shop again with their daughters. "Can you believe it?!!" Said Kuririn laughing. "Yes I can sensei!!!" Vegeta laughed.

And with that........ Vegeta was cured........ I mean...... he's not afraid of malls anymore...... and Kuririn eigther............

THE END?????????????

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