Yoko/YYYYYESS!!!It's the night of the full moon!
Trunks/You know what that means!
Anzel/Hey guys,what's up?
Trunks/Hey,Anzel!It's my man!
Anzel/I just got back from the skate park.
(Anzel throws up his skateboard.Just then the pizza guy from "Mona Lisa's pizza" came.)
Pizzaguy/Here's free pizza.
(Goten grabbed the Pizza and ate it all in one bite,then spit out the pizza box.)
Goten/OOOWEEE!That was delicious.
(Trunks and Yoko took 3 of their own boxes.Everyone took their pizza home.At the Kame House.....)
Juhachi-Gou/Whoops!Watch out honey!
(Krillan turned around and the pizza fell on his face.)
Krillan/Oh great.I have pizza on my face.
(marron took a slice of pizza off.)
Juhachi-gou/NOO!!Marron,darling,no!!That was on your daddy's face!
(Marron already ate it.)
Marron/WOW!That tasted better than ever!Here's a slice mommy.
(She stuck it in her mom's mouth.)
Juhachi-gou/WHA-Hey,this pizza is good.
(Krillan took one off his face.)
Krillan/Hey,this does tasted good.
Kame-sennin/Hey,give me one!
Oolong/I want one too.
Turtle/Me too!
(So everyone enjoyed their slices.Meanwhile at the Briefs residence........)
Trunks/Okay,we got pizza and juice and everything.
Anzel/Goten's mom pulled him by the ear and clean up the mess he made.He won't be coming back.
Yoko/Okay,theirs pizza and everything.Poor Goten.He won't get any pizza.His mother found his secret stash of pizza and ate it all,with Goku and Gohan and Videl and Pan.Poor guy.
Anzel:Hey Trunks,which movie are watching?
Trunks/This is the one where Michael Jackson turns into a werewolf and starts to scare off his date.
Anzel/(glumly)oh...how exciting.
Yoko:Come on,let's all sit.
(The movie started,they watched and pigged out on pizza.Then they went to sleep.The next morning......)
Trunks/What happened.
Yoko/my pizza decorated Yoyo!Someone bit out of it!!
Kame-sennin/What happend?!
Krillan/Something wrong sunshine?
Marron/My italian pizza fun barbie!!
(The artificial pizza was bitten out of and spit out.)
Marron/WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!My barbie,she's ruined!!!!!
Juhachi-gou/Sunshine calm down.
(That day everyone met up at the Kame-house.)
Kame-Sennin/Something is wrong.
Mr.Satan/Yea!I've been getting complaints that everyones pizza is gone!
Vegeta/We got to find this.....this....pizza theif!!
Mr.Satan/Who do we want?!!!
Everyone/The pizza theif!!
Mr.Satan/What're we gonna do with him!!!
Everyone/Pulverize him!!!
Mr.Satan/When do want to do it!!??
Goku/We gotta find clues to who's doing this.
Goten/Yea!!We'll find that pizza theif!!
Pan/Come on dad lets do it!!
Beederu/Hey!Wait for me!!!


Marron/We gotta find out who did this!I want some pizza and I want it now!!I know,this is a job for..............SuperSleuthBarbie and me,Marron!See the barbie even came with a detective kit!See,I have a detective suit and all these neat stuff!
Yoko/It's okay,I think I already-
Marron/-Step aside.The perfesionals will deal with this case.Besides,we need proof!
Yoko/Then again,your right about that.The guys won't believe me unless I have proof.Okay then,we'll try to get some proof.
Marron/First,we need evidence.
Yoko/Well,the only evidence I have is my pizza decorated yoyo that was half bitten.
Marron/Give me that!
(She snatched it away from her.Marron took out her magnifying glass(and her barbie's too)and began to examine it.)
(She gave it back to Yoko.)
Yoko/Found anything?
Marron/Nope.I need more time to think.
Yoko/Marron,let's talk.I think I've found a verdict.
Marron/You know who it is?!
Yoko/I think so.
(So Yoko talked with Marron.)


Yoko/ORDER ORDER!This meeting is now in session.
(The room became quiet.)
Yoko/The reason we brung you all here was because Marron and I think we know who took all the pizza's.
Mr.Satan/Well....who is it?!
Yoko/We think the pizza thief was................Gotten
Yoko/I know this seems unbelievable but it has to be true.
chichi/How dare you accuse him?!
Goten/What?!But I did'nt!
Marron/We noticed everything that got eaten was a pizza,something pizza flavored,or something that looked pizza like.Your the only one who's obsessed with pizza.You have a perfect motive.
Chichi/This meeting is dismissed!
(She grabbed Goten and they went home.Soon everyone else left.)
bCome back!I did'nt-
(Yoko plopped down on the floor sadly.)
Marron/Yoko yoko!
Yoko/Let's go.
(They walked back home.Yoko was walking with her head down.)
Marron/Don't feel bad.Here are some presents.
(She handed her her artificial pizza(one that came with the barbie)and a pizza box.)
Marron/They weren't much of presents.
Yoko/It's okay.They're pizza fun.
(Yoko went home,with Marron,and she layed down,upfront,looking straight at the artificial pizza and her bitten yoyo.Then suddenly Yoko's eyes got wide.)
Marron/Yoko?Are you okay?
Yoko/I found it!!I got proof!!!Look at these.Find a connection?
Yoko/Look harder.
marron/.......wait a minute.Yes,I do see it!!
(They both gave each other high fives.)

Yoko/ORDER ORDER!This meeting is now in session.
bWe brought you here cause we found some proof this time.


Mr.Satan/Well......where's the proof that it was Goten?!
Yoko/We found three items of evidence.
(Yoko pulled out the artificial pizza,her bitten pizza decorated yoyo and the pizza box.)
Yoko/Look very closely at them.What do you see?
(Everyone peered at each of the objects.)
Mr.Satan/We don't see nothing!!!
Yoko/Okay then.Well I noticed something.I noticed the teeth marks.See?
(Everyone noticed them.)
Yoko/The criminal bit into it but noticed it was artificial so it spit it out.I noticed that the same type of teeth marks were ingraved in this.See,one of the teeth is crooked.The same teeth marks were on this nearly wet pizza box.They're the same.
Mr.Satan/Well.....what's that supposed to mean?!
Yoko/It means Goten might have these teeth marks.
Goten/I can't bite into anything today.I just got my braces.See?
Chichi/So he can't bite into them.
Mr.Satan/How is that supposed to prove Goten did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Goten bit into the pizza and they looked at his teeth marks.They were'nt the same.Again,everyone left.And Again,Yoko was sad.Just then Anzel came up to her.)
Anzel/Yoko.Now everyone knows how everyone on my street feels.
yoko/What do you mean?
Anzel/Shall I tell the story?
Marron/Of course!Anzel your our last hope.
Yoko/Here,I got some paper.Please tell us.
Anzel/Everyone on my streets pizza always disappeared the next day.We did'nt hear any creeks or nothing.Well,as usual it was a full moon and we always get free pizza when there's a full moon.We'd eat it but then there would be some left over.We'd store it in the fridge and go to bed.Then the next day all out stuff was gone.Including everyone's oon my street!The old lady down the street said her pizza flavored chips were gone too.
Yoko/Why did'nt you guys tell anyone.
Anzel/We thought no one would care.
Yoko/Oh.We understand.
(Yoko and everyone else stayed silent for a moment.)
Yoko/I think it had to be Goten.
Marron/WAIT!Maybe when he looks at the full moon he grows red pizza sauce hair that smells JUST like pizza!Then he goes on a pizza rampage saying "GIVE ME PIZZA GIVE ME PIZZA!".
Anzel/Little kids.......they have such big imaginations.
Marron/I'm not little!
Anzel/Let's see.....your in kindergarden,Marron,so that means you ARE a little kid!
Yoko/You two don't fight.I found some connections.Right now we have work to do.
(Anzel had to go home and Marron and Yoko huddled up and made some kind of plan.They night Marron was on a mission.)
Yoko/Walkie Talkie?
Yoko/..::staring at marron::
Marron/Hey!I gotta have a snack too.
Yoko/Remember your duty?
Marron/Yes.To install this Iris thingy.Uhh.....what does this thing do again?
Yoko/It's invisible so Goten can't see it.And it floats around following
Goten EVERYONE so we'll have proof.
Marron/Now I'll go.
(Marron was dressed in black.The "Mission Impossible"music came on.Marron used a rope and got into Goten's room.)
Marron/Yoko I got in.
Marron/Now let's see what this gadget does.Here's the button that makes it float.
(She pressed the button and it floated around the sleeping Goten.Marron pressed the other button that made it invisible.)
Marron:Yoko,"Mission Complete".
Yoko/Good job!Now come back.
(Marron climbed down the rope,took it down,and Marron and Yoko went home.Back at Yoko's house..........)
Marron/Yoko?What's that TV for?
Yoko/This isn't a regular TV,marron,this shows what is seen on that Iris you put.I threw a large energy ball into the sky to make it look like a full moon.Just wait,soon our thery will be correct.We just have to wait.
(Yoko waited.Then on the TV screen it showed Goten getting up.)
Goten/Wow,a full moon.At this time?This sure is different.But if that's true then how come there's no pizza?
Yoko/Here it comes!
(Meanwhile,Goten was all cooped up in his room.The rest of his family went to sleep.)
Goten/It's not fair.Well,I'm finished.I wanna go to bed.It's the full moon and I don't have my tail anymore(his tail got removed when he was younger),so I can't transform.Let's see what happens.
(Goten went up to the window and looked at the full moon.Then suddenly........................... his heart began to beat faster and faster.Goten's eyes got all blood shot and yellow.Then he started babbling words and let's just say he'd be scaring you like heck.)
(Goten blasted threw the window and out.Everyone in the country was asleep...well maybe except Goten.Goten had grown Red hair that smelled JUST like pizza!He jumped out the window and began to break stuff.He broke into houses.The iris was doing it's job to tape what Goten did.Goten jumped around laughing like crazy and saying pizza.Then Goten went back to his house.The red hair went away and Goten was asleep in the bathroom.)
Yoko/Marron,I'm pretty sure we have our final proof.
(Yoko and Marron put all the evidence together and they had a good story to tell at the trial at the Kame House.The next day at the Kame House........)
Yoko/ This time we have proof.
Chichi/Goten let's go.
Goku/Chichi,let's wait.Yoko put a lot of hard work into this.
Chichi/So in other words you want Goten to be GUILTY?!!!!
Goku/Uh.....no chichi!(Please don't get mad anymore!)
Yoko/We know who did it and we have proof!
Mr.Satan/Well............who did it?!!!
Yoko/Goten.These teeth marks are REALLY Goten's.When we saw Goten's teeth marks in the pizza they weren't the same but I know the reason why.Goten said he got braces and when you get braces they align your teeth correctly(that's what they do in my version).Goten's teeth used to be crooked but since he got his teeth pushed back and aligned his teeth weren't crooked anymore.See this pizza box that was part of our evidence?This was the box that Goten shoved in his mouth and spit out,that's why it was wet.There were also teeth marks on the box.
Goku/I guess that makes sense.
Chichi/That isn't enough proof.Why would my son do that!?Just because he's pizza crazy doesn't mean he'd do it!!
Yoko/But Mrs.Son!Everything that was gone was either a pizza,something pizza flavored,or something that looked like a pizza.Goten is totally obsessed with Pizza!But fine,this is gonna be all the proof I have left.
(Yoko took out a video tape and put it in the VCR.She pushed the play button and it showed Goten turning into a pizza monster.)
Chichi/This can't be true!
Yoko/Well it is true.Video's always prove it.
Chichi/(begin's to cry)
Yoko/I'm sorry Goten but it was you the entire time.But you guys should'nt worry.According to my calculations he can't be put into any charges.Cause Goten was babbling about pizza the entire time.That shows he did'nt
know what he was doing.It was sorta like he was sleep walking.Since Goten did'nt have a tail he could'nt have transformed and we would've heard him destroying everything.The only reason he turned this way is cause of his obsession of pizza.So Goten,I advise you to cut down on all that pizza.
Chichi/Yoko,I made a terrible mistake.I'm sorry.As for you Goten I will be making sure that you cut down on all that pizza!
Marron/Did I ever tell you about his secret stash?
Chichi/That's it!
Goku/Do you think I could eat it?
Anzel/I guess your case is closed.
(So for the rest of the day everyone had fun on the beach,but as for Goten.......I think he has some problems of his own.)
Goten/Can I eat all this pizza instead of throwing them to dad?
Chichi/NO!!I've had enough of your pizza eating!!
Gohan/Great pizza,huh,dad?
Goku/You bet!
Beeduru/MMMMMM....I just love mushrooms.
Pan/Mushrooms suck,mom!Cheese always haS the edge.



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