The Unlikely Couple
By:Barrie Ann Clark AKA Super Moonprincess

   Bulma had woken up that morning in a very good mood because she was gonna suprise yamcha when he gets back (he had gone on vacation to the desert only saying he missed it out there and was going to be back from a month long visit today). She quickly got up and hopped in the shower then after the shower she got dressed and walked into the kitchen
to see Vegeta's head stuck in the fridge he had'nt heard her walk in forsome very odd reason with those Sai-jin ears of his so she picked up a frying pan that was laying on the counter and lifted it into the air and dropped it making a loud racket and it made vegeta jump and bang his head on the top of the refridgerater. "Woman!!!" is the only thing Vegeta could say rubbing his head and so mad he could barely speak" oops sorry Vegeta i.........was going to make some breakfast and when i saw you i dropped the pan you scared me" lying and trying not to laugh at the same time "then make me something while you're at it!"vegeta grumbles glaring at Bulma "Fine.........." Bulma said pulling out some pancake mix and eggs "ill
be in the gravity room" Vegeta says walking out the door "Stuck up prince" Bulma grumbles starting the eggs.

   Bulma sets up a tray with Vegetas breakfast on it and brings it out to the gravity room where Vegeta is and she knocks on the door "Vegeta breakfast" no one answers. "Vegeta!" no answer. "HEY MISTER STUCK UP SAI-JIN PRINCE OPEN THE DAMN DOOR THIS TRAY IS HEAVY!!!" the door swings open and vegeta has a very grumpy face on "Finnaly!!!" Bulma says and puts the tray infront of vegeta "Breakfast is served" Bulma says in a sweet voice as vegeta takes the tray. "Thank you..." Vegeta says in a uncommon calm tone almost soft then shuts the gravity room door but Bulma stands there for a second "Thank you??? he never says thank you he doesnt have any manners at all how could he even say..............thank you???" Bulma still a little stunned turned around and walked to the house to get ready and soon forgot about what Vegeta said and began to get excited about seeing Yamcha again.

  At the air port.............

   Bulma is all dressed up and is waiting at the entrance of the gate where yamchas coming through and sees another woman waiting there also so she decides to strike up some conversation "hi my names Bulma whats yours???"

"Tina" the woman said in a soft voice. "

"oh hi tina who you waiting for???"

"My boyfriend. he's coming back from a long trip"

"oh isnt that wierd so am i.  I'm gonna supprise him and take him out to dinner he didnt want me to be here to supprise him or anything but im here any way but i know he'll be happy" just then the people started to walk out from the gate and Bulma saw yamcha but right before she could yell Yamcha the other girl did"Yamcha your back!!!" tina yelled as she ran up and hugged him the kissed him and he kissed back but then he saw bulma and she was almost in tears. "You bastard............" she was so mad and upset she ran out of the air port yamcha chased her but got caught in the hored of people and lost her.

   At Bulma's house.................

   Bulma was upset so she went into her lab and didnt come out and was working on a dish washer robot. "Ok just one more adjustment and you'll be done" Bulma was adjusting it and slipped and the robot fell apart and she through a fit and kicked it then plopped into her chair excuasted and started to think about today.
   "Why yamcha...........why?"she started to sob then she started to cry real hard. Vegeta was getting hungry because he had bin training all day and he only ate the breakfast bulma brought to him and she normally brings him dinner to then he started to think  "Why did i say thank you............i never said it before and i still get fed why did i all of a sudden???" Vegeta thinks to his self but then his stomach rumbles and he walks out across the yard to the house and he starts to hed for the kitchen when he hears something and he turns to where its coming from...........Bulma's lab he walks toward the door and he opens it just a little to see whats going on and sees bulma crying and he thinks "Weak human probably broke a nail" he sits there for a second and he doesnt notice till he is there that he's bin walking toward Bulma the whole time then unconciously puts his hand on her shoulder "Whats wrong this time woman?" says in a half cold half warm voice.

"Yamcha......... he's seeing another woman..." she said in a cracked shaky voice. "He is a weak human who doesnt deserve to be with a person like you" Vegeta couldnt believe what he was saying and Bulma looked up at him and stopped crying kinda shocked that vegeta of all people said that  " you think i'm pretty?"

"well............i uh........yes"vegeta was screaming at his self in his mind "you are a sai-jin prince you dont have to say a word to her she is a human and a weak one at that!!!"vegeta thought but it was cut off by some one hugging him and he looked down and saw bulma hugging him "Thank you vegeta..........." bulma kissed him on the cheek and walk to her room
and closes the door leaving vegeta standing there eyes wide and mouth open like he saw a ghost and not noticing it begins to blush a little *AMAZING!!!!* and he feels happy and light for a second and he thinks "WHAT DID THAT IGNORANT WOMAN DO TO ME I FEEL I FEEL UH.............." Vegeta wouldnt admit to his self he liked the feeling in and he couldnt walk. He floated slowly out side to the gravity room and didnt come out he was trying to work out and forget what just happened. Bulma was feeling alot better but couldnt get pictures of Vegeta out of her head and she smiled a little "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm................vegeta..........." she thought of all the times she noticed how good he looks and how muscular he is but she remembers his adittude but.............lately he hasnt gotten that way as much to Bulma he's actually been a bit.............nice to her Bulma thinks a bit more than walks out onto her balcony and looks at the gravity room and
thinks. "But i still cant believe yamcha did that to me........"

   next day..............

   Bulma is sitting next to the pool in a pair of shorts and a tank top she just got done working on the garden but isnt very dirty at all and has her eyes closed relaxing when some thing is blocking the sun she pulls her sunglasses up and sees yamcha. "can we talk?" yamcha says "i dont want to yamcha you hurt me yesterday and i dont want to talk to you so you can piss off" bulma says in a prissy voice. "your not in a good mood are you???"yamcha dares to say. "NOT IN A GOOD MOOD YOU BIG JERK YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID YOU WERE JUGGLING 2 GIRLS AT ONCE AND ONE WAS ME!!!!!!!GIVE ME ONE GOOD REASON WHY I WOULD BE IN A GOOD MOOD!!!!!!!!!!!"
   bulma yells as she stomps into her lab and yamcha follows *I SURE WOULDNT* bulma turns on her heal and glares at yamcha like hes a rotten piece of mea. t" get out now!!!" she yells  "not till we work this out!"

"oh its worked out im dumping you and sending you out that door with a knot in your head!"

"you couldnt touch me bulma!" just when he said that a wrench hit him square in the forehead and knocked him back a few steps then he looks at bulma in shock "bulma what was that for" "cause i felt like it now leave!!!" she yells and slams the lab door. "Fine but you know you'll miss me!!!"yamcha yells back and walks out the door rubbing his forehead then
turns and sees vegeta smirking at him. "that weak human woman did that to you" staring at the huge mark on yamchas forehead. "i guess i under estimated her or is it you're just a wimp" vegeta says still wearing his usual smirk.

   "shut up monkey boy its none of your buisness what happens to me and that so called woman so mind your own buisness" with saying that vegeta had gotten very POed at the comment about him (and bulma but dont say
anything ^.~) and tackled yamcha and started beating the you know what out of him finnally he stopped and glared at yamcha " if you even think about coming around here trying to hurt bulma again ill rip you legs off and beat you with them you got that through your think skull?!?!?!" yamcha nodded quickly andcrawled away from vegeta and weakly stood and flew away and then vegeta walks into the house and sits at the kitchen table thinking then he hears something again and its bulma crying in her and vegeta thinks to him self "does that woman always cry?!?!?!" even though he thought that something was pulling at him to go and comfort her it was like a wieght on his heart thats been there ever since he met bulma on namek he could put his finger on it but he wouldnt admit that  he hasnt had a descent nights sleep since that very day from something bothering him about that woman and its only gotten worse and his true feelings have suddenly sort of leaked out about her every time he sees her the feeling gets stronger that he cant stand it any more his body aches and his arms tense up when he sees her cry like his heart is telling him to hold her but his stubborn prince mind is saying shes a weak human and doesnt deserve your company but lately his heart is over powering his mind but not tonight tonight he decided to go the oposite way then the lab to the back door the he left heading strait to the woods leaving bulma to cry with out his comfort.............this time.

   Bulma sat in the lab hoping to see vegeta at the door atleast to say she was a weak human or just smirk at her she wanted him to hug her so badly that it made her cry even more but the center of her sadness was still yamcha.............or was it she had decided not to worry about it and atleast to try to sleep if she could (probably not) and think about her life in the morning she cuddles up on her bed but cant help to start to cry again but she doesnt try to hold she stands up and walks to her chair and sits down and starts to cry hard this lasts for an hour or 2 untill she manages to cry her self to sleep on the chair.

   Vegeta was flying around in the woods for a while and tried to think about anything other than bulma."i have to admit its fun killing people at a lower power than you i remember a few that cried"smirks a little"crying is weak bulma was crying.................shes weak then shes IN MY HEAD AGAIN!!!!" he yells grabbs his head "bulma not bulma cant think about bulma uh...........yamcha yes i scared him today he didnt even say anything he was so frightened like a cat and mouse he deserved it for what he did to.........NO IM NOT GONNA SAY IT NO!!!!!!!!"vegeta stopped and took a deep angry sigh"i cant get that woman out of my head!!!" vegeta decided if he went and checked up on her then left quick it would make him think better so head sped off to capsual corp. and few slowly toward her balcony and peeked through the curtains and saw bulma on the chair with dried  tears on her face and his heart felt like it was gonna exploide but he stopped and crossed his arms over his chest and stared at her for a second then he closed his eyes and grumbled. "silly woman crying over that weakling" he walked over to her and picked her up to set her on her bed but she woke up right before he set her
down. "v....vegeta???" when her eyes came into focuse she saw it was vegeta and hugged him"what are you doing woman?" vegeta said in a low tone. " i missed you where were you?"


"about what?"

"nothing" "

"you were thinking about nothing thats original"

"i was just thinking and i saw you so i was just putting you in your bed"

Bulma kissed him on the cheek"thank you vegeta"

"you dont have to thank me" he said quickly but bulma could see and feel he was nervous he tensed up while holding her and he was seriously trying not to blush but he did and bulma decided to just try it once and she leaned over and kissed him on the lips and vegeta was so tense he almost broke her ribs but then he went limp and dropped her on the bed and he stumbled back in shock and tripped over a chair and fell on his rear and then he looked at bulma and she was trying not to laugh

"it wasnt funny i didnt know you were going to do that!" he yelled and his voice cracked a bit then he stood up straight" well sorry its not every day you see the prince of sai-jins get nervous then fall on his butt"

"i wasnt nervous and i didnt know about that chair"

"you were nervous"

vegeta didnt answer just stood there glaring down at her

"sheesh vegeta i like you so i kissed you whats wrong with that"

"well i didnt like it you dont have good timing"
"yeah i need to be down on the ground and it need to be in a padded room to kiss you doesnt it" vegeta just grumbled and closed his eyes and crossed his arms so bulma stood up and looked at him. "want me to try again?" vegeta didnt answer like he didnt hear it he was in deep thought so bulma walked over to him uncrossed his arms and wrapped them around her and kissed him on the lips again vegeta didnt expect that and tensed up but then he started to kiss back and loosen up a bit and he tightened his grip around bulma and picked her up and walked to her door and shut it and bulma didnt say one word she knew what was going to happen and she wasnt going to fight it she wouldnt mind it at all.


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