Gotens Adventure
by rEdmOOn
A five-year-old Goten decided to have an adventure in one week. While walking on the shore of a mysterious island, “HELP!!” he heard an unknown voice. He turns around and saw a boy after by a shark. Goten punch the shark and fell to the shore DEAD.

Boy: Arigatou Gozaimas

Goten: Its nothing (Grab the shark and cook it) in fact I must be the one who will say “Arigatou” you Help me find a food!

Boy: Let me introduce my self, my name is Atarashii, 6 yrs. old. Well im having an adventure here in this island together with my niichan. How about you?

Goten: Well my name is Son Goten, 5 yrs. old. Same as u having an adventure but all by my self.

Atarashii: WAAAH (shock) wow! I’m older than you but you’re stronger than me.

Goten: Just keep up a good work and practice. (Slice the shark in to ¾ and ¼, he take the ¾ and give the ¼ to Atarachii)
Here, Lets have a good time with this meal!!

Atarashii: Smells Good.

The two finishes their meal and sleep together in Goten’s sleeping bag. The sun was so bright (it awakes Goten.)

Atarashii: Time to go now. Umm goten would you like to go with me to my Niichan? Just expecting if he could teach you some techniques and also trained you.

Goten: (look to Atarashii with excitement on his face) Sure! (Fix his things and go with Atarashii)

The Time Passes, Goten and Atarashii…

Goten: Hey Atarashii, Are you sure this is the way out of this forest?

Atarashii: ahh ehh, Yes this but im not sure…

Ooooommmmm…ooommmmmm. A strange sound appears. And an Earthquake (coming from their Front towards them.)

Goten: (turning around finding what the noise is) what’s that noise?

Atarashii: (Panicking) No it can’t be….

Goten: (Look at Atarashii with a question mark on his face) what do you mean…

Atarashii: The monster…monster from the forest…the villagers say about a mysterious monster that eats people. Many people past here and never came back. Even this is the shortest way; they take the long way to get back to the village.


Goten: Wahhh…. A huge monster!

Atarashii: Oh no, I don’t want to be killed yet….

The monster slaps them. Atarashii hurt badly, his arm broke and his head is bleeding the only one who can fight is Goten.

Goten: Argghhh!!! (In very angry face) I’ll kill you (pose in fighting stance).

Goten punch the monster on face and kick it on stomach, but nothing happens because of its thick body covering.

Goten: It won’t work. Perhaps i should fly so that he could catch me…

But even Goten can fly… The monster blast Goten with Fire from his mouth, but since we know that Goten is a saiyan-jin he does not hurt badly. The hand of the monster grew long and catches Goten while flying. The monster squeezes Goten tightly and makes Goten cried laud. Suddenly a strange young man appears and slices the hands of the monster. Goten quickly fly away and pose in fighting stance.

Goten: Kame..…hAAAAA!!!!!

The kamekameha blast the monster, but its not yet finish. The fried monster transform in new form and looks like it is stronger than before.

Goten: What the…

It doest look like a huge monster, but it looks like an alien coming from other planet. Just like Cell, freeza, ubuu, and other human like villance. Well he’s face is cute and has a muscular body (handsome) but dangerous. The strange man goes to Atarashii and sees if he’s okay. Umm seems like they know each other. He places him to a safe place and says…

Strange man: Don’t worry Atarashii, I’ll kill him whatever happens.

Goten: Do you know him?

Strange man: Lets talk about that later. (And Face the monster-guy in fighting stance) huh?

Monster: Umm you two are strong but you cannot defeat me. By the way to make you two remember me, my name is Byoki. Lets play…(Fly thru air and fires Renzokou Kikou At the two)

Because the two are great fighters, they not been hit. Byoki irritated bec. He could not fire any of them. He decided to use the Bio Ekisyushyu Kyodai Ka (Color Red). Goten use his Kamekameha and the Strange man uses his dodonpa to stop it, it causes a big explosion. The Strange man loses all his energy and lied to the ground almost dead. Goten was not badly hurt.

Goten: He’s very taught

He got very very angry and at this time he charge enough to make a super kamekameha…He use all of his time to charge. Byoki didn’t disturb him because all he know is that he will win whatever happens but…

Goten: (look at Byoki) KA……….ME………HA…………ME…………HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…

Byoki: That is nothing to my power (charge up using his super Bio Ekisyushyu Kyodai Ka).

The two energy bumbed and EXPLODED… It destroyed the whole forest. ….

Goten lied down weakly, he cant stand up and fight anymore. It is not needed anymore Byoki is now dead. Goten get a senzu bean from his bag and eat it. Now he is now strong, just like nothing happens. He gives senzu bean to Atarashii and to the strange man that lied on the ground. The Strange man quickly goes to Atarashii. Atarashii awakes.

Atarashii: Oniichan…

Goten: Oniichan?

Atarachi: (Stood up and look to Goten) Let me introduced you two to each other….(look at Goten) Goten this is Atamaru, my Niichan that I was told about. (Look at the strange man) Niichan this is Son Goten 5 yrs. old, he saves me from the shark and helped a lot.

Atamaru: O I see… Sorry Goten-chan for being rude to you. Well why are you here for?

Atarachii: Well bro I take him with me so you can teach him any techniques and also trained him.

Atamaru: (Smiling looking at Goten and back to Atarachii) Well, I guess I have nothing that I can teach him.

Atarachii: Huh? But why?

Atamaru: ehh you see. He’s stronger than us. I don’t know why? Were older than him but…. he has an incredible power that any of us doest have..

Goten: ahhh….

Atamaru: But don’t worry Goten….I guess you’re qualified to be trained by sensei..

Goten-Atarachii: Sensei?

Atamaru: Yes. He’s the one who teaches me since I was seven. But im not qualified coz im too weak. If you want ill bring you there!

Goten: Really?

Atamaru: Yup!

Atamaru, Atarachii and Goten-chan walk heading to Atamaru’s sensei, until they riched the 2 ways.

Atamaru: The way to sensei is to the right.

Goten: Get it! Thanks to you two (waving).

Atarachii: I hope you’ll pass Goten-chan…. Bye

Goten: Ok! Ill do my best…. Sayonara…

The First day of Goten was great, he meet new friends. Now he is heading to his new Adventure.

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By: rEdmOOn © gOtEn-kUn
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