by Marron

Marron had been sitting in the back of a boat for the past 2 hours; Trunks was up front steering the 2 of them toward their
honeymoon destination. She looked out across the water at the horizon. It was changing colors as the sun set behind the seemingly  endless body of water. She fell asleep thinking of their future as the boat softly rocked back and forth on the waves. Trunks turned  around and looked at his new wife. She looked like a little kid asleep on the couch; all curled up in a little ball. He smiled and turned  back toward the front of the boat. Ahead of them was the island that he had rented for just them. He slowed the boat as they got  near and pulled it on the shore as smoothly as he could as to not wake his spouse. He unloaded all their luggage and brought it up  to the house then he went down and retrieved the new Mrs Briefs. Gently, he picked her up and carried her to the beach. He stretched her out on the white sand. Then lay her head on his stomach and caressed her hair, what little she had left. She had gotten it cut so now it was just below her ears and had it shaped so the golden strands feathered her face. She turned over and let out a small sigh.

"Where are we?" she mumbled, getting up on her elbows and looking into Trunks' blue eyes, which were highlighted by the sea and sky behind him.

"We're at the island. You know, for our honeymoon."

She watched as his eyes filled with curiosity and he gave her a mischievous glare.

"Wait till after we walk along the beach." she said standing up and brushing herself off. He jumped up and took her hand in his and  smiled at her. She returned a smile and they started to walk along the surf. They whispered to each other and cooed and kissed. As  they were making their way toward their house they spotted another small cottage hidden in the trees. They didn't think  much of it and continued to toward their house. The island was much larger than either of them thought. Once inside their warm rented home, Marron made her way to the kitchen and started to cook a small snack to feed to her hungry husband while he sat on the couch and watched her. She brought a steaming plate of food out to him and started to feed him like a little baby, when his cell phone went off. He nearly choked on his food as he sat up and Marron gave him a wicked glare.

"I thought you didn't bring that." she pouted, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Just incase if there was an emergency." he told her running his fingers down the side of her face. "Only Goten and our parents are going to be able to call us. All other numbers are blocked."

"It's probably my parents checking up on me and making sure that nothing has happened." She smirked as she cuddled up in his arms. She leaned her head on his chest as he answered the ringing phone.


"Hey, sorry to ruin your romantic evening but ours has been destroyed."

"Goten?....oh that';s to bad. What happened?"

"Well, there was a small twister and it destroyed where we were planning to go so.... I was wondering if we could use your back up reservations?"

Trunks looked down at his wife who had closed her eyes to listen to his heart beating and his voice as it vibrated in his chest.

"Can you hold on for just a moment?" he asked his friend.


Trunks put him on hold and lightly tapped the top of Marron's head. She looked up at him, her blue eyes gleaming like 2 of the brightest stars in the sky.

"Do you mind if Goten and his new wife stay in the other house?" he asked her.

"What?" she asked making sure that she heard the question right.

"Goten and Bra's honeymoon destination was destroyed and they have no where to go. There is that other little house. At
least this way you and Bra will have something to do while Goten and I go out and hunt for fish and they won't come back
complaining about how bad their honeymoon is because my back-up plan wasn't that great and he doesn't know that."

She knew he was only trying to help his sister and best friend out the night after their wedding.

"I don't see why not as long as they aren't over here 24-7."

"They won't be. They have their own lives to live." he said then he kissed his wife and started to talk into the phone. He
got a confused look on his face. No one was there.

"Press the 'hold'; button, honey." she whispered.

He blushed at his stupidity and pushed the button then told his brother-in-law their plans. After he gave him the directions to the island he told him that they would be out waiting for them in about a hour and hung up. Marron looked at her watch then at him.

"It'll be past midnight." she told him.

"I know. You think you can stay up for that long? I mean you did fall asleep in the back of the boat on the way up here." he

"Get me 2 cokes and give me a kiss every few minutes and I think I'll make it." she told him yawning a fake yawn.

He scooped her up in his arms, kissed her, then carried her to the kitchen and sat her on the counter. He got out a 12 pack of  Coke's and handed one to her and sat one beside her. Then he drank one, two, three, four, five, six cokes before she was  done with her first.

"That is more than enough for you." she said as she grabbed what was left of the cokes and ran out of the room.

"Come back with those." he said chasing after her. They ran around the house over and over again; laughing like schoolchildren.  Marron stumbled on the third time through the kitchen but regained her balance and kept on running. She stopped in the bedroom  when she realized he was no longer behind her. Silently she crept out and listened. She heard the waves crashing upon the shore and she heard a soda opening. She looked down at the 4 she had left and calculated that she was missing one. The one Trunks had set apart just for her and now he was drinking it. She snuck out the back of the house and ran to the house that Bra and Goten would be staying at. There she dropped them off in the kitchen and ran home. She tripped on a root and fell into a mud puddle. She shrieked as the cold muddy water soaked her clothes and her hair. She stood up and shook off all the water she could.

"Gee, what will I tell him? I wanted to take a mud bath? No, then he'd find some more mud and throw me at it. Hey, then I
could get him all muddy too! Then we have to....yeah I'll tell him I wanted to take a mud bath. She stood up and ran to the
house, jumping in every mud puddle she could find. When she finally got there she found that Trunks was out looking for her.

"What happened to you?"

"I wanted a mud bath so that's what I took." she said giving him a silly grin with mud dripping off of every part of her

He ran out, scooped her up and flew out to the beach.

"NO! NO! NO!" she shouted giggling. "A mud bath not a sea bath."

He looked down at her, turned around and found a mud puddle. He levitated over it and then dropped her in. She squealed as she landed on her butt. She looked up at him; he was laughing so hard his face was turning red.

Perfect. She thought. She grabbed a hand full of mud and threw it at his face. He stopped laughing. He was so surprised. HOW COULD HIS WIFE DO THIS TO HIM????????? He looked down at her; she was still on her butt and she looked like she was about to explode with laughter. He started to laugh all over again at her face and she laughed at the fact that he wasn't going to kill her right away and at how ridiculous he looked. He slowly hovered lower to the ground then Marron grabbed his leg and pulled him in. He let out a small yelp as he landed on his butt right next to her. They exchanged a couple handfuls of mud so now they both had mud all over in their hair and clothes.

"These are brand new shorts!" he exclaimed making an excuse.

"It's not like you can't easily go out and buy a new pair of them. I mean for crying out loud, you could probably get
a pair for free. There are still hundreds of girls out there that are going to try to your heart still."

"Even though the entire world knows I am married along with my sister?!"

"Yes! Even though it was all over the news that 2 Briefs children are now married, there are going to be hundreds of women after you. Most think that our relationship won't last."

He stood up and helped her out of the sticky mud. "Really?"

"Come on. I was jealous when ever I found out you had a new girlfriend and I wasn't her." she told him, a little
embarrassed. They started walking toward the beach because it was nearing 12.

"Well, just so you know and because you just told me this, I would be jealous when ever I found out you had a new boyfriend from Bra and I would feel stupid because I didn't ask you. I was always afraid that you would say no or that you had another boyfriend already lined up."

"Wow so we have both liked each other for quite sometime." Marron giggled at the fact.

The two were silent for a while then Marron spoke up. "I hear a boat's motor." she said.

"And I feel Goten's ki." Trunks told her.

They looked at each other. The mud was drying and flaking off but it didn't really matter because it was still all over their
clothes and in their hair. They ran out into the water and started to splash each other and scrub the mud out of their clothes. The boat came closer and closer and eventually it docked on the other side of the dock. Marron and Trunks didn't realize that because they were to busy having fun throwing water at each other.

"Well, it looks like they are having great fun together." Goten laughed.

"When don't they have fun when they are together?" Bra asked her new husband.

"BRA!!! GOTEN!!! When did you guys show up?" Trunks asked just realizing they were there. The 2 of them walked out of the water to greet their friends.

"Well....let's see.....right before you dunked her the last time." Goten said lightly punching his friend on the shoulder.

"You looked so beautiful today." Marron said hugging her new sister-in-law.

"As did you. We got so many compliments on the wedding and reception."

"As did we. Did you get the most compliments on the floating candles in the wine glasses?"

"YES!! That was so unique."

"They act like they haven't seen each other for the longest time." Trunks said.

"They haven't. It has been a whole 5 hours. Oh, we wanted to thank you for letting us share this island with you and your
beautiful wife."

"No problem."

Trunks and Goten carried all of the newly arrived couple's stuff up to their cabin. Marron and Bra disappeared. Trunks
and Goten searched all over for their wives and finally decided that if they were anywhere they would be at the cabins so they said good night and went their separate ways. For Goten it was easy to get in. Trunks had a harder time. He walked up and the door was locked. He went to all the doors and windows and they were a locked. He went back to the front and knocked wondering why Marron had locked him out. She walked to the door and opened it slightly.

"Yes? Can I help you?"

"Yes, actually. I was looking for a way that I could get in and see my wife. Do you know of any way?"

" I believe she told me to ask why she should let you in other than the fact that she is your wife and that she has your, now her, diamond on her finger."

"Because I love her."

"Oh, but many other men have told her that to. There must be some other reason."

" I could never sleep well without her by my side." he vowed, whispering through the crack.

Marron turned around. "Did you hear that?" she called to herself.

"Who else is in there?" Trunks inquired, trying to get a look around.

Marron opened the door and pulled him in. "My husband. He wants to meet you. He is in the bedroom."

"Well, I would like to meet this husband of yours. Is he good looking and sweet?"

"He's the most attractive man in all the world and he is as sweet as sugar. But I was wondering how you would sleep when
you have a late or over-seas meeting?"

"I would fly home as quick as possible so you would never sleep alone in our king sized bed."

They made their way to the bedroom and didn't come out till noon the next day.