The Chrismas Thing
by Queen Bulma

The Namecs left the Earth to find a new home.
Goku is finally back.
The boy from the future just leaft.
All the members of the Z team are training.
They only have 1 year to get redy to figth.
In Capsule Corp Vegeta is training in the grvity room.
Bulma is poting some chrismas lights all over Capsule Corp.
Vegeta has been training in the gravity room since morning.
He didn't go out to have lunch.
Bulma didn't even knowrest because she was too busy whit the decorations.

*I'm starving*

Thougth Vegeta in the gravity room.
But he didn't stop trining.

*It's getting cold in here*

He remembered Bulma ofered to install a heater in the gravity room.
Vegeta deniyed it and say he didn't need it.
Now he regreat it.

*I have to go on*

Bulma and her parents where putting a big chrismas tree in the middle of the leaving room.
The tree had lights and decorations and shiny balls shaped like dragon balls.
It had everything ecept the star.

*Where did I put that star?*

Thougth Bulma while looking all over for the star.

"Maybe it's upstairs"

Said Mr. Brifs and he whent to look for the star up stairs.


It was the oven.

"The cookies!"

Mrs. Brifs said happily as she ran to the kitchen to get the cookies.
In the gravity room Vegeta was so cold and hungry he couldn't concentrate.

*This is no good... I better go eat*

Vegeta came out of the gravity room and stared at the Capsule Corp. building in surprice.
Everything was difrent from the way it was when he entered the gravity room in the morning.
There where lights all over.
Lot's of decorations.
Everything had changed.

*What happened?*

Vegeta asked himself not knowing why did everything change so much.
He whent inside and emidietly smelled the cookies.


He whent to the kitchen and saw Mrs. Brifs go out of the kitchen by the other door.
But she took the cookies whit her.
Vegeta forgot the cookies and opened the refrigerator.
Even the food looked difrent.
All the food had lots of color and nothing looked the same.

*What happened while I was in the gravity room?*

Vegeta was beggining to think there was something wrong.

*Did a strange dimencion invade the planet and did this?*

Vegeta didn't pay much attention to the colors anymore and just ate.
At least it tasted good.
Vegeta came out of the kitchen by the same door Mrs. Brifs used earlier.
That door lead to the leaving room.
Bulma had finally found the star.
But she hasn't put it on the tree yet.
She was sitting in the floor beside the tree whit a boul full of delicious looking cookies.

"What's all this?"

Asked Vegeta.

"Chrismas decorations you like them?"

Said Bulma but she didn't expect Vegeta to say he liked them.

"What are they for?"

"To celebrate!"

"Celebrate what?"


"What's that?"

"You relly don't know?"

Bulma didn't think they celebrate chrismas in any other planet but she thougth Vegeta would allredy know.

"No I don't know"

Said Vegeta but he didn't sound very interested in knowing.
Bulma knew Vegeta wanted a cookie but he would never ask for it.

"You want a gingerbredman?"

Asked Bulma.

"No woman, I don't want a gingerbread"

"I mean a cookie!"

Whithout saying anything Vegeta grabbed the boul and was about to eat the cookies but stoped.

"It's staring at me"

Bulma tryed to keep herself from laugthing.
Vegeta looked relly funny in his little staring contest whit the gingerbread man.

"Go on eat it!"

Said Bulma.
Vegeta took one last look at the cookie and sollow it.

"Who ever thougth he was tasty"

He finally said.

"Sit down and I'll tell you about chrismas"

Said Bulma but she relly expected Vegeta to just walk away whit the cookies.
To her surprice Vegeta sat down beside her and listened.
The truth was Vegeta was very curious about the chrismas thing and why everything changed so much.

"Well... chrismas is a very special time a year when you celebrate whit your friends and family..."

Bulma knew she could give him a better explamation but she couldn't think clearly whit Vegeta staring at her.

"Go on have some more cookies"

Said Bulma trying to get Vegeta's attention off herself.
Vegeta eat another cookie but not for one second he stoped looking at Bulma.

"And what else?"

Asked Vegeta.
Bulma couldn't belive he wanted to know.

"Well... you put up decorations and..."

She looked at the star.

"I haven't put the star on the tree!"

Bulma got up and so did Vegeta.

"You do it"

Said Bulma giving Vegeta the star.
Vegeta handed her the boul of cookies.
He flew a bit, enougth to reach the top of the tree and put on the star.

"The star's on, so what else?"

"What do you mean?"

"You didn't tell me what do all those decorations have to do whit the chrismas thing"

"The tree and the decorations are tradicion"

Said Bulma hoping he didn't ask anything else.

"But where does it come from"

*Hey I'm happy you want to learn about Earth's tradicions but what do I look like an Enciclopedia?*

Thougth Bulma not knowing what to say.

"It's fun that's all"

"It's stupid..."

Vegeta was starting to sound like himself again.
That in some way was a relief to Bulma.

"I didn't say you had to like it..."

Said Bulma but she didn't sound angry.

"I don't!"

Yelled Vegeta.

"It's ok..."

Said Bulma but she still didn't sound angry.

"You're just a weak human that likes to waste time in this things!"

"Guess you're rigth"

Bulma still didn't sound angry and that was bothering Vegeta.

"Are you done?"

Asked Bulma whit a smile.
Whithout saying anything Vegeta grabed the cookies and walked away.
He was feeling a bit disapointed because he couldn't get Bulma angry.
And he did enjoy arguying whit her.

*I hate the chrismas thing*

Vegeta thougth to himself.
He whent to the gravity room.
The gravity room was now covered in ligths that Mr. and Mrs. Brifs had put up while he was in Capsule Corp.
He entered and saw more decorations.

"I can't train like this!"

He yelled in anger.
That was when he saw a picture of someone.

*Who's the old fat guy in the red suit?*

He asked himself but had no idea who he was.

*Maybe he's the one responsable for this...*

Vegeta whent back inside Capsle Corp. and finished the cookies.
He took a stop in the kitchen to empty the refrigerator.
After that he whent to the leaving room where Bulma was talking on the phone.

"Ok I'll be rigth there!"

He heard her say.
After she hung up she turn to leave but saw him.

"Wanna come whit me to the mall?"


"Don't try to make me angry it's not working"


"It's a chrismas thing I guess"

"Wait... tell me something..."

"What is it?"

Bulma expected him to ask something like more about the chrismas thing but he didn't.

"Who's the old fat guy in the red suit?"

"The what?... oh, you mean Santa!?"

"The one in all the pictures"

"It's Santa! He'll be at the mall come on!"

"So I can blast him to the next dimencion?"

"No! so you can laugth at Goku sitting on his lap"


"He's going to the mall too!"

"But why is he going to sit on Santa?"

"Because he does it every year even if Chichi doesn't want him to..."

Vegeta finally acepted to go.
Bulma told him to get in the aircar but saiying that he wanted to fly whit his oun power Vegeta picked up Bulma and flew away whit her.
They finally landed in the mall and whent to look for Goku, Chichi and Gohan.
In the way they found Yamcha.
Yamcha saw them first and hided.

*What is Bulma doing whit Vegeta?*

Thougth Yamcha getting a bit jelowse.

*She couldn't have dumped me for him!*

Krillin sneak up on Yamcha.

"Hey Yamcha!"


"What I do?"

Asked Krillin sounding a lot like Goku.

"Bulma is... is... gone!"

"What do you mean?"

"Bulma was right there whit Vegeta but now she's gone!"

"Did you say Vegeta!?"

"They where right there!"

Yamcha and Krillin when to look for Bulma and Vegeta.
But they where very hard to find in the cround of people.
Bulma heard a familiar voice.
Vegeta sense a familiar ki.
It was Goku.

"But I wanna go whit Santa!"

Said Goku in a childish tone.


Yelled Chichi angrily.

"Oh... father..."

Sighted an embarass Gohan.


Bulma called out and ran to him leaving Vegeta behind.
Bulma force her way into the croud.

"Hi Bulma!"

Said Gohan.


She replyed.

"Are you doing chrismas shoping?"

Asked Gohan.

"No... all my shoping is done but Chichi called me and said she was coming so I came too"

"Where still doing some last minute shoping..."

"Oh no!"

Said a worryed Bulma.

"What is it Bulma?"

Asked Gohan thinking she'd just forgoten to buy a gift for someone and hoped it wasn't him.

"I left Vegeta back there and he'll never get here whitout blasting at least 10 of these people to the next dimencion!"

Bulma looked back and in the middle of the croud was Vegeta powering up.
Bulma ran to him as fast as she could and dragged him away.
Now that they where away from the cround she started yelling at him.

"You can't just blast everyone!"

"I guess the chrismas thing is gone?"

Said Vegeta staring at Bulma's angry face.

"Yes it's gone allright!"

She yelled.

"Excuse me"

Said Gohan.

"Not now!"

Said Bulma still amngry.

"But ..."

Gohan started.

"What do you want kid?"

Vegeta interrupted him.

"Look up!"

Said Gohan whit a big smile.
Vegeta didn't pay attrention.
Bulma slowly looked up as if she was afraid to look.

"Oh... oh..."

She wisper.

"It's a leaf so what?"

Said Vegeta enoyed.

"It's a mistletoe"

Said Bulma in a worried voice.

"You know what that means!"

Said Gohan whit a big smile.

"What's the big deal? !t's just a leaf!"

Yelled Vegeta even more enoyed.

"But if you stand under the mistletoe you have to..."

Gohan started.

"Let's go find Goku!"

Bulma interrupted him.
Vegeta knew Bulma didn't want him to hear what Gohan was about to say.

"You have to what?"

Asked Vegeta.
Bulma didn't give Gohan the chance to speak and dragged them both to where Goku and Chichi where.
Chichi looked very angry and was standing in a corner waiting for Goku.
Goku looked happy, he was sitting on Sata's lap smiling and telling Santa what he wanted for chrismas.
Goku saw Gohan whit Vegeta and Bulma and wondered what was Vegeta doing there.

"Hey Vegeta! come have a sit!"

Goku called out.


Yelled Santa who could bearly breath.

"All right that's enogth you'll have everything you want if you just get off me!"

Said Santa.


Said an exited Goku.
While Santa took a minute to catch his breath Goku ran to Vegeta and Bulma.


Said Goku whit his usual big sweet smile.


Replyed Bulma pretending she didn't know people where staring.


Called out Chichi.

"You stay here while I go shoping whit Gohan"

Chichi was too angry to realise Vegeta was there.

"Watch him"

Chichi wisper to Bulma and them walked away whit Gohan.
Gohan clearly wanted to stay but Chichi didn't let him.
Goku knew Bulma broke up whit Yamcha so he couldn't help it but to ask.

"Are you on a date?"

Vegeta wanted to blast Goku to the next dimencion but he couln't bring himself to do it, afterall that didn't sound that bad.
Bulma's face turned red.

"It's ok, I'll leave you alone now"

Goku walked away thinking it would be best for Vegeta and Bulma to be alone in what he thougth was a date.
Was it?
I'll let you decide...
Goku found Yamcha and Krillin and they continue they're walk in the mall.
They saw Master Rouchi in a corner standing under a mistletoe.

"What are you doing?"

Asked Krillin.

"I'm waiting for a cute girl to realize where I'm standing"

Answered Master Rouchi.
Goku, Krillin and Yamcha continue they're conversation.
Goku mentioned leaving Bulma and Vegeta alone because he thougth they where on a date.


Yamcha's voice was heard all over the mall.
Krillin, Goku and Master Rouchi triyed to make him calm down.
Meanwhile Chichi finished her shoping.
Ecept for Gohan's presents.

"Go find your father"

Said Chichi.
Gohan knew this meant Chichi was going to buy his presents so he didn't waste time and ran off.
Yamcha has finally comed down but was very sad.
So Master Rouchi let him stand under the mitle toe for a while.
But noone saw him.
Most of the girls warned each other not to go there because there was an ugly old man standing under the mitletoe so there wheren't any girls near the area.

*Bulma standed under a mitletoe once...*

Yamcha remembered.

"Don't be sad! It's chrismas!"

Said Krillin trying to cheer him up.

"You're right!"

Said Yamcha.

"Let's go finish the chrismas shoping!"

Krillin and Yamcha leaft to continue shoping and Master Rouchi again took his position under the mistletoe.
Meanwhile Gohan had found Vegeta and Bulma and started to bother Bulma.

"I'm telling what the mitletoe means, I'm telling, I'm telling!"

Vegeta was enoyed more than ever.

"Tell allredy!"

He yelled at Gohan.

"Go ahead Gohan... Vegeta doesn't like chrismas anyway..."

Said Bulma starting to get enoyed too.
Gohan flew a bit to Vegeta's hight and wispered something in his ear.

"I have to what!?"

Asked a surpiced Vegeta.

"It's true!"

Said Gohan smiling even more.

"And if I don't?"

Asked Vegeta.

"Nothing I guess"

Said Gohan.

"But why?"

Vegeta still din't get it.

"It's part of the chrismas thing that's all!"

"Oh... ok..."

That night Bulma was getting redy for the party the next day.
Vegeta called her...


"What is it?"

Vegeta just looked at her for a few minutes and then kissed her.
When they stoped...

"Vegeta... what?"

"You owed me that remember?"

"I guess I did"

Bulma smiled.
So did Vegeta.

*I think I like the chrismas thing*

He thougth as they kissed again.

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